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Best Free 60 Day Web Hosting Trial For Beginners

Whether you’re just starting out or want to grow your website, this 60 day web hosting trial is the ultimate guide will help make your purchase easier and faster. We’ll show you how to choose a plan, find the best hosting providers, and get started on building your website today.

Having a great web hosting provider can make all the difference in your website’s traffic. Whether you’re planning on creating just a simple website for yourself or for your business, you’ll want to consider certain factors when choosing your web hosting company so that you get the most for your money.

Free Web Hosting Trial for a Period of 60 Days

1. DigitalOcean Free Trial

Looking for the most reliable free trial of cloud hosting? The solution is found at DigitalOcean.

Your host will give you a free $100 credit that can be used to deploy your own server for a period of sixty days. This grants you access to hosting services for a period of sixty days, during which time you can host up to ten websites with unlimited traffic and databases.

The fact that you have an option between multiple server software, such as Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed, is something that intrigues me even more.

In addition to being user-friendly for novices, DigitalOcean enables a one-click installation process for a number of applications and programs, which means you can have your website up and operating in under a minute.

In my opinion, DigitalOcean is an all-in-one hosting solution that offers a wide variety of services, such as web hosting, cloud VPN, video streaming hosting, startups, and gaming development, and all of these services come with a free hosting trial that lasts for sixty days and does not require a credit card.

Key Features:

  • Examine the performance of the central processing unit.
  • Over 13 Data Centres
  • Determine what you require from the available RAM sizes (up to 256 GB).
  • Dedicated IP around the clock Strong Backing For It
  • Pay as you use
  • Determine SSD Disk Space

2. Kamatera Free Trial – Best For Window, Linux & RDP

Free Trial of Kamatera, the Best Option for Windows, Linux, and RDP

Everyone who wants a VPS for a web server, VPN, or RDP should go with Kamatera because it is the best option.

Given that they provide –

  • Window Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 (Datacenter, Enterprise, Standard version)
  • Window Desktop 10, 8.1 (32-64 bit)
  • CentOS Linux 7 Desktop (64 bit)
  • CentOS Linux 5,6,7,8 (64 bit)
  • Debian GNU/Linux 8 Desktop (64 bit)
  • Debian GNU/Linux 7,8,9,10 (32-64 bit)
  • Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04,14.04,16.04, 18.04, 20.04 (32-64 bit)

If you are one of those people who wants to choose everything like the type of processor, the size of the RAM, the space on the SSD, or the data centers with just a few clicks, then you are going to really adore it.

Webhosting control panels, such as cPanel/WHM, WebsitePanel, or Parallels Plesk, can be installed on Cloud Servers with a single click, providing an alternative for those who prefer not to go into the source code.

Intel Xeon Platinum processors with 2.7GHz cloak time and up to 104 cores each are used to power all of the company’s 13 data centers located in various parts of the world.

Aside from that, the size of the RAM can be increased up to 512 GB, and the storage capacity of an SSD may be increased up to 4000 GB.

Therefore, you should anticipate mind-blowing performance, super-high speeds, and complete independence.

Cloud firewalls with disaster recovery management provide a strong defense and robust data recovery against DDoS attacks, SQL injections, brute force attacks, and a wide variety of other online dangers. Cloud firewalls are essential for protecting data and servers.

In addition, a daily backup is always available. Overall, this enables a higher level of availability as well as data security to be maintained.

In the meanwhile, if you need assistance with a problem of any kind, their knowledgeable support team is there to assist you via phone calls or online chats.

Why Go With the Hardware-Software Rich Hosting Environment Provided By Kamatera

  • Authorized Microsoft Partner that streamlines the licensing, installation, and registration processes for Microsoft products, as well as provides timely software updates.
  • Free Service for People Moving
  • 24×7 Support from actual people who are quick to respond by phone and email
  • Block storage in the cloud, virtual private networks in the cloud, cloud load balancers, and infrastructure and start-up solutions for SaaS providers
  • Diagonal Scaling
  • Solutions Hosted in the Cloud by Microsoft
  • ‘Pay as you go’ Payment Model, beginning at $4,000 per month
  • Free for the first thirty days with a credit card.
60 Day Web Hosting Trial

3. Try out HostBuddy for Free.

Since it was established in 1999, HostBuddy has been around longer than both WordPress and Cpanel. The host is a division of BusinessICS International Ltd, which is the owner and operator of world-class data centers located across the globe, including in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

In addition, HostBuddy has more than 20 years of experience in the hosting industry. Their cloud hosting services provide a wide variety of enticing features, such as server rewind backups, redundant power, SSD application server cloud, quadruple redundant network, SSD database server, support for green energy, SSD file storage cloud, and a great deal more besides.

HostBuddy is so confident in the quality of its services that it provides a free web hosting trial period of sixty days with no obligation to provide a credit card or undergo verification. After verifying your email address, you will have access to free hosting for an unlimited number of websites for a period of sixty days.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Domain Registration and Installation for Free Temporary Sites
  • 60-Day Free Hosting Trial
  • Transfer of Your Site at No Cost
  • 100% Availability Guaranteed
  • Boosted Server (20X faster page loads)
  • No Cap on SSD Data Transfer Rates

4. Linode Free Trial

Linode raises the bar for the competition by selling the most advanced hardware currently available on the market.

Their servers are powered by AMD EPYC 7000 series CPUs, which ensures that almost everything in the cloud runs without a hitch.

They have just added AMD EPYC 7002 series CPUs, which have recently added processors that have up to 87% greater integer performance and 45% more memory bandwidth than Intel Scalable Gen 2 processors in the same class.

When compared to Intel on a variety of performance measures, the processor is superior.

They have NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 in their fleet, which may be used for streaming websites, gaming, video rendering, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated processes.

It offers a rendering performance that is twice as fast as the earlier NVIDIA Tesla T4.

Free DDoS protection and cloud firewall automatically make fence before any online danger, and backup is there for you in case anything goes wrong.

For newcomers who are interested in making their first move into the cloud environment, they offer block storage, bare metal, and Kubernetes for industrial use, in addition to several 1-click apps such as WordPress, Discourse, and Minecraft Game Server, all for the low price of just $5.

You will also get support from their highly experienced crew to identify solutions over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might find similar support in other cloud hosts, but not quite to this level.

However, if you don’t want to deal with any hassles related to hosting, you should let Linode manage the entirety of your server operations.

They will deploy cloud firewalls and backups, as well as install free cPanel, troubleshoot for downtimes, provide two free migrations from other hosts, and troubleshoot for downtimes. This will help mitigate loss from threats and server failures.

That way, you won’t need to worry about getting a wrinkle in your forehead just to obtain a fast look at the report of server usage and performance.

Despite the fact that you are diving into technical difficulties, you are able to fully focus on the core productive activity.

So, Why Pick Linode as Your Hosting Provider?

We’ll give you $100 to use for free over the course of 60 days, but we need to hold $1 to verify your payment method.

  • Free Migration
  • Terminal, Secure Shell, and a Preproduction Setting
  • Backup
  • Assistance available at any time by phone or email
  • Server Architecture, Migrations, and Software Deployments as a Professional Service.
  • Extensive collection of the best 1-click apps, including WordPress, Drupal, Plesk, OpenLiteSpeed WordPress, Rust Game Server, and many more.
  • Management of Cloud Resources That’s Easy to Use (Install CMSs, get details of RAM, Bandwidth and more)
  • Totally Free Domain Name System Administrator
  • Free Cloud Firewall with DDoS Protection
  • Services for Managing Web Space
  • With 11 Data Centers located in key cities across the world.
  • Integrated Circuits from AMD’s 7000 Series
  • GPUs with the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 architecture

5. HostGator Free Trial

Hostgator is a household name because it is a top contender in the hosting market. More than 8 million domains are now being supported by the host, which employs 850+ hosting professionals.

Due to its user-friendliness and affordable plan costs, the host is clearly the ideal option for website owners.

Hostgator, which has been around since 2002, provides a wide range of hosting options, including specialized WordPress hosting, lightning-fast shared hosting, reliable dedicated hosting, and feature-rich virtual private server hosting.

You can test out all of their capabilities, including free website hosting, for an entire month.

Hostgator’s one-cent sample hosting plan is available for anyone interested. In order to ensure you are a real person and not a spambot, please complete the following.

When using Hostgator, making a website is a breeze. They provide a free website creator with more than 4500 pre-made designs. You can use one of those templates as a foundation even if you have never built a website before.

With Hostgator’s one cent hosting trial, you can test out all of their features risk-free for 30 days.

Key Features:

  • Free Site & Domain Transfer
  • Free 30-day hosting trial
  • $150 Google Ads Credit
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free website builder with over 4500 Templates

Free Trial Hosting Without Credit Card

1. DomainRacer

DomainRacer is well-liked among customers as a result of the high quality of their services and the reasonable prices of their resources. The company never puts stock in marketing, instead concentrating solely on the delight of its customers through superior service. All of your needs can be met by one of its cheap web hosting services.

DomainRacer offers web hosting services like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, LMS hosting, and Application hosting(PHP, Node.js, Ecommerce, WordPress, MySQL, Magento, Joomla, Web Developer, etc). (PHP, Node.js, Ecommerce, WordPress, MySQL, Magento, Joomla, Web Developer, etc.).

Its 24/7/365 skilled customer support team is always there for you to solve your hosting quires. You can get in touch via phone, ticket system, live chat, and several messaging platforms (including email and WhatsApp). Its approximately data centers are decreases your server downtime and they are located in nations such as India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Singapore & France.

You can be certain that your website is safe from malicious attacks thanks to security features like the Firewall, Email spam prevention, DDoS protection, and Imunify360/ImunifyAV+.

DomainRacer Features
  • Reliable Domain & Web Hosting
  • Free Domain Name .IN/.COM
  • Free Website Migration
  • 99.99% Uptime Server Guarantee
  • Free Weekly JetBackup Facilities
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • HTTP3 and QUIC Protocol
  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • Free Ranking SEODefault Tool
  • Accept All Types of Payment Gateway
  • Free Unlimited SSD Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Limitless Cpanel Account
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Host Unlimited Website
  • 24/7/365 Prompt Customer Support Team
  • One-Click Softaculous Install 450+ Applications
  • Free SitePadWebsite BuilderWith 1000+ Themes

2. Linode

Another option that makes website creation a breeze is Linode, a cloud computing and hosting provider. The host uses AMD EPYC 7000 series processors in its servers, which ensures a streamlined operation.

Linode was established in 2003, and it has since expanded to serve consumers in more than 11 different countries.

Linode, like DigitalOcean, gives you a $100 credit good for a free 60-day trial of their web hosting service. In order to utilize this free trial, you must prove that you are a person by linking a valid payment card to your hosting account.

As an added bonus, your credit card won’t be charged until you really start using the service, long after your free trial period has ended. This trial is not a free trial of some subpar web hosting service; it’s a full-fledged, fully functional hosting plan on which you may build and run your own website for an entire month at no cost.

In addition to free DDoS protection, a cloud firewall, and unlimited backups, Linode now provides NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 (for video rendering, streaming websites, AI & sophisticated process, and gaming).

The best part about Linode is that you can hand over complete control of your site and have them handle every aspect of it without having to lift a finger.

Free site migrations from other hosts, Cpanel installation, outage troubleshooting, cloud firewall activation, backup setup, and more are all within their purview.

Key Features:

  • Free $100 Credits to enjoy a free 60-day hosting trial
  • 1 Data Centers over the Globe
  • 1-clicks install for apps like WP, Drupal, Plesk, OpenLiteSpeed WordPress
  • Free DNS Manager
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited Backups
  • Free DDoS & Cloud Firewall

3. NameCheap

NameCheap is an established domain registrar that began operations in the year 2000. Also available are several hosting options such as shared, wordpress, reseller, virtual private, and dedicated servers.

NameCheap is well-known for offering low-cost hosting packages.

The company’s EasyWP WordPress hosting plan is currently available for a free 30-day trial. The only thing you need to do is sign up and get your free trial—no credit card info needed.

What are the steps to get a NameCheap demo?
Go ahead and test it out without spending a dime. Get started with a risk-free trial by filling out the form below.

NameCheap Features

  • 1X WordPress website
  • 3X faster than traditional hosting
  • Easy backups and restore
  • SFTP and database access
  • Installed in under 90 seconds
  • Hosted on NameCheap cloud
  • 99.9% Uptime

4. AccuWeb Hosting Free Trial

With over 55,000 satisfied clients and 14 years of industry expertise, AccuWeb Hosting is your one-stop hosting shop.

Shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers are just some of the options that AccuWeb Hosting provides (on both Windows and Linux platforms).

The fact that they also offer domain registration, free site migration, SSL certificates, email delivery, backup services, and a plethora of other features makes their hosting packages even more intriguing.

If you have doubts about this web host, you may put their services to the test for 30 days at no cost. In order to keep utilizing their services after the trial time ends, you will need to switch to a paid plan.

AccuWeb Hosting has several different packages available. Amazing features such as 40 GB of SAN storage, 1 Dedicated IP, 500 GB of monthly bandwidth, etc. are included with their lowest monthly plan that starts at $7.99.

Features of Particular Interest:

  • Web-based VPS Management Panel
  • More choice of admin panel (cPanel, Direct Admin, & Plesk)
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Custom Built CDN with 107 pops and presents in 31 countries
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Minecraft Hosting via a dedicated server
  • Hosting in USA data Center
  • Daily Backup

Free Web Hosing for 30 Days

InterServer (1 Penny for First Month Web Hosting)

InterServer hosting

Since its founding in 1999, InterServer web hosting has served thousands of companies worldwide with services relating to web hosting. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and free hosting for the first month.

Features of InterServer hosting

  • SSD servers
  • Raid-10 storage
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free migration
  • 30 day guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Weekly backups
  • Unlimited FTP account


  • Unlimited ultra SSD storage to make your site loading times really faster
  • Global content caching for better speeds
  • Intershield protection for better security
  • You’ll get access to 450+ cloud apps
  • Sitepad website builder
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free website migration so you can happily migrate from your existing host


  • Customer support is average

InterServer pricing plans explained

There are 3 types of hosting plans provided by InterServer hosting which are listed below.

  1. Web hosting for Windows sites (monthly rates start at $10)
  2. Priced at only $2.50 per month, our standard web hosting package allows you to host an infinite number of websites and emails without ever having to pay more than that.
  3. Hosting for WordPress websites (recommended for WordPress users) costs $6 per month and includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, hosting for one site, and emails.

AccuWeb Hosting (1 Month Free Trial Hosting)

free web hosting accuweb

With more than 14 years of experience in the hosting industry, AccuWeb Hosting provides you with a variety of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers (for both Windows and Linux platforms).

Features of AccuWeb hosting

Here are the features of Windows VPS hosting:

  • Server Firewall
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • Self Managed Windows VPS
  • Complimentary Backups
  • Easy Upgrade to Premium Windows VPS Hosting
  • Web-based VPS Management Panel
  • ASP.Net 4.5 / PHP 5.x
  • Hosting in USA data Center
  • Dual Xeon E5 & E7 series Servers
  • Enterprise-Class Nimble SAN Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • Remote Desktop & Full Root Access
  • WebsitePanel Control Panel
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Microsoft SQL & MySQL Database


With free Windows VPS hosting, you’ll get the following benefits.

  • 1 GBPS port speed
  • Host unlimited domains, unlimited SQL databases
  • Free Windows VPS plan will offer 1 GB of RAM
  • No credit card required
  • Windows 2012 OS & full root access
  • Full Root Access (which allows you to easily perform administrative tasks)
  • Remote Desktop Access lets you connect your computer to the VPS server


  • Limited bandwidth and disk space

AccuWeb Hosting pricing plans explained

AccuWeb offers the following hosting plans in shared hosting.

1. Basic: You can get the following benefits with this plan for $3.99 a month.

  • 1 Website
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 750 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU
  • 1 cPanel Account

2. Premium: You can get the following benefits with this plan for $5.99 a month.

  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • 2 CPUs
  • 1 cPanel Account
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 75 GB Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth

3. Enterprise Pro: The following benefits are included in this $7.99 monthly package.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPUs
  • 1 cPanel Account
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 1.5 TB Bandwidth

Webcentral (30 Day Free cPanel Hosting)

First Month Free Hosting: 11 Best Web Hosting Free Trial [Without Credit Card]

If you’re looking for a free cPanel web hosting option, Webcentral is the place for you. You can take advantage of their 30-day no-obligation free trial there.

Features of Webcentral hosting

  • Endless, round-the-clock client service
  • Free trial of cPanel hosting for one month
  • Free trial hosting for many domains—how wonderful is that?
  • FTP account access
  • many email addresses


  • To personalize your websites, you’ll have access to a DIY website builder.
  • cPanel hosting access
  • Installing WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in a single click
  • Access to business-class anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing software will be provided (which ultimately helps keep your inbox secure)


  • When compared to other cPanel-based hosting options like Bluehost, HostGator, etc., pricing is a little on the pricey side.
  • Limited storage

Webcentral pricing plans explained

The following pricing options are provided in Webcentral cPanel hosting.

  1. cPanel Plus (This plan costs you $14.95 per month where you’ll get access to features like 20 GB storage, 20 email accounts, can host 3 websites and 24/7 support)
  2. cPanel Premium (This plan costs you $29.95 per month well you’ll get access to features like 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, can host unlimited websites and get 24/7 support)
  3. cPanel Starter (This plan costs you $9.95 per month where you’ll get access to features like 10 GB storage, 5 email accounts, host 1 website and get 24/7 support)

How to Get the Best Hosting Plan.

It can be challenging to determine which hosting package will best meet your needs. Because of this, we’ve compiled a detailed guide to assist you in comparing and choosing the best plan possible.

We’ve included a free 60-day trial of our highly regarded hosting service in addition to our tutorial, as well as some helpful hints on getting started. We hope this guide will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions, whether you’re looking for a cheap option or one with more features.

Get a Hosting Plan That suits You

Although we’ve provided some guidance in the form of sample hosting plans, there are many additional considerations to take into account before settling on a provider. In other words, would you like to have infinite space for storing your things? Want to have access to an endless data stream? Do you agree that there should be no limit on monthly costs? All of these concerns, and more, will be answered by our advisors as they aid you in selecting the ideal host for your situation.


Hosting plans are a necessary part of any business, but it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Different types of hosting plans offer different benefits and costs, so it’s important to compare them before making a decision. In addition, get a hosting plan that suits you by comparing different plans. By doing this, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals successfully.

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