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5 Best Wireframe Tools For Professionals

A wireframe plays a crucial role in the design process if you are a user experience designer. As a result of these wireframe tools, users can see how their website or app is going to be designed and built before they get started. As one of the main aims of wireframing, showing how the user will interact with the website’s pages and functions is one of the primary goals of this procedure. Wireframe tools are available in a variety of forms, but only five of them are considered to be the best in terms of quality.

In my role as an UX designer, I am constantly working on the creation of wireframes for user flows, as well as analyzing session recordings of the user sessions. As part of my daily workflow, I utilize a variety of wireframe templates available online in order to accomplish my tasks. In this post, I would like to share with you some of my favorite tools that I use to outline and design wireframes for custom web applications.


mockflow wireframing tool

In addition to being available for both Mac and Windows, MockFlow works as a digital whiteboard for your computer. This web-based platform provides a wide range of components that can be used to create a vast number of user interfaces, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Apple Watches and Android watches.

In addition to its large user community, one of the biggest benefits of MockFlow is the vast array of wireframe templates and UI packs that have been created by the users and uploaded to the platform by them.

As soon as the wireframes have been created, they can easily be exported in a wide variety of formats, such as HTML, wireframes, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF files, for example.

There are a number of collaborative tools included in MockFlow, such as real-time editing options and annotations which can be added iteratively.

In terms of functionality, MockFlow is entirely free, but paid options with enhanced functionality are available as well.


framer wireframing tool

In addition to being available on Windows and Mac, Framer is a web-based tool with a free version that offers a fairly comprehensive set of features and is suitable for use as a professional prototyping tool.

With Framer’s insert menu, you can easily add a large number of components to your wireframe by using the simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to work with.

You can see exactly how the actual components of your prototype would look by using the prototyping components included with Framer that display different visual states. The elements that are included are also fully customizable so that you can control how they animate as you transition between screens.

In order to share and present your work, all you need to do is share one link with the people you want to share your content with. You can also customize the background, frame, and hands of your device in the presentation mode by making them custom.

This is one of the best free wireframe tools available on the market as it allows you to add as many editions as you want and create as many projects as you like.


For web

moqups wireframe tool


  • Pro: $16 per 3 users, per month, paid annually
  • Unlimited: $49 per month, paid annually

Hot Features in Moqups:

  • Free plan comes with 5MB of storage
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack

The Moqups tool enables you to build wireframes, mockups, and prototypes within the same environment within a web-based platform. There are many things that you can do with designs such as wireframes, diagrams, flowcharts, sitemaps, mockups, graphs, and charts.

There is a library built-in with thousands of design elements and it makes it very easy for you to organize your projects with the search function and drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, it facilitates integrations with other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack as well as facilitates collaboration with them.

With Moqups, you are able to create a single project and store it in 5MB of storage for free. For an additional $16/month (billed annually), you can upgrade to the Pro plan which offers unlimited projects for one user at a time.


For web, macOS, and Windows


  • Starter Plan: $0
  • Basic: $19/editor/month
  • Advanced: $29/month
  • Professional: $69 /editor /month
  • Enterprise: email for custom pricing

Hot Features in UXPin:

  • With advanced interactivity, you can simulate the user experience more actively
  • With the help of built-in libraries, you can create interactive elements, colors, and icons
  • There is a conditional logic feature in UXPin which shows embedded user flows

It is without a doubt that UXPin is one of the most powerful prototyping and wireframing tools available today. Thus, you will be able to create maps based on a library of user interface components, which can be combined into user experience patterns, run tests on your wireframes and gather feedback from your subjects, and work together with your team in real-time at the same time.

With UXPin you have access to a wide variety of advanced interactivity tools, so you will be able to simulate the user’s experience in a more proactive manner as you design your interface by using more advanced interactivity tools.

It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, you will have unlimited access to prototypes and viewers, and with each increased tier you will have access to even more advanced features such as conditional logic, variables, and design systems (style guidelines that are applied to everyone in the team).

Fluid UI

For web, macOS, Windows, and Linux

  • Solo: $0
  • Basic: $8.25 per month or $99 per year
  • Pro: $19.08 per month or $229 per year
  • Team: $41.58 per month or $499 per year
Hot Features in Fluid UI:
  • More than 2,000 desktop and mobile elements to choose from
  • Mockup screen transition options for visual flair
  • Collaborate efficiently with built-in collaboration tools

The Fluid UI tool is a high-fidelity prototyping tool that can be used by those who need detailed mockups. With Fluid UI you can create fine-grained designs with over 2,000 desktop and mobile elements, and you can upload your own graphics to the library as well. Also of note is that there is an option to transition from one mockup screen to the next, which can add an extra dash of flair to your presentation. Finally, you can take advantage of the online collaboration tools that have been built into the platform to help your team create your website.


NVIDIA Corporation


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9. Adobe Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE)

Adobe Inc


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Software for creating wireframes, both on-premise and in the cloud, that is equipped with template libraries and drag-and-drop editors.

Price breakdown

  • Basic: Free (one project with certain app limitations, two users)
  • Premium: $14/month (unlimited projects and users)

What are the benefits of using Mockflow for wireframing?

It could be said that Mockflow is a kind of one-stop-shop when it comes to wireframing and web and mobile app development. Apart from having amazing tools and presets for fast wireframing, this software also includes a variety of other features, such as the ability to build websites and banners, as well as collaboration tools and a timeline manager. Sharing your wires becomes a lot more convenient as a result of all these extra features, and moving forward in the design process becomes much easier as a result.

For beginners, Mockflow is especially helpful. This is because it includes a lot of design presets that will save you the time you would have otherwise spent creating your own shapes and elements from scratch.

Can you tell me what the drawbacks of using Mockflow are?

Most users feel that there is a need to upgrade from the free version to the paid version because of the limitations of the free version. In terms of wireframes and mockups, Mockflow is quite specialized. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can be used for prototyping, user testing, and user interaction, you might be better off with something else. In addition, users have reported that they are experiencing lag issues when trying to navigate between multiple pages when the software is being used.

Here are some of the things that people are saying about Mockflow

  • “I like the fact that it is easy to use and easy to load. In order to work on this project, you do not need any special skills.”
  • In my opinion, Wireframe Pro is very slow and needs to be speeded up. The app lacks animations for your prototypes, as well as an infinite artboard where one can just make screens indefinitely.”


We love wireframes here at UX Planet because they let us see beyond the blank canvas. They let us imagine how your website or application will be used by users to accomplish specific goals, and simulate the paths they’ll take to get to those goals. Wireframes are the perfect way to test ideas before you build them, evaluate multiple approaches during development, and communicate your design with stakeholders. That’s why we created this list of wireframe tools to help you create better wireframes for less cost.

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