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Free 3d Animation Software for Windows 7

Animation is now being used in a lot of places where it wasn’t previously used. Now you can see it as a part of TV shows, cartoons, video games and advertisements, for example. In this article I have made a list that consists of the best software tools that create stunning 3D animations and visuals, to help us understand what you can do with it. These free animation programs are really popular nowadays because they provide a lot of features and a rather intuitive interface.

There are thousands of software specially dedicated for 3D animation, but some are very costly also. 3D animation is a unique way to get the positive results in terms of output, but cost-wise, it is very expensive. Check out 3d animation software free download for windows 7 64 bit, 3d animation software free download full version for windows 7 and animation software free download for windows 7 64 bit full version to know more about these.

Wings 3D

Another great 3D modeler, Wings 3D allows you to get your hands dirty by allowing the user to tweak 3D geometry and shapes, allowing you to develop your style and image, which will help you later on when you use a program like Blender.

Again, this is an open-source program, so hit that download button and get tweaking.

This is a cloud-based 3D animation and modeling program.

By using, “you can make complex 3D models, create beautiful photorealistic renderings, and share them without installing any software programs.” This program has a staggering amount of tools to choose from to do even the most basic of animating actions.

With a great interface, multiplatform support, and huge customization options, you can’t go wrong with

 After Effects

Animators can use Adobe After Effects for everything from setting up a canvas to animating a character.
Animators can use Adobe After Effects for everything from setting up a canvas to animating a character.

Use on: Windows, Mac OS

Best for: Everyone, beginner to pro 

After Effects, an addition to Adobe Creative Cloud, can bring your animations to the next level. Considered the industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects, After Effects integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud apps and other software/hardware providers to offer you complex animation capabilities. 

Although not ideal for frame-by-frame animation, this powerful tool can be used to create 2D and 3D animations, as well as real-life motion graphics. 

This software is available starting at about $21 per month for an annual subscription. 

Whatever your experience level or goals, there are plenty of animation software options to choose from. These tools can help bring your characters and ideas to life—and you’ll have fun along the way.


Iclone is a tool for creating real-time 3D animation. This tool helps you to produce animation for films, video games, education, content development, etc. It allows you to create realistic or stylized animation without any hassle.


  • You can assign and manage materials via a simplified interface to control textures.
  • This software provides a tool for the face and body to animate any character instantly.
  • It offers drag and drop facility to light any interior or exterior scene.
  • You can turn a normal 3D scene into a photo-realistic world.
  • Iclone provides ready to animate motions, characters, and accessories.
  • You can extend IClone by using Python API.



Mixamo is a tool that allows developers and artists to customize and create 3D character animations. It has a collection of high-quality 3D ready to use characters.


  • It can automatically set custom characters according to a full human skeleton.
  • You can transfer readymade characters into your own characters.
  • It allows you to download animations in multiple formats.



LightWave is a 3D computer graphics software application developed by NewTek. It can be used for both animated and static 3D images. This software provides independent scaling options for a multi-monitor setup.


  • It provides metamorphic animated sculpting or painting.
  • You can work with FBX (Filmbox) data.
  • This tool kit allows for live Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) operations, and grid filtering.
  • You can map 2D image texture onto a 3D structure using the UV technique.
  • It offers shading and rendering characters.


 Daz 3D

Daz 3D is a figure posing, animation, rendering application that is designed for animators and designers. It enables them to create human models in 3D. The latest version of this tool allows you to add light and texture to the image.


  • Is provides 3D motion pictures, posing, and animation.
  • Models are hand-painted with details.
  • You can import content into other 3D software tools such as Maya, Mudbox, and 3DS Max.
  • It enables you to export the output in COLLADA, Universal 3D, BVH, and FBX format.
  • You can transfer figures to Maya software with few clicks.


Poser is a 3D computer graphics program distributed by Bondware. It provides ready to use 3D human figures, clothing, hair, and lighting to quick start project.


  • You can easily create animation and art with 3D characters.
  • It helps you to create the human for illustration, art, animation, comics, and more.
  • This tool enables digital artists to access numerous third-party digital content.



Planetside is the best 3D animation solution for building, rendering, and animating realistic natural environments. This tool allows you to fine-tune your scenes quickly and easily. You can use it to give visual effects in movie.


  • You can design a cloud with realistic shading.
  • It enables you to add lens effects in the image.
  • Planetside contains all animation-oriented tools for making better animation.
  • It provides realistic ozone simulation.
  • This software includes shaders to add shades to your image.




  • Both manual and auto-tracking
  • Camera restoration is powerful
  • Curve editor and dope sheets
  • Customize layout and interface

An open-source professional free 3D animation software, Blender is used in hosting a range of applications like visual effects, animated feature films, video games, and more. The Blender supports the entire 3D tree which includes features like, rigging, modeling, animating, simulating, compositing, rendering, and tracking motion. The features of Blender are:


  • CPU, GPU, VR rendering support
  • Masking and textured brushes for 3D painting
  • Add-ons and customized tools with Python scripting
  • Bridge fill, edge slide, grid, inset


Everyone can do Animation ! Animation has now become much easier , directly from your home, make your real dreams come true . The thing you need to have are getting 3D animation software free download for windows 7 64 bit, 3d animation software free download full version for windows 7 .

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