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Best Physical Therapy Documentation Software

What is physical therapy computer software? This term refers to the computer software that supports the documentation, storage and sharing of information related to physical therapy care. The concept of software and how it relates to the field of physical therapy has drastically evolved over the past few decades.

Physical therapy documentation software improves the process of documentation and management of your physical therapy practice. Physical therapists or PTs need to meticulously document every encounter with their patients, which not only helps in generating timely reports but also enhances professional development of the practitioners.

Physical therapists use computer software to document patient reports, but that’s not all that physical therapy software is used for. Check out this article on best physical therapy software and find out what exactly physical therapy computerized documentation is.

Everyone has their own way of managing patient records. But at some point, you’ll have to find an effective way to organize and keep track of your patient information. That’s where clinical documentation software comes into the picture. There is a lot of physical therapy documentation software available in the market today and selecting the right one can be challenging.

Best Physical Therapy Software

Physiotherapy practitioners need physical therapy software to identify patients’ needs for treatment and to simplify treatment delivery. This type of software helps therapists diagnose and then recommend appropriate treatments to patients. Physical therapy software can also provide patients with information on treatment plans, claims and invoices, or home exercise recommendations.

Physical therapy solutions usually provide basic invoicing features but can also integrate with medical billing and accounting software. Integration with electronic health records solutions allows for the importing patient health data.

To qualify for inclusion in the Physical Therapy category, a product must: Manage patient information, preferences, and health profile Create treatment plans based on examination results and diagnostics Monitor progress or treatment and suggest corrective actions Include different types of treatments for each diagnostic Schedule treatment sessions and notify patients and therapists Allow therapists and patients to visualize medical imaging and treatment reports

Top 10 Physical Therapy Software

  • WebPT
  • Clinicient
  • Therap Services
  • Systems4PT
  • Axxess Home Health
  • Power Diary
  • DrChrono
  • Exercise Pro
  • TheraOffice
  • ClinicSource

Compare Physical Therapy Software

G2 takes pride in showing unbiased reviews on user satisfaction in our ratings and reports. We do not allow paid placements in any of our ratings, rankings, or reports. Learn about our scoring methodologies.Sort By:The next elements are radio elements and sort the displayed results by the item selected and will update the results displayed.AlphabeticalSatisfactionPopularityG2 ScoreResults: 90WebPT(152)4.4 out of 5Optimized for quick responseFavorite

With more than 65,000 members at 9,000 clinics, WebPT is the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth. Ideal for outpatient organizations of all sizes, WebPT makes it easy for therapy professionals to transition from paper and outdated software to a user-friendly, cloud-based solution. With WebPT, therapists, directors, owners, billers, and front office staff have access to patients’ medical records anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device. W… Show More Read WebPT Reviews Compare Get a quoteClinicient(102)4.1 out of 5Optimized for quick responseFavorite

Clinicient simplifies care delivery for PT, OT, and SLP organizations with one easy-to-use software platform designed to improve clinical workflows and optimize business performance. Committed to elevating rehab therapy to its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem, we’re laser-focused on simplifying complex workflows for greater efficiencies and better outcomes. We help clinic teams work smarter, not harder, with one easy-to-use platform offering: EMR, Billing Software, Patient Engagement… Show More Read Clinicient Reviews Compare Get a quoteTherap Services(89)4.6 out of 5Favorite

Therap Services, LLC provides secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to 7000+ Home and Community Based Service providers across the United States as well as for 20+ state government IDD and Early Intervention systems of care. This includes a certified EHR, HIPAA compliant Medicaid and private billing, service documentation and secure communication and data sharing between all stakeholders including families and self advocates.Read Therap Services Reviews Compare Systems4PT(42)4.8 out of 5Entry Level Price:5.5%Favorite

Outpatient Rehab Specific: Document in half the time with twice the compliance.Systems 4PT is now billing compliant, clean E*visits and telehealth to all major payers in all states. We deliver an average 9% increase in collections per claim. While industry collections have deteriorated, our practices’ average collections have not declined since 2013. Founded in 2002, Systems 4PT technology delivers the undisputed fastest documentation with the undisputed highest collections.Read Systems4PT Reviews Compare Get a quoteAxxess Home Health(97)3.9 out of 5Favorite

Axxess is the leading technology innovator for healthcare at home, providing a complete suite of software solutions for home health, home care and hospice organizations of all sizes worldwide. The complete suite from Axxess includes electronic medical records, staffing software, mobile electronic visit verification, Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys, revenue cycle management and Direct Data Entry billing solutions, while also offering home care and ho… Show More Read Axxess Home Health Reviews Compare Get a quotePower Diary(63)4.7 out of 5Entry Level Price:$10.00Favorite

Power Diary is the online practice management software trusted by health practitioners worldwide. It includes calendar management, appointment reminders (SMS + email), customised treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, 2-way SMS chat, Telehealth, and a lot more! Plus, it integrates with Xero, Mailchimp, Stripe, Physitrack, and others. Our clients range from solo practitioners to large, multi-location practices and are typically physical therapists, psychologists, speech th… Show More Read Power Diary Reviews Compare DrChrono(33)3.7 out of 5Favorite

DrChrono is a patient care platform that offers customization at the point of care and on the go. DrChrono also includes scheduling, billing and patient reminders.Read DrChrono Reviews Compare Exercise Pro(10)4.7 out of 5Favorite

Exercise Pro is designed for physical therapists and other fitness professionals to provide video and printed exercise programs with clear instructions, proper exercise form and more for rehabilitation and fitness.Read Exercise Pro Reviews Compare TheraOffice(16)3.6 out of 5Favorite

TheraOffice is the most adaptable EMR and practice management software for rehab. The all-in-one application includes scheduling, documentation, billing, and clinical reporting capabilities and is suitable for practices of all specialties and sizes. Reduce your documentation time by up to 80% with our fully-customizable system allowing users to complete Daily Notes in 1-2 minutes and Evaluations in just 5-7 minutes. Find out how TheraOffice can improve your practice today!Read TheraOffice Reviews Compare Get a quoteClinicSource Therapy Practice Management(17)3.9 out of 5Favorite

ClinicSource Therapy Practice Management Software by Ingenium Business Solutions, Inc. provides a therapy-specific system with customized reporting templates for multiple therapy types.Read ClinicSource Therapy Practice Management Reviews Compare Get a quoteCasamba Clinic(21)3.8 out of 5Favorite

Casamba Clinic is a therapy management solution that provides you and your facilities with tools needed to manage the provision and billing of therapy services.Read Casamba Clinic Reviews Compare Get a quoteMPN ECLIPSE(11)3.6 out of 5Favorite

ECLIPSE is a practice management software with integrated SOAP and billing interfaces to help you manage your practice productivity and profitability.Read MPN ECLIPSE Reviews Compare Raintree Systems | Therapy & Rehab(7)3.7 out of 5Favorite

Raintree is a complete business and Physical Therapy EMR/EHR software for Pediatric & Adult Therapy & Rehab PT, OT, SLP and ABA practice- regardless of size. From single providers to large multi-location groups, Raintree provides Scheduling, Documentation, Reporting, RCM, Billing, & Patient Engagement for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and SLP practices and all sub-specialties. Raintree is a single-platform software designed to optimize workflows, improve efficiency, and … Show More Read Raintree Systems | Therapy & Rehab Reviews Compare Get a quoteHealigo(4)4.9 out of 5Favorite

A physical therapy solution that replaces typical HEP handouts and engages patients between visits for better outcomes.Read Healigo Reviews Compare PracticePerfect(6)4.3 out of 5Favorite

PracticePerfect is an EMR and management software that gives you tools you need to manage effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your practice while also manage compliance and patient care.Read PracticePerfect Reviews Compare ReDoc(4)3.4 out of 5Favorite

ReDoc is an EMR solution that provides outpatient hospital therapy departments the ability to document patient care while managing compliance and reimbursement.Read ReDoc Reviews Compare Get a quoteApollo Practice Management(3)4.2 out of 5Entry Level Price:$90 per monthFavorite

Apollo Practice Management is a SaaS-based software solution that allows you to access your account securely and manage finances, patient load, staff responsibilities and scheduling allowing you to focus on your practice while managing productivity and profitability.Read Apollo Practice Management Reviews Compare Clinic Controller(3)2.0 out of 5Favorite

Clinic Controller is an integrated EMR practice management system that provides, scheduling, billing, documentation, and reporting to help you manage your clinic.Read Clinic Controller Reviews Compare MediLinks(3)3.8 out of 5Favorite

MediLinks is recommended for multi-site practices or larger enterprises with at least 10 therapists. A deep library of documentation templates support PT, OT, SLP and Pediatrics.Read MediLinks Reviews Compare OptimisPT(3)4.2 out of 5Favorite

Designed by therapists for therapists, OptimisPT is a web-based EMR and documentation software that provides all-in-one, evidence-based rehab therapy documentation, scheduling, billing interfaces, and practice management, to practices. Our parent company owns and operates outpatient rehab clinics which serves as our daily reminder why we built OptimisPT – to provide consistent delivery of the highest quality of care while maintaining efficiency and compliance. If you’re a rehab therapist, we k… Show More Read OptimisPT Reviews Compare Get a quotePhysical Therapy Suite(3)4.5 out of 5Favorite

Physical Therapy Suite is a software solution for therapy rehabilitation therapy practices that provides scheduling, clinical documentation, billing and collections and more to help you manage your practice.Read Physical Therapy Suite Reviews Compare WellSky Rehabilitation(3)4.0 out of 5Favorite

WellSky is a technology company advancing human wellness worldwide. Our software and professional services address the continuum of health and social care — helping businesses, organizations, and communities solve tough challenges, improve collaboration for growth, and achieve better outcomes through predictive insights that only WellSky solutions can provide.Read WellSky Rehabilitation Reviews Compare 3D Practice(2)5.0 out of 5Favorite

3D Practice is an integrated chiropractic software that helps educate patients with 3D models and other features.Read 3D Practice Reviews Compare Pediatric Therapy EMR(2)2.0 out of 5Favorite

If you’re a pediatric therapist, you already know all the differences between treating children and adults. So don’t just settle for any EMR. Choose Fusion, the only EMR designed specifically for pediatric OTs, PTs, & SLPs. Thousands of therapists across the country trust Fusion’s pediatric-specific EMR to make them (and their practices) more efficient. Sign up for a free demo of Fusion today to find out how you can spend less time doing paperwork and more time treating patientsRead Pediatric Therapy EMR Reviews Compare Rehab My Patient(2)4.5 out of 5Favorite

Intuitive and easy to use exercise prescription software designed by physiotherapists.Read Rehab My Patient Reviews Compare SonoSoft Physical Therapy EMR(2)3.5 out of 5Favorite

SonoSoft Physical Therapy EMR is an EMR software solution that provides a point and click solution to help you manage documentation of daily treatment through modifiable templates and drop downs.Read SonoSoft Physical Therapy EMR Reviews Compare TherAssist Software(2)2.3 out of 5Favorite

TherAssist Software is a practice management and documentation software for physical therapy and rehabilitation industry that provides custom electronic medical records solutions to fit your practice needs.Read TherAssist Software Reviews Compare Apollo PT Practice Management(1)5.0 out of 5Favorite

All in one PT Software for Scheduling, Billing, EMR, and Reporting.Read Apollo PT Practice Management Reviews

The Benefits of Using EMR Software

Maybe you’re wondering if EMR is right for your practice.  If so, we created a short list of some of the benefits you may find in an EMR.  We believe that EMR software is a must for every PT practice. In fact, there are some distinct benefits that you, your staff, and your patients will reap by using EMR software.

These include:

  • Remember – It’s Not ONLY About EMR.  Having EMR is important; however, it’s critical to remember that PTs are also business owners, so they (you) need to easily see Profits and Losses on a daily basis without much difficulty. The right Physical Therapy EMR will completely transform your business by giving you customizable management reports, the ability to accept Insurance and Cash Pay patients, manage product inventory for bands and cervical pillows, create promotional codes and punch cards, Credit Card Processing, protection against accidentally going over Medicare Cap guidelines, Proactive reminders not to forget to update PT Prior Authorizations, and the ability to build customizable evaluations, and daily notes.
    • Also, try to find an EMR that lets you track hours worked for all your therapists versus daily income so you can see if you’re profitable on a daily basis. So, you can see it’s not just about documentation of your physical therapy treatment, but rather about running a small business.  
  • Compliance.  To effectively report on MIPS and other Insurance Carrier guidelines, it’s almost impossible to operate a PT clinic without an EMR.  So, one of the biggest benefits of selecting an EMR is compliance. Most EMR companies will do a great job keeping up with industry compliance and regulations
  • Consistent medical records. EMR systems virtually eliminate the risk of errors or inconsistent records because they make it easy to share medical records securely with other people in your practice as well as outside providers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to patient records. With physical files, you may have difficulty sharing information — and you’ll spend time transferring the files, as well. EMR systems mean that all authorized personnel have access to patient records at any time.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency. Maintaining patient records is time-consuming EMR makes it possible to streamline both the treatment and administrative aspects of running a PT practice.
  • Protection of patient privacy. EMR software makes HIPAA compliance easy by employing built-in privacy protections and security. That means your patients and staff can be confident that your patients’ medical records can’t be compromised.
  • Increased safety. Having immediate access to patient data that’s updated and accurate makes diagnosing patients easier than it is without EMR software. And because it simplifies sharing patient records, it also reduces the chances of a doctor improperly prescribing medication because they’ll have access to your patients’ full history.
  • Accelerated growth. EMR systems help physical therapists and other providers to streamline their practices, improving their efficiency and providing better care to their patients. The end result is that you’ll be able to grow your practice because your EMR will make it possible to do so.


In chiropractic and physiotherapy, there is a lot of emphasis on the proper documentation of patient care. This is because without the proper records, insurance companies can refuse to pay for services, and the doctors could face legal liability. Physical therapy software enables the creation of these digital records and has improved the quality of life for both practitioners and patients using them.

Documentation is part of your job as a physical therapist. It is vital to record patients’ progress or lack thereof. This helps you evaluate your own work and that of other health care professionals. It is also helpful for future reference, review by insurance providers and is one of the requirements of maintaining a license.

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