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Online Meeting Games

Online Meeting Games is an interesting new type of online gaming. Its popularity has been growing as lots of gamers have been joining, and they have formed a big community around it. What makes these games interesting is that they are played in a way that the players can benefit from them, just like playing a traditional online game, but unlike a traditional online game which players do not get anything worthwhile from them, the players of these games can always improve themselves by learning from it.

The same concept makes these games interesting to watch.

What Are Online Games for Remote Teams? 

Multiplayer interactive gaming comes in very handy when planning remote team building activities. Many of these depend on communication and collaboration, which is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level while working together to problem-solve or achieve a common goal. And because everyone is available in the same virtual space at the same time, the entire team can easily engage as a whole. 

Activities such as ice breaker games, interactive challenges with small team-dependent elements and creative get-to-know-you games are all available to make connection easier.

You could even make a friendly competition out of an online class, such as an online cooking classonline mixology class or online coffee class. Who can whip up the most Instagram-worthy cocktail? Whose homemade sushi roll looks most like the chef’s? Or put a fun spin on a virtual happy hour with virtual wine tastings and virtual whiskey tastings, where you see who is most knowledgeable about the topic.

No matter what activities your team enjoys, there’s bound to be a fun online option they can play from home.

hands typing on a laptop keyboard during a virtual team meeting

The 10 Best Online Games for Remote Employees

1. Ice Breaker

A series of get-to-know-you questions is always a simple option to kick off your remote team building event. Get inspiration from this list of 100 engaging virtual ice breakers, and choose from funny, thoughtful or short and quick questions. And don’t forget, an ice breaker can also be a fun game. Simon Says, trivia and virtual bingo all work great.

2. Two Truths and a Lie 

A classic party game made virtual via video conferencing, team members go round-robin telling three intriguing facts about themselves, one of which is false. The other members do their best to tell the truth from fiction. This is a great one for leveling out tension while getting to know your teammates on a more social level.

woman laughing with hand over her mouth while playing online games with her remote team

3. Video Charades

Jazz up a traditional game by using an online random image generator such as to create a collection of topics to distribute. Then cycle through the team on video chat, having each member act out an object for the rest of the team to guess. Try themed lists, such as office-related terminology or well-known businesses based on their logos, or go with more traditional fare, such as movies or pop culture figures. 

4. Photo of Your Life Challenge

Each team member is tasked with summing up their life in an image taken on their phones. It could be a location, a landmark, a favorite object, a chosen hobby or a beloved pet. Then the image is shared with the rest of the team with an explanation of the significance and story behind the image. This is a thoughtful way to present a more personal side to the team members who may not know much about one another, and a fun way to put your personal technology to work for a professional team-building purpose.

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Just like the ones we loved as kids! In a virtual scavenger hunt, team members are given a list of items to search for around their home or their workspace. The items can be general in nature (an office supply, something to drink out of) or specific (a wine glass, a shaker filled with salt). Add quirky details for a fun challenge (something with an eye on it, an item in your favorite color). Hunters share their treasures in an online video chat, with their teammates making judgment calls on whether some of the more questionable items truly fit the bill!

6. Donut for Slack

A nice, low-key opportunity for remote workers to chat and interact with each other one-on-one, Donut randomly pairs up team members for a round of coffee talk from a predetermined list and distributes an email notification on a scheduled interval. It’s up to the team members to coordinate their video coffee break, which gives them a sense of ownership and investment in the activity. Actual donuts are optional, but highly recommended. Pastries can be substituted, of course.

7. Time Traveler

This is a great option for exercising imagination and divergent thinking. Team members video chat and take turns describing an era, historical period or social movement they’d most love to visit if time travel were possible. From the Renaissance to the Stone Age, from pirates to Shakespearean performers, anything and anyone goes. Bonus points for anyone willing to act out their chosen time-travel period or character.

8. Pitch Me

Another creative challenge. The event leader assembles a slide deck of interesting items, and workers broken into small groups cycle through the images to give their best sales pitches for the items. How would someone sell a carrot peeler, for instance, or a propeller beanie, or a corkscrew? Encourage players to use their online tools and technology for research to refine their pitches and have them collaborate on PowerPoint presentations, TikToks or quick video ads to put their best pitches forward.

9. Can You Hear Me Now?

A fun twist on Pictionary, this one encourages interdependence and collaboration. Team members are split into groups of two. One is designated the Describer, the other the Artist. In a three-minute round, the Describer is tasked with explaining to the artist how to draw an item (such as a car) using only simple shapes and basic geometry (draw a rectangle with two circles side by side at the bottom, etc.). The image is shared via video or email with the other team members, who take turns guessing what the completed image is. The Describer gains a point for each correct guess, and each Artist gains a point for their correct guesses as well. This is a great online game for inspiring your team’s inner artists! 


Meeting games are a new feature that is specially used for the team of the company to improve their communication skill and efficiency. It will be an interesting thing to do for your team. They help to improve the communication, sense of team and leadership among each other. However, there are several things that should be learned before it applied.

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