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Best Seo Companies for Small Business

If your business is in need of some seo then look no further here are the best seo companies for small business 2016.

Best Seo Companies for Small Business: SEO is the process of helping the website to rank higher in search engine’s search results. It is a sixth sense for those who understand it, and may be pretty tough for those, who don’t. So if you are an owner of small business and think about hiring an seo company to solve your business problems, this article will provide you all the information you need to choose the best seo companies for your online business.

Small business owners are now turning to SEO experts for help. It’s because they know it can benefit them in terms of online presence, conversion rate, and revenue. But the question now is which SEO company should you go with? I’m guessing that’s what you want to know, right? That’s why I have prepared the best SEO companies for small businesses.

The Best SEO Company for Small Businesses. An SEO company is required to get website at top search engine ranking on relevant keywords, as more and more business enterprises run their business online than having a brick and mortar store.

Small Businesses often don’t have a lot of time to handle their SEO needs. This is something you definitely want to focus on, as your website is a major source of revenue generation. However, with limited time and budget available, it’s not easy to make the best out of the position your website currently holds.

What strategies do gurus suggest if your online business is small in size? It’s not an easy task to define most suitable, feasible and affordable SEO strategy for small business. Thus it becomes crucial to opt for the most cost-effective yet promising solution that can ensure sustainable growth of your business.

Which company is best for your business? We’ll take a look at a few of the best Local SEO companies in the industry today. 

1. NP Digital – Best for Conversion-Driven Local SEO

A lot of SEO companies obsess over vanity metrics like rankings, impressions, or traffic. It isn’t easy to find an SEO company that focuses obsessively on building top-line revenue. When I started my very first business, a job board called Advice Monkey, I was clueless. I didn’t know how to build traffic, generate leads, or boost revenue for my business. 

I saved up enough money from picking up trash and cleaning restrooms at a theme park. I gave my money to a marketing firm, and they ripped me off. I had nothing to show for my money. 

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This is the experience most people have with their local SEO firms. 

I know what it’s like to be ripped off; to lose money. You may need to keep your business going. That’s why NP Digital, my agency, is focused on conversions and revenue. We give our clients a carefully planned local search campaign that provides A to Z coverage. We work with small, local mom and pops businesses all the way up to large, multinational brands with locations all over the world. 

But we focus on conversions and revenue. Client expectations coming in are high, but our case studies show we’re able to do some pretty big things for our clients. In one case study, we were able to grow our client’s organic traffic by 2.3x

We don’t separate local SEO into separate silos. We keep all of it — technical SEO, citations, reviews, on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing — in the same marketing bucket. 

NP Digital’s client list includes:

  • Facebook
  • Viacom
  • Google
  • GM
  • eBay
  • NBC
  • Thomson Reuters foundation
  • TechCrunch
  • Cheezburger
  • American Greetings

2. Searchbloom – Best for Local and Technical SEO

Searchbloom focuses on a methodology they call the A.R.T (Authority, Relevancy, Technology) of Local SEO. One of the things that makes Searchbloom so effective at technical SEO is the fact that they’re focused on optimizing their client’s technology stack. 

Here’s how they explain it on their website

“Local SEO is not all about keywords and search engines. It’s also about making sure the foundation of your website is sound. For example, the structure of your site needs to be optimized to deliver a fantastic user experience with fast load times, mobile optimization, and secure user data. If you were a search engine, would you reward a webpage with top rankings if it was not responsive to mobile devices, had broken links, or took a long time to load? I think we would all agree that the answer is no. Because of this, optimizing your websites technology or ‘tech stack’ is crucial for Local SEO success.”

They have a point. The easier it is for customers to use your website, the more likely they are to use it. They’re technical specialists, but they’re still focused on making sure their clients see a return. It’s part of their promise: 

“We have made a commitment to ourselves and our partners that we will never bring on a new partner client unless we KNOW we can generate an ROI.”

The other parts of their service seem to back their commitment up as well. Each client receives a dedicated analyst, custom strategies, and there are no long-term contracts. They guarantee a 24 response time, but the average time is less than two hours. They share several case studies on their site, including one where they were able to produce a 71 percent increase in organic traffic for their client. They have an aggregate review rating of 4.9 stars.

Searchbloom’s client list includes:

  • Tear-A-Part
  • Jitterbug
  • Bodyguardz
  • Moxie Pest Control
  • Wine of the Month Club
  • Schwartzapfel Lawyers 

3. BrightLocal – Best for Assessing Local Search Performance

BrightLocal makes all-in-one local marketing software for agencies and local businesses. If you’re a marketer, their local platform provides you with the tools you need to manage the specific tasks of local SEO. If you’re a sophisticated client or you already have a plan that you’re going to follow, BrightLocal is ideal because it allows you to handle the implementation yourself. 

What if you don’t have the know-how you need to handle it yourself? 

They also offer services — manual submission, citation building, and management services for your local SEO campaigns.  If you’re looking for a company that can help you in a supporting role, BrightLocal is a great option. What sets BrightLocal apart is the fact that they offer software and services to both brands and agencies.

They’re local search specialists, and they have deep in-depth knowledge in this area. They work with small, local businesses and large national clients like Valvoline. They have an aggregate review rating of 3.8 – 4.9 stars.

BrightLocal’s client list includes:

  • Valvoline
  • IKEA
  • Kumon
  • Havas
  • RotoRooter
  • Halfords

Ignite Visibility

Overall Rating Based on 93 Clutch Reviews 4.8 Scheduling 4.9 Quality 4.8 Cost 4.7 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.9 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees San Diego CA

Ignite Visibility is one of the highest awarded digital marketing agency in the industry, specializing in digital marketing strategy, SEO, paid media, social media, email marketing, analytics, Amazon, and CRO. Ignite Visibility has used the same strategies they use for clients to become a four-time Inc. 5000 company (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020). Ignite Visibility is led by leading industry expert John Lincoln, has over 110 full-time employees and offers a proprietary digital marketing forecasting system allowing clients to consistently hit quarterly goals. Clients Tony Robbins Sharp Healthcare The Knot World Wide National Funding Notable Project

Ignite Visibility helped a large storage company with digital marketing and SEO.

“The traffic to the website increased 10 times and the bounce rates decreased by 80%. Knowledgeable and professional, Ignite Visibility established a smooth process, while their ability to give their full attention to clients earned them trust.” – SEO For Large Storage Company


WebFX Logo


Overall Rating Based on 233 Clutch Reviews 4.9 Scheduling 4.9 Quality 4.9 Cost 4.6 NPS/Willingness to Refer 5.0 Visit site $1,000+ 250 – 999 Employees Harrisburg PA

WebFX is a performance-focused digital marketing agency with services designed to increase qualified leads, phone calls, and transactions for clients. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Harrisburg, Penn., they have over 250 digital marketing, design, and development experts who serve customers through SEO, PPC, web design, and more. They also have partnerships with Google, Facebook, Bing, Salesforce, and more. Clients Verizon Auntie Anne’s 1&1 Subway Industries Notable Project

WebFX worked with a substance abuse facility to increase client contact and revenue by redeveloping the facility’s website. The facility reported that WebFX communicated clearly and delivered projects quickly and consistently.

“Call volume increased nearly 100% and business has been expanding, bringing profit.” – Admission Counselor, Substance Abuse Facility


Big Leap Logo

Big Leap

Overall Rating Based on 67 Clutch Reviews 4.8 Scheduling 4.8 Quality 4.8 Cost 4.6 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.8 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees Lehi UT

Big Leap is a digital marketing agency in Lehi, Utah. With over 13 years in the industry, Big Leap helps companies sustainably grow in organic reach and lead generation. They specialize in SEO marketing, content marketing, reputation management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and marketing automation to match their clients’ needs.  Clients Avis Budget Car Rental Pluralsight Nu Skin Empire Today Industries Notable Project

Big Leap helped a skin care company after negative media attention. Big Leap took over and changed its website, created keyword lists, infographics and social media content that has helped the client come back into a favorable light. 

“They’ve significantly improved our ranking on Google in previously challenging markets…Other agencies we’ve worked with haven’t been able to budge our online position, so we’re very happy with the results thus far. It’s helping our leadership team overcome issues involving prospective employees or purchasers of our products.” — Director of Digital Marketing, Skincare Company


Straight North Logo

Straight North

Overall Rating Based on 107 Clutch Reviews 4.7 Scheduling 4.7 Quality 4.7 Cost 4.5 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.7 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees Chicago IL

Formed in 1997, Straight North is a full-service internet marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, website design and development, email marketing, and graphic design. With 100+ full-time, in-house employees, they help B2B and B2C companies of all sizes generate sales leads and e-commerce revenue in the lucrative but highly competitive online marketing space. They offer a collaborative business style, technical expertise, deep experience in multiple verticals, team-based campaign execution, transparent reporting, and an unwavering focus on maximizing their clients’ ROI. Clients Keyence Dickey’s Barbeque Conduent Donnelly Financial Solutions Industries Notable Project

Straight North worked with a high-profile, professional sports franchise to set up a remarketing campaign to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. The client found Straight North accessible and transparent and is looking forward to continuing the four-year relationship.

“Straight North provides suggestions and is very engaged in our work.” – E-Commerce Manager, Professional Sports Franchise


Coalition Technologies Logo

Coalition Technologies

Overall Rating Based on 60 Clutch Reviews 4.9 Scheduling 4.8 Quality 4.8 Cost 4.6 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.9 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees Culver City CA

Headquartered outside Los Angeles in Culver City, CA, Coalition Technologies specializes in SEO and PPC but also offers web design, e-commerce development, and WordPress development. With additional offices in Austin, TX and Seattle, WA, Coalition Technologies has grown to a team of 100+ since its founding in 2009. Clients PayPal Natori Harvard Whataburger Industries Notable Project

An online clothing retailer was not satisfied with its previous marketing agency and hired Coalition Technologies to help with design, development, and Google AdWords. The partnership is ongoing, with Coalition Technologies responsible for all design, development, reporting, and marketing.

“Coalition Technologies has been great to work with. We’ve used them for countless projects, website redesigns, and other tasks. They always deliver!” – President, Online Clothing Retailer


Victorious Logo


Overall Rating Based on 71 Clutch Reviews 4.9 Scheduling 4.9 Quality 4.9 Cost 4.6 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.9 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees San Francisco CA

A San Francisco, CA-based SEO services company, Victorious has been around since 2012. With a team of 25 employees, they deliver huge returns for their clients. They offer help clients with on-site and local search optimization, link building and content development.   Clients SoFi Groupon Yahoo Spotify Industries Notable Project

A non-profit noticed they lacked a structured and defined strategy for SEO. They hired Victorious to redesign their website’s backend, improve the user experience, and optimize it for search engines. Victorious also performed keyword research to update meta descriptions across the site and improve blog content.

“Humility and knowledge and understanding of their area was really good. They’re willing to listen and take the time to get to know who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. I appreciate that.” – Mobilization Director, Non-Profit


SocialSEO Logo


Overall Rating Based on 93 Clutch Reviews 5 Scheduling 5.0 Quality 5.0 Cost 4.8 NPS/Willingness to Refer 5.0 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees Greenwood Village CO

SocialSEO is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, and social media. With three offices in Colorado – Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder – and a fourth office in Phoenix, SocialSEO and its team of nearly 70 employees has been committed to helping clients rank in search engines and market their brand since its founding in 1996. Clients Jaguar Gaiam Cadillac Cherry Creek Shopping Center Industries Notable Project

SocialSEO helped a real estate education businesses improve its organic SEO strategy. The client sells online real estate courses and needed to rank in search results to be found by potential customers. Their main challenge was marketing their courses across states since real estate regulations vary by location. SocialSEO guided the client through launching a new responsive website and blog. As a result, the client saw over 140% growth in its target markets.

“SocialSEO was engaged and was one of the few groups who had actually done research about who we were. … I’ve worked with other SEO people in the past, and there seemed to be a foggy, gray area in which we were never really sure of what was being done. … I think that SocialSEO is doing a great job of communicating at different levels of the team.” – Marketing Manager, Real Estate Education Business


SEO Brand Logo

SEO Brand

Overall Rating Based on 65 Clutch Reviews 4.9 Scheduling 4.9 Quality 4.9 Cost 4.8 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.9 Visit site $1,000+ 10 – 49 Employees Boca Raton FL

SEO Brand is a Boca Raton, FL-based agency with a special focus on technology-infused SEO. The agency has offices in Miami, Pennsylvania, Paris, and Montreal and provides services such as blog management, content marketing, public relations, and website development. The agency also offers Amazon-specific services, helping clients get found on Amazon through comprehensive keyword analysis and informed product descriptions. Clients Ceridian Mont Blanc Sotheby’s International Realty LG Industries Notable Project

SEO Brand helped a DJ company build its online presence. The project included creating and maintaining a website and Facebook page and music and image licensing.

“They helped me direct my focus and allowed me to be more creative while they do the dirty work and actual marketing.” – Owner, DJ Company


SEO Inc. Logo

SEO Inc.

Overall Rating Based on 20 Clutch Reviews 4.7 Scheduling 4.7 Quality 4.7 Cost 4.7 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.8 Visit site $1,000+ 10 – 49 Employees Carlsbad CA

SEO Inc. is an internet marketing company based in Carlsbad, CA – right outside San Diego. With over 20 years, of experience, the team of nearly 500 employees specializes in organic SEO for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses. Clients PG&E Corporation 20th Century Fox Tacori Teleflora Industries Notable Project

A cigar retailer hired SEO Inc. to increase organic traffic to its website and improve new customer acquisition and retention. The cigar retailer wanted to accomplish this goal organically, instead of using paid search. The partnership is ongoing and the Director of Sales appreciated SEO Inc.’s communication, expertise, and tailored research and approach.

“They’re not a typical robot client company. We’ve dealt with many vendors, and one of the things that distinguish SEO Inc. from others is the fact that they don’t simply read answers out of a book. Instead of telling us what the rest of the world is telling us, SEO Inc. is digging out an actual clientele base.” – Director of Sales Analytics, Cigar Retailer


Search Engine People Logo

Search Engine People

Overall Rating Based on 14 Clutch Reviews 4.9 Scheduling 4.9 Quality 4.9 Cost 4.3 NPS/Willingness to Refer 4.9 Visit site $1,000+ 50 – 249 Employees Pickering Canada

Search Engine People Inc. is a digital marketing company based in Pickering, Canada. The company, founded in 2001, has more than 60 employees and provides SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy services. Search Engine People Inc. serves small and larger-sized companies in various industries that include business services, consumer products & services, and financial services. Clients RE/MAX Subaru Intuit PwC Industries Notable Project

An emergency water damage and disaster response company hired Search Engine People Inc. to provide PPC services to help grow their brand in their competitive market. Search Engine People worked closely with the company to ensure that the latter has the needed digital structure to promote both organic search and PPC. Based on what they found in the company’s digital structure, Search Engine People also refined key words and spending, and continuously analyze data to determine best practices and execute them. The ongoing engagement generated an approximately eight-to-one ROI on web marketing spending.

“They are very proactive in their approach, reviewing data and presenting new ideas to test, learn and roll out.” – President, Emergency Water Damage and Disaster Response Company


Delante Logo


Overall Rating Based on 84 Clutch Reviews 5 Scheduling 5.0 Quality 5.0 Cost 4.9 NPS/Willingness to Refer 5.0 Visit site $1,000+ 10 – 49 Employees Kraków Poland

Delante is an online marketing agency founded in 2014. Headquartered in Krakow, Poland, Delante has just over twenty employees. Delante’s services include SEO, PPC, social media marketing and content marketing.  Clients Dr. Irena Eris Protech Botland Silvair Industries Notable Project

Delante developed and implemented SEO strategies for an online furniture store. They performed a website audit, conducted keyword analysis, and executed link-building initiatives to increase brand awareness, organic traffic, and sales. Delante identified valuable keywords and augmented organic traffic by 200%. 

“Since the cooperation with Delante started, the organic traffic is steadily growing. ” — Owner, Online Furniture Company


Infront Webworks Logo

Infront Webworks

Overall Rating Based on 50 Clutch Reviews 5 Scheduling 4.8 Quality 5.0 Cost 4.9 NPS/Willingness to Refer 5.0 Visit site $1,000+ 10 – 49 Employees Colorado Springs CO

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, Infront Webworks specializes in web design development, and hosting services. Its marketing department provides SEO, marketing, and advertising assistance. A Google Certified Partner, Infront Webworks aims to boost website traffic for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses. Clients YMCA (Denver Pueblo Boulder) Goodwill Industries Notable Project

A local PR firm hired Infront Webworks to optimize its website with organic SEO and paid media. The campaign helped the PR firm increase its ranking in Google search results, and the partnership is ongoing. The President of the PR firm lauded Infront Webworks for its flexibility, relationship-building, and SEO knowledge.

“They had a whole team meet with us in-person, via conference calls, or in our office. They are very professional.” – President, PR Firm


Logic Inbound Logo

Logic Inbound

Overall Rating Based on 31 Clutch Reviews 5 Scheduling 5.0 Quality 5.0 Cost 5.0 NPS/Willingness to Refer 5.0 Visit site $5,000+ 10 – 49 Employees Seattle WA

Logic Inbound is a digital marketing company based in Seattle. The company, founded in 2016, has a team of around 15 that provides SEO, PPC, and web design services. Logic Inbound serves enterprise and smaller-sized companies in the medical, business services, and e-commerce industries. Clients Advanced Liposuction Center Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians ClickBank Saorsa (medical devices) Industries Notable Project

A dental products company hired Logic Inbound to provide SEO services. These services include optimizing the company’s website by implementing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, FB Pixel, and other tools; laying out SEO improvements and content recommendations; and executing these improvements at proper times. This engagement resulted in improvements in organic search rankings for their specified keywords.

“I enjoyed how everyone on the team, from the founders to my POC, were personally involved and willing to help out.” – E-Commerce General Manager, Dental Products Company


Seo is one of the essential elements in online marketing. In order to succeed at internet marketing, you need to have a strong SEO company on your side. No matter the niche that you run your business, if you do not have a focused and efficient approach for SEO, chances are you website will not reach its full potential. A good SEO Company will help rank your website higher in search engine results page.

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