Choosing a Powerful Domain Name for Your Startup

The relationship existing between the online and offline worlds has only become stronger as internet use has increased in the present day. Consequently, it only makes sense for businesses to start selling their items online, considering that most customers now do all of their business on the internet.

As a new company, your growth strategy has to include a solid plan for creating a credible online presence. An attractive website and a compelling domain name will help you develop a strong reputation since your website and domain name act as your online store and location.

Selecting a distinctive domain name that will increase your website’s usability and stick in your visitors’ minds must be given the utmost attention in your company’s online strategy.

But a domain name with pointless symbols, digits, or up to 20 characters is insufficient because it’ll make it more complex instead of easier for clients to locate your business. 

To help you in this crucial step of your new venture, we’ve compiled some useful recommendations for crowdsourcing company names.

How to Choose a Great Domain Name in Three Simple Steps

1. Check That it can be Branded

The best domain names for your company are those that support additional branding activities. EMDs (Exact-match domains) are effective domain names that faithfully represent your company in the same manner as the brand name from which they were derived.

Exact match domains are domains created from your company name, and utilizing them is the best way to increase the impact and value of your domain in the online world.

Brandable domain names enable clients to locate your business online simply by knowing its name, as well as serving as a strong basis for further internet branding projects like advertising campaigns and newsletters.

2. Make Sure it’s Concise and Engaging

When selecting the domain name that would work best for your venture, choose a short, catchy, and memorable domain name that is easy to remember. These qualities are crucial because they make it easy for people to remember, identify, memorize, and use strong web addresses.

However, short domain names, like those with three to five letters, are occasionally the most challenging to acquire due to the fact that the majority of these words have already been registered. They are also expensive when they become available on domain marketplaces.

3. Ensure That it is a TLD (Top-Level Domain) Extension

According to calculations from the Domain Name Association, the number of active new domain extensions has risen by 145% in recent years, reaching over 1500. Therefore, there are several domain extensions to choose from; however, not all are appropriate for your business’s domain.

Put familiarity first when deciding which extension will work best with your domain name. Unless otherwise mentioned, users would assume that your website concludes in ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ or ‘.org,’ and they could go to the website whose domain makes use of such extensions instead of yours.

These domain extensions continue to be the most well-known and widely employed in the market, despite the advent of new ones slowly gaining popularity. Top-level domain extensions like ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ and ‘.net’ usually lead to trustworthy, reputable web addresses.

But this does not indicate that you have to exclusively use the aforementioned extensions, though. Most people are unsuccessful in registering domain names with these extensions, either because they’ve been taken by someone else or because they are too expensive to acquire.

And if you find yourself in any of these circumstances and cannot purchase a ‘.com’ domain, you could make use of growing TLD extensions like ‘.io’ and ‘.co’ or country-code TLDs like ‘.us’ and ‘.uk.’

Start Moving Right Away

Although the procedure could appear difficult at first, we’re confident that our recommendations have greatly simplified it. To profit from all of its advantages and stop someone else from doing so before you, get a powerful domain name for your business as soon as you can.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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