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Cheapest Reseller Hosting 2022

In the years to come, it will be increasingly important for businesses to have a presence on the internet. This is especially true in today’s economy, where there are so many ways to get your products and services available online. fortunately, there are many reseller hosting solutions available that can help you achieve this goal. The following article will outline some of the Cheapest Reseller Hosting 2022, best reseller hosting with whmcs, cheap whm reseller hosting, and cheapest hosting company.

Cheapest Reseller Hosting 2022


Monthly Starting Price$5.24

  • Per-account pricing format keeps costs low
  • Unlock discounts as you gain more customers
  • Industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Instant setup with 24/7 managed support
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email, and disk space
  • Get started on Hostwinds now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
60 daysUnlimitedNew or Transfer6 minutes

Hostwinds has four main tiers in its reseller hosting program, which range from $5.24 per month to $10 per month. The White Label plan has all of the features of the Ultimate reseller plan and supports unlimited domains, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited disk space.

  • Reseller Hosting Plan Cost: $10 per month (12-month plan)
  • Plan Includes Unlimited Domains: Yes
  • Available Storage: Unlimited
  • Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • White-Label Service: Yes

The Hostwinds reseller plan works on multiple levels. You can set up client accounts on your plan as add-on domains and manage the hosting with a free domain. You can sell Hostwinds products directly to your clients at various discounted rates.

With the White Label plan, you have full control to use WHMCS to rebrand all of the Hostwinds products for any purpose, including the use of private name servers in support of client domains.

2. InMotion Hosting

FeaturescPanel, WHM, WHMCS, white-label hosting
Best forAffordable and all-inclusive plans

InMotion is among the best providers for business use. As for its reseller plans, it has one of the best features-to-price ratios. The host includes generous resources and all reseller business essentials at a relatively low starting cost.

Here’s everything that you get:

  • Even with the cheapest plan, InMotion Hosting provides a white-label control panel feature, plenty of SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and security features to protect from DDoS attacks & malware.
  • Moreover, for easy server management, it comes with cPanel & WHM included. Your customers will be able to use one of the best control panels available. Also, you’ll be provided with WHMCS for setting up and managing the billing for your clients. Other essentials, such as webmail and one-click installs are there too.
  • If you also want to resell domains alongside hosting, they provide an eNom Domain Reseller account to do so.
  • The 24/7 customer support is good too. To solve any problem, whether it’s scaling your plan or anything else, you can contact them via live chat, email, Skype, or phone number.
  • On top of all this, InMotion gives a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee. This is 3 times more than the regular industry offerings.

What I like about InMotion Hosting web reseller package the most is that you get a full package – no extra expenses needed. Unless you require something custom. This makes it a good starting point for your own business with minimal investment.

InMotion Hosting reseller pricing

InMotion’s reseller plans start at $15.99/month if purchased for 2 years. This cheapest plan is among their shared reseller plans. The highest configuration plan available on a shared reseller costs $29.99/month. The VPS reseller plans, on the other hand, start at $39.99/month and go to $66.99/month for maxed-out resources.

All of the plans – shared or VPS – have all the needed features: free SSLs, management and control panel software, email accounts, and even server+website protection.

At the same time, each plan provides a different level of resources:

  • The R-1000S plan includes 80GB SSD storage, 800GB monthly bandwidth, a free dedicated IP, and 25 cPanel accounts. If you are handling a few small business websites, this plan is of pure value.
  • R-2000S comes with a little bit extra. It has 120GB SSD storage, 1200GB monthly bandwidth, a free dedicated IP, and 50 cPanel accounts.
  • R-3000S is InMotion’s top-tier shared reseller offering. It is ideal for starting a hosting company with 50+ clients in the foreseeable future. Why? Because it offers 160 GB SSD storage, 1600 GB monthly bandwidth, a free dedicated IP, and 80 cPanel accounts. Additionally, you get 2 hours of dedicated help for custom server setups.
  • Reseller Cloud hosting plans start at $39.99/mo and can be configured as needed – cPanel accounts start at 5, storage goes up to 125GB, and bandwidth can be scaled to 6TB. It’s more of a custom option for specific needs if none of the regular plans fit you.

Apart from the plan costs, there are a couple of upsells as well. You can add a backup manager priced at $24 for one year, with the additional backup cost of $2/mo for the first 10GB & $1/mo for each additional 10GB.


Monthly Starting Price$4.99

  • Discounted plans for different workflows
  • Ultra-reliable cloud hosting infrastructure
  • FREE site transfers and WordPress migrator plugin
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and bandwidth
  • White-label client management and private DNS
  • Get started on SiteGround now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
30 days10 GB SSD – 40 GB SSDNew or Transfer6 minutes

SiteGround has three main tiers in its Linux reseller hosting program, which provides the same user experience and hardware as its shared hosting platform. The best deal is the Grow Big plan, which bills at $10.69 per month and includes a white-label branding service in the control panel.

  • Reseller Hosting Plan Cost: $10.69 per month (12-month plan)
  • Plan Includes Unlimited Domains: Yes
  • Available Storage: 40 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • White-Label Service: Yes

SiteGround was a major sponsor of the Joomla project and has also contributed to the WordPress open-source development community. The reseller platform at SiteGround includes optimized runtime support for WordPress hosting and other CMS sites through its SuperCacher utility.

The main advantage of the SiteGround reselling hosting program is that it operates with the same resources as its shared hosting plan and can be white labeled to support your brand identity while functioning as a cloud server for multiple websites.

4. A2 Hosting

FeaturesFree SSL, cPanel, Web Host Manager (WHM)
Best forPerformance-focused website hosting resellers

A2 Hosting offers a very impressive reseller program – it has both standard reseller plans and top-grade servers for performance-focused hosting. At the same time, it remains among the most affordable options and includes all the needed essentials.

Here’s all that you get no matter which of the plans you choose:

  • White-label cPanel accounts for your clients and WHM (Web Host Manager) for you. Cheaper plans also get Blesta billing management system, while more expensive ones can choose a better-known WHMCS. Other essentials include email accounts, SSL certificates, and comprehensive security features, including firewalls and DDoS protection.
  • Reselling domains and SSL certificates from eNom are also included in all of the packages.
  • You have a pretty good data center choice – the US, Europe, and Asia locations are available.
  • If you pick Turbo-brand plans, you’ll get server space on the most up-to-date servers that feature LiteSpeed web server and support HTTP/3.
  • In case you want to contact the support team, you have 3 24/7 options: support ticket, live chat, and phone call.
  • Lastly, the provider comes forward with an any-time money-back guarantee. Cancel your services in 30 days and get a full refund or cancel it any time and get back the money for unused services.

In brief, A2 Hosting includes all essentials plus strong security. However, the main thing about it is the flexibility – you have many options to make it work for your needs.

A2 Hosting reseller pricing

A2 Hosting reseller plans pricing start at $18.99/mo for the basic packages. If you’re looking into performance-focused plans, the same level of server resources will cost you $24.99/mo. These prices are available with a 3-year subscription.

Each of A2 Hosting’s plans comes with SSL certificates, management and billing systems, and security features such as automatic backups, hack and malware protection, and firewall configurations. But, the primary difference, as with every other hosting, lies in storage and bandwidth.

  • Kickstart includes 60GB SSD storage and 600GB bandwidth for 20 reseller accounts.
  • Turbo Kickstart has similar 60GB NVMe storage and 600GB bandwidth for 20 reseller accounts, yet it is hosted on more powerful servers with LiteSpeed webserver setup.
  • Launch offers 100GB storage and 1TB bandwidth for 30 cPanel accounts.
  • Turbo Launch comes with the same 100GB storage and 1TB bandwidth for 30 cPanel accounts on a more powerful server.

You can scale both the regular and Turbo plans up to 270GB storage, 2700GB bandwidth, and 75 cPanel accounts.


Monthly Starting Price$8.99

  • Choose between Windows or Linux reseller plans
  • VPS or shared reseller options available
  • SSD storage with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed
  • FREE management with cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS
  • Unlimited domains, email, FTP, and databases
  • Get started on AccuWebHosting now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
30 days10 GB SSD – 150 GB SSDNew or Transfer4 minutes

AccuWebHosting has one of the most advanced and complex reseller hosting platforms with options for both Windows and Linux. AccuWebHosting has a $115 per-month offer where you can white label the VPS platform to run your own web hosting services company.

Shared Windows server reseller plans range from $29.99 to $132.99 monthly. We recommend starting with the Bronze Linux plan at $11.99 per month, which includes 5 initial cPanel licenses and unlimited subdomains. Extra cPanel licenses are priced at $1 each on the AccuWebHosting reseller plans.

  • Reseller Hosting Plan Cost: $11.99 per month (12-month plan)
  • Plan Includes Unlimited Domains: Yes
  • Available Storage: 30 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • White-Label Service: Yes

The advantage of the AccuWebHosting Bronze Reseller plan is that you can start small and scale as required by your clients or projects. The Bronze Reseller plan will support unlimited domains and can be used for hosting client websites securely.

Resellers can install WHMCS to create shared plans, sell dedicated IP addresses, domain names, and SSL certificates, or configure cPanel accounts for clients with unique login credentials and allocation limits.

If you need to add Windows or VPS plans to your white-label brand, they are available on the secure AccuWebHosting platform with unified administration of all client websites in a single hosting package. This makes it easy to upgrade reseller tiers as web traffic grows organically.

How to Get Started with Reseller Hosting Solutions.

There are a number of different types of Reseller Hosting Solutions available, including web-based, mobile app, and cloud based solutions. To get started with any kind of Reseller Hosting Solution, it’s important to understand the different features and differences between them. You can find more information on the different types of Reseller Hosting Solutions here.

Get started with Reseller Hosting Solutions

Once you understand the different types of ResellerHosting Solutions available, it’s time to get started! To do this, you first need to find an experienced ResellerHosting Solution Expert who can help guide you through the process and give you best advice for how to get started with your new business venture.

Find an experienced Reseller Hosting Solution Expert

An experienced Reseller Hosting Solution Expert will know exactly what’s necessary to get your business up and running and will be able to help guide you through every step of the way. They will also have years of experience in the industry so they can provideyou with the best advice for getting the most out of your new business venture.

Best Reseller Hosting With Whmcs

1. A2 Hosting

You have customers, your customers have customers… how are you going to keep it all straight? Beyond the technology setup associated with partitioning server resources and configuring cPanel accounts, resellers need to account for billing management and customer support. Fortunately, many top providers include the super useful WHMCS as an added perk. The platform, usually available as a one-click installation through Softaculous or other popular script libraries, simplifies and automates common tasks associated with running a web hosting business.

To be clear, WHMCS is entirely different from the WHM software usually paired with cPanel licenses. WHM, which stands for Web Host Manager, provides administrative access to various server management and configuration tools within the cPanel interface. WHM users can use the software to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts for customers, monitor and protect their server, transfer or back up data, and designate reseller accounts with the proper access.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is one of the best companies to start your hosting company. It offers fully white label services with easy setup and the best plans.

They offer managed reseller hosting. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about management. If there is anything wrong, you can always contact their support anytime you want.

InMotion hosting is already famous for providing high-performance hosting. So, you can surely trust the service and go with the reseller account.

You will also get access to the domain reseller account as a compliment. So, if you are planning to sell the domains, you can do it here.

You will also get a free dedicated IP address on every plan. You get 24/7 support. If something goes wrong, you can always contact support.

They have one of the fastest and high performing servers. Therefore, you can focus on customer acquisition and forget the rest. They will surely love the hosting which increases the retention rate.

  • WHMCS license: Included
  • Cpanel and WHM accounts limit: 25 accounts
  • Storage: Starts from 80 GB
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Backup: Server snapshot is automatically taken as well as backup manager included.

3. Hostwinds

A lean budget is of the utmost importance for all new or small businesses, whether they’re in the hosting industry or not. Keeping costs low gives companies more room to remain open and try to turn a profit while maximizing income. As such, affordability is critical when it comes to finding the right host for your master reseller business.

Instead of simply turning to the cheapest host that will do the bare minimum for you or the slew of master reseller providers with operations overseas, look for an established and trusted hosting company that will give you the tools to succeed: high-performance infrastructure, helpful support, and the trifecta of cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS.

Particularly at the VPS, cloud, and dedicated server levels — the configurations most helpful to master resellers — Hostwinds ranks near the top in terms delivering the biggest bang for a customer’s buck. Admittedly, the specific plan we’ve highlighted in our review below likely won’t be the best fit for master resellers (in fact, the company has three different programs for resellers), as it focuses on distributing shared hosting and cPanel subscriptions, but Hostwinds boasts a price structure that’s far below the industry norm. Master resellers will be far better served by looking at a VPS or dedicated server through Hostwinds.

4. ResellerClub

Resellerclub is one of the most popular master resellers hosting with WHMCS. Reseller Club is one of the services that only focuses on reselling accounts.

Therefore, you will get better service as compared to others. It has various other advantages over other hosting services. It’s because of the addons they provide. You can also go with their web design and development program if you want.

Further, it also has easy setup and integration for HTTP API to create supersite.

The pricing here is great. If you are looking to create a proper hosting company, you can surely check out ResellerClub.

They have various products and services you can sell to your customers. Also, you will get actionable insights with the help of their business intelligence dashboard.

You will also get easy integration to many products including WordPress, WHM, Comodo, Google workspace, etc. You will get the maximum amount of features here.

This makes it one of the best reselling hosting to go with. If you want to create the best hosting company, ResellerClub is the choice for you.

  • WHMCS: Free
  • Cpanel and WHM accounts limit: Starts from 40 accounts
  • Storage: Starts from 40GB
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Backup: Your responsibility

Cheapest Hosting Company

1. DreamHost

Cheapest Month-to-Month Plans

Worried about making a long-term commitment? DreamHost has your back with the most affordable month-to-month payment options on the market. Paid plans start at $4.95 per month for one website with unlimited traffic and no contract. All plans come with a free SSL certificate and WordPress pre-installed.

Overall Score: 3.7 out of 5

DreamHost’s monthly, no-contract plans are the cheapest such options we found. You get the best pricing without the risk of a long-term subscription. 

If you don’t want to commit to a year or more in advance, DreamHost is perfect for you. 

Here’s how DreamHost did in every tested category: 

  1. Upfront Cost = 5/5
  2. Renewal Rates = 4/5
  3. Onboarding Process = 2/5
  4. Website Speed =  2/5
  5. Customer Support = 3.3/5 
  6. Server Uptime = 5/5

Upfront Costs 5/5 – If you want huge discounts with no commitment, no long-term contracts, and no other unexpected fees, Dreamhost is picture-perfect for you. 

They offer two introductory plans. 

The month-to-month plan starts at $4.95 for one month of hosting and $7.99/year for a domain, running you a total of $12.94 for the first month. Then, it’s just $4.95 for the next two months. The price goes up to $7.99 per month after that (more on this below).

The monthly plan has no contract and is the absolute cheapest risk-free way to get started with web hosting.

The second option is to pay for a full year at a total cost of $35.40—that’s only $2.95 per month. That includes a domain name and the ability to protect your private information online with free domain protection. 

Both plans include:

  • WordPress pre-installed, so you don’t have to worry about installing it
  • Free WordPress migrations if you’re switching from a different host
  • Free domain name privacy (most charge extra for this)
  • A drag-and-drop WordPress website builder
  • Live chat, ticket, and phone support
  • A free SSL certificate

Renewal Rates 4/5 – It’s commonplace for your web host’s renewal rate to be two or three times higher than the original promotional pricing. That’s because providers know how much of a hassle it is to switch from one to another, especially after you’ve had your site hosted on one for a significant period of time. 

2. Hostinger

Known for its affordable products, Hostinger is a well-rounded web hosting service. Regardless of the price, Hostinger also offers good uptime.


When I say cheap hosting, Hostinger is among the very few companies that manage to stay below the $2 mark. Currently, the entry-level plans cost $1.99/mo. These low rates are available as long-term subscriptions. Hostinger’s low cost hosting plans are:

  • Single – $1.99 per month for one site, 30 GB of SSD storage, and up to 10,000 monthly visits.
  • Premium – $2.59 per month for 100 websites, 100 GB of SSD storage, free unlimited email, and a free domain.
  • Business – $3.99 per month for 100 sites, 200 GB storage, 100,000 visits a month, plus everything in Premium.

Keep in mind that pricing goes up when you renew after the promotional period.

Ease of setup

The Hostinger dashboard does not run on classic cPanel, which we usually see with other hosting providers. Hostinger has put their own spin on it, calling it “hpanel,” and providing easier access to elements like files, email, and domain. It is beginner-friendly and easy to set up.

All the plans, including shared web hosting, come with WordPress features such as WordPress installers, which makes it easy to get started with a website quickly. You can see these features in the Website section, under Auto Installer in your Hostinger dashboard.

3. Hostinger

Want decent performance and tons of features with a shoestring budget? Get everything you need for your new website as well as solid site speeds and an easy onboarding process for the lowest rates available. There’s no better way to stretch your dollar than hosting your site with Hostinger.

Overall Score: 3.9 out of 5

If you’re looking for cheap hosting that’s reliable, fast, and easy to use, Hostinger is the way to go. Not only do you get a ton of value for every dollar spent, but it’s also a cheap web host that doesn’t feel cheap. It offers the best ratio of affordability and performance on the market, making it our top pick.

Here’s how Hostinger ranks in our six major categories:

  1. Upfront Cost = 5/5
  2. Renewal Rates = 5/5
  3. Onboarding Process = 4/5
  4. Website Speed =  4/5
  5. Customer Support = 2.67/5 
  6. Server Uptime = 1/5

Upfront Cost 5/5 – You can buy hosting for $3.49 per month—less than the cost of one Starbucks latte every month. Hostinger is quality at an extraordinary bargain.

The entry-level hosting plan comes with everything you need, except a domain name. So, you’ll need to buy one separately. You can do so through Hostinger or one of our top domain registrar recommendations.

If you buy one through Hostinger, you’re looking at $8.99/year plus $5/year for domain protection. We highly recommend protection if you’re registering a domain name using personal information (phone number, full name, and address) because it masks your contact info in the WHOIS domain registration database. If you’re registering as a business, it’s less important since your business info is already public knowledge.

The total cost for everything, including upfront costs, a domain name, and protection for the first year is a mere $49.87. For less than $50 bucks, you get everything you need to get started.

On the entry-level plan, you get:

  • One website
  • One email address
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • 24/7 customer support

If you’re not comfortable paying for a year in advance, you can opt for a monthly plan instead.

Heads up, though, if you’re thinking about monthly billing—Hostinger charges a one-time setup fee of $4.99 on month-to-month plans. The monthly rate also jumps way up to $9.49. It could make sense to do that for short-term projects. But it’s much more affordable to pay for at least a year in advance.

Hostinger provides top benefits for a fraction of the price of most web hosts and they keep actual costs transparent. That clear predictability is great for you and your budget when you’re just getting started. 

Renewal Rates 5/5 – Another amazing quality about Hostinger is they offer the cheapest renewal pricing out of all the hosts we tested—you’ll pay just $5.99 per month after your first year (with 12 months due in advance).


In 2022, there will be a lot of new Reseller Hosting Solutions on the market. By understanding the different types of Reseller Hosting Solutions and getting started with them, you can create an successful business in this rapidly growing industry.

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