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Quickbooks Inventory Management Software Free Download

Quickbooks is a world-renowned accounting software, which is widely used by small businesses across the globe. With a simple and efficient interface, you can easily manage your business finances including inventory and sales at one place. If you are looking for best free inventory management software for quickbooks then we have some amazing options that would help you in finding one.

Quickbooks Inventory Management Software Free Download is a fast and easy to use inventory software. It helps you track your physical inventory, computer inventory and even keep track of laptop computers. It operates in quickbooks so it’s familiar to use. It’s a great tool for any small company that needs help keeping their inventory organized. Are you currently in the market for a great inventory software that is both simple and easy to use? If so, I know the solution to your problem. At this point in time, Quickbooks Inventory Management Software Free Download is one of the best inventory programs on the market. Of course, there are numerous benefits for choosing this program over others:

Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software packages available. Millions of businesses use it because of its ease of use and its cost-effectiveness. It’s almost a sure thing that sooner or later, you’ll be using the program to manage your business’s financials. That makes it an ideal candidate to handle your inventory management chores, too. The inventory management software you get depends on your needs. Your business size and industry will largely determine which program is the best inventory software for your business. Many businesses choose QuickBooks based on its affordable price tag of around $100 per month for support and maintenance. Inventory management is something businesses must have to ensure they are in control of their raw materials, purchased goods and finished products as well as assign the right value to each of these items. This makes it easier for them to carry out a tabulation and use of resources when needed.

QuickBooks is not the best accounting software out there, but it does have a valuable feature called inventory management. This feature lets you track your inventory and make sure that you don’t run out of anything. It’s also useful for tracking how much you should be paying for things; if you’re purchasing some item over and over again, then QuickBooks will alert you when it’s time to find a new vendor or lower your price. However, if your business has extensive inventory management needs (or if it’s just growing), then QuickBooks might not cut it for managing your assets. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available! We’ve compiled a list of alternative inventory management software options below.

Choosing the Right Inventory Management Software

There are different factors that should be considered before deciding which inventory management software best fits your business. Think about the features you may need, the price, and also your business size. 


The list above presents numerous top features to look out for when deciding on the right inventory management application. The features common among the apps in the list include stock notifications, integrations, the ability to create unique barcode/QR, and order trackers. Exclusive features, such as ones for enterprise or higher-tier accounts, include support for large-scale inventory, multiple locations, and high security.

Some of the apps listed are geared toward product sales such as Shopify and ShopKeep, with inventory management working as a database of current stocks. iAuditor and its smart sensors effectively control inventory by tracking the real-time quality and quantity of stocks and raw materials.  Interested users that know what specific features they need but can’t seem to find the perfect fit should try software options that offer customization such as Caspio.

Pricing and Cost

Depending on the features, the average pricing for inventory management software ranges from $10 per user per month to $500 for a lifetime license.

Licenses only give the right to use the software and not ownership, which limits the user to the specified terms and conditions. Software subscribers are account holders that pay every billing period to use the product. When the plan ends, the user will lose access to the software or application until they renew or continue to pay for the plan.

Generally, inventory management software is priced based on the number of:

  • Licenses; 
  • users;
  • product listings (SKUs), stocks, and raw materials;
  • fulfilled orders;
  • Locations (branches of facilities, warehouses, factories); and
  • devices used.

Fixed Asset Manager

  • Fixed Asset Manager.
  • Inventory manager for QuickBooks Online by Intuit (now available on Mac).
  • Inventory Manager for QuickBooks Premier and Pro (now available on Mac).
  • Fixed Asset Manager for QuickBooks For Mac:

Wasp Inventory

Wasp Inventory is the only inventory management software for Quickbooks. It is also the best inventory management software for Sage and Xero, but only works with Quickbooks. Wasp’s inventory features are easy to use and integrate with other accounting solutions—including Quickbooks, Sage and Xero—so you don’t have to migrate data between different platforms when you change programs.

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is an inventory management software for Quickbooks that helps you to create and manage your inventory in a more efficient way. The software offers features such as barcode scanning, serial number tracking and many more.

Fishbowl Inventory provides you with a powerful tool for creating an efficient inventory management system for your company. The program allows you to keep track of all the inventory levels in your business, monitor stock movements, and even view reports that show how much money each item has made or lost during each transaction period.


Cin7 is a cloud-based inventory management software for Quickbooks. It’s a web-based inventory management software that can be accessed through any device at any time. Cin7 is easy to install, integrates with QuickBooks, and has a built-in help desk so you can get up and running quickly with little or no training required.

You can also add the following features:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Accounting integration

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management app that helps you track and monitor the inventory of your business. The software comes with over 30 ready-to-use reports, which can be customized as per your business needs. You can also create custom reports based on the data you have entered into Zoho Inventory.

Zoho Inventory offers multiple ways to manage your business inventory:

  • Online (Web-based) – You can log in from any computer or mobile device (both Android and iOS devices) with an internet connection, using a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop or even an iPad—Zoho Inventory will work seamlessly on all of these devices without requiring any downloads.


TradeGecko is cloud-based inventory management software that’s designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. It has a free trial version and comes with some notable features:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing plans (ranging from $19/month)
  • Easy integration with Quickbooks

Inflow Cloud Inventory

With Inflow Cloud Inventory, you can connect your Quickbooks inventory and shipping data to the cloud. The software offers a host of features that make inventory management easy and efficient for small, midsized and large businesses.

The app provides a dashboard so you can see at-a-glance what products are selling, how much stock is available in each location, what products still need to be shipped out to customers who ordered them, etc. You’ll also be able to manage orders with ease using Inflow’s order management feature; this feature allows you to create invoices directly from the app as well as accept payments via credit card or PayPal (the latter option requires an additional fee). The system also helps keep track of all necessary information regarding shipments including tracking numbers so that if there are any issues with deliveries—which is bound to happen at some point—you will be able to quickly locate any information about those shipments that may prove useful in resolving these issues quickly and efficiently.

DEAR Systems Inventory Management

DEAR Systems is a cloud-based inventory management software that works with QuickBooks and other popular accounting solutions. It’s designed to help you manage your inventory and purchasing, as well as track sales performance.

The DEAR System is inexpensive when compared to other inventory management options out there, so if you’re on a budget but still want some of the benefits of advanced software, this may be worth checking out.

The best inventory management software for Quickbooks will help you get a better handle on your assets.

As you may know, Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software programs. And inventory management is a key part of Quickbooks business management. The best Quickbooks inventory management software will help you get a better handle on your assets with features like:

  • Automatic tracking and updating of inventory levels
  • Multiple user access for improved efficiency
  • Customizable reports for better visibility into your stock levels

What Does Your Business Need?

  • Small businesses and rental-only businesses (no sales): A small business or rental-only business will get by with basic features like inventory management, accounting to track accounts payable and accounts receivable, and document management. You’ll want to be able to stay organized and easily view rental schedules, so you know which assets will be available at future dates to schedule more customers in the future.
  • Businesses with both equipment rentals and sales: If your business provides both rental and sales, you’ll want everything that equipment rental software features as well as some additional modules or system that tracks point of sale. Your inventory management system needs to be able to distinguish between items for sale or rent, as well.
  • Large equipment rental businesses: Businesses that rent out heavy machinery and large equipment especially need equipment rental software that provides preventative and predictive maintenance scheduling and notifications.


Quickbooks Inventory management software free download is useful for many small businesses. It has some great features to manage the inventory and billing of your business. This can be used to generate reports on how much inventory you have left, how much sales revenue you have generated and many other parameters that are important for a business. Quickbooks inventory management software free download is one of the most important steps towards storing products and managing inventory. The software provides a complete inventory control system that allow you to track your products from sending to receiving, order processing and shipment tracking. Inventory management software is one of the most important tools that a business has to help increase the efficiency and productivity of their organization. When this software is implemented into a company, it can help them save time, effort and money by ensuring that everything from inventory and purchasing management to employee performance is tracked.

We hope that this blog post has given you some insight into the best inventory management software for Quickbooks. If you would like more information on any of these products or would like to try one out for yourself, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help! Quickbooks Inventory Management Software Free Download is just right for the user who is willing to spend the time and effort in setting up the software. It is a time-saving software with small amount of set up. The software will help you to manage inventory easily, plan your work accordingly, minimize losses and make a profitable business with better inventory management. The software will make things easy as it involves desktop applications and also an app that makes monitoring your items very quickly. You can install on both Windows-based computers and laptops. To make the business flow smoothly, Quickbooks Inventory Management Software Free Download help to monitor the stock level and record transactions regarding on or offline sales. With this simple software, you can also generate different types of reports like periodic, inventory, listing and much more. Inventory is a very important aspect when it comes to business. Here various business owners have to take care of the precise amount of stock according to the demand of the market. The inventory management software is not much difficult to deal with. It makes the task very simple and effortless. The business owners can effectively manage the inventory of their products, services, etc., along with having a track on the detailed history related to it. Today there are several solutions available when it comes to digital inventory management software. They play their role in making this process fast and easier so that businesses can do accurate product and service management with ease and convenience.

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