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Are you looking for the best party rental software? Then let me tell you that we have just what you’re looking for. From small business rentals to large event needs. We have a solution for every need and price range. Plus our self-service platform allows customers to take control of their rental reservation process at any time. If you’re in the party rental business, or operate a small or medium business, you need quality software to streamline and organize your business. And as a bonus, our party rental software is free to download! Interested in party rental software? You need to read this article. It’s from a professional party rental equipment salesman who has written a simple but useful piece explaining everything you need to know about party rental software.

If you own a business that sells event or party rental equipment, then chances are you have some concerned customers who want to know how they can keep track of their stock. When you first get into the industry it’s easy to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Your customer calls you one time asking where they can find a particular item, and your bouncing all over that warehouse looking for the right table. You can start losing business fast if there’s no way for your customers to see what items is available for them to rent out.

Renting out party rental equipment can be a profitable business idea. Many party rental businesses operate as a small side-business or large profit making enterprise. This article will show you the steps needed to start your own party rental company. Hiring a professional event planner may be expensive, not to mention all the time and effort they need to plan your event. This is why you might consider hiring event planning software. Although many people assume that event planning software is only for large businesses and charities, there are ways in which small businesses can benefit from such software too. Are you unhappy with your current software solution? Let us help.

Whether you need a vending, pizza or clothes vending software program, allow our three decades of experience (seriously, we started this business in the 1980s!) to show you how we can improve your operation. Unlike other appointment setting companies, our team will work with you extensively to create a free custom quote. No hidden fees or gimmicks. The party rental industry is very competitive and you need to be on top of your game. You need a system that’s going to help you stay organized, profitable and efficient.

A party rental company’s inventory is continually changing.

You’re probably wondering why this is so important. If you’re running a party rental company, your inventory is constantly changing. In fact, as a party rental company owner, you probably know that your inventory is one of the biggest costs you face—and it’s also one of the most time-consuming tasks on your plate.

There are two main reasons why the process of managing inventory can be such a challenge:

A party rental business is a storage and logistics nightmare.

Party rental businesses are a storage and logistics nightmare. Inventory is constantly changing, moving around and stored in multiple locations. It can be stored in various formats (like skis), and it’s often stored in ways that make sense for renters, but not for inventory management.

A good party rental software will handle all of the following:

Party rental companies are all about planning and scheduling.

One of the most important aspects of party rental companies is planning and scheduling. If you are a party rental company owner, it’s your job to ensure that your team is always prepared for events by using the right software. Party rental software can help you manage your team and finances. It will also help you plan your inventory so that there’s no overlap in the items being rented and available for hire.

Party rental software can help you manage your finances.

A good party rental software can help you manage your finances.

You want to be able to track your business finances, manage cash flow and profit margins, pay taxes and keep an inventory of the items you have on hand.

When you have a lot of orders it can be difficult to fulfil them all on time.

You have a lot of orders to fulfil and you want to make sure that you can deliver them all on time. But you may not be able to hire enough staff or use all the equipment that is needed for this task. The only solution is to rent more equipment and space from other companies, which can be expensive and time consuming. If only there was a better way! Well, there is: party rental software.

Party rental software can help you manage your team effectively.

Party rental software can help you manage your team effectively.

Intempo Software

Rental software like that of Intempo can change the outlook of your business. It can uncover new possibilities, increase productivity, and can help build better relationships with the customers for your party rental business. When it comes to organizing significant scale events like parties, concerts, and other events, the execution need to be perfect and on time. And, you have to battle multiple challenges to make the event shine for your customers. Intempo acknowledges all the inevitable teething troubles in the party rental business and offers reliable solutions to achieve its true potential.

Pro Features of Intempo Software:

Finance Management

Intempo software allows you to make smart data-driven decisions by providing insight information about your accounts and cash flows. Plus, the rental owners can easily track rental payments with the aid of the account receivables promises feature. Thus, it makes sure you don’t miss overdue payments. Additionally, it is easy to integrate with quick-book software.

Fleet Management

Taking care of the delivery process is absolutely easy by tracking truck locations, coordinating with drivers, and optimizing routes to make the dispatch process adhere to the deadline.

Inventory Lifecycle management

Backed by extraordinary capabilities to report and monitor equipment, the rental owners can easily create and purchase equipment before the scheduled period. In an event where equipment needs maintenance, it informs you via a maintenance schedule report.

Rental Management

Intempo creates and manages hassle-free booking by taking care of reservation, invoicing, contract management, billing, e-sign, and real-time inventory management.

Cons of Intempo System:

Cost of Intempo Software:

The pricing starts from a minimum plan of $200/month

Party Rental Studio

Party Rental studio is a powerful tailor-made solution for party rental management. The software combines simplicity, convenience, and robust technology under one roof to drive more conversion for your business. Hence, you can rely on this rental software with your heart and soul to transform the face of your rental business.

Pro Features of Party Rental Studio:

Route Tracking

Want to keep track of the equipment till the moment they are finally dispatched? Party Rental Studio, with its intuitive technology, can help you choose optimal paths based on the destination.

Rental Website

With a rental website, it is easy to present your rental products with attractive designs and images. Party rental studios can create a website for a rental business to gain more leads for the rental company.


Generating invoices is quick and easy as orders are automatically tracked in the database. The software within a matter of seconds can create and send invoices to customers.

Equipment Management

Keep a close eye on your inventory with a dedicated inventory management solution. It helps to avoid multiple books and schedule the availability of existing equipment.

Electronic Signature

Offer convenience to your customers by cutting time in contract management. Easily take e-signs of your customers with the software, so they don’t have to appear to sign physically.

Event Calendar

You can manage and review all the important events by syncing them with Google calendar.

Cons of Party Rental Software:


The basic plan starts from $30/month, which allows you to manage 25 products and take five reservations monthly. It doesn’t include the choice to set up an online catalog, SEO, hosting, and CMS essential features.


No one understands and cares for your rental business much better than you do. Luckily, Reservety does care for your business too. Reservety is a premium rental business software that understands the value of making your customers happy. It develops and fosters a relationship with your customers and supplements your revenue.

Most importantly, the software is pocket-friendly, so whether you’re a small business owner or you own a big company, Reservety promises to deliver the best of performance at a fraction of a cost.

Pro Features of Reservety:

Real-Time Bookings & Payments: Reservety accompanies a free booking website + rental system. Your customer can book equipment with real-time availability and online payments with a booking website. Reservety supports 50+ payment gateways. You don’t have to worry about your payment processor, and we always have a solution. Once the payments are made, you can track them via – order reports. All the finances remain on your pin-point every time.

Quoting, Payments & Accounting: Party rentals or booking events revolve around seasonal opportunities. We understand the need to have a quoting system based on the demand. It allows you to shuffle equipment prices. With reservety you can:

Party Inventory Tracking & Management: Inventory is the most critical aspect of a rental business. It is why we have dedicated features to make inventory operation hassle-free. Reservety makes organizing, tracking, and managing party equipment extraordinarily flexible and intuitive; here is what you can do:

Marketing & Promotions: Even if you are entirely unaware of pro marketing strategies, Reservety’s powerful marketing always features back you to achieve more:

Documentation: Quick generate documents with pre-built templates:

This is not all. Check out complete party rental management features here

Cons of Reservety

Reservety has no missing features or shortcomings. In fact, you can ask for a custom feature and we will have it.


Reservety got 2 plans. Startup $19.99/Month & Showstopper $49.99/month.

The startup plan at $19.99/month comes with essential rental features perfect for starting ventures. Plus, you get a rental website with hosting included and dedicated 24/7 chat support.

The other plan at $49.99/month plan is best for growing businesses. This plan includes additional features such as Quickbooks, Xero,  enhanced e-commerce tracking and reporting, additional storage, and more. You can check complete plans and features on the pricing page.

Event rental software is the way of the future!

Nowadays, event rental software is the way of the future. If you haven’t already, check out what’s out there and see if it might be a good fit for your business. With some help from this article and some of our other resources, we hope to get you started on your way to managing inventory and teams with ease!

Software is an essential part of any modern business today—and no matter what kind of business you run, having access to high quality event rental software will benefit you in several ways:


There are a lot of great benefits to using party rental software. It can help you manage your inventory, schedule and plan your work, handle customer enquiries and orders, keep track of finances and even manage your team. A party rental company can be a logistical nightmare without the right tools at hand. We hope that this article has given you some useful information on how event rental software can benefit your business! Party rental business software is the best solution if you want to give your business the real boost it deserves. Whether you are operating a budding business and need to get organized or want to streamline your existing operation, party rental software is designed to do just that. The software also has many customizable features that mean you can tailor it to suit your own specific needs and operational procedures. If you’re a small business owner, renting party equipment as a part-time job to earn some extra income, it’s really important for you to incorporate an effective event rental software.

You are going to want to find a contractor that charges very low rates and takes care of providing an adequate number of technicians. Because let’s face it, most people don’t want to live in anxiety and stress the whole day when arrangements are being made outside their own homes. They need help from employees or representatives who can guide them in choosing the right sized tents or chairs for their guests. If you run a small business and want to earn more money, then you need to start investing in software. Now, you might think that running your own software is cost-prohibitive, but the cost of renting event rental equipment can eat into your profits just as quickly. To ensure that your business remains profitable, don’t hesitate to buy the right rental software.

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