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Best Accounting Software for Airbnb Business

Wondering what is the best accounting software for your Airbnb business? Or, how should you manage the money from the time you rent out your short-term rental? Looking for vacation rental accounting software that would help you to keep up with all the financial aspects of your property management business.

Searching for the best accounting software for Airbnb business? It’s not an easy question to answer. Compare short-term rental software? Again, no simple solution. There are a lot of deep diving into the details involved in order to get an accurate picture of what is best vacation rental accounting software. But that’s why I created this list.

Quickbooks – Overall Best Accounting Software for Airbnb

Quickbooks is a top-rated accounting application and provides all you want regarding accounting for your business, be it a small one or incorporation. It is fast, secured, and easy to use, helping you in your total financial management. The software also lets you manage your finances wherever you are and whenever.


Quickbooks offers you three basic pricing plans: the simple start plan, the essentials plan, and the plus plan.

The simple start plan is $4 per month.

The essentials plan is $7 per month.

The plus plan goes for $10 per month.

Quickbooks also offer you a one-month free trial.

Having looked at the software with Airbnb in mind, we strongly recommend the essentials plan as a Quickbooks accounting software plan for Airbnb hosts.


  • Quickbooks help you by offering you cloud accounting services.
  • The software offers you a platform to create invoices fast and easily.
  • With Quickbooks, you can track your payments and receipts in real-time.
  • It features a consolidated customer and supplier database.
  • Helps you with the automatic generation of financial reports.
  • Quickbooks facilitate faster and clearer inventory control.
  • It offers you a broad view of your business’s financial position at any point in time.
  • The software analyzes and reports on the profitability of your projects.
  • Generates financial statements of your business quickly at a click.
  • Quickbooks grants you the ability to receive payments directly online.

Why Do We Recommend Quickbooks as the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

This is the best accounting software you can lay your hands on. It is fast, secured, automatic, cloud-based, and also speeds up accounting processes. From inventory, tax, invoicing, third-party integrations, bank reconciliations, reports, and statement generations, Quickbooks is your all-around accounting software solution. What more. We strongly recommend it as the best accounting software for Airbnb hosts.

TOPNOTEPAD – Top Accounting Software with the Best Value for Your Money

This is great accounting software specifically built for Airbnb hosts; it’s a very simple tool for Airbnb hosts to be in complete control of their businesses and finance. If you don’t want to rack your brains and worry about your finances, simply use Topnotepad accounting software. Whatever you need to be done on your books, you will find it on Topnotepad.


Topnotepad comes in three pricing plans, the free plan, the pond plan, and the lake plan.

The free plan is free, as the name implies.

The pond plan is $34.72 per year.

The lake plan is $62.5 per year.

For an Airbnb host, the recommended plan is the pond plan as it gives you unlimited space and is also budget intensive.


  • Topnotepad facilitates online payments integrating with trusted payment platforms.
  • It tracks your expenses, so you don’t have to bother anymore where your money is going.
  • It also automates your accounting processes.
  • Topnotepad provides crafted reports for you.
  • It possesses a dashboard that offers you a clear view of your business position at a glance.
  • It enables you to estimate, create and send invoices in just one click.
  • With Topnotepad, you get a simple user interface.
  • Topnotepad allows you to add attachments and import or upload leads.

Why Do We Recommend TOPNOTEPAD as One of the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

Topnotepad is cloud-based and secure accounting software which means you can work on your books from anywhere and without worrying about its security.

With its user-friendliness, simplicity, value for money, ease of use, customer support, and affordability, it is highly recommended by us for Airbnb hosts looking for the best accounting software to use in running and managing their businesses.

Freshbooks – Best Accounting Software for Customer Support

Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, especially service providers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It is a simple, intuitive, but powerful accounting software accessible across all your devices, whether PC or mobile. Its user interface makes it so easy that you don’t have to do anything much apart from inputting your data; Freshbooks does the rest for you.


Freshbooks comes in various pricing plans for you to choose from; these include –

The lite plan goes for $6 per month.

The plus plan goes for $10 per month.

The premium plan for $20 per month.

The select plan is for large businesses, and the pricing is customized.

For each of the plans, you have some add-on.

We will recommend that Airbnb hosts go for the lite plan.


  • Freshbooks tracks your expenses 25% faster.
  • Freshbooks facilitates your online payments.
  • It also helps create, send and manage your invoices faster.
  • It easily generates your financial reports for you.
  • The software works on the double-entry system, so you are ensured of your accounting process.
  • Freshbooks offers you great user-friendliness and customer integration.
  • It accepts credit card payments.
  • Freshbooks offers you the choice of sending your invoice in whatever currency or language that you want.

Why Do We Recommend Freshbooks as One of the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

Freshbooks offer feature-rich services, whether on PC or android. From the fastness, security, integration, reports, invoicing, tax preparation, and payment log, the software is worth its name. Freshbooks offers great customer support as top-rated accounting software for individuals and small businesses. We strongly recommend Freshbooks to small businesses such as Airbnb.

Instabooks – Ideal Accounting Software for Ease of Use

Instabooks is a small business accounting software best for new businesses. With Instabooks, you don’t need any accounting knowledge to run and use the software. It automates your accounting cycle steps and enables you to record daily accounting transactions in real-time using simple voice commands presenting accounts in a visually and audibly appealing manner.


Instabooks accounting software comes in three plans, the Launch Plan, the Growth Plan, and the Success Plan. They are all free for you.


  • Instabooks help you keep track of your expenses.
  • It facilitates your bank reconciliation.
  • With Instabooks, you don’t need to worry about tax; it calculates your sales tax automatically.
  • It automates your accounts payable and receivable.
  • Have a bird-eye view of your business performance with Instabooks.
  • Instabooks create reliable financial reports for you to make your decisions.
  • It serves as a document manager to store your financial files securely.
  • Instabooks offer you a fast payments system.
  • Your bills get managed as Instabooks automates its check and payments.

Why Do We Recommend Instabooks as One of the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

Instabooks is easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses. Its free sign-up and simple usage are a great enticement for you, as you will no longer bother about the cost of using the software. We recommend it as the best accounting software with ease for Airbnb hosts.

Xero – Best Accounting Software for User Friendliness

Xero is highly recommended for Airbnb business hosts. It is a very simple accounting software made for individuals and entrepreneurs who don’t need complex accounting processes to manage their businesses. It is user-oriented and gives you control even to customize it according to your needs and preferences. Xero offers you the ability to sync across all platforms.


Xero offers you six pricing plans to choose from.

The starter plan costs $20/monthly.

The standard plan costs $30/monthly.

The premium plan goes for $40/monthly.

The early plan is $11/monthly.

The growth plan is $32/monthly.

And the established plan $40/monthly.

Xero also offers you a one-month free trial.

Each of the plans comes with a different add-on.

We strongly recommend the standard plan for Airbnb hosts.


  • With Xero, you get the privilege of multiple currency accounting.
  • Xero offers you online capture and storage of financial data and information.
  • It grants you real-time tracking of income and expenses.
  • You have customized contacts and a smart-lists database.
  • You will have no issues and worry about your bank reconciliations and connections as Xero automates everything.
  • It grants you access to online payment solutions for faster processes.
  • Your taxes are calculated automatically by Xero.
  • Xero tracks your orders in real-time.
  • Accurate accounting reports are generated and presented by Xero.

Why Do We Recommend Xero as One of the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

Xero will make your financial process simplified and easily understandable. The fast data entry process it offers helps you save time and focus on other projects you need to run your business. Being cloud-based, you can work with it wherever you are, whether on the go or at your office. Its user-friendliness makes us recommend it as one of the best accounting software for Airbnb.

Wave – Great Accounting Software for Cost Effectiveness

When you need software made specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses which comprises everything you need to run your business finance, then wave is your answer. You can refer to it as the accounting and bookkeeping solution for your business. a wave is a simplified software that truly helps you understand and process your transactions whether you are an accounting professional or not.


Wave accounting software is free software and comes at no cost.


  • Wave offers you the solution of handling your finances without any cost.
  • It enables you to carry out your payments online automatically.
  • With the software, you sure are generating and processing invoices quickly and as when needed automatically.
  • Wave provides you with lots of invoicing templates to choose from.
  • It is easily understandable with a clear and simple user interface.
  • Get your financial reports generated in no time with Wave.
  • Your investments also get tracked by Wave.

Why Do We Recommend Wave as One of the Best Accounting Software for Airbnb?

Wave is the best if you are wary of the cost of running and maintaining your accounting software, as it is made open for any business to use for free. The software is built for small businesses with 1 – 9 employees. It offers you the freedom of all the basics needed. For its cost-effectiveness, we strongly recommend Wave as the go-to accounting software for Airbnb hosts.


The Airbnb hosting business is exciting but I know the bad side of it very well. As an Airbnb host, you have to spend hours (or even days) doing the financial reports and do the tax time work. You are never relieved from this kind of workload until you found some good accounting software for short-term rental income/expenses. It’s time to try out a nice accounting software that will make your life as an Airbnb host easier.

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