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7 Days to Die Host Dedicated Server

A hardcore survival horror game, 7 Days to Die is the perfect game for PC if you love hardcore horror games. There are some truly creepy moments you can have in this title if you have the right configurations and hardware in place. You play the role of a character who wakes up in a dungeon after having dreamed that hordes of zombies are coming to claim your blood, and you are forced to survive.

After you escape, you’ll be locked in with hundreds of other players who are also trying to survive the same nightmare as you, and before you know it, you’ll be trapped in with hundreds of other players as well.

What is the Game.

In terms of gameplay, the game is a hardcore survival horror title developed by Polish developer Eurogamers, which was released in 2007. As the story of the game unfolds, we follow a group of individuals who are stranded on an uninhabited island after their plane crashes on the island. As a way of trying to survive, the players will need to use their wits and strength to gather supplies, build shelters, and fight off the monsters that will attempt to harm them in order to try and survive.

How to Play the Game

During the game, the player uses a controller to move around the island and interact with items in order to make progress on the island. A player can also die if he or she is attacked by monsters or if he or she falls into a waterhole that is so deep that they can’t climb out of it in order to escape. To be able to continue playing, the player will have to explore new areas and collect more resources in order to build up their shelter and defend themselves from attacks so that they can continue playing.

7 Days to Die Host Dedicated Server

Having your own dedicated server for the “7 Days to Die” game is the best way to enjoy a shared online adventure in Navezgane with friends. By using the SteamCMD command line client, it is very easy to download the dedicated server software and configure it to run on your computer. It doesn’t matter what kind of hardware you use, as long as you have it.

Dedicated server hosting for 7 Days to Die: How to setup and run a dedicated server

As soon as you have the right hardware in place, it is easy to put your plans into action for a “7 Days to Die” server. A suitable operating system is all you need to get started. It is important to note that there are many options available, ranging from Linux and Windows server systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, or Windows Server, to the Steam command line client SteamCMD, which is available via Steam.

In the following tutorial, we will walk you through the process of setting up your IONOS server with examples from real customers (vServer, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server). A Windows Server 2019 operating system is used in order to run the application.

The first step in the process is to establish a remote connection to the server

Initially, you will need to establish a remote connection to the server that you have rented. When you are an IONOS customer, you can easily set this up via the Cloud Panel, which is the web based customer center that you can access from anywhere, at any time. In order to proceed, you will need to log in using your IONOS login data on the login page and proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the “Server & Cloud” section.
  2. Select the server hardware you have rented for the “7 Days to Die” server.
  3. Click into the server and go to the overview of the login data.
  4. Press Download in the Remote Desktop connection section.

Run the file called “Remote Desktop connection” and click “Connect” in the following section. The login data for your server needs to be entered here. In case you would like to change your login data, you will also find it in the Features section (User and Initial Password).


In order to establish the connection for the first time, the server’s security certificate must be classified as trustworthy when establishing the connection. After that, you will be able to establish the remote connection!

Step 2: Install SteamCMD

You can get the “7 Days to Die” dedicated server application from SteamCMD. This tool is a command line version of the Steam client which allows you to connect with the server’s game platform servers quickly. The installation package (in this case for Windows) can be downloaded using the link provided below.


There are other sections of the Digital Guide that explain how to install SteamCMD both on Windows and Linux in more detail.

Unzip the ZIP file in a folder of your choice (e.g. under C:\SteamCMD) and start the installation bydouble-clicking on steamcmd.exe.Windows will automatically start the command prompt and download all the required SteamCMD files. You should see the input line “steam>” after installation.

Installing the dedicated server for “7 Days to Die” is the third step in the process

In order to download the dedicated server application, you will need to connect to the Steam servers via the Steam input line in order to download it. The first thing you need to do is log in to your account. In order to access “7 Days to Die”, you will need to login as an anonymous user:

The next step in the process is to create the server installation folder:

In order to download the application, you will need to run the following command:

Exit the command line application with the “quit” command once the download and installation are complete.


‘294420’ is the app ID that Steam uses to identify the “7 Days to Die” server application on their service

Step 4: Enable server ports

The correct ports must also be enabled in the firewall settings so that they can be used. You can use this feature to exchange data with the Steam network over the Internet so that your server is available over the Internet. For 7 Days to Die, these are the TCP/UDP ports 26900 and 26901, 26902 and 26903 in the case of TCP/UDP and UDP, respectively.

Customers of IONOS who are using the Cloud Panel will be able to customize their firewall policies for the leased server which was shown in Step 1:

  1. Log in to the IONOS Cloud Panel.
  2. Go to the “Server & Cloud” section.
  3. Click “Network” and “Firewall Policies” in the left side menu.
  4. Enter the rules for the desired ports under “Incoming”.
  5. Save new rules by clicking on “Add rule”.


Ports must be enabled before they can be used. IONOS Cloud Panel allows you to check the current status of the configuration by going to the top section where the firewall settings are located. Depending on the configuration, it may be necessary for the server to be restarted after the configuration has been completed.

Step 5: Configure and start server

Please open the serverconfig.xml file in your choice of editor and go to the installation folder of the “7 Days to Die” server. It is possible to change the server’s basic settings, such as the name of the server, the number of players, and the required password, by changing the names and values in the server settings window. Please make sure that the rest of the contents of the configuration file are left as they are. It is recommended that changes be made only between the quotation marks of the entries themselves.

Whenever you make any changes to the serverconfig.xml file, please save it. After this has been done, you can start the server based on the configuration file by running the batch file called startdedicated.bat.

The next step is to connect to the server of “7 Days to Die”

The “7 Days to Die” dedicated server is now available to you at any time, so you can access it whenever you want. You will need to launch the game using Steam and then click “Join Game” from the menu that appears. It is possible to find your server through the search function in the browser if you use the search function. You will have to type in the servername that you have assigned to the server in serverconfig.xml.If you wish to connect to your server using the “CONNECT TO IP…” option, you will need to type in the IP address of your server in order to do this.

Once the connection has been established, you can finally begin your self-hosted online adventure in Navezgane.

Cheapest 7 Days To Die Server Hosting

Host Havoc

With Host Havoc, you can get your gaming server from one of the most premium game servers on the market, offering you full control over the configuration of your server according to your preferences. A 99.9% uptime guarantee can be provided by the company because its infrastructure is hosted in the best data centers in order to ensure maximum network availability.

In order to maintain a strong network with true redundancy, this network is distributed across 11 cities, including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Montreal, London, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, and Sydney. There are 15 data centers spread throughout these cities. The option of using FTP or a web-based file manager can be used for those who are more experienced and would like to manage their servers themselves.

It gives you protection against source engine query attacks as well as UDP floods, as most of the attacks are aimed at exploiting your applications rather than merely holding on to bandwidth. Moreover, they provide DDoS protection with Cloudflare as an additional service. To secure your account with two-step authentication, you can use Google Authenticator to add a second layer of security to your account.

Survival Servers – Best for Performance

There is no doubt that Survival Servers is not the most popular company on our list. The company has also had a historical background that dates back to 2012, so it has quite a bit of experience. There is no doubt that the top-notch hardware consisting of Intel/AMD CPUs and NVMe SSD drives ensures excellent performance from the system. Additionally, you have the option of switching servers at any time if you wish.

It is possible for pro players to have more control over the gameplay if they have access to the FTP server. It is quite easy to use the custom-made control panel that has been created for this project. There are a number of reasons why Survival Servers is a great option for renting a 7 Days to Die server for a reasonable price.

Indifferent Broccoli

There is nothing more effective than broccoli when it comes to fighting off a horde of zombies. There is no doubt that Indifferent Broccoli is one of the best hosting companies for your 7 Days to Die server. It is recommended that you trust this green and healthy mascot if you wish to avoid lag during Horde Night.

Irrespective Broccoli offers quality hardware (i.e. minimal lag), a custom-built control panel for 7 Days to Die (enhanced with Discord integration), as well as top-notch customer service. If you ever encounter any problems with configuring your server or uploading Darkness Falls to your server, their support team is always available via Discord or email, so you can always reach them if you need any help.

Indifferent Broccoli has one of our favorite features: they offer a two-day free trial so you can try before you buy. With the help of one click, you can start your server without entering any payment information at all.

GTX Gaming – Best 7D2D Hosting Overall

GTX Gaming is a reputable company, operating since 2008. It hosts more than 500 7 Days to Die game servers worldwide. Every year, the company replaces its machines to keep up with the latest technology. All that ensures great performance. The custom panel will satisfy the needs of both a beginner and a pro.

The monthly prices start below $10, which is a really cheap option. The longer billing cycle will make the pricing even more attractive. You have a wide range of slots to choose from (10 – 120). All in all, GTX Gaming is arguably the best 7 Days to Die server host.


Rent a Nitrado (use promo code – GEEKFLARE15 to get 15% OFF) server for 7 Days to Die without any contract or minimum term. As an admin on a 7D2D server, you can use every function of the game without any restriction. In addition, you can adjust the number of undead in your web interface in the case of a few zombie creatures.

The world can be changed from Navezgane to Random Gen if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Switch between available services any time you want and easily manage all the services on a single account. Get full access via FTP, RCON, and Nitrado’s web interface. Switch between games at any time.

PingPerfect – Best Support

PingPerfect supports over 130 games, including 7 Days to Die. It offers reliable, high-performing servers at a decent price, starting from $1.15 per server slot. The advanced features include full FTP and browser support. Free web hosting will come in useful, if you want to create your own gaming community.

PingPerfect’s main advantage, however, is its excellent customer support. The response time is really short (ten minutes or even less), and the managers are eager to help. With this company, you will get the best 7 Days to Die server in terms of support.

Logic Servers

Logic Servers offers 7 Days to Die game server hosting for all the gamers out there. Their 7D2D server rentals provide restore and backup functionality, and the servers run on the top-quality, latest server hardware.

Configuration editor lets you set up the server quickly, while the mod support allows you to install popular mods with a single click. You will get Navezgane and Random Gen, Oxide and Allocs’ Server Fixes, stable and experimental versions, availability of A16, A17, A18, and A19, 7D2D web interface, and most importantly, 4 Ghz+ processor with NVMe/SSD storage.

Nitrous Networks – Reliable 7 Days to Die Hosting

Nitrous Networks offers web hosting for more than 20 games. With more than ten years on the market, it has a decent reputation. Nitrous Networks might not be the cheapest 7 Days to Die servers hosting on the list or the one with the most locations. Still, its prices are reasonable, and the uptime record is solid. The support staff is always there for you if you need help.

How to Get Started in the Game.

To start playing the game, you’ll need to first purchase it. You can find the game on many online platforms, including Steam and Apple App Store. Once you have it, open it and play through the first few levels. If you feel lost or uncomfortable, seek out help from a game expert – someone who has played the game for more than once and is more experienced than you – to guide you through the game’s menus and tutorials.

Get Help from a Game Expert

If you aren’t able to play the game yourself, there are plenty of people out there who can help guide you through its mechanics and give tips on how to save yourself and your fellow players in the event of an emergency. Contacting a game expert is a great way to get started in this Hardcore Survival Horror RPG for PC.

Buy the Game

Once you have purchased the game, it’s time to get started! The best way to do this is by buying it directly from the publisher or retailer that published it (usually Steam or Apple App Store). Buying the game early will ensure that you have access to all of its features before others do, and will also save you money on shipping costs.

How to Play the Game.

When playing the game, it is important to use the right weapons. Choose carefully which guns and ammo will let you survive for seven days in a hardcore survival horror game. If you choose the wrong weapon or ammo, you may not be able to complete the game.

Survive the Game

To survive the game, it is important to stay alive and healthy. Choose wisely which food and water sources to find and how to store them so that you don’t run out of supplies. And remember, always keep an eye on your surroundings- if something looks dangerous, run away!

Find the exit

The final goal of the game is to find and exit the game world before time runs out. To do this, you’ll need to find keys hidden throughout the game world and use them in doors or other areas to open up new levels or escape. Be sure not to spend too much time inside each level- once you’ve explored it thoroughly, return outside and try again later on!


Playing the game is important in order to win. In order to win, you must survive and find the exit. By playing the game correctly, you can make it through each level with minimal damage. Additionally, buying the game can help you play it for a longer period of time or even get more rewards.

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