7 Online Assignment Tools That Can Help Write and Submit Assignments

Assignments can be challenging, even if you have to complete them as a group. When you have several assignments to complete on tight deadlines, you should definitely plan and prepare in advance as well as make sure you utilize all the necessary tools to help you finish the assignment on time. The right set of tools, however, will make writing and submitting assignments much more efficient, so you don’t have to worry about too much.

This article will discuss the various online assignment tools that can be used by students to create and submit assignments with ease. With the help of these assignment help online tools, students can complete their assignments on time and increase their efficiency. 

1. Online-Notepad.Net

This online notepad is a very important tool for students. Research and note-taking are crucial steps to do before writing any project. Before you can write an assignment or essay, you have to gather information about the subject. 

You can record all significant ideas, references, and other pertinent information that you wish to include in your work in the online notepad.

Before beginning the actual text of your assignment, you can use the straightforward and engaging tool of an online notebook to make notes about important details and structure. Paper and pens are no longer necessary for conducting research and gathering data.

With the online pad and any device you want, you can easily do it. There are no additional costs because you can use this online notepad for free.

2. Rephraser.co

This online paraphraser tool is very helpful for a student who wants to complete their assignment on a tight deadline. You don’t need to physically compose the assignment because the program can creatively reword already published stuff.

As a student, there will come plenty of times when research work would occupy the majority of your time, so that you would not be able to write your assignment in time. In case you do not have a lot of time left or if you have very little time left, then you can use the rephraser.co website for help

Using this online rephraser is very simple and easy to do. As a final step, you only need to copy the content from the reference sources that you have collected for your assignment and paste it into the input text box of the paraphraser. As soon as you have provided the input content, you simply need to click on the “Rephrase” button in order to rephrase it. 

With a few clicks of the mouse, the paraphrasing tool can restate the duplicate text in a unique manner within seconds. If the content is rephrased, it would remain in the same context, but it would be written in a different tone, style, and structure. In less than two to three minutes, you will be able to create an assignment that is unique to your learning style using this tool!

3. Word-Counter.io

 This word counter is another essential tool for students. You can keep track of your assignment word count with the aid of this application, which is crucial for receiving top grades.

Students must be sure to adhere to the word count guidelines when completing academic tasks. For each assignment you receive, your teacher will inform you of the word count need. Negative marks will be given for submissions that are either fewer or longer than the specified word count.

If you don’t want to risk your assignment grade over something so small, it’s best to use the online word counter. You might efficiently plan each header and portion of your assignment by using this tool.

4. MergePDF.io

This pdf combiner is a tool that can help students join multiple PDF files. It is usually helpful to use this tool when a group of students is working together on an assignment together. 

In order to submit their final drafts to the teacher, the group can merge their final drafts together as one whole document before submitting it to her/him. The best thing would be to merge assignment files before sending them to the instructor, since it would be quite silly to send a single assignment in five different files.

It is not uncommon for students to be divided into smaller groups of three to five students to work on a particular task. There is an option to join multiple files into one after completing the different sections of the assignment. Using this online pdf binder, you will be able to merge your pdf files for free. When you click on the ‘Merge’ button, you will be presented with the option to input all the files that are related to the assignment, sort them in order, and then click on the ‘Merge’ button.

Upon receiving the merged assignment file, you will be able to access it within seconds. You can save a lot of time and energy by using this tool instead of manually joining the files, which would waste a lot of your time and energy.

5. Grammarly 

It is crucial that you proofread your work assignment before submitting it to your professor, especially if you are part of a group of students. 

There is nothing more important than ensuring the content of your assignment is free from any type of human error, including mistakes in spelling, grammatical errors, missing punctuation, and other technical errors.

Grammarly is a tool that can help you check your assignment for all possible errors. 

The tool will recognize all issues, no matter how petty or serious, and will highlight them according to a color coding system. Using this tool, you are also able to check whether or not your assignment contains any plagiarism. 

You can save a lot of your time and effort by using this online tool instead of doing manual proofreading instead of wasting your time on that. Grammarly is a great tool that you can use if you have a short deadline and need to submit work that is of good quality. 

6. Natural Reader

Using this text-to-speech program, you will be able to read online web pages and PDF files using the text that is in the file and you will be able to turn those texts into audio files that you can listen to as you read them.

Natural Reader will make your reading assignment a lot more enjoyable as you won’t have to read hundreds of pages all by yourself, but instead you can just add the Chrome extension to your browser or install the software on your computer, and you will be able to read any webpage or document within moments.

There is no doubt that this app is a very useful app for students as well as entrepreneurs. Also, you can use this to convert your text into an MP3 file. To hear the audio files on the go, anywhere, anytime, just upload the documents and text to your computer and have them converted to mp3.

7. Edmodo.com

It is a very useful online tool for students and teachers to connect with each other. There is a concern regarding the fact that students fail to meet the deadlines when it comes to submitting assignments on time.

The use of online platforms can prove to be extremely helpful in such cases. Edmodo is an excellent tool for students because it offers the convenience of social media communication within the context of a dedicated academic discussion forum. 

The ease of using Edmodo from a mobile device or computer is due to the fact that it is an online platform. The students do not have to download any special application in order to submit their assignments to the system. Teachers and supervisors can offer real-time assistance to students as they submit and edit their assignments. Students and teachers can collaborate on this platform in a supportive environment.

Final Words

Writing college or university assignments is not an easy job. It is very much challenging, which is why we would suggest you use online tools. Online tools can speed up your work and can help you submit an assignment on time. These five tools are free and quite helpful for students of all ages and levels!

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