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Hello, my friend! I am the best code sharing platform. You can share your code anytime, anywhere with just one click. Wanna experience an easy interview?

If you’re looking for a free online code editor, there are several great options available. Many of these editors are open source, which means that they have been created by hundreds or thousands of people who contribute their time and energy to create something useful and share it with others. Cross platform compatibility ensures that the software will run on more than one type of operating system; this makes it easier for developers who work on multiple machines to use the same tools when working remotely. And since all these editors are completely free to use, there’s no reason not to give them a try!

Easy installation is another important feature in an online code editor: if installation is too complicated, users might not bother with your product at all! Finally, ease-of-use is always an important factor when considering whether or not someone will be able to pick up your software quickly enough without running into too many problems along the way (especially if they haven’t used similar products before). By keeping these factors in mind while developing your own project(s), you’ll be able to ensure that people feel comfortable using whatever toolset(s) you’ve chosen – no matter where those tools happen

The collaborative code editor enables you to easily share your online interview results once the interview is over. There are many useful features here. Enjoy yourself!


What’s Type12?

Type12 argues to bring your coding interviews to the next level with its realism capabilities. The tool allows you to test candidates in real-time and assess whether or not the skills they have match your technical stack.

To streamline the hiring process, Type12 aims to make interviewees feel comfortable with features already familiar to them, like code completion, syntax highlighting, and Vim/Emacs bindings. 

To streamline hiring interviews, the tool introduces real-life scenarios meant to challenge skills and additional capacity to solve real-world problems. For easy setup, you can choose from 40+ frameworks, 20+ languages, and additional libraries made available in Type12 to configure a coding scenario that is closest to your team’s projects and expectations.   


Type12’s main features

  • 40+ frameworks, 20+ programming languages and third-party libraries supported
  • Real terminal console and collaborative IDE (with the selected frameworks and languages compilers and interpreters)
  • Remote Linux instance
  • Integrated audio and video calls

How much does Type12 cost?

Upon request, Type12 offers a free trial. However, users must request a demo to get access to it. Pricing is divided into three packages and ranges between $19/month and $99/month, with custom pricing for personalized offers.

type12 pricing


What’s Mettl?

Mettl provides full automation for your remote coding interviews via a platform that argues to provide better talent measurements by closely assessing a candidate’s technical, behavioral, and cognitive skills. 

Featuring a whole suite of simulators, Mercer Mettl enables coding skill testing in real time via pair programming and real-time evaluations. By using the Auto-Graded Simulators within Mettl, recruiters provide objective feedback and make unbiased comments to help candidates solve the coding challenges given. 

Customized for multiple industries and job roles, the tailored solution maps out role recruitments across various job levels, at the same time offering a ready-to-use library of questions that recruiters might need to kickstart the interviewing process. 


Mettl’s main features

  • Auto-graded simulators for fast and objective evaluation
  • Inbuilt whiteboard and notepad options for digital ideation
  • Centralized applicant information and documentation
  • Data analysis based on previous screening rounds

How much does Mettl cost?

Pricing and licencing depends on the scale of your company’s recruitment needs. Mettl does not express any flat fees for using the tool. Pricing is provided on request.


What’s CodeBunk?

CodeBunk is an easy-to-use coding interview tool that makes hiring remote developers a breeze. 

Ideal for tech recruiters, the complete solution comes with a real-time editor, question banks, compilers, a central repository, and more. The features available will allow you to conduct a fair candidate assessment during a live interview, but also connect on a more direct, personal level with your interviewees. 


CodeBunk’s main features

  • Collaborative editor with REPL shell
  • 21 supported programming languages
  • “Bunk” playback, session recording option
  • Central interview repository for team collaboration

How much does CodeBunk cost?

CodeBunk offers a 1-month free trial on all of its available plans. Pricing starts at $9/month following the trial and can reach up to $126/month.

codebunk pricing

Codility CodeLive

Helpful links: Website | G2 Reviews | Capterra Reviews | Pricing

CodeLive enables candidates and recruiters to collaborate online using real-life tasks in a shared development environment. Their tool comes with built-in audio/video capabilities and it also has a whiteboard feature called Canvas which allows users in the session to draw flow charts and diagrams.

CodeLive supports over 40 languages and allows candidates to run test cases against their solutions. It also supports templates so interviewers can easily start sessions with predefined tasks and code templates, making the entire experience more efficient.


  • Candidates can create and run their own test cases.
  • Built-in audio/video capabilities.
  • Templates can be predefined for new sessions.
  • Freehand diagram.


  • Pricing is not readily provided but is estimated to begin at around $6,000/year.
  • Only supports algorithm challenges and simple programming problems — cannot test front-end and back-end technologies, e.g. React, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Recommended for:

  • Similar to HackerRank, Codility is better suited for larger companies that require enterprise features like SSO, GDPR compliance, and advanced privacy features.


What’s CoderPad?

CoderPad is the market’s leading technical interview solution. Developer candidates are able to write, execute and debug code as part of a live, pair-programming interview.

CoderPad’s live collaborative coding interviews make it simple and convenient to assess candidates’ technical skills. Hiring managers get a better idea of candidates’ thought process and problem-solving reflexes – making it easier to hire the right candidate – fast.


CoderPad’s main features 

  • 30+ supported programming languages with optimal runtimes 
  • Custom files and database environments can be uploaded to use alongside questions and interviews
  • Video, audio and drawing mode options for real-time collaboration
  • Interview playback and note-taking options for post-interview review

How much does CoderPad cost?

CoderPad has a free trial available. Pricing starts at $50/month and can reach up to $750/month.

coderpad pricing

Recommended for:

  • Companies that need a simple and affordable tool to interview candidates online. Great for savvy engineers who can set up their own interviews from scratch.

Coderbyte Interviews

Helpful links: Website | G2 Reviews | Capterra Reviews | Pricing

The Coderbyte Interviews product allows you to easily create interview sessions, send them to candidates, and manage all of your sessions on your dashboard. On Coderbyte you’re able to invite an unlimited number of candidates on any plan so you never have to worry about hitting a limit per month.

Aside from testing algorithmic and basic programming skills, you’re also able to collaborate with candidates on front-end, back-end, DevOps, and database challenges. You can create your own challenges with test cases or load in a challenge from Coderbyte’s library directly into the session.

You’re also able to integrate the sessions with any application via Zapier which can allow you to streamline your entire interview process. For example, when candidates are done with an interview session you can have the results, rating, and interview notes automatically sent to a channel on Slack.


  • Plans begin at $99/month and all plans include unlimited candidates.
  • All plans also include products for code challenge screening and take-home projects so you can manage your entire interview process.
  • Ability to test front-end, back-end, database, DevOps, and more.
  • Coderbyte’s code editor enables candidates to perform Google searches directly on the page which mimics how actual software engineers write code.


  • Lacks enterprise features like SSO.
  • You have to call candidates separately, as Coderbyte does not yet have video or audio support.

Recommended for:

  • Tech recruiters and engineering teams that care deeply about the candidate experience and want maximum flexibility to test a wide variety of skills.


What’s CodinGame?

CodinGame is an all-in-one recruiting platform that leverages three core pillars – sourcingscreening, and retention – to help tech recruiters and hiring managers attract and retain top tech talent. 

CodinGame’s remote coding interview feature is just one part of their flagship product, CodinGame Assessment.  

CodinGame Assessment is a pre-employment technical testing solution that hiring managers, recruiters, and HR leaders can use to evaluate developers’ technical skills as part of their screening process (with personalized, online tests).

Companies quickly, efficiently and fairly shortlist developers (based on their coding skills). 

Users set tests for specific roles such as front-end, back-end or full-stack programmers, or assess candidates based on their expertise in a specific language.

Users can even create their own coding questions and exercises and include game-based challenges.

The CodinGame online coding interview module means that no other software is needed throughout the hiring process. The live coding tool, with shared coding editor, allows interviewers to ask candidates questions as they code and better understand their thought process. 

CodinGame’s main features (online coding interview module)

  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • 30+ supported programming languages, quick switch between languages
  • Integrated audio, video and chat options
  • Simultaneous connections for multiple interviewers

How much does CodinGame cost?

Featuring convenient pricing that fits your needs, CodinGame’s pricing system starts with a 14-day free trial, no questions asked, no credit card required. 

codingame pricing 2021

HackerRank CodePair

Helpful links: Website | G2 Reviews | Capterra Reviews | Pricing

The CodePair product by HackerRank enables an interviewer and candidate to collaborate in an online environment to solve coding problems together and sketch diagrams. They provide an easy way to share challenge descriptions with a candidate along with providing them an online IDE to write and execute their code.

Their online editor supports over 35 languages, can be customized by candidates, and comes with built in audio/video capabilities. Their platform also allows recruiters to easily leave feedback about the candidate after the session for the rest of their team to see later on.


  • Supports 35+ languages and the editor is customizable by candidates.
  • Built-in audio/video capabilities.
  • Freehand diagrams.


  • Monthly limit on number of sessions you can run on most plans and on number of admins you can have on the account.
  • Only supports algorithm challenges and simple programming problems — you cannot test front-end and back-end technologies, e.g. React, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Recommended for:

  • Large corporations that require enterprise features like SSO, GDPR compliance, and advanced privacy features.

Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a free, open source IDE that has been built to support a range of programming languages. It can be used for web development, desktop applications and data science projects.

Eclipse Che is designed to work seamlessly with other tools from the Eclipse Foundation including Git and Subversion. You can use it to create your own personal cloud server or install it on your machine for local development purposes.

Eclipse Che has many features that make it stand out from other code editors such as: integrated debugging capabilities; support for multiple programming languages; project management abilities; task tracking features; collaboration capabilities (including real-time chat); multi-user editing support; version control compatibility with Git and Subversion repositories.

Vim (Vi iMproved)

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. Vim is often called a “programmer’s editor,” and so useful for coding that many consider it an entire IDE.

Vim is free, open source software.

Eclipse Che is a cloud IDE and developer workspace server. It can be used as an online or offline code editor, if offline it will use local browser storage to save your code. You can also get Eclipse Theia from GitHub—it’s based on the same code as VSCode but uses Docker containers to run user workspaces instead of Electron. This makes it easier for developers who want more customization options than VSCode provides out of the box but with fewer dependencies (like Node) than Sublime Text has built in by default.


“Collaborative code editor to share and edit code online.” With CodePad, programmers or web designers can work together on the same documents and projects using a unique, cutting edge code editor. This collaborative code editor is used by thousands of programmers and designers worldwide.

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