Wealth Screening Software for Fundraising

It can be difficult to determine the true net worth of an individual from publicly available information. Wealth Screening software for fundraising is a free wealth screening Tool for Non-profit organizations.

Wealth screening is an industry best practice recommended by experts and utilized by many organizations. It’s proven to help maximize results from fundraising prospecting.


Wealth Screening Software Overview

DonorSearch’s wealth screening software is the leading prospect research tool in the field.

For a comprehensive understanding of individuals’ wealth and philanthropic information, you can turn to the Integrated Search feature.

Not only that, but DonorSearch promises a quick turnaround: new prospect research lists are guaranteed to arrive in your account by the morning after your request is made.

For your convenience, DonorSearch will also batch screen prospects at any time during your contract term.

Why We Love This Wealth Screening Company

DonorSearch offers manual wealth screening by prospect research specialists to supplement their machine-generated results.

This brings the accuracy rate of their findings from 70% (the highest possible for machine-generated data) to 90%.

Spotlight Wealth Screening Tool

DonorSearch’s Live Audience Analytics feature is designed for public broadcasting and recommends a cultivation strategy tailor-made for your audience members and supporters.


Wealth Screening Software Overview

Giveffect searches through public records and consolidates data on traditional wealth markers such as philanthropic and political history, past giving records, and affiliations with other nonprofits.

Armed with this information, Giveffect creates comprehensive reports that detail a prospect’s wealth, income, stock transactions, and relationships with nonprofits and publicly held companies. In particular, Giveffect’s features are optimized for major gifts prospect stewardship.

Why We Love This Wealth Screening Company

Giveffect’s wealth screening feature is a part of their all-in-one software that includes nonprofit management automation and fundraising tools.

Spotlight Wealth Screening Tool

Giveffect also offers development tools designed for major gifts officers. Through Smart Automation wealth screening, you can identify prospects for major gifts as part of your prospect research process. 

NPO Authority

Wealth Screening Software Overview

NPO Authority’s wealth screening is powered by DonorSearch, bumping NPO Authority’s accuracy to the same you get with DonorSearch’s software.

Users can submit batches of up to 1,000 prospect records at a time to NPO Authority for wealth indicator and philanthropic history screening, as well as planned giving prospect identification.

NPO Authority rates each profile on a scale of most to least likely to be a planned giver. 

Plus, you can upload your own data into the system for more customized results.

Why We Love This Wealth Screening Company

NPO Authority offers highly detailed screening tools:

With their Integrated Search feature, users can screen profiles based on real estate records, nonprofit and corporate affiliations, stock transactions, and more.

Through their Gift Search feature, you can search for the giving histories of individuals, couples, foundations or organizations.

Spotlight Wealth Screening Tool

Using the Executive Analysis feature, you can easily visualize the giving potential of your prospects by generating detailed graphs.


Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

Double the Donation’s top-ranked wealth screening software hones in on matching gifts opportunities by giving your nonprofit access to the matching gifts information of over 20k companies worldwide.

Best Features of Double the Donation’s Screening Software

When your supporters search Double the Donation’s matching gifts database, they don’t simply learn if their employer offers a matching gifts program. They also learn key information like:

  • Their employer’s minimum or maximum matching gift threshold.
  • Deadlines for submitting a matching gift request.
  • Constraints on their matching gifts program (like whether or not their employer matches gifts to faith-based causes).


Check out Double the Donation’s pricing page for up-to-date costs.


Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

Timetric’s WealthInsight service focuses your attention on high net worth individuals. You can request detailed profiles of your prospects from just a list of their names, or you can provide criteria and request a list of names and profiles that match your guidelines. However your list comes to be, Timetric’s WealthInsight also keeps track of your prospect’s networks to look for other potential donors.

Best Features of Timetric’s Screening Software

Timing can be an important factor when sending asks. Timetric’s WealthInsight keeps on top of significant events in high net worth individuals’ lives so you can time your asks around them. Some significant events for donation that Timetric tracks are, for example:

  • Liquidity events, so you know when your prospects come into new wealth.
  • Donation events such as parties and galas, so you know when your prospects are in a charitable spirit.
  • Other events based on custom profiles of prospects’ interests, philanthropic and otherwise.


Direct sales inquiries to sales@wealthinsight.com.


Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

PROscreen, a subset of iWave’s umbrella service Prospect Research Online (PRO), focuses on both potential donors’ capacity to give and their inclinations toward your specific organization or industry. The PROscreen tool rates prospects on their likelihood and ability to give to your organization. As an added bonus, the software integrates with a few popular CRMs.

Best Features of iWave’s Screening Software

iWave doesn’t want you to wait around. To save time and gather the most well-rounded information possible, PRO pulls from a wide array of databases to collect specific subsets of information linked to statistical propensity for charitable giving:

  • VeriGift, to better understand your prospect’s charitable giving history.
  • The Federal Election Commission and Elections Canada, for political contributions.
  • Thomson Reuters, diving into insider transactions and securities.


Fill out the online contact form to start a conversation about iWave and its products, including PROscreen.

ShopRaise – Best Fundraising Software for Online Shopping 


ShopRaise is an online shopping platform that can provide your nonprofit, faith-based organization, school, team, or club with effortless fundraising revenue. It’s free for your supporters to use and for your organization to sign up.

To use ShopRaise, all your supporters have to do is download the app on their mobile devices or desktop browser, then shop at their favorite stores. ShopRaise is partnered with nearly 1,000 popular retailers like Macy’s, Walmart, Lowes, and Petsmart, among others. When your supporters shop within the app, your organization can earn up to 10% of every transaction.


ShopRaise is a great way to reach your supporters in between your fundraising campaigns and add a new revenue stream. Because all your supporters have to do is download an app and shop, it’s very easily incorporated into your supporters’ daily lives. From a nonprofit’s perspective, it’s a wonderful source of unrestricted funds. Plus, ShopRaise offers the following benefits:

  • Custom marketing materials. Because ShopRaise knows your team is busy, they’ll provide your organization with the marketing materials necessary to promote the opportunity to shop for a cause. That means they’ll give you all the web banners, emails, flyers, social media posts, and text templates you need. All your staff has to do is distribute the materials to your community.
  • Branded to your cause. When your supporters select your organization to support at the beginning of their ShopRaise experience, the entire ShopRaise app converts to your organization’s branding. Your organization’s name and logo appear on the app’s thumbnail as well as on landing pages throughout the app.
  • User data. ShopRaise provides you with information about who downloads the app and selects your organization to support, meaning you’ll be able to add new donors to your database for future engagement and cultivation.

ShopRaise is as effortless as fundraising gets!


ShopRaise is free! Sign up here.

Salsa – Best Fundraising and Supporter Engagement Software


Salsa is a comprehensive, modern platform that provides nonprofits with donor management, fundraising, advocacy, event, and marketing automation tools all in one place.

Powered by SmartEngagement Technology, Salsa is built to help nonprofits pursue their missions more intelligently and effectively by ensuring that all of their tools are connected and seamlessly share data with one another for a cohesive, strategic approach. Built with industry best practices, unrivaled education and support, and machine learning insights, the platform will help you grow your supporter base starting on day one.


SalsaCRM comes with their fundraising and marketing solution, SalsaEngage, making this platform an all-in-one solution to help you communicate, advocate, and fund your cause. Because all of your fundraising and donor management tools seamlessly integrate, your team can skip the manual data entry and focus on more effectively pursuing your mission. And with the robust reporting and predictive analytics delivered by Salsa, you’ll be more equipped than ever to make smart decisions.

Salsa’s comprehensive donor database and engagement suite includes:

  • Rich, customizable donor profiles
  • Marketing automation for email, social media, texting, and more
  • Online and offline donation processing
  • Performance dashboards, reporting, and analytics
  • Peer-to-peer campaigns and events
  • Multi-channel advocacy

Organizations that use Salsa tools report a 35% increase in efficiency, 28% annual increase in donations, and 18% increase in average gift size. With simple, step-by-step implementation and award-winning support, Salsa makes it easy for your organization to get up and running quickly and successfully.


Salsa has a wide range of pricing plans and packages to meet the needs of your unique organization. Contact their team for a custom quote.


Our software makes it easy to attract new sources of funding by searching for ultra-affluent, high-net-worth and/or high-income donors . Designed primarily for nonprofit organizations, the software helps you find possible donors from a variety of sources including donations from estates.

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