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Free Wireframe Templates

Have you ever wanted to learn about wireframe template free download? It can seem a little daunting to start with a blank page and then have to come up with your own website from scratch. If that sounds like you, then you should check out these free printable wireframe templates for beginners.

Do you know much about wireframe templates? Do you have any idea how to find quality free printable wireframe templates to use in your projects? I’ve compiled this post for all of those seeking free printable wireframe website templates.

Vera Block UI kit


Format: PSD, Sketch
What it includes: 140 screens in 4 categories (with light and dark options) and 100+ components in 7 categories

Why it’s awesome: It comes with 140 pre-made screens. 140! Enough said.

The Vera Block UI kit makes mocking up your next mobile app a breeze. Pick from one of their many screens, customize the looks with their pre-made components and flexible layouts, and you’re ready to go. Each screen has minimalist vibes, so you can easily make an app that feels modern for years to come.

Concrete Mobile Wireframe Kit

Concrete Sketch Wireframe Kit
Concrete Mobile Wireframe Kit

Concrete is a simple Android and iPhone wireframe template kit for modern apps. All you need to do is add in the components you need and edit text. You can use it to plan out your mobile projects like landing pages and corporate apps.

Makeapp Wireframe Kit

Makeapp UI Templates
Makeapp Wireframe Kit

With more than 100 template components, the Makeapp Sketch wireframe kit is perfect for planning your projects. Objects are fully editable and are clearly categorized so it’s easy to use. You can also use Makeapp in Adobe XD and Photoshop.

UX Wireframe Kit

UX Wireframe Templates Illustrator Kit
UX Wireframe Kit

Looking for simple UX templates for Illustrator to map out your projects? Then you’ll want to check out this option. It lets you create neat flowcharts so you can easily plan how you want your desktop app or website to work. This is an Illustrator wireframe kit you’ll want to keep handy.

NOW UI kit


Format: PSD, Sketch, Studio
What it includes: 52 templates, 35 icons, and over 180 UI components

Why it’s awesome: The 52 sleek template designs make creating mockups for multiple platforms effortless.

The Now UI kit is exactly what you want from a good all-around kit: lots of templates and components, fully customizable, and built on some of the most popular platforms. All of the designs in this kit have a simple and clean aesthetic, so you don’t need to worry about your project looking outdated. And with this UI kit working on mobile, desktop, or tablet, it’s easy to keep all of your design elements standard across devices and give everything a professional look.

Deck card-style UI kit


Format: PSD, Sketch, Studio
What it includes: 45 UI templates, 200+ UI elements, and 14 symbols

Why it’s awesome: Deck’s card-style design makes life so easy when converting mobile designs to desktop and vice versa.

In the Deck card-style UI kit, everything is built around flexible card templates, which can be resized or rearranged depending on the screen it’s shown on. All you have to do is design a card and then slot it into a pre-made template. This feature maximizes screen space regardless of whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Turbo iOS Wireframe Kit

turbo ios wireframe kit

This wireframe template is suitable for a developer who is interested in creating apps. It has a full Turbo iOS wireframe kit and nine categories which are available in Sketch, Al and PSD format. 


Wireframing is the first crucial step of designing, and these templates can make the process easier for you. With these wireframe templates, you can have fun creating apps or websites that focus solely on interactivity and functions. When it comes to explaining the functionality of your website or app to a client, wireframing templates can help you do just that. Designers or developers can also use these unique templates to create a prototype for their target audience.19+ FREE WEBSITE Templates – Download NowMicrosoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Apple (MAC) Pages, HTML5, WordPress, Microsoft Publisher

iPad Wireframes for UX Design

ipad wireframes for ux design

Suitable for business analysts, this cool wireframe template is for iPads. This wireframe template works on UX and has a screen dimension for a wide variety of IPad gadgets such as iPad Min and iPad Pro.


Tulist is a wireframe kit for apps and digital projects. It’s crafted specifically with Figma and Adobe XD in mind. Not only is Tulist fully customizable, but its layers are also well organized to make editing easy. Give it a shot if you’ve been looking for an Android or iPhone wireframe template.

Website Wireframe Template

Website Wireframe Template
Website Wireframe Template

This website wireframe template has everything you need. Create a website design from a collection of 100+ layouts, 13 categories, and 1500+ UI combinations.

This Sketch wireframe kit is compatible with Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. All shapes are vector and 100% customizable.

Bones Wireframe Template Kit

Bones Wireframe Template Kit
Bones Wireframe Template Kit

This website wireframe template is designed on a grid and divided into 10 categories.The result: 120 ready to use elements in 3 file formats: Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe XD.

This Sketch wireframe kit also features:

  • Retina ready
  • Vector shapes
  • Free fonts used
  • Properly named layers
  • Organized structure



Format: PSD, AI, XD
What it includes: 450+ premium assets, 1,000+ UI components, 8 categories

Why it’s awesome: The sheer number of assets and components makes it easy for any project vision to come to life.

The FREE UI kit refuses to limit your design goals simply because there aren’t enough pre-made components for you to play around with. With categories like ecommerce or blogging and mobile-friendly architecture, FREE has everything you need for a great all-around UI kit. FREE also does an excellent job of keeping everything organized and labeled correctly (sometimes frustrating on free kits), so it’s easy for you to find the exact piece you need when you need it.

Aware UI kit


Format: PSD, Sketch
What it includes: 50+ components in 6 categories

Why it’s awesome: Aware is a purpose-built UI kit for ecommerce stores with plenty of options to display whatever you’re selling.

The Aware UI kit is self-described as “modern & stylish,” and we have to agree. With 50+ components, it might have slightly less than other UI kits on our list. But with all of its assets focused on the ecommerce sector, this UI kit has more than enough well-made components for your next mockup.

Visage UI kit


Format: PSD
What it includes: 70+ components in 7 categories

Why it’s awesome: Visage is designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind, which makes it perfect for professional or personal desktop projects built on Photoshop.

The Visage UI kit makes everyone’s lives easier by doing the little things right: its components are designed on a responsive grid, all the components are well-organized, and everything is resizable for easy customization.

Using Visage, you can quickly create almost any website or media platform with a surprising amount of flexibility. Visage doesn’t have a bold visual design, so you have free rein to put your own distinctive touch on the project yourself.


Free wireframe templates are designed to help you present your thoughts in a visual manner. If you’re an advertising agency, company owner or student then you need to be able to communicate your ideas in a clear way. Use business wireframing templates to create professional wireframes, mockups and sketches online.

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