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Free Software for Whiteboard Animation

Have you ever considered whiteboard animation to explain your product or an idea? It’s a great way to do it. However, creating high-quality animation doesn’t come cheap and finding free software for whiteboard animation is practically impossible.

Tricking your customers into buying your products is one of the best ways to keep them loyal to you after the purchase. Obviously, there are many tricks you can use for this, but using whiteboard animation is one of the best. It’s hard to resist whiteboard videos if they are done right. That said, creating them by yourself isn’t something you can do. You need free software for whiteboard animation, or at least rather good software that won’t cost you a fortune.


Doodle maker features a technology that feels like something from the future. This amazing software gives you the opportunity to convert your plain or complicated text or content into really attractive and colorful Doodle videos. The best part is you can create these videos in any language you want.

Doodle Maker Review 2021

The Doodle Maker software features some state of the art technologies such as unlimited text to speech, language translation etc. Further this software has a library full of assets. It makes the video creation process so much more simple and convenient.

  • You will save huge hours thanks to its artificial intelligence technology. 
  • There are over 300 templates available for you to create videos. 
  • There is an AI translation engine that can automatically generate eye catching doodle videos in over 30+ languages.
  • Its library is full of high quality images and icons. 
  • You can even convert any image into a hand drawn sketch. 
  • Professionally made transitions that make your videos look more intriguing. 
  • Its text to speech feature lets you generate incredible voice overs in any language of your choice.
doodle maker price


  1. It is one of the most powerful software as it makes use of artificial intelligence.
  2. Get access to multiple backgrounds for video creation in a single application.
  3. It has a text to speech engine.
  4. You also get to use its library full of millions of elements.
  5. Further, there is a library full of soundtracks.


  1. You will need to update the software every time there is an alert from the server.
  2. Doodle Maker is a cloud-based software which requires you to have an active internet connection to use it.
  3. So far there are only options for generating 720p and 1080p videos. But the developers are working on introducing new formats in the future.

 Animation Studios

Free video editing Software to Transform boring sales slideshows into killer attractive videos. Replace your lame slideshows into captivating and entertaining videos to sell your products. It is a feature equipped animation video editor, super easy to use. It is a custom story interface and it creates videos from scratch. You don’t require any technical skills to create and edit videos. This software provides a wide variety of pre-done Animations to be used directly. Great collection of animated characters, various themes and Background. These templates come up with professionally pre-recorded voice-overs.

Animation Studios


  1. This free whiteboard animation software is super easy to use for beginners as well as for experts.
  2. In order to create or edit videos, there is no need for any technical skills.


  1. This software has a custom story interface that creates videos from scratch.

Get AnimationStudio For Just $67/month $47 One-Time!


Explaindio review

This is another top explainer video animation software. It is more versatile than most other software, as you can use it to create cartoons and animation. The application has several features and functionalities that facilitate customization to create unique animated videos that suit your goal.

Explaindio allows the importation of images and GIFs to your project. It will convert them into a whiteboard video. However, Explaindio is more complicated than Videoscribe; it takes time and effort to master it. It is primarily designed for marketing purposes. It is not free and does not come with a trial, but it remains one of the best explainer video animation software.


  1. With the help of this software, you can make unlimited videos in your daily life.
  2. This software is easier to use and there is no need to have experience for using this software.
  3. It is friendly for beginners as well.


  1. This software is very slow so experts might get a problem with this.


MySimpleShow makes it very easy for you to create explainer videos for corporate situations. It has a free-to-use whiteboard animation plan. Whether you are trying to communicate a marketing idea or highlighting the usefulness of a new product, you can do so with lively images and graphics. MySimpleShow is also useful to engage students in an educational setting or for personal use, such as creating a crowdfunding video. You can also use it to receive a public video page for free.


  • Very easy to use with storyline templates
  • The software does all the technical work, and you can start for free
  • Includes the option to add audio to presentations


  • Limited storyline options


Renderforest a free whiteboard animation tool makes it intuitive to create unique and interesting whiteboard animation shorts. Telling a story through simple videos is a lot better than constantly talking or showing sentences worth of information on a PowerPoint presentation.

The program is cloud-based, which means you do not need a powerful machine to run it. And there are already hundreds of ready-made scenes that you can use to enhance your whiteboard animation short.

By allowing you to preview your video and edit it before rendering, you can fix any mistakes that you may not have noticed until you saw the final product.


  • Hundreds of interesting templates
  • Close to 400 animated scenes pre-created
  • Online content editing
Renderforest free whiteboard animation software

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software

Mango Animate is one of the best best whiteboard animation software that help users to convey complex messages in easy and compelling way. It does not cost much. With one time payment of $ 39, you can buy the pro version to utilize its amazing features. 

It offers full library of customized templates that are easily be updated like a pro. Through this tool, you can create expert level animated videos that will take your business to the next level. Moreover, its lively animation effects, free media library, large selection of hand types, etc. helps you to process video creation without any hassle. 


Inspiration is the primary factor that determines whether you’ll decide to buy whiteboard animation software or do it yourself with free resource available online. Free and open-source software (FOSS) gives you the ability to customize and transform your videos to suit your needs. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best free softwares for whiteboard animation.

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