7 Days to Die Dedicated Server Setup and Configuration

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You’re a busy business owner. You have work, family, and other demands on your time. But you don’t have time to play video games or watch TV. That’s where dedicated servers come in. Dedicated servers are the perfect solution for businesses that need uninterrupted access to their systems. By setting up a dedicated server, you can keep your business running smoothly and give your employees the best possible experience.

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server Setup and Configuration

What is a Dedicated Server?

There are a few different types of dedicated servers, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few examples:

1. Server-side scripting languages (SSL) can be used to create dynamic self-service websites or applications on a Dedicated Server. This type of server is great for small businesses that don’t need as much admin help as they do for larger websites or applications.

2. Dedicated Servers can be used for high-performance gaming or Massive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MMO) games. They can also be used to host large social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, without any interference from the web client.

3. Dedicated Servers are perfect for streaming media content, such as video and music, over the internet. This is because they have powerful hardware and software abilities that make it easy to stream video and audio over the internet without buffering or Latency Issues.

4. A Dedicated Server can act as your primary online home for all your email and web traffic, providing you with uninterrupted access to all your desktops across multiple devices simultaneously.

5. A Dediced Server is a great choice if you want to run your own website or application from scratch without any help from an outside source—a great option if you don’t have time or resources to learn coding/web development oneself!

6. If you want to set up your own private cloud service, a Dedicated Server may be the best option because it doesn’t require licenses, support, or maintenance fees like Azure Cloud services do.”

“Dedicated Servers are perfect for streaming media content, such as video and music, over the internet.”

What Is 7 days To Die Dedicated Server?

7 Days to Die Dedicated Server is used for playing with multiple people in the same world. Servers can be hosted by yourself, as well as by a company. Servers used to only allow up to 4 people, but that was changed as of Alpha.

“7 Days to Die” dedicated server scenarios and suitable IONOS solutions

Should your server run around the clock? And have a large game world with different mods? Maybe you also want to exceed the unofficial player limit of 16 players per server or run multiple servers in parallel?

We have considered five possible scenarios for your “7 Days to Die” server and suggested the most suitable IONOS servers.

“7 Days to Die” server scenarioRecommended IONOS Server
2-4 players, selectively onlineCloud Server L
2-4 players, permanently onlineVPS L
5-16 players, large game world + mods, selectively onlineCloud Server RAM XL
5-16 players, large game world + mods, permanently onlineVPS XL RAM
>16 players, multi-server, large game world + mods, permanently onlineDedicated server AR6-32 SSD

What are the system requirements for a 7 Days to Die server?

There is no official information from the developers regarding the hardware requirements for hosting the “7 Days to Die” dedicated server software. Therefore, the values provided below are based on empirical values. The requirements are more or less the same as other multiplayer games. The CPU and RAM should be planned around the size of game world and the number of players. The same should be considered when using different mods.

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The following hardware is recommended starting out:

  • Processor (CPU): AMD or Intel (2 cores) from 2.4 gigahertz for 1-4 players; 3 gigahertz for 5-16 players
  • RAM: 3-4 gigabytes for 2-4 players; 8 gigabytes for 5-16 players
  • Hard disk space: 12 gigabytes; additional space for saving games and installed mods

As well as the computing power, resources for the respective operating system (Linux or Windows) must also be taken into consideration for the “7 Days to Die” server application. For examplethe following additional power would be required for the 2019Windows server:

  • 1.4 GHz processor (64-bit)
  • 512 MB or 2 GB RAM (without or with graphical user interface respectively)
  • 32 or 36 GB hard disk space (without or with graphical user interface respectively)

7 Days to Die: Create a dedicated server – Step-by-step tutorial

It’s simple to put your plans into action for a “7 Days to Die” server once you have the right hardware. All you need is a suitable operating system. There is a large choice available, from the classic Linux and Windows server systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, or Windows Server, to the Steam command line client, SteamCMD.

We will show you the setup process in the following tutorial with examples from IONOS customers (vServer, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server). Windows Server 2019 is the operating system used.

Step 1: Establish remote connection to the server

The first step is to establish a remote connection toyour rented server. As a IONOS customer, you can conveniently set this up via the Cloud Panel, which is the web-based customer center. Simply log in on the login page with your IONOS login data and proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the “Server & Cloud” section.
  2. Select the server hardware you have rented for the “7 Days to Die” server.
  3. Click into the server and go to the overview of the login data.
  4. Press Download in the Remote Desktop connection section.

Run the file called “Remote Desktop connection” and click “Connect” in the following section. Enter the login data for your server. You will also find your login data in Features (User and Initial Password) in case you would like to change it.


You must classify the server’s security certificate as trustworthy when establishing the connection for the first time. You can establish the remote connection afterwards!

Step 2: Install SteamCMD

You can get the “7 Days to Die” dedicated server application from SteamCMD. This tool is a command line version of the Steam client which allows you to connect with the server’s game platform servers quickly. You can download the installation package (in this case for Windows) using this download link.


We go into detail about how to install SteamCMD on both Windows and Linux in other sections of the Digital Guide.

Unzip the ZIP file in a folder of your choice (e.g. under C:\SteamCMD) and start the installation bydouble-clicking on steamcmd.exe.Windows will automatically start the command prompt and download all the required SteamCMD files. You should see the input line “steam>” after installation.

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Step 3: Install the “7 Days to Die” dedicated server

You can then connect to the Steam servers to download the dedicated server application with the Steam input line. First, you have to log in. Logging in as an anonymous user is sufficient for “7 Days to Die”:

Create the installation folder for the server in the next step:

Finally, download the application with the following command:

Exit the command line application with the “quit” command once the download and installation are complete.


The number “294420” is the app ID of the “7 Days to Die” server application on the Steam network. You can update the server files at any time using “app_update 294420”.

Step 4: Enable server ports

You also have to enable the correct ports in firewall settings. This allows your server to exchange data with the Steam network and be available over the Internet. In the case of 7 Days to Die, these are TCP/UDP port 26900 and UDP ports 2690126902 and 26903.

IONOS customers can customize the firewall policies of their leased server in the Cloud Panel which was shown in Step 1:

  1. Log in to the IONOS Cloud Panel.
  2. Go to the “Server & Cloud” section.
  3. Click “Network” and “Firewall Policies” in the left side menu.
  4. Enter the rules for the desired ports under “Incoming”.
  5. Save new rules by clicking on “Add rule”.


Enabling ports takes some time. You can check the current status of the configuration in the top section of the firewall settings in the IONOS Cloud Panel. In some cases, it may be necessary to restart the server after configuration.

Step 5: Configure and start server

Go to the installation folder of the “7 Days to Die” server and open the serverconfig.xml file with your choice of editor. You can choose the server’s basic settings by changing the names and values, such as the server name, the required password, or the number of players. It is important to leave the rest of the configuration file content as it is. Changes should only be made between the quotation marks of the entries.

Save the serverconfig.xml if you have made any changes. Then start the server based on the configuration file by running the batch script startdedicated.bat.

Step 6: Connect to the “7 Days to Die” server

You can now log in to your “7 Days to Die” dedicated server at any time. Simply start the game using Steam and click “Join Game” in the menu. Use the search function to find your server in the browser. Type in the servername which you assigned in serverconfig.xml. Alternatively, you can use the “CONNECT TO IP …” option and type in the IP address of your server to establish the connection.

You can finally begin your self-hosted online adventure in Navezgane once the connection is established.

How to Use a Dedicated Server.

In order to start an online business on a Dedicated Server, you first need to create and configure a server. This section provides general instructions on how to do this.

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How to Use a Dedicated Server to Host a Website

When setting up your website on a dedicated server, make sure that you follow the same security precautions as when hosting your website on a web server. You can also use a dedicated server for hosting your website instead of using a web browser and then installing any software necessary for running your business.

How to Use a Dedicated Server to Power an App

Some businesses use their dedicated servers as the power source for their apps. This means that they have access to all the resources and horsepower that their web-based apps need in order to run well. In this case, you’ll need to set up separate accounts with different credentials for each app instance (e.g., user name, password). You can then use the same account credentials for both applications and avoid having multiple sets of login credentials around for different websites and apps.

How to Use a Dedicated Server to Host a Online Service

If you want your online service to be accessible from anywhere in the world, you may want to consider using a Dedicated Server as your hosting platform. This means that you won’t haveto worry about censorship or other potential limitationsimposed by internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Summary of the Differences between Dedicated Servers and others.

Dedicated servers are special machines that are specifically designed to handle online gaming and other online activities. These machines can be expensive and require a lot of dedication, but they offer a number of benefits that others may not consider. For example, dedicated servers often have faster speeds and are easier to maintain than those used by other types of servers. They also come with a built-in game library that can provide hours-long gaming sessions without the need for additional software or hardware. Finally, dedicated servers are sometimes configured with specific features and settings that make them more powerful or efficient than those used by other types of servers.

Which Type of Server is Best for You

There are three main types of servers: pure-play servers, cloud servers, and hybrid server designs. A pure-play server is designed solely for gaming purposes and does not include any other functions such as web hosting or office services. Cloud servers allow you to access your server from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal choice for people who want to keep their data safe and easy to access. Hybrid server designs combine the performance capabilities of both pure-play and cloud servers in order to provide users with the best possible experience while on site. This allows you to mix different content types (games, Office applications, etc.) on one single platform so that users never have to worry about how their bank account is affected by their online gaming habits.

What are the Different Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers offer a variety of benefits that other types of servers do not, such as faster speeds and easier maintenance. They can also be configured with specific features and settings that make them more powerful or efficient than those used by other types of servers. However, if you’re looking for a server that will handle all your online activities, a pure-play server is the best option.


Dedicated servers are a great way to start an online business. They allow you to use a single server to host your website and power your apps. Additionally, dedicated servers can be used to host services like an online store or a social media account.

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