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How to Remove Watermark in Powerpoint

Removing watermark from PowerPoint is a bit tricky, so I hope the trick provided by me here will surely help you. After following the steps given below, you can remove watermarks from PowerPoint presentations. By following a few simple steps, you can easily remove the watermarks from your presentation without any problem.

For this reason we have collected all possible methods to remove watermarks in powerpoint.

Word for Microsoft 365 Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac Word 2021 More…WindowsmacOS

  1. Select Design > Watermark. (In Word 2010 or 2007, select Page Layout Watermark.)Office 14 Ribbon
  2. Select Remove Watermark.

Remove a watermark by clicking the header area

If you can’t delete a watermark using Remove Watermark, try this:

  1. Double-click near the top of the page to open the header area.Header Area
  2. Put your cursor over the watermark until you see a 4-way arrow.
  3. Select the watermark.
  4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  5. Repeat as necessary to remove all watermarks.

Delete a Text or Picture Watermark

Users can add text or watermark pictures on top of existing slides by editing the Slide Master — the template that defines the layout and overall appearance of the individual slides. Conversely, to delete a text or picture watermark, delete it from your presentation’s Slide Master.

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Step 1

Select Slide Master in the View tab.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Open the View tab and click the Slide Master icon. After clicking the icon, PowerPoint enters Slide Master view, a special mode that lets you edit your Slide Master and the individual layouts your presentation may use.

Step 2

Click the watermark and press Delete.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Click the text or picture watermark to select it and press the Delete key to remove it.

Step 3

Click Close Master View.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Select Close Master View to save the Slide Master and return to your presentation.

Delete a Background Watermark

Step 1

Select the slide that contains the background watermark you wish to delete.

Step 2

Click Format Background.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

Open the View tab and select Format Background.

Step 3

Click Reset Background.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Microsoft

How to Remove the Watermark in PPT Document

If the watermark in the PPT was added in the Slide Master, we can remove it easily using Master View. But if it’s stamped on a picture, things get a bit more complicated and you need to use the method introduced in Part 2.

Steps to remove watermark in PPT using Slide Master

Step 1:Open the PPT document. Click on the View tab and then click the Slide Master button.ViewStep 2:In the thumbnail pane on the left of your screen, click on the first thumbnail.Select SlideStep 3:Click on the text or picture watermark to select it. Then hit the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard to remove the watermark from the PPT.DeleteStep 4:Click the Close Master View button at the top and then you will find the watermark is removed from all slides. If you don’t find the button, check at the top of the PPT window if you are on the Slide Master tab.Close Master View

Part 2: How to Remove the Watermark from a Picture in PPT

Sometimes the watermark you see in a PPT slide is stamped on the picture and you cannot make it disappear using Microsoft PowerPoint. Fortunately, we have a special way to remove the watermark from the picture in PPT. That is to use Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online. Here are several key features of it:

  • Remove any watermark from pictures with an advanced algorithm.
  • Accept image files of any size and various formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Work purely online without any downloading or installation.
  • Preview the result in real-time and conveniently re-edit multiple times.

Steps to remove watermark from a picture in PPT

Step 1:Save the watermarked image from the PPT document to your computer. Then go to Click the Upload Photo button and upload the picture with a watermark.Upload PhotoStep 2:You can find three selection tools at the top and an eraser icon. Use any of the selection tools to highlight the watermark.HighlightStep 3:Click the Remove button at the top of the interface to remove the watermark. Then click the Save button in the bottom right corner to download the edited image file.Step 4:Replace the original picture in the PPT document with the new one from which you just removed the watermark.

Using Wondershare

Method 1. Remove Watermark with Dedicated tools

These tools are by far the quickest ways to remove watermarks with minimal hassle. They can erase watermarks without impacting the background of the image by using intelligent analysis to leave the background as it was. Due to the sophistication of these tools, they’re much more skilled at watermark removal than a human hand.

1. Wondershare Fotophire
Download Win Version

Fotophire from Wondershare tops our list of dedicated tools as it’s the quickest and easiest to use. A built in tutorial will help you get up to speed with this software in no time. The interface does a good job of hiding the complexity behind it, but this is actually one of the most sophisticated watermark removers out there. The intuitive controls are perfect for image editors of all levels, from beginners just starting out to experts looking for a quick way to address this specific problem. In addition to the watermark removal tools this package also offers a full editing suite, including background editing & replacingphoto retouching and over 200 effects which come at no additional price. If you’re using a windows PC this is our number one recommendation.

The removal process is so simple that we can summarise them in four simple steps:

Step 1. Launch Fotophire Photo Eraser and import the chosen photo from your computer library.

Fotophire Photo Eraser

Step 2. Mark the object you wish to erase using the fully customisable brush. You can pick the size and shape. Alternatively you can use the intuitive lasso tool that allows for precision selection.

Fotophire Photo Eraser

Step 3. Click Erase and the powerful algorithm will remove the unwanted watermark (or any other object you’ve highlighted) without impacting the background. It is that simple!

Fotophire Photo Eraser

Step 4.

If needed you can use the variety of tools (e.g. the clone stamp or customisable brush) to touch up the photo however you wish. You can view the full guide here. If this simple, intuitive software isn’t for you, you could also try Inpaint , Movavi or Softobis Photo Stamp Remover.

2. Super Eraser

If, however, you’re using a Mac, there’s a similar, albeit marginally less full, offering. This watermark removal software doesn’t come with the full editing suite that fotophire offers, but it does use innovative and intelligent retouching software to quickly remove the selected object without affecting the background. The software can easily handle the removal of distorted shapes in high contrast images without leaving a trace. You could also try Inpaint for Mac.

3. Wondershare PixCut

While not as sophisticated as the two previous programs, PixCut comes with one distinct advantage–it’s a purely online tool, requiring no software downloads. Instead, you merely upload your image and you’re ready to go. The downside of this is that you’ll constantly need a working internet connection, so it’s not ideal if you like to edit photos on the go. Despite being purely online, this is a powerful tool and as removing watermarks and other images is its only function it’s very simple to use. 

Step 1: Go to the official home page of the PixCut website. and click on “Remove Watermark”.

Step 2: To upload an image that you want to remove the watermark.

Step 3: In order to remove a watermark from the image you can choose Select and adjust the Brushstroke Size to draw over the unwanted object.

Step 4: Click on “Remove Objects” and PixCut will remove the unwanted objects. Now, all that’s need is to download the resulting image.

Method 2. Editing the photo with the clone tool

If you already have a photo editing suite like Photoshop or fotophire, then you can always edit out unwanted watermarks manually. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the clone tool. Depending on the image you’re editing this can be a tricky process, so we’ve included a guide on how to do it like the pros below.

Step 1: Import the photo you’d like to edit.

Fotophire Photo Eraser

Step 2: Use the clone stamp on area of the background. For precise edits you can zoom in until you can highlight a smaller group of pixels, but if the image is lower quality or the background is all one colour you won’t need to be so selective – for instance, if the background behind the watermark is plain black, you won’t need to zoom in at all.

Step 3: Use the clone tool on the watermark or object you want to remove. Depending on the resolution and complexity of the background image you may need to use the clone stamp to select a different area of the background to make sure it lines up correctly – if your background is striped vertically you’ll need to adjust the colours.

Fotophire Photo Eraser

And finished!

Method 3. Crop the Watermark Out

A simple and elegant solution, but one that many designers won’t consider. If the watermark is near one of the sides of the image, it’s much easier to simply crop it out. If you’re posting the image online most websites will automatically stretch the image to the correct size, so this will almost always work with large photos.

Method 4. Overlap your own watermark

If you intend to use your own watermark (and please remember that doing this on a copyright image is illegal and can lead to a hefty fine), then you can simply place your own image over it. This can be done either with software like fotophire or with most online editors. You need only import the image you want to use, resize it and drag it over the previous watermark until it’s entirely covered.

Method 5. Search online for related images or stock free images

Using Google images, you can search by image or key word to find a related image that’s perfect for your use without having to go to the trouble of editing it. This is ideal if the image is something you’d like to use throughout a presentation as you’ll be able to find similar alternatives that you can use in its place.

You can also search for stock free images that won’t have watermarks. There are hundreds of sites online to do this – Pexels is a good place to start.

Bonus Part: How to Make a Photo Slideshow with Your Photos

After removing watermarks from photos, you’re able to make full use of these photos to make a photo slideshow for an enjoyment. Fotophire Slideshow Maker, an easy-to-use yet powerful slideshow maker program, can help you to create your own photo story in 3 simple steps. In this part, we’re going to introduce how you can make a photo slideshow with the help of Fotophire Slideshow Maker.Wondershare Fotophire Slideshow Maker

  •  Make an excellent slideshow with 3 simple steps.
  •  Create slideshows with 26 helpful templates.
  •  Share your slideshow video to YouTube with one click.
  •  Save your slideshow video for mobile or to computer easily.



Watermark has been made by default in Powerpoint and you can’t delete it yourself. You can only delete it by the watermark creator. But you never know who they are and how to reach them. Here we will show you how to remove watermark from PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 with just a few clicks. If you try to edit your presentation as “Read-only” then the builder’s watermark will appear instead of yours, but if someone stole your presentation without Read-only option on then they could still change the content and insert their own watermarks. If you are not satisfied with this review then you can probably seek the indulgence of microsoft 🙂

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