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12 Best Writing Tools For Professionals

The future of Writing Tools For Professionals is completely different from its past. As statistics show, the new industry shift is towards web and mobile applications that track a writer’s progress and performance, and provide assistance in the form of real-time feedback, progress updates and editing tools.

It is estimated that within the next ten years, over 60% of all job tasks will be computerized. In fact, as much as 75% of the things you do at work – from writing to reading and interpreting data, to managing schedules and customer relations – can already be done faster and more accurately by machines. Just consider how many times you’ve thought or said, “That would be faster if I did it myself” because waiting for technology to catch up felt like a …

Before we unveil the best tools that could make your project more efficient, it is good you truly understand the importance of some of these writing tools. So, let’s take a quick look at why you really need a writing aid.

Why Do You Need A Writing Aid?


A major benefit of creative writing is that it allows you to express your feelings and experiences in a way that is easy to understand. Whether you share the truth or wrap it in fiction, sharing the truth is a cathartic experience.

The way your readers react to your work can also be an eye-opener for you as a writer. As a result of this, you will be able to learn how to deal with criticism in a productive manner.

Enhances Communication

If you want to connect with readers and get the reactions you want, then you must write well and with a purpose in mind. You only need to write enough successful stories, and it will become easier and easier to choose the right words for different real-life situations too-at least in writing.

You can also benefit from it if you practice it in order to improve your oral communication. If you read your writing out loud, you will be able to improve your diction and pronunciation

Learn Structure

Having the ability to structure a story toward the achievement of a specific goal is one of the most important skills you learn as a creative writer. A dialogue, a plot, a timeline, the placement of the characters, and the creation of the world are all included in this.

As a result of this level of attention to detail, you will be able to complete all kinds of projects, including data reports and training manuals. There is actually a direct correlation between writing fiction and improving your work performance.

Self-awareness and Independence

Most writers learn how to find their own style on their own, and usually do so on their own. There are plenty of software, courses, and communities that are related to writing, but you still have to practice by yourself even though there are a lot of resources available.

As a creative writer, you get to know yourself as you write, and it is a very solitary hobby. There are many ways you can build your character and attain a unique voice which will resonate with people and will further benefit other aspects of your life as well.

Best Writing Tools For Professionals


Best for Long-Form Fiction or Are Working on A Book

ProWritingAid: Writing Tools For Professionals
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There is no doubt that ProWritingAid would be a great choice if you were looking for a spell checker, editor, and writing mentor all in one tool. As well as correcting your writing, it digs deep into your work to produce 20 reports on the analytics generated by your work.

By using ProWritingAid, you will be able to edit where you write when you write. As well as a great desktop writing application, they also offer plugins for MS Word, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Google Docs. In addition to being a great tool for writing for work, it also integrates with a wide range of sales and helpdesk apps, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and many more.

I’m not going to stop there though. With all of their plans, you are able to try them out for free as well as get money back within 14 days of purchase. It is not a surprise that we are bringing you the best writing tools as we did promise to do so.

Key Features:

  • No word limit
  • Grammar suggestions in real time
  • Writer’s resource library
  • Analytics reports
  • Overused words, readability, and consistency
  • Write better with in-app videos and quizzes
  • Word Explorer and contextual thesaurus
  • Style guides and dictionaries
  • Integration with MS-Word, Chrome, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more.


Pricing for ProWritingAid is three — there is the monthly price of $20, the annual price of $79, and the lifetime price of $400.

If you want to buy their plagiarism checker, you can choose to opt for the Premium Plus plan, which costs $24 a month.


  • Improves your writing technique by going beyond just grammar to help you find a better way to express yourself.
  • It is compatible with most operating systems, including Mac OS and Windows OS
  • Subscribers get access to tons of free resources and training events that help build their skills. Best value for the money
  • Support that is proactive in nature
  • At a basic price, you can get advanced features


  • When editing large documents, the program becomes sluggish
  • There is no keyboard available on mobile devices

Usability: Beginners may find it difficult

Level: Intermediate

Case Study:

We found a number of positive testimonials from their customers on their “Wall of Love” (aka Twitter handle). There was one that stood out in particular:

The award-winning author, A.K. Vagnetti, gives a glowing recommendation for ProWritingAid in the following words:

It is impossible to say enough good things about ProWritingAid! It would be impossible for my editor to work without it. My writing has taken a whole new level because of their editing software.”

Pro Tip:

It is a good idea to install ProWritingAid’s free writing app if you are a busy writer or editor who is always on the move.


Best for Real-Time Grammar Correcting 

Image Source

In order for this list of best writing tools for professionals to be complete, Grammarly must be included.

Even though there are many Grammarly alternatives that have popped up over the years, nothing beats the original when it comes to editing.

Using Grammarly, you can check the wordiness, readability, and plagiarism level of your documents (only the Premium version is available). Recently, they have launched a beta version of their product that was compatible with Google Docs and showed phrasal predictions. Additionally, Grammarly also gives you a score based on comparable pieces in the same genre as yours.

When you are writing, Grammarly suggests better words to use and flags any spelling mistakes that you are making. When you double-click on a specific word, you will be able to find synonyms and definitions for that word. Having all of these features at your disposal can make a big difference in the quality of your writing.

Key Features:

  • Grammar checker that is automated
  • Your email and social captions will be error-free with Grammarly
  • Anti-plagiarism
  • Readability score
  • A MS Office addin
  • Add-on for browsers


It offers a free version with limited features, like checking for conciseness and spelling. For $29.95 monthly, you can get more thorough proofing. The monthly price falls to $11.66 if you pay upfront.


  • Keyboard for mobile
  • Online editor
  • Premium features
  • Blog with extensive learning resources


  • Costs
  • Online editing not supported

Usability: Anyone can use Grammarly, from students to novelists.

Level: Intermediate

Case Study:

76% of Grammarly’s Premium edition customers have reported enjoying writing and 99% have improved grades.

Pro Tip:

Take full advantage of Grammarly’s prowess with their Premium plan. Grammarly compares your writing to similar works.

Google Docs

Ideal for Creating and Editing Text Documents Right in Your Web Browser

Image Source

The great thing about Google Docs is that it is just like Microsoft Word in terms of being an excellent writing tool. With the G Suite by Google, you get a word processor along with Google Sheets and Google Slides as part of the package.

You are able to access and edit your documents anytime, anywhere, for FREE with this cloud-based document editor. By installing this app on your tablet, PC, or phone, you will be able to edit offline in any of these devices. It does not matter if you want to write content for your business or for personal use, Google Docs is by far the best writing tool for you.

Key Features:

  • It is cloud-based, so you can edit anywhere and at any time
  • Resumes, reports, and more in hundreds of templates.
  • Collaborates via links, chats, and comments
  • Video, snippets, images, and other rich media
  • Optimised phrasing (new feature)
  • Automatically save
  • Date-ordered version history
  • Word-compatible
  • Searches Google
  • Lucidchart Diagrams, among others


You can use it for personal use for free. There is a 14-day free trial available to businesses, after which they have to create a G Suite business account in order to use G Suite. Details of the pricing can be provided upon request.


  • Feature-rich collaboration environment
  • Easily save content
  • Individuals are free
  • Help 24/7
  • Microsoft Word and Google Search integration
  • Document recovery
  • Branded Gmail account with G Suite


  • Time-consuming to add and edit images.
  • Microsoft Word has fewer formatting options. A rich media object requires an add-on.

Usability: Beginners may have trouble with the interface.

Level: Expert

Case Study:

In 2015, DB Corp began using G Suite in order to manage its business processes. The CTO of the company, R.D. Bhatnagar, reports that the use of tools like Google Docs has allowed them to streamline their business processes and speed up their business processes. In his opinion, the tool has assisted him in staying organized as well as improving his writing habits as a result of using it.

As a result, he was extremely satisfied with the customer support team of Google, who assisted him with the use of the product efficiently and with ease. Google Docs is considered by him to be one of the best free writing tools available on the market today.

Pro Tip:

To help you edit your document efficiently, Google Docs provides keyboard shortcuts that can be used to expedite your editing process.

Ideal for Creating, Collaborating, Sharing, Tracking, and Managing Information in One Place.

Image Source

In most cases, we use Bit, a cloud-based document collaboration tool that is the best fit for our business. You may want to check out this new, advanced yet simple editor if you’re looking for something new.

As one of Bit’s leading value propositions, the ability to collaborate with other authors on writing projects is one of the core features of Bit’s editor. Multiple people can simultaneously collaborate on a Bit document in real-time.

It is possible for you to invite other writers or friends to the document if you are working on a solo project and would like their suggestions and feedback on it. Furthermore, your friends or team members can highlight changes, add comments, and even chat with you without leaving the document.

The Bit editor is the best when it comes to putting together research or including a variety of different types of digital assets in your documents when you are putting them together. A weblink can be easily added that will automatically transform into a visual bookmark that includes an image, a title, and a description that can all be edited, making it one of the best writing tools available to us.

It is also possible to embed rich embeds such as YouTube videos, Google Spreadsheets, Twitter tweets, and much more directly into your Bit documents by simply adding a shareable weblink to the Bit document.

There is, however, one thing that makes a great writing tool, which is its editor. With Bit’s smart, minimal editor, writing is as simple as possible and distraction-free. This ribbon will no longer contain tabs and buttons that are confusing and distracting, like the word-style ribbon.

All you need to do is start typing on a blank canvas and you’ll be able to do whatever you want. You can format the text by highlighting the words/sentences/paragraphs and you will see a hidden set of formatting tools that allow you to format the text easily.

Ultimately, Bit is a multi-purpose editor that can be used by writers of all levels and makes writing fun and distraction-free.


Best for Streamlining Your Writing Style

Image Source

Is your writing ineffective, or would you like to make it more effective? The Hemingway editor can be used for writing or you can copy-paste the document that you want to write into the editor. After Hemingway analyzes each word, he will then suggest ways to improve your sentences by offering suggestions based on his analysis.

Writing tool recommends alternative sentence structures to improve sentence flow and readability by highlighting long, complex sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and suggest alternatives to improve the flow and readability of sentences. You will be able to make your writing look more professional with the help of this app.


Best For Headline Analysis and Scoring

Image Source

You cannot underestimate how important it is to write a headline that is effective if you are a blogger, marketer, or copywriter. As the first impression your content makes on the world, it is also the primary reason people consume your text, making headlines a vital element of the writing process. They are often the main reason people decide to read what you have written.

According to the website of this writing tool, it is the “#1 Headline Analyzer” on the internet. The headlines you write with Coschedule are designed to drive more revenue, shares, click-through rates, and improve search engine rankings. It is possible to use Coschedule Headline Analyzer to write headlines for blog posts, email subject lines, or social media messages that you want to share.

As a result of the tool, you will be able to analyze your headline for its structure, grammar, length, keyword density, readability, and even provide you with Google search and email subject line previews.


Ideal for Content Optimization

Image Source

There is no doubt that when you write for the general public, you want your content to be discovered as much as possible by search engines. This is where the role of search engine optimization comes into play. There is no doubt that SEO can be confusing, especially when Google continues to make changes to its SEO technology in order to provide its users with better search results, which has caused confusion.

The Yoast SEO plugin is a great tool for writers that wants to improve the visibility of their content through search engine optimization

Currently, Yoast SEO has more than 3 million users worldwide, which makes it one of the most trusted SEO plug-ins available on the market. Using Yoast SEO, you will find that there are a number of features that can be used to improve your content and make it more search engine friendly.

In addition to adding focus keywords, meta descriptions, rich snippets, and XML sitemaps, features such as the ability to add your focus keywords can help you to optimize your content in order to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. This is a great tool that we highly recommend! 

Daily Page

Ideal Reminder to Create a Daily Writing Routine with A Collection of Creative Prompts

Image Source

If you know the key to better writing, what can you do about it? I find solace in the written word.

If you write regularly, you’ll learn to accept your thoughts as they are and enter a flow state of mind. Daily Page is the perfect tool for you if you want to develop the habit of writing regularly and eliminate the possibility of ever experiencing writer’s block.

Daily Page is a service that sends you a writing prompt via email every day to motivate you to get to work as soon as possible. You have the rest of the day to revise your response paper.

Without a doubt, this writing implement serves as a trusted companion, nudging you forward each day to put pen to paper and record your thoughts. With no doubt, this app will aid you in establishing regular and orderly writing practices.

Cliché Finder

Highlights Overused and Stale Expressions in Your Writing

Image Source

Feel like you’re using too many cliches in your work? No need to worry; the cliche detector has arrived. Use this handy tool to identify and eliminate cliches from your writing.

Simply copy and paste your text into the editor, and Cliché Finder will quickly highlight any clichés and offer to replace them with a new word or phrase of your choosing. It’s an excellent resource for enhancing the quality and originality of your written work.


Ideal for Transcribing Recorded Interviews

Image Source

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe some audio, you know how annoying it can be to constantly switch between your media player and word processor.

By having both the audio file uploader and the transcription word processor in the same place, Otrancribe streamlines the tedious task of transcribing. It doesn’t automatically transcribe the audio, but it makes the process much less tedious.


Ideal Tool for Note-Taking

Image Source

When you choose to use Obsidian as your note-taking program, you are building your own second brain. Using the program, you are able to save all of your files in a markdown (MD) format as well as organize them easily.

In my opinion, Obsidian’s most useful feature is its ability to create backlinks. Using it, you can connect your ideas and view them in a graphical form for a better understanding of how they relate.

The files will all be saved on your computer in markdown format and you will be able to view them via any other .md viewer app you may have installed on your computer.


Create High-Quality Work and Add Formatting Elements to Plaintext Documents

Image Source

The Typora editor is the best MD (markdown) editor I have ever used; it’s the easiest yet most powerful to use when you’re writing – so far it’s still the simplest yet most powerful MD (markdown) editor I’ve ever used.

The Typora program is completely free to use and can be downloaded on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Furthermore, the software’s best feature is its ability to import and export files in a variety of formats including .docx, .odt, epub, PDF, LaTex, MediaWiki, etc.

In addition, you can also choose from a variety of themes so that the interface can look exactly the way you want it to.


ProWritingAid, Grammerly and Google Docs are far superior to most of the above-mentioned tools. Once more, it’s a matter of personal preference, but using the right tools can boost your writing.

The right set of writing tools will save you time and encourage you to put pen to paper more frequently.

You have the floor now.

What do you use, or plan to use, to complete your writing tasks?

In conclusion, there is a plethora of options for writers, and many of them accomplish the same tasks. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled the best writing apps available to help you convey your ideas and content in the most effective way possible. These writing tools will make it simple and fast to draft flawless content for your blog post, ebook, or website.

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