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7 Online Assignment Tools That Can Help Write and Submit Assignments

Assignments can be a daunting task, even if you have to complete them as a group. If you have a bunch of assignments that you need to complete on tight deadlines, then you definitely need to plan and prepare as well as utilize all the necessary tools to help complete the assignment in record time. However, you don’t have to worry too much about writing and submitting assignments if you have the right set of tools, since they make it more efficient.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the various online assignment tools that can assist students in creating and submitting assignments with complete ease. By using these assignment help online tools, one can complete their assignments on time and can also boost efficiency. 

1. Online-Notepad.Net

This online notepad is a very important tool for students. Before writing any assignment, research and note-taking are important stages. Whenever you have to write an assignment or essay, you have to first collect data relevant to the topic. 

On the online notepad, you can write down all important points, focused ideas, references, and other important things that you want to add to your assignment. 

Online notepad is a simple and interesting tool that would help you note down key points and create a structure for your assignment before starting the original draft. You don’t need to have paper or a pen anymore to do research and collect information. 

You can simply do it with the online pad on any device you want. This online notepad is free to use, so you don’t have to worry about any added expense.


This online paraphraser tool is very helpful for a student who wants to complete their assignment on a tight deadline. The tool can rephrase already written content in a unique way, so you don’t have to manually write the assignment. 

There would come plenty of situations when research work would occupy most of your time, and you would be left with no time to draft the assignment. So when you have no or very less time left, then you can take help from the

This online rephraser is very easy to use. You just have to borrow content from the reference sources you have collected for the assignment and paste the content into the input text box of the paraphraser. After providing the input content, you simply have to click on the “rephrase” button. 

In a matter of seconds, the paraphrasing tool would restate the duplicate text in a unique way. The rephrased content would be written in the same context but in a different tone, style, and structure. Using this tool, you can literally create a unique assignment in less than two to three minutes!


 This word counter is another essential tool for students. This tool helps you keep track of your assignment word count, which is very important for good grades. 

When it comes to academic assignments, students have to make sure that they keep the word count to the set limit. Your teacher would tell you about the word count requirement for each assignment you get. Submitting fewer or more words than the mentioned limit is going to result in a negative marking.

If you don’t want to ruin your assignment grade because of a petty issue like this, then it is best that you use the online word counter. Using this tool would help you plan each heading/section of your assignment in an efficient way. 

You would know how much content you can write in an individual section. Word counter tool can also help you find repetitive text or redundancy in your assignment before you submit it.


This pdf combiner is a tool that can help students join multiple PDF files. This tool is usually helpful when an assignment is being created by a group of students. 

The group can merge their final drafts together as one whole document before submitting it to the teacher. It would be quite silly to submit a single assignment in five different files, so it is best to merge assignment files before sending them.

There are many instances where work is divided into groups of three to five students. After completing different sections of the assignment, multiple files can be joined into one. This online pdf binder allows you to merge pdf files for free. You can input all the files related to the assignment, sort the order in which you want them to be merged, and finally click the ‘Merge’ button.

You will get the merged assignment file within seconds. Using this tool helps you save a lot of time and energy wasted in the manual joining of files. 

5. Grammarly 

It is important to proofread your work assignment before you submit it, especially if you are working with a group. 

It is important that your assignment content is free of all kinds of human errors, including wrong spelling, grammatical errors, missing punctuation, and other technical mistakes. Grammarly is a tool that can help you check your assignment for all possible errors. 

You can scan your work, and the tool will highlight all petty and serious issues in different color codes. With this tool, you can also check your assignment for plagiarism. 

You can save a lot of your time and effort wasted in manual proofreading by using this online tool. If you have a short deadline and have to submit good quality work, then it is best that you try Grammarly. 

6. Natural Reader

This is a text-to-speech program that helps you read online web pages and PDF files and convert text into audio files so that you can listen to them as you read them.

Using Natural Reader, your reading assignment will be much more fun, since you no longer have to read through hundreds of pages all by yourself, but instead you can just add the chrome extension or install the software and you can read any webpage or document in no time.

It is a very useful app for students and entreprenuers alike. You can also use to convert your texts to mp3. Simply upload the text and documents and convert to mp3 to listen on the go, anywhere, anytime.


A very helpful online tool for connecting students and teachers. The fact that students fail to meet deadlines when it comes to assignment submissions is concerning.

In such a case, online platforms can be of significant assistance. The advantage of Edmodo is that you have the convenience of social media communication within a dedicated academic forum. 

Using Edmodo from a mobile device or computer is easy since it’s an online platform. There is no need to install any dedicated application for students to submit assignments. Teachers and supervisors can offer real-time assistance to students as they submit and edit their assignments. Students and teachers can collaborate on this platform in a supportive environment.

Final Words

Writing college or university assignments is not an easy job. It is very much challenging, which is why we would suggest you use online tools. Online tools can speed up your work and can help you submit an assignment on time. These five tools are free and quite helpful for students of all ages and levels!

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