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Amazon Aws Web Hosting Pricing

The 5 best Amazon Aws Hosting Prices to Start is the ultimate guide for anyone starting a website or hosting an online store. It takes into account things such as price, features, customer service, and delivery time. We also take into account what site you’re targeting and which market segment you’re hoping to hit. So whether you’re looking to start your own ecommerce store or just want to increase traffic on an existing one, this guide will be of great help.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest public cloud computing service.

AWS is a cloud computing service that allows users to access the online services of, including Amazon Prime, Kindle, Echo, and Fire TV. AWS was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

What are the Pros of AWS

The pros of AWS include:

– AWS can be used for a variety of applications such as data storage, networking, web development, and gaming.

– AWS has been awarded many awards including being one of the top 10 cloud computing services by Forbes in 2017.

– AWS offers its users a wide range of options to customize their experience with the service which includes multiple tiers of pricing and features that allow users to tailor their experience to their needs.

– The customer service team is responsive and friendly which makes it easy to get started with Amazon Web Services.

How to Find aws Hosting prices

AWS prices can vary greatly from country to country, so it’s important to find aws hosting prices by country. To do this, you can use the AWS Regions tool found on the AWS website. This tool allows you to findaws hosting prices for specific countries and regions.

FindAWS Prices by Type of Service

There are a variety of types of aws hosting services available, so it’s important to find aws hosting prices by type of service. You can use the AWS Types tool found on the AWS website to find this information. This tool lets you see a list of all the different types of aws hosting services that are currently available.

FindAWS Prices by Size of Server

Many people prefer to buy aws hosting servers rather than lease them, so it’s important to findaws hosting prices by size of server. You can use the AWS Size tool found on the AWS website to find this information. This tool lets you see a list of all the different sizes of aws hosting servers that are currently available.

FindAWS Prices by Price

The final step in findingaws hostings prices is price! You can use the Amazon Web Services Price Calculator found on Amazon to get started with findingawscheapages for your desired aws hostings service. This tool allows you to findaws hostings prices by price and compare them to other providers.

Amazon Aws Web Hosting Pricing

The total cost of hosting your personal website on AWS will vary depending on your usage. Typically, it will cost $1-3/month if you are outside the AWS Free Tier limits. If you are eligible for AWS Free Tier and within the limits, hosting your personal website will cost around $0.50/month. 

Amazon S3

Description: Amazon S3 provides secure, durable, and highly-scalable cloud storage for the objects that make up your static website. Examples of objects you can store include HTML pages, CSS files, images, videos, and JavaScript. Amazon S3 makes it easy to use object storage with a simple web interface to store and retrieve data from anywhere on the web, meaning that your website will be reliably available to your visitors.

How Pricing Works: Amazon S3 Pricing is based on five types of usage: the type of Amazon S3 storage you use, where you store your website content (e.g. US East vs. Asia Pacific – Sydney), the amount you store, the number of requests you or your users make to store new content or retrieve the content, and the amount of data that is transferred from Amazon S3 to you or your users. Since you’ll deliver content with Amazon CloudFront, your Amazon S3 costs will be based on storage.

Example: Using Standard Storage in US East, if you store 5GB of content, you’d pay $0.15 per month. If you created your account in the past 12 months and you’re eligible for the AWS Free Tier, you’d pay $0.00 per month.

Amazon Route53

Description: Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It is designed to give you a reliable and cost-effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating a domain name (like into the numeric IP addresses (e.g., that computers use to connect to each other.  When someone visits your website, Amazon Route 53 will manage this domain name to IP address relationship this in a Hosted Zone.

How Pricing Works: Amazon Route53 pricing is based on three things: the number of domain names managed (paid annually), the number of Hosted Zones you use, and the number of end user queries for your website. 

Example: For a static website you’ll register one domain and use one Hosted Zone. All queries to Amazon S3-based static websites are free. The cost to register a domain varies by the top level domain you want to register. For example, “.com” is $12 annually and “.net” is $11 annually. For a list of all domain prices, see Amazon Route 53 Domain Name Pricing. The hosted zone for your site will cost $0.50 per month.

Amazon CloudFront

Description: Amazon CloudFront is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), which will host your website on a global network of edge servers, helping users load your website more quickly. When requests for your website content come through, they are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, closest to where the request originated from, so your content is delivered to your end user with the best possible performance.

How Pricing Works: Amazon CloudFront pricing is based on the three things: the amount of data you transfer to your end users, the number of user requests (for both http and https content), and the CloudFront locations you use (which will depend on the global diversity of your users).

Example: Let’s say your website uses CloudFront for a month (30 days), and the site has 1,000 visitors each day for that month. Each visitor clicked 1 page that returned a single object (1 request) and they did this once each day for 30 days. Turns out each request is 1MB for the amount of data transferred, so in total for the month that comes to 30,000MB or 29GB (1GB = 1,024MB). Half the requests are from the US and half are from Europe, so your monthly total for data transferred comes to $2.47. Also, each click is an HTTP request, so for the month that equals 30,000 HTTP requests, which comes to a total of $0.02 for the month. Adding the two values together, the total cost for using CloudFront for this example would be $2.49 for the month.

If you created your account in the past 12 months, you are eligible for the AWS Free Tier. With AWS Free Tier, the first 50GB of data transferred out and the first 2,000,000 HTTP/HTTPS requests are free so for this example, your bill for the month would be reduced to $0.00.

AWS offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for over 200 cloud services. With AWS you pay only for the individual services you need, for as long as you use them, and without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing. AWS pricing is similar to how you pay for utilities like water and electricity. You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

How do you pay for AWS?


Pay-as-you-go allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting budgets and improving your responsiveness to changes. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk of overprovisioning or missing capacity.

Save when you commit

For AWS Compute and AWS Machine Learning, Savings Plans offer savings over On-Demand in exchange for a commitment to use a specific amount (measured in $/hour) of an AWS service or a category of services, for a one- or three-year period.

Pay less by using more

With AWS, you can get volume based discounts and realize important savings as your usage increases. For services such as S3, pricing is tiered, meaning the more you use, the less you pay per GB. AWS also gives you options to acquire services that help you address your business needs.

Amazon Lightsail pricing

With Amazon Lightsail, you pay a low, predictable price. Lightsail bundles resources like memory, vCPU, and solid-state drive (SSD) storage into one plan, so budgeting is easy and straightforward. All Lightsail plans include static IP addresses, domain name system (DNS) management, one-click secure shell protocol (SSH) terminal access (Linux/Unix), one-click RDP access (Windows), highly available SSD storage, and server monitoring. All of Lightsail’s features—from free tier options to those with more compute—are offered in bundled plans.

No-nonsense monthly pricing

Focus on your code, not your bill. Lightsail bundles all the resources you need into a single, simple price. 

Get started with Lightsail for free

Included in all Lightsail plans

  • Static IP address
  • Intuitive management console
  • DNS management
  • one-click SSH terminal access (Linux/Unix)
  • one-click RDP access (Windows)
  • Powerful API
  • Highly available SSD storage
  • Server monitoring

AWS Free Tier

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Amazon Lightsail for free. Sign up and receive one year free of 50 GB content delivery network (CDN) distributions, one year free of a 5 GB object storage bundle, and three months free on select container, instance, and database bundles. If you are linked to an organization (under AWS Organizations), only one account within the organization can benefit from the Free Tier offers. Check out the AWS Free Tier FAQs to learn more.

For a limited time, Lightsail is extending its free tier to include three months free on select bundles. The offer applies to new or existing AWS accounts that started Lightsail usage on or after 7/8/2021. Offer only applies to one bundle per account. Standard charges apply after first 750 hours of usage of the selected bundle each month. Check out the following offers and save now on Amazon Lightsail.

Three months free on Linux/Unix bundles: $3.50 USD/month, $5 USD/month, and $10 USD/month

Three months free on Windows bundles: $8 USD /month, $12 USD/month, and $20 USD/month

Three months free on the $15 USD/month Database bundle

Three months free on the $10 USD/month Container service (Micro -1 node)

12 months on CDN

AWS Amplify pricing

Amplify Framework

When you use the Amplify Framework (Libraries, CLI, UI Components), you pay only for the underlying AWS services you use. There are no additional charges for using the Amplify Framework.

Static Web Hosting

AWS Amplify Console is priced for two features ‒ build & deploy, and hosting. For the build & deploy feature the price per build minute is $0.01. For the hosting feature the price per GB served is $0.15 and price per GB stored is $0.023.

With the AWS Free Usage Tier, you can get started for free. Upon sign up, new AWS customers receive 1,000 build minutes per month for the build and deploy feature, and 15 GB served per month and 5 GB data storage per month **for the hosting feature.

Static Web Hosting – Free Tier

Build & Deploy

1000 build minutes per month 


5 GB stored per month 

15 GB served per month  

The free tier expires at the end of your 12 month AWS Free Tier term.

Static Web Hosting – Pay as you go

Build & Deploy

$0.01 per build minute


$0.023 per GB stored per month

$0.15 per GB served

Multiple sites per project, public SSL certificates included at no extra cost

Pricing examples (outside free tier)

  • Example 1A startup team with 5 developers have an app that has 300 daily active users. The team commits code 2 times per day.Monthly build & deploy charges
    • Assumptions: Average build time = 3 mins; Number of work days/month = 20
    • Total build time per month = num of devs * num of commits/day * num of days * avg. build time = 5*2*20*3 = 600 build mins per month
    • Monthly build & deploy charges = 600*.01 = $6Monthly hosting charges
    • Assumptions: Web app size = 25 MB, average size of page requested = 1.5 MB
    • Monthly GB served = Daily active users * average page size * days = 300 * (1.5/1024) * 30 = 13.18 GB
    • Monthly GB stored = web app size * number of monthly builds = (25/1024)*(5*2*20) = 4.88 GB
    • Monthly hosting charges = 13.18*$0.15 + 4.88*$0.023= $1.97 + $0.11 = $2.08Total monthly charges
      Total charges = Build & deploy charges + Hosting charges = $6+$2.08 = $8.08 per month
  • Example 2A web app has 10,000 daily active users and is updated 2 times per monthMonthly build & deploy charges
    • Assumptions: Average build time = 3 mins
    • Total build time per month = num of updates/month * avg. build time = 2*3 = 6 build mins per month
    • Monthly build & deploy charges = 6*.01 = $0.06Monthly hosting charges
    • Assumptions: Web app size = 100 MB, average size of page requested = 1.5 MB
    • Monthly GB served = Daily active users * average page size * days = 10,000 * (1.5/1024) * 30 = 439.45 GB
    • Monthly GB stored = web app size * number of monthly builds = (100/1024)*2 = 0.19 GB
    • Monthly hosting charges = 439.45*$0.15 + 0.19*$0.023= $65.92Total monthly charges
      Total charges = Build & deploy charges + Hosting charges = $0.06+$65.92 = $65.98 per month


There are many great AWS hostings prices available, but it is important to find the best ones for your needs. By findingaws hosting prices that are affordable and high-quality, you can get a server that will be a good fit for your business. While there are many excellent Amazon Web Services hostings prices available, we have picked three of the best ones. Thanks for reading!

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