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Programs to convert PDF to Word Document

PDF is one of the most popular formats in document world. You may find PDF files everywhere: on the Internet, or on your printer or scanner, etc. Today, you can find many programs to convert PDF to Word documents, including free programs to convert pdf to word document . The choice is up to you and I want to share several programs for you today.

These programs are the best pdf to word converters for all users to convert their pdf files to editable Word documents freely and without requiring any technical knowledge. All of the offered programs are secure and reliable, and offer many convenient options for saving time. These applications also have detailed step-by-step instructions that can be easily followed by people without experience in computer programming.

A PDF to Word converter is an online tool which can be employed to convert a PDF file into a word document. There are many advantages of using this converter. This works as an efficient alternative to using Acrobat or Adobe programs. You can edit the word document and continue working on it.

There are times while working on your computer when you need to convert PDF to Word document. There may be reasons why you need to convert them and with the help of blogging experts, we have come up with a list of best programs to convert PDF to Word document.

How do I convert a PDF to Word without losing the formatting?

As the inventor of the PDF file format, Adobe makes sure our Acrobat PDF to Word converter preserves your document formatting. When you use our online conversion tool, your fonts, images, and alignments will look as expected on a Mac and in Windows. The converted file is an editable Word document that you can start using right away in Microsoft Word.

You can also try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC free for seven days to: convert files to and from Microsoft 365, edit PDF documents, edit scanned documents with OCR, merge PDFs, organize or rotate PDF pages, split PDFs, reduce file sizes, and convert HTML, TXT, RTF, PNG, JPG, BMP, and other formats to PDF.


Best for PDF to Word Conversion and Vice Versa.


PDF2Go is the ideal PDF to word conversion, mostly because it not only converts your PDF files but also offers you a number of pragmatic processing features to play with. The PDF to word conversion is pretty simple. Just upload the file, select the format output, and the file is converted without any page errors.

The tool also uses OCR intuitively to make edits in the scanned document directly. Apart from the above features the tool is also great for PDF Split and Merge, compression into your desired size, and repairing, optimizing, and rotating a PDF.


  • All-purpose PDF Processing
  • PDF Conversion
  • PDF Compression
  • PDF Split and Merge

Verdict: PDF2Go offers a giant platter of features for everyone who needs to process their PDFs with ease. The task of PDF conversion to the word itself is almost flawless and comprehensive. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free version, 5.50 euros per month, 44 euros annual subscription.

Website: PDF2Go


Best for Agile and Basic PDF to Word conversion.


Foxit is plagued with adware. However, its ability to convert any PDF file with ease cannot be ignored. Foxit has an intuitive interface that allows for easy conversion, thanks to its drag and drops feature. Not only Word, but you can convert PDF into any format you desire.

There are no limits to the number of files you can download and the end result is flawless with no noticeable errors found in documents. Adware here is a big issue. Thankfully, this problem can be solved after paying a relatively reasonable fee for its services.


  • Fast PDF Conversion
  • Compress PDF
  • Redact and Sign PDF
  • Drag and Drop feature for easy upload.

Verdict: Foxit is a phenomenally easy to use tool that will satisfy users across the board. Its adware can be annoying, but you can fix it by paying a fee for the quality service it offers. More frugal users should look for more affordable tools.

Price: $166.60 as a one-time fee.

Website: Foxit


Best for Free and Powerful PDF to Word Conversion.

PDF to

AltoPDFtoWORD is simply one of the best tools available for online PDF conversion. Mostly, because of the robust features, it offers to its users at absolutely no cost whatsoever. The tool offers easy file upload and conversion with an impeccable end result.

Apart from this, it offers an array of processing features that it performs with ease by not charging anything. You can easily redact and sign your PDF, merge and split it, compress it into any desired size, all of which are performed in no time and top-notch quality.


  • Split and Merge
  • Drag and Drop Upload
  • Extract PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Rotate PDF

Verdict: AltoPDFtoWORD offers a free tool that can go toe to toe with many premium tools on this list. It performs a variety of processing tasks with phenomenal ease and no compromise in quality. This is by far the best free tool to come out of the industry in a while.

Price: Free

Website: AltoPDFtoWORD

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Next up is a name which I’m sure you’ll have heard of – Adobe Acrobat. Adobe creates many software solutions ranging from photo and video editing software to programs to help code websites and apps. Acrobat DC is Adobe’s PDF converter, and it’s among the best.

Although Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is the most expensive solution in our list, it is the most feature-rich of the solutions reviewed. It’s also worth pointing out that this app uses a subscription model, so you’ll have to pay monthly to keep using it. You can bring down your outgoings by committing to a year.

If you use a Mac regularly too, you may want to consider Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which allows you to manage PDFs on Windows and Mac computers.Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Converter

We recommend Adobe Acrobat for those people who desire a complete package for converting, editing and sharing PDFs. The program offers extra features which fall outside the scope of this comparison (which is to simply convert PDF to Word) including signing forms, multi-platform usage and easy sharing.

Summary (Adobe Acrobat DC):

✔ Multiple conversion formats
✔ 2-way Conversions
✔ Edit PDFs
✔ Secure exports
✔ Windows and Mac
✔ Desktop and Mobile

 PDF Conversion Suite

Is Adobe just too much and too expensive for your requirements?

If you’re simply looking for a quick, easy and local way to convert a small PDF file to a Word document, try PDF Conversion Suite. This handy little app is available on the Microsoft Store and the free version allows conversion of smaller PDF files, with a 2MB per file limit.PDF Conversion Suite

This app does not have any PDF organizing functions or editing ability which we’ve seen in options 1-3, and its interface isn’t very exciting, but for smaller file sizes, this is a very convenient solution.

PDF Conversion Suite also does not have great efficiency, as you cannot currently perform batch conversions (converting multiple PDF to Word at once).

Summary (PDF Conversion Suite):

✔ Only 2 conversion formats
✔ 2-way Conversions
✔ Free PDF to Word conversion is limited to 2MB per file
✔ In-app purchase required to remove limitations and ads

Following in PDF Conversion Suite’s example, here is another simple to use free PDF to Word converter – PDF2Doc.

You may have spotted the key difference in this option already. That’s right, this one is a website, rather than a downloaded app. This means that instead of converting your files locally on your computer, your files will be uploaded to an online server in order to be processed, then you’ll download the converted file back to your computer.PDF2Doc PDF to Word Converter

If you don’t mind uploading your files to an online server, this option is great for your basic PDF to Word needs. For those with sensitive documents, however, you may think twice about converting such files online.

Summary (PDF2Doc):

✔ Multiple conversion formats
✔ 2-way Conversions
✔ Batch Conversions
✔ Free
✔ Online

PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac has come with both the editing as well as the conversion feature for PDF to Word. Preserving the original layout of PDF file while converting to Word document is a challenge for many converters, but PDFelement Pro for Mac’s powerful conversion preserves the layout perfectly. Never worry if you have got a scanned PDF file as this type of protected file can also be converted with the software’s OCR feature without any problem. With the software, you can convert multi PDF files at a time, so you can save much time for converting PDF to Word one by one.

Other than converting, PDFelement Pro for Mac does superb job for editing PDF files too. PDF pages’ modifications, manipulations etc are all possible with this great converter.


  • Preserves the layout of PDF perfectly.
  • Has OCR feature.
  • Can also edit.
  • Very fast in converting and editing PDF.
  • Has batch conversion feature.
launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Acrobat for Macintosh

Acrobat for Macintosh is great software for creating as well as converting PDF on your Mac. This software has many nice features for converting PDF with a few clicks.


  • PDF to Word and Word to PDF conversion facility.
  • Paper documents can be converted to PDF.
  • Converts PDF into editable formats.


  • Running the software takes much time.
Acrobat for Macintosh

Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac

Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac gives you the room for converting PDF to text documents seamlessly. The software also utilizes OCR technology for converting PDF files that are scanned. So any protected PDF is also editable with the software.


  • Has OCR technology.
  • Fast performance.
  • Batch conversion facility.


  • The software can’t edit PDF.
  • No options for previewing PDF before editing.
Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac

 Online OCR

Best for PDF Conversion.

Online OCR seeks to use the power of optical character recognition to enable fast and high-quality PDF conversion in word or any other format you desire.

The tool is absolutely free to use and offers a simple interface to get your task done. You simply upload your file, select the file format, and click convert. Your file will be converted in no time.

Price: Free

Website: Online OCR

What software do I need to convert from PDF to Word?

You don’t need any other software to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word when you use the Acrobat online Convert to PDF tool. Just open the tool in your preferred browser on any operating system, select your file, and let Acrobat complete the conversion online.


There are so many times when we need to convert PDF to Word format for editing or other uses. Imagine not being able to edit your project report because it was made on paper, and now you need a word file. The solution to this is quite simple. There are many free applications available online that will convert PDF to Word format, and save you time from having to do the conversion manually

There are programs that can convert your PDF documents to Word files. Think of a PDF reader…What’s the first thing you do with a printed copy of your teacher’s notes? You cut them out, or punch holes in them and put them in a binder, right? Well, that’s what our pdf to word converter does. It takes all of your information, neatly arranges it on a page like you see above, and lets you print it right off or save it as an editable Word file.

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