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Best Programming Language for 3d Animation

Nowadays, Web 3D comes as a booming business option. In fact, virtual reality development is set up as a top-class enterprise providing multiple opportunities for making a mark in the market.

So, if you are going to design any 3D model, WordPress plugin, or looking for a 3d animation software, make sure you go for a platform that gives you the best of what the market offers today.

If we want to display 3D graphics in real-time, for instance in a game or 3D simulation, then we need a language and environment that runs fast and we also need efficient 3D libraries.

What language and programming environment should we use for 3d programming?


C++ is a language with a relatively high entry barrier (meaning it’s quite difficult to learn), but the reward is greater because it allows more direct control over the hardware and graphical processes (something very important in video game design).

So there are a lot of choices to be made about what platform and what class framework to use. These choices include:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC – MFC is a set of class libraries to support widows, buttons, text boxes, controls etc. If you are writing a game MFC would not be needed if you want the screen to consist of a 3D window only. Superseded by .NET unless you need features not yet supported by .NET such as OpenGL or direct3D.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ with ATL – Active Template Library is a lightweight alternative to MFC designed to be included in Web pages, put together to compete with Java applets without the security, now superseded by .NET.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ with OpenGL and GLUT (cant yet be used directly with .NET).
  • Microsoft Visual C++ with direct3D.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ NET – This restricts you to a subset of C++ (no multiple inheritance for example). Also it does not support OpenGL. However I have written a wrapper to allow provide a OpenGL control in a .NET program.
  • Linux + Gnome + Glade is a free user interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME.
  • Linux + KDE + KDevelop – C/C++ IDE (information about C++ programming with KDevelop here)
  • Linux + OpenGL

Because most PCs already have have the code for the 3D libraries installed, programs compiled from C++ to the native platform can be much easier for the user to install than Java programs. The user only has to download the code itself from the web in the form of an .EXE file and and run it. Provided they trust the site where the code came from!

It is an object-oriented language, meaning it uses internal structures to better organize code into reusable blocks (classes and objects).

It is by far the most commonly used language for writing game engines, and some engines (such as Unreal) only accept information written in C++.

If you only choose one language to learn, this would be it, because most other object-oriented languages stem from C++ (so picking them up will be easier).

Games made with C++

  • Counter-Strike
  • Doom III Engine
  • King Quest
  • Starcraft
  • World of Warcraft
  • Warcraft III
  • Football Pro
  • Master of Orion III
  • Maplestory
  • Invictus

best programming language for 3d games


The original 2002 versions of these programs do not have a library that supports ActiveX or OpenGL, so the only way to use these versions is to use an OpenGL .NET wrapper which can be included in your .NET program as an axHost component.

The 2003 versions of these programs (.net version 1.1) now support directX 9 without the need for any 3rd party plugins.

This is a Microsoft specific framework. Like Java it compiles to intermediate code. The advantage of .NET is that it allows you choose between C++, C#, Visual Basic and other languages, and even to mix these languages. There are some Linux versions such as mono, I don’t know how complete or reliable they are or if they will catch on, however the choice of platforms is less than Java.

Programs written for this framework will be distributed as intermediate code (CLI = Common Language Infrastructure). This is interpreted (or more accurately just-in-time compiled) when run.

The 2005 versions of these programs now use .net version 2.0. This means that the code built using the 2005 versions will only run on PCs with .net 2.0 installed.

CUDA-C : Best Programming Language for Desktop Games

In terms of gaming, CUDA cores make your application appear more realistic by offering high-resolution visuals that generate a genuine 3D impression.

Nowadays, programming platforms such as CUDA are gaining popularity among game developers, owing to the increased need for realistic visuals and effects, as well as high degrees of movement and action.

To meet these expectations, a large amount of rapid video computation is required. CUDA allows for the parallelization of mathematical processes, and the developer plays an important part in this.

You’ll also observe that your games are more lifelike, with better lighting and colors

When you see a progress bar while gaming, know that CUDA cores are working hard behind the scenes.

As you go on a virtual journey, CUDA cores:

  • Construct the environment
  • Design character animations
  • Configure the atmosphere. 

C# : Best Programming Language for Windows and Xbox Games

The benefit of this game development language lies in its XNA framework. This is a set of tools and runtime environment by Microsoft, which makes it particularly suitable for games on the Xbox, or Windows platforms.

But if you were to compare C# with C++, you’d realize that C++ gives you a lot of control over parameters, memory management, etc. This kind of control adds another dimension to the performance and user experience of your game.

C#, on the other hand, is like driving a car on automatic.

In a game engine like Unity, C# is the language that you code in, but the engine has C++ at its core. In a sense, you have to work within the framework, using the components that have been created for you.

So, using a game engine can be limiting in a way, since all games on the engine will look and feel similar.

Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run are two popular games developed with C#.

Games in C++

C++ is the programming language for gems like: 

C++ games are easy to distribute across various platforms, but also because you can quickly learn C# and other object-oriented languages if you already know C++.

C++, along with and C#, is also widely used in popular game engines like:

These engines take a lot of the grind out of game development and form the backbone of many popular games.

PlayDead‘s title Inside is made using the Unity Engine, and it was easier to make than the game company’s debut title Limbo, which was a hit on Xbox.

Limbo was made mostly with Visual Basic, and PlayDead had to create their game engine from scratch, which involved double the work.

You also need to remember that some game engines like Unreal will only take C++ (unless you want to use the engine’s scripting language to script from scratch).

It’s no surprise then that C++ is widely considered the best language for game development.


Java : Best Programming Language for Mobile Games

Java is the best mobile game programming language and was used to make games like Angry Birds Chrome for mobile devices.

Game programmers use Java a lot because Java supports multithreading and sockets:

  • Multithreading uses less memory and makes the most of available CPU, without blocking the user out when heavy processes are running in the background.
  • Sockets help in building multiplayer games.

Plus, Java runs on a virtual machine, so your game will be easier to distribute.

It also powers the RPG Maker engine that indie companies have used to make RPG games like:

  • the Aveyond series
  • Barkley
  • Eternal Eden

The Unity 3D Engine accepts Javascript. A WebGL-enabled Java engine like PlayCanvas, developed at MIT, lets users work simultaneously on the game via an online browser and publish to multiple platforms.

There are plenty of directions to take if you learn Java.

Javascript: web programming

Web languages are not so much one-or-the-other, they work in unison to create the kind of experience players expect (although some programmers will specialize in just one or another).

Web languages now include:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

Along with things like content management systems (which are beyond the scope of this article).


Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages among developers.

It is a high-level programming language and multi-paradigm programming language.

It is also known as a scripting language it can be used for the front portion as well as for the back portion of any website.

It was initially released in the year 1995, however, with the help of JavaScript many kinds of games can be created and you can create games for several platforms also.

But to do that you have to take the help of some of the tools besides that you can also use the libraries that JavaScript has to make your games much more attractive. 

Games made with javascript

  • HexGl
  • Sketchout
  • CrossCode
  • Bejeweled
  • Swoop
  • Polycraft
  • Angrybirds
  • The Wizard
  • Little Alchemy
  • New Super Resident Raver



Blue, Dice, Design, Modern, Cube Shape

3d animation programming is a type of writing program that draws a moving image in a 2D or 3D space while exhibiting rich behavior. There are some kinds of programming languages for 3d animation.

What is the best programming language for 3d animation? Is it Gamemaker? Maya? Unity? I do not know, because I’m not a hard core animator. However, I will make a guess by saying that if you really want to make a name for yourself as an animator, you’d better learn an industry standard.

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