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Email Campaigns Software designed to meet your marketing objectives and goals. These solutions can help you increase engagement, sales and revenue for your business. We develop email marketing software for commercial and non-profit organizations. The program is based on open standards to integrate easily into your information system. Huge number of existing customers needs a reliable software solution to manage their email lists, newsletters and campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns and software is not as simple as it sounds. You might not know how to create an email template that gets a high open rate or how to make your email campaign really stand out from the crowd. To help, we will give you some information on the top industry standards in our list of great email campaigns software. These all are best in their field and can boost your business’ sales.

When it comes to marketing, the best campaigns are built on strong foundations. One of the most powerful tools in a modern marketing toolkit is email marketing, with email sending software providing the backbone for your digital marketing and outreach strategy. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits all email campaign software solution; rather, every business has different requirements for features, functionality and integrations that make some email marketing platforms better suited than others for their use case.

There are hundreds of email marketing campaigns software that make your life easier. And I am talking about services that allow you to create, automate, run and send highly effective email campaigns. In this article, I want to make things simple for you by providing an overview of best software available on the market today.

What Are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services are dedicated tools allowing marketers to reach, engage and convert their target audience through email newsletters, subscription forms, landing pages, and more. Also, an email marketing service has to be able to send bulk emails without any compromises in email deliverability.

SendPulse – for multichannel messaging

Sendpulse free email marketing

SendPulse offers a multichannel platform for marketers looking to do more than just email marketing. Its wide range of features includes web push notifications, SMS, Viber and even transactional emails via SMTP.

SendPulse’s free plan is one of the more generous in terms of sending limits, with a monthly allowance of 15,000 emails, however, you are only allowed up to 500 subscribers.

What we liked: You get access to some very useful features even on the free plan, including autoresponders, A/B testing, a website builder, CRM features and advanced reporting such as click heat maps and opens by location. Web push notifications come included in the free plan, and you can also opt to have a free monthly plan of 12,000 SMTP emails.

Where they should improve: I came across a few issues with their email editor, which was at times buggy and slow. Without a workflow-based editor for basic autoresponders, these can also be a bit cumbersome to manage.

Who is the free plan suited to? A multichannel platform won’t appeal to everyone, but if your business uses web push or transactional emails to communicate with customers, SendPulse’s free plan could save you a considerable amount of time and money. The fact that it comes with a CRM and website builder is an added bonus.

Free Trial:



After Mailchimp and Moosend, here’s another animal in the email marketing zoo. EmailOctopus is a special breed: it used to be built on top of the Amazon SES service that provides the email infrastructure. The AWS account is optional now, though, meaning that you can use it just like any other newsletter service.

They let you have a generous 2500 subscribers for free, with a sending limit of 10,000 emails per month. If you are using Amazon’s servers, you can even use the free quota of currently up to 62,000 emails. “Currently”, because this can always change.

What we liked: prices on the paid plans are on the lower end (e.g. 50,000 subscribers for $115 per month) and once set up, the Octopus proved a well-spirited newsletter tool that is extremely easy to use. There’s an API available as well as a Zapier integration.

What they should improve: The range of features is a bit limited, though, if you are only looking to send classic newsletters and autoresponders you may have everything you need.

Who is the free plan suited to? I’d recommend EmailOctopus mainly to cost-conscious marketers who maybe already have an Amazon SES. They also seem to be relaxed about senders dealing with cryptocurrency and affiliate marketing. Industries other email providers often reject.


HubSpot – A place to manage your contacts

HubSpot - The CRM powerhouse

Collect contacts through HubSpot’s forms, manage contacts in their advanced CRM and send up to 2,000 emails a month for free. You can also add unlimited users and assign contacts to each of them.

The drag and drop editor is pretty smooth and helpfully points out anything you might have missed. Unfortunately, they do not offer anything special when it comes to email templates – you just have one basic newsletter or promotion template to customize. It’s also not possible to unload your own or code it in HTML.

If you want access to templates, automations and landing pages, you’ll have to upgrade to their Sales or Marketing Hub.

What we liked: You have access to a robust CRM, form builder, ads and a few other cool features. In terms of ease of use, the software doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. Primarily a CRM, they are generous when it comes to contacts, allowing you to store up to 1 million for free!

Where they should improve: Though there is (virtually) no cap on contacts, you might find that 2,000 emails a month isn’t enough. You’ll also have to put up with the HubSpot branding being present at the end of every email you send. They could also include a few nice templates in the free plan or at least the option to upload your own.

A limitation to HubSpot’s free plan is that you’re not able to properly authenticate an email sending domain through SPF and DKIM – that said, they didn’t score too badly in our deliverability testing.

Who should use the free plan: Small to medium-sized businesses who are in need of a decent CRM – because this is where HubSpot really shines. You’ll need to take into account that the monthly sending limit is quite low compared to other tools (though one-to-one sales emails don’t count towards this) and neither A/B testing nor automations are included.

Try HubSpot out for free!

 Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM dashboard

Developed by one of today’s leading SaaS providers, Freshworks CRM is a comprehensive sales and marketing tool ideal for businesses of all sizes. It provides three essential modules—customer-for-life cloud, sales cloud, and marketing cloud—which offer powerful features to help you attract more customers, gain high-quality leads, and automate marketing and sales processes.

In addition, Freshworks CRM offers conversion optimization tools to improve your lead generation. Using Freddy AI, the software’s built-in artificial intelligence feature, you can easily find high-quality leads based on each customer’s buying behavior. The software also improves your conversion rates by helping you create personalized email campaigns and communicating with your customers using AI-powered chatbots.

Furthermore, the software offers rich APIs that allow you to integrate your system with third-party business platforms and marketplace applications.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Freshworks CRM with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

Free plan:

Freshworks CRM has a free forever plan. This is inclusive of basic contact management and built-in phone and chat features.

Paid plan:

There are three paid plans offered by Freshworks CRM: Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. The Growth plan, priced at $29/user/month billed annually, is perfect for small and fast-growing teams. It includes features from the free version, plus web forms, website tracking, predictive contact scoring, drag-and-drop journey builder, and other features.

Meanwhile, the Pro plan is ideal for large teams that want to scale their business. It costs $69/user/month billed annually and is inclusive of features from the Growth plan. It also offers additional contacts, lead gen bot, answer bot, smart matches, deal insights, and other advanced CRM functionalities.

As for bigger enterprises that need full control of their sales and marketing platform, the Enterprise plan, priced at $125/user/month, is the most ideal option since it includes the complete offerings of the software.


MailerLite dashboard

Email marketing solution MailerLite is built for businesses of all sizes. It has a drag-and-drop editor, custom HTML editor, Rich Text editor, built-in photo editing feature, newsletter design templates, and file manager, among others. With this, both novice and professional users will find it easy to create emails, map out campaigns, and schedule messages. Moreover, it comes with an email statistics feature that will help you check essential aspects of your campaigns such as clickthrough, open, and conversion rates. This way, you can better determine how to increase customer engagement.

Another thing that makes MailerLite a great email marketing solution is that it comes with a developer API function. This will allow users to easily scale the platform up or down depending on their current requirements. For your convenience, MailerLite may be deployed via cloud or on-premise. They also offer 24/7 support to help you make the most out of their platform.

Detailed MailerLite ReviewREAD MORE

Free plan:

MailerLite has a forever free plan that lets you get limited access to the product’s features. With this, you can support up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Paid plans:

Currently, MailerLite offers subscription plans depending on the number of subscribers you have. This can support unlimited emails and provides you with all the features that the platform has to offer. Prices range from $10/month for up to 1000 subscribers and $50/month for up to 10,000 subscribers.

 Salesforce Marketing Cloud

salesforce marketing cloud dashboard example

Digital marketing software suite Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows businesses to engage their customers with the right message and tone at the perfect time. With the capability, professionals can provide better data-driven personalized services. This is all thanks to its advanced AI-powered analysis and prediction.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates perfectly with other Salesforce products like Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Analytics Cloud among others. It pulls relevant data from these applications and provides users with key insights on how to personalize their services further.

Moreover, it provides you with tools to create a seamless experience for customers across touchpoints. The toolkit includes different modules for 1-on-1 advertising, email and social engagement, SMS and chats, and many more. Also, with its Interaction Studio, you can visualize, track, and manage real-time customer experiences. This opens the doorway to delivering real on-demand services just as consumers of today prefer.

Lastly, you Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates with other business systems including Pipeliner CRM, LinkedIn, SurveyGizmo, and Shopify among others. There is a free trial available and it is available at a quote-based plan which is also personalized according to your needs.

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Free plan:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a free trial period where you can access its premium features for a certain amount of time. Marketing Cloud isn’t really a single program but it is a suite of software that can be customized according to your needs. So, it is highly recommended that you first try the platform in order to know which ones fit your business and how they can be deployed for your particular purposes.

Paid plans:

The vendor prices for premium plans vary per software tool. For instance, the Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing basic bundle costs $400 per organization monthly billed annually.  Its corporate edition starts at $3,750. If you choose to subscribe to premium Audience Studio plans, its Basic Edition starts at $18,000 per month billed yearly. Its Professional Edition starts at $36,000 per month. Again, as you can customize from plans and features from a total of twelve software tools under the Marketing Cloud banner, it’s best to get a quote straight from the vendor.



Free Plan: Up to unlimited subscribers and 300 emails per day

Paid plans: Start at $25 per month

SendinBlue offers a range of plans aimed at firms at different stages of their growth:

  1. Free – for those getting started with SendinBlue
  2. Lite – for new marketers
  3. Essential – for growing businesses
  4. Premium – for marketing pros
  5. Enterprise – for marketers who need more

The Free plan limits users to sending 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. Higher plans remove the daily sending limit (replacing it with a monthly figure), remove the SendinBlue logo from emails, and expand channels to include Facebook ads, landing pages, and marketing automation.

Users of all plans gain access to a mobile-friendly email designer, an email template library, email and SMS personalization, SMS marketing, and A/B testing.

Why Email Is About More Than Marketing

Most of these email marketing tools are free or inexpensive, and nearly all of them at least allow you a free trial before you buy. Give them a try in your campaign, and see which ones have the best features for your business.

And be sure not to miss our post on the top email marketing metrics that marketers need to know, this list of B2B lead generation tools, as well as our list of sales email templates you can use in your campaign! It’s also worth checking out our big post on automated email responses if you want to set up email automation for your organization.

These email tools are perfect for building and harnessing the full power of an email marketing or advertising campaign, including measuring and improving email engagement. Be sure to also see our list of the best bulk email services.

For a big list of interesting email marketing stats, click that link!

Email plays a larger role in your company’s profitability than you might think.

Together, you and your employees are sending and receiving thousands of emails per day. How many emails does your team send and receive every day? How fast do they respond to new leads, prospects, and customers? And which of your employees aren’t pulling their weight?


Email marketing campaigns are nothing but marketing messages that are sent to customers or prospect through email. It is a great tool to use for boosting your sales, as it is one of the most direct and open channel to talk with your existing and potential clients etc. However, creating and delivering an effective email campaign cannot be an easy task for anyone. In fact, many business owners even discard this promotion idea because they think it is too much work and costs a lot of time and money.

Achieving a high level of expertise in email marketing campaigns software will improve your results, help you identify potential issues, and increase your overall level of success. There are many factors that contribute to an effective campaign, such as timing, personalization, segmentation and a well-defined strategy. While building these components into your campaigns does require time and resources, it will ultimately lead to the generation of more leads and income for your business.

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