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Free Design Software for Clothing

Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes? With clothing design software free online, it’s easier than ever. It’s often assumed that designers have a high-quality background in fashion and would already know how to use clothing design software for this purpose. Compared to graphic design, filming, or other creative fields, most designers don’t often get the credit they deserve. They’re the one who dream up fashion ideas and sketch them out on paper to be used with fashion design software .

Here, I have prepared a list of the best software for cloth designing just for you!


Initiated in 2013 by Roman Telezhinsky (Ukraine) and Susan Spencer (USA), Valentina is a pattern drafting software popular among small designers, cutters, individual tailors, and many other in the garment industry. 

Valentina, a fashion design tool, combines modern technologies with traditional pattern designing. As a result, it is easy to create a viable and affordable product design that meets customer needs.

With this free fashion design software for beginners, users can understand colours, patterns, styles, and other features. 

Valentina Features 

  • 50+ pattern-making options  
  • Patterns based on a mathematical formula  
  • Instruction-based drawing tools  
  • Simple to download, test, and create patterns  
  • Automation when rebuilding patterns  
  • Smart design templates  
  • Easy Synchronization  
  • Support Forum 

Subscription Model: Valentina is a free and open-source fashion design software. 

Valentina Compatible Platforms: There are download options for Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Mageia 6+ (.rpm), Fedora (.rpm), OpenSUSE (.rpm), Debian (.deb), Ubuntu PPA (.deb), AppImage package (.AppImage). 

Price to Upgrade: None


Blender fashion design tool is used by both individual designers and fashion design studios. This 3D creation suite makes creating, sculpting, and editing models easier. 

Rendering cycles include shading, lighting, motion blur, volumes geometry, and more. Freestyle cycle makes it easy to draw various line styles to make shapes. It integrates with multiple pipeline tools. Its first version was released in 1994. 

Features of Blender 

  • Multiple modes like Object Mode, Edit Mode, Weight Paint, and more  
  • Simulation  
  • Rendering  
  • Rigging  
  • Compositing  
  • Modelling  
  • Animation (2D)  
  • Motion tracking  
  • Video editing  
  • Conformal & angle-based unwrapping  
  • Pre-visualize offline in real-time    
  • Areas like crypto matters, mantaflow and more  

Subscription Model: Blender is free and open-source fashion design software.

Blender Compatible Platforms: Blender runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, Haiku.

Price to Upgrade: None 


Tailornova is a fashion design tool that enables users to create unlimited designs quickly and easily. This merchandise and clothing design software is popular among fashion students, fashion merchandisers, apparel brands, clothing boutiques, indie designers and others. 

Users can just click the patterns and sketches of their choice to get started. With a 3D simulation facility and fit customization, it is easy to make changes according to requirements. 

Tailornova Features 

  • Ease adjustment  
  • Sewing instructions  
  • Intermixable templates  
  • Templates in 10 different lengths  
  • Automated pattern measurements  
  • Pre-determined ease settings  
  • Vector 2D flat sketches  
  • Custom-fit pattern  
  • 3D Fit Model to replicate different body shapes  
  • Garment simulation  
  • PDF patterns and print out  
  • Ecommerce Integration  

Subscription Model: Tailornova has a free plan. It is patent-pending software. 

Compatible Platforms: Tailornova is web-based software and can run on any device internet connection. 

Price to Upgrade: You can upgrade to Tailornova paid plan at a monthly price of INR 2161.04. Annual billing plans offer discounted rates. 


Browzwear 3D fashion design software is well suited to designers, creative developers, marketers, and production teams. The clothing designs are more accurate as per specifications, and the finished goods can be marketed quickly. 

There are minimum iterations, which decrease the cost. This merchandise and garment design software is used by brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. 

Browzwear Features 

  • Realistic 3D images  
  • 2D CAD  
  • Flexible and powerful dashboard  
  • Fabric Analyzer (automatic)  
  • True-to-life 3D simulation  
  • Advanced consulting & integrated service for automated workflows  
  • New styles and designs with Lotta  
  • Vstitcher for designs  
  • Collaborate and merchandize with Stylezone  
  • Smart Design option to design for manufacturing 

Subscription Model: Browzwear has an open platform. VNTANA and Browzwear’s 3D Collaboration Platform is free for freelance designers. 

Compatible Platforms: Browzwear works on Mac and Windows. 

Price to Upgrade: License is available on request. 

Best Fashion Design Software with Free Trial

CLO 3D Software

CLO 3D fashion design software allows designers to add their own patterns and visualize sketches in 3D. In addition, there are avatars and dress forms for different shapes and sizes. Internal renderer enables users to create high quality and realistic images.

This fashion designing tool supports multiple languages like Hindi, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and more. The latest version comes with many new features. It is used by individuals, educational institutions, and businesses. 

CLO 3D Features 

  • Modular design  
  • 3D garment edit  
  • 3D arrangement  
  • 3D simulation and layer  
  • Fabric kit  
  • Segment sewing  
  • Auto grading  
  • 2D pattern design  
  • Facility to merge patterns  
  • Facility to add the hardware items like buttons and zipper   
  • Fabric fine-tuner  
  • View, measure, arrange and edit Avatar style  
  • Create unlimited graphic placements  
  • Unlimited colourways  
  • Engineered print layouts  
  • Easy collaboration via closet  
  • Compatible files like DXF-ASTM/AAMA, AI/PDF, BOM (XML), and more  

Free Trial: There is a 30-day trial for this 3D fashion design software. 

Compatible Platforms: CLO 3D software runs on both Windows (64-bit) and Mac systems. 

Price to Upgrade: Pricing starts at INR 33534.00 per year for individuals. 

Digital Fashion Pro

Digital Fashion Pro is a fashion design software and clothing line startup kit that enables anyone to create amazing cloth designs without being an expert at drawing.

It offers step by step training, model poses, a free graphics program and other business tools to start designing and manufacturing. It is available for more than 75 countries and has been used by designers from Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, Ralph Lauren, Ed Hardy, and more. 


  • Customizable Clothing templates  
  • 3D design mode  
  • 3D design and styling  
  • Vector Artwork  
  • CAD Tools  
  • Sketch render  
  • Design Export  
  • Fashion Illustrations  
  • Textile Pattern Design 

Free Trial: Digital Fashion Pro 3D clothing design software download for free trial is available on the official website. 

Compatible Platforms: It works with Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. 

CLO 3D Features Price: Regular pricing starts at INR 29733.48.   

Adobe Illustrator Fashion Design

Adobe Illustrator fashion design allows designers to draw flat or functional sketches, add colours, repeat pattern designs, and more. 

Presentation boards have great layouts for design meetings, buyer presentations, and catalogues. With callouts for construction and styling details, it becomes easy for other team members and manufacturers to follow. 

Adobe Illustrator Features 

  • Add fashion illustrations   
  • Move, rotate, scale Pattern fills  
  • Zig-zag brush  
  • Clipping masks for graphic placement  
  • Textile Design  
  • Flat Factory  
  • Customizable pattern size, colours, and direction  
  • Colourways and Line Sheets  
  • Graphic/ artistic design 

Free Trial: Clothing design app free subscription is available for 7 days. 

Compatible Platforms: Adobe Illustrator works on macOS, iOS for iPad and Windows 

Price to Upgrade: Adobe Illustrator pricing starts at INR 1675.60 per month. 


SnapFashun is an easy-to-use clothing design software that offers free templates and sketches to create custom designs easily. Designers can view, create, modify, and snap designs with the software. 

Those designs can be used with trend boards, portfolios, pattern cards, line sheets, and concept boards. This fashion designing software is a great tool for educators in both physical and remote classrooms. It is also used by fashion designers, merchandisers, stylists, home sewers, and more. 

SnapFashun Features 

  • Preview larger thumbnail images   
  • Interactive preset Snap Libraries  
  • Multiple fashion categories  
  • Easy to store and retrieve sketches  
  • Drag and drop facility  
  • Easy to search and sort sketches  
  • Simple dashboard  
  • Facility to add new Snap Libraries  
  • Free templates and sketchbooks  
  • Syncs with Adobe Illustrator CC  

Free Trial: Available 

Compatible Platforms: SnapFashun works with Windows & Android operating systems. 

Price to Upgrade: SnapFashun pricing starts at INR 8920.26 per year. 

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is user-friendly diagramming software that enables designers to create a wide range of sample and design patterns and different types of styles and sketches. 

Both professional designers and amateurs can sketch fashions upon existing models and customize the output according to their needs with different colours, designs, and more. It supports various languages like English, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and so on. 

Edraw Max Features

  • High-quality outputs  
  • Sample cloth clipart  
  • Excellent file compatibility  
  • Pre-drawn models  
  • Drag and drop feature  
  • Vector-based designs  
  • Predefined themes and colours  
  • Huge collection of templates and styles 

Free Trial: Edraw fashion design tool’s trial is available for 15 days. 

Compatible Platforms: Edraw supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web platforms. 

Price to Upgrade: Subscription pricing starts at INR 7362.28 per year. The lifetime plan starts at INR 18219.79.

Cameo v5 Apparel Software

Cameo v5 apparel software is preferred for drafting and editing grade patterns and custom sizes. The free fashion design software offers technical drawings tools and lay markers for making standardized and customized dresses. The software is also trusted for making fashion brochures and portfolios.

Features of Cameo v5 Apparel Software:

  • Technical drawings and specification sheets
  • PDF, RTF and standard HTML reporting
  • Market layout for calculating yardage

Subscription Model: Cameo v5 version is a free apparel software.

Cameo Compatible Platforms: Cameo v5 fashion design software runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

Price to Upgrade: Cameo v6 version’s price is available on request.

Designer Pro Apparel Edition

Designer Pro Apparel Edition is ideal for drafting 3D design models. The software supports plotters and SVG file export functionality. Designer Pro Apparel Edition also provides dimensional viewing for design previews. The fashion design software supports 3D patterns and demos for fulfilling the portfolio requirements.

Features of Designer Pro Apparel Edition:

  • Suites for making patterns
  • 3D product designing
  • Easy navigation and interface
  • Categories for different dress lines and multiple wardrobes

Subscription Model: Paid with free technical support

Designer Pro Apparel Edition Compatible Platforms: Mac

Price to Upgrade: You can download Designer Pro Apparel Edition for a free trial. The upgraded price of the software is ₹5180.

Digital Fashion Pro 9

Digital Fashion Pro 9 offers a complete fashion designing start-up kit for your clothing line. The software provides tools to create fashion sketches as professionals. Digital Fashion Pro 9 also offers customizable clothing templates for designing all kinds of dresses.

Students and fashion designing institute widely use it. This free clothing design software is easy to use and does not require any prior sketching knowledge.

Features of Digital Fashion Pro 9:

  • Photorealistic DFP sketches
  • Option to incorporate logos, labels and artwork into your designs
  • Simulation of screen printing, ripping and abrasions
  • Customizable model poses for doing styling

Subscription Model: Free trial & paid

Digital Fashion Pro 9/Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chromebook

Price to Upgrade: The Business plan is available at ₹ 22159, and you can get details regarding other paid plans by connecting with the vendor.

Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0

Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0 lets you visualize different styles and looks. The software provides modules for experimenting with colours and creating three-dimensional garments on different textures, fabrics, and true to life models.

VF Basic 1.0 also supports draping simulation to ensure that the garment always hangs in the desired ways.

Features of Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0:

  • Reset simulation and progress bar
  • Cloud collaboration
  • 3D virtual simulations
  • Patternmaker and brand manager

Subscription Model: Free to download

Virtual Fashion Basic 1.0/Compatible Platforms: Windows, Windows 2000/XP

Price to Upgrade: It’s a free fashion design software

Free Fashion Design Software for Art Inspiration

To create new product designs, designers need to have inspiration. Inspiration sources can include another piece of clothing, a movie, a pinboard, a piece of art, and more. 

  • WGSN

WGSN is a global fashion forecasting platform for consumer and design trends. It constantly monitors how consumers think, feel, and behave. As a result, designers can enhance their planning with colour and trend forecasts in 15 major product categories like footwear and accessories.

It also helps in validating product direction, saving time, and improving collaboration via data sharing.

WGSN Features  

  • Royalty-free prints, graphics and CAD designs  
  • 250+ new reports and strategy guides  
  • Buyer’s guides  
  • City guides  
  • The feed for trends  
  • Early concepts for colour, material and style  
  • Commercial collections for retail drops  
  • Build colour palettes  
  • Image library  

Price to Upgrade: You can opt for the WSGN demo. Subscription pricing is available on request. 

  • Vogue Runway

Vogue Runway is an application that helps designers get inspiration from the latest collections from different designers. Users get unlimited access to the shows with clips capturing the catwalk, close-ups of collections and their details, front row sightings, backstage happenings, and more. 

The archive also has more than a million runway images from over 12,000 fashion shows during the past decades. 

Vogue Runway Features 

  • Archive of fashion shows and catwalk photos  
  • Save looks and collections to mood boards  
  • Livestreams for front row experience  
  • Thousands of street style photos  
  • Enable runway alerts  
  • Share looks and collections via email, SMS, social media platforms  
  • Reviews by internationally recognized writers 

Price to Upgrade: Vogue Runway fashion design app is available for free download on Google Play or Apple store. 

Cameo v5 Apparel Software

Whether you are making patterns for mass or standard production, this fashion design software will assist you in pattern-making.

The demo version comes complete with design modules for men, women and children. It has tutorials and design guides that will help you gain a better edge as well as free technical support that you can rely on.

Designer Pro Apparel Edition

This amazing fashion design software should be in everybody’s design toolbox. It allows you to create 3D model drafts and designs, so that you do not have to limit your creativity on paper. Unfortunately, it is limited to Mac users only.

Digital Fashion Pro 8

When you choose Digital Fashion Pro, you get a professional fashion design software package that lets you embark on an amazing fashion journey.

Enjoy unisex approach to your designs with over 110 digital fabrics available, and go through the training videos and guides, if you need extra assistance. The system is easy: you do not have to be an expert to start designing, especially since it has over 200 different templates for you to use for free.


Etelestia is the online source if you want to integrate into the world of fashion design. Their CAD software can help in pattern cutting, fashion designing, pattern grading and so forth. It truly is all that you need in fashion design.

Fashion Design Software Free

This fashion design software is the perfect companion if you are a designer and struggling at the design phase. It also guides you through pattern making and cutting, and conveniently makes automatic additions to your designs, which you can choose to apply.

It is free and easy-to-use—you do not have to be an expert to start designing.

 Fashion Start App

From the reputable comes this free application designed for Android and Mac. It is a free application that will help you launch your line by guiding your through the three main steps: “start it”, “design in” and “make it”.

It gives you the chance to connect with other designers, like you, so that you can find the right assistance. It is the perfect fashion design software if you are not a talented artist or not a graduate of fashion school.

Fashion Toolbox

Fashion Toolbox is the professional design software for those who are dreaming of bringing their designs to the fashion runways. This free version comes with storyboard samples, training videos and manuals.

From designing clothes for children to creating fashions gowns for women, you can trust that this is the only toolbox you need.

 Flash Tshirt Design Software

If you are a tshirt designer and need help in the creation of fashion forward tshirt designs, this is the fashion design software that you need.

It is easy to use: you can choose among their templates and colors, to be able to create your masterpiece. It even helps you design your own website, so that you can start selling your designs online.


From one of the leaders in CAD CAM technology, comes this very versatile and reliable fashion design software.

3D Runway Designer is the partner in garment draping and the three-dimensional visualization of your fashion ideas. It can help analyze fabric behaviour, provide graphical collaboration and even gives users a perfect tool to use once they begin selling their work.

VirtualFasion Basic

Are you gearing towards a career in fashion design? Hone your design skill by downloading this 3D fashion design software. It is very easy to use and allows flexible manipulation that allows you to position your model in your desired pose. It also has an integrated VF PhotoStudio so that you can create 2D copies of your work.

In the fashion industry, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”. Soon, drawing boards will be obsolete, so it is about time to embrace modernity before it completely overtakes you.


We found that these free fashion design software programs are quite capable of producing professional-looking designs, but they won-’t suit those looking for specific programs to create optimized designs for their clothing. Nevertheless, you can still use them for sketching or to get a feel for how the fashion design process works.

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