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What Is the Best Free House Plan Software

Are you thinking about designing your own house? Do you want to design a floor plan, create your dream home and then build it? There are a number of things that should be kept in mind while choosing the best software for home design. Details like the price of the software, compatibility with your computer, availability of technical assistance if needed, and so on, should be considered.

Design your dream home using these free floor plan software options. These programs will help you create and visualize your ideas on your computer screen, allowing you to build a house in 3D. Although it’s free for personal use, SketchUp does not come equipped with all the tools needed for professional design.


SketchUp is the most comprehensive free 3D design software you’ll find on the web, says Cory. This powerful home design tool is immersive enough to make it seem like you are moving through your future home, while being flexible enough to make it feel as if you’re working with pen and paper.

The free version is perfect for hobbyists, while the pro version is more suited to professionals in architecture, construction, engineering and commercial interior design.

Whether you’re building an extension for your home, a treehouse, or conceptualising your debut on Grand Designs, the thoroughness of this software will help you bring every aspect of your design to life.


Floorplanner lets you design and decorate your space in 2D and 3D, which can be done online and without having to download any software. While its interior decorating function is an excellent feature, the strength of this tool lies in its functionality as a floor planner. Then, once the floor plan is completed, you can switch view and decorate the space in 3D mode.

It’s simple to use and easy to get the hang of, so if you’re after something that doesn’t require a steep learning curve, Floorplanner is a good choice.


SmartDraw is another powerful tool in the world of floor planning. It’s easy enough to learn so no one is excluded from using it, while being advanced enough to facilitate intricate designs for more advanced designers.

With a seemingly endless selection of furniture, cars, building materials and thousands of templates and floor plan examples, you’ll be able to explore an infinite amount of possible designs and layouts for your new space. The only downside to this tool is that it’s only free for the first seven days, so if you plan on using it for longer or for multiple projects, it may be worth the upgrade.

 Planner 5D

free floor plan design software

This floor planner is aimed at non-professionals. It allows you to create home plans and interior designs. Planner 5D boasts of 17 million users who share a vast collection of design ideas on the site. This software works online and can also be downloaded on IOS, Android, and OSX.

You can draw your project and render it into a 3D representation with a photorealistic high definition. The only issue with this software is that it has some complexity that makes it a bit difficult to use for users without prior experience.

Planner 5D is free but you may be required to pay to have access to the full catalog of items. The app allows for in-app purchases and doesn’t have a price list.

 Sweet Home 3D

free floor plan design software

Sweet Home 3D can be downloaded as an app or used directly on the web browser. It allows you to design floor plans and render them in 3D. It is commonly used by homeowners and rookies. The software has limited capability and is not popular among professionals. It is useful for quick 2D floor planning.

Sweet Home 3D has a library of various furniture and allows customization such as color, texture, size, and many others. It enables you to start your sketch from a single room.

The floor plan software has four sections:

  • The furniture catalog allows you to choose a component name and drag it into the place
  • The home furniture section displays a list of dimensions of each piece
  • The home plan section shows you 2D formats of the position of walls, windows, furniture, and doors
  • The home 3D view shows your plan in three dimensions

The software is free but login information is required.


free floor plan design software

This software is one of the most popular 3D modeling and design tool. It is very famous because it is easy to use.

SketchUp has a 3D tool that helps you to draw plans and visualize how space will look from different angles. It allows you to import reference images and documents that paint a holistic picture of a particular area.

SketchUp gives you templates that help you get started after which it allows you to get creative with the tools. This software is not for drawing alone; it also provides a tool called Layout, which enables you to craft a presentation for your contractor or client.

SketchUp comes with a free trial and has cloud storage, integration capabilities, and mobile viewing. It is suitable for novices and professionals.

AutoCAD Architecture

Product Name: AutoCAD Architecture
G2 Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 121

AutoCAD Architecture adds to the features of AutoCAD a toolset that’s tailored to the needs of an architect. It leverages AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) objects (that is, walls, doors, and windows) as design elements and uses those symbols to create realistic and spatially aware, three-dimensional floor plans.

AutoCAD Architecture floor planImage courtesy of AutoDesk

Free option:
  • The student version of AutoCAD Architecture is free for students and educators for three years.
Paid option:

Because AutoCAD Architecture is a toolset bundled within AutoCAD, the pricing structure reflects the one for AutoCAD. AutoCAD’s license can either be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription. Pro and Business plans include pay per user per month, unlimited projects and unlimited sheets

  • Monthly: $195
  • One year: $1,575
  • Two years: $3,150
  • Three years: $4,725
  • Drawing documentation and annotation
  • Styles browser and tool palettes
  • Object database
  • Renovation mode
  • AEC object styles
  • Supports import of Revit grids

What users like:

“The final output for most users of this software is going to be constructing documents for building projects. What I like the best about AutoCAD Architecture is its ability to let you draw using a multitude of tools, objects, blocks, and components. AutoCAD Architecture gives you the ability to draw using “dumb” objects like lines and shapes or using “smart” objects like walls and windows that have information embedded in them, and pushes towards the BIM avenue of software. AutoCAD Architecture features a variety of import/export features and is very compatible with most other leading CAD software.”
— AutoCAD Architecture review by a user in architecture & planning


What users dislike:

“I somewhat dislike not being to render a finished design product like in REVIT Architecture, and still having to import/export plans in and out of the program to achieve a well-rounded product for the client.”
— AutoCAD Architecture review by Jack E.P.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“For smaller projects and simple floor plans and diagrams, AutoCAD Architecture is a great product. However, for more complex, smarter projects, look into other 3D programs such as Revit Architecture.”
— AutoCAD Architecture review by a user in architecture & planning


Free House Plan Software is a developing trend in architecture right now. There are many places to get an appropriate house plan software that fits your needs, but is it difficult to find the best programs and learn how they work. This article will provide you with a variety of different options in order to help you make the right decisions regardless of what you need.

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