Review: Pricing, Alternatives, Features & FAQs

If you’re trying to decide between Clickfunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Builderall, or Groovefunnels but want an unbiased assessment of, read on. In this review, we examine in greater detail this free platform that combines email marketing, sales funnels, landing pages, and marketing automation!

We’ll talk about the truth about Systeme.Io Overview Beginner in this article. is the best solution for launching a successful business since it offers all the necessary tools on a single platform.

After reading this evaluation, you ought to be able to judge whether Systeme will be useful to you and aid in the expansion of your company.


What is

The entirety of what you require to manage your internet business is provided by Aurelien Amacker, a tech expert who began as a consultant and currently runs a very successful online coaching firm, developed a complete marketing platform.

He became dissatisfied with having to use so many different programs when working on the blogs of his clients and made the decision to develop his own platform that would handle all the other operations without switching between tools. has gained thousands of users in other nations since its introduction in France in 2010 and has become a huge hit.

To learn more about, including its features, please read the other sections of this review. has gained a significant following with thousands of consumers in numerous nations since its introduction in France in 2010.

Please continue reading our review to learn everything there is to know about the service, including its benefits and drawbacks, pricing, customer support, and features as a dependable, complete marketing platform for a fully functional membership website. Watch the video below instead.

Who Is Systeme.Io Best For?

Both inexperienced and seasoned business owners will benefit greatly from In reality, when compared to the competitors, may be the solution that is easiest to use as a general marketing platform.
The closest thing to mind is Kajabi, which is also five times as pricey!
According to people with actual businesses, has everything you need to manage and operate a 6-figure online business with ease.

In this Systeme io review, we have looked at how it is perfect for new bloggers, marketers, small business owners, internet entrepreneurs, etc. who want to engage in any marketing and sales activity that uses any of the following:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Promotion to Market Online Courses
  • Ecommerce and Drop-Shipping
  • Webinars
  • E-commerce and Blogging Integrations
  • Building your own affiliate program
  • Automating your business
  • plus a lot more!

We shall briefly discuss on the importance of in sales funnels, Email promotion, online courses, and Drop-shipping.

Sales Funnels

You will certainly be informed by any marketing professional just how difficult it can be to construct a sales funnel that is effective. It is really easy to set up high-quality funnels with, as it allows you to create them in just a few clicks. There are pre-built websites that are adeptly created to offer you a lot more conversions, so you can be able to offer more while putting a lot less effort into it.

As you know, you can create sales funnels in just a few clicks now and easily offer a lot more with much fewer efforts by building sales funnels right in just a few clicks. The platform makes it easy to build sales funnels right from the start. As a result of this incredible sale funnel feature, you are able to create your advertising and marketing platform from the ground up.

In addition to offering electronic goods, it can also be used to offer physical products. There are many features you can use in this platform like creating landing pages, thank you pages, doing A/B split tests, tracking your sales statistics, automating your business procedures, etc. There is a drag-and-drop editor in the builder that allows you to customize the build.

One of the best features of this platform is that it allows you to create a marketing page that is specifically tailored to your brand. In addition to assisting you to boost your sales rates, the sales channel builder is customized especially for your requirements. Furthermore, it monitors the success of your business and gives you the opportunity to inspire your clients to obtain something from you.

Email Promotion

In order to be successful online, email marketing is an integral part of any business’s marketing plan. can help you if you wish to do email advertising as well. Today, scalable and tailored e-mail automation allows you to easily reach all of your marketing objectives.

It is essential to have a system that allows you to deliver your message to your customers’ inboxes efficiently. You can certainly send customized emails with the system’s integrated e-mail marketing tools, and you can also scale and automate the whole process.

With a straightforward interface, you can create unlimited emails. You can work more efficiently with the message processor. Keeping in touch with your subscribers is crucial to the success of your list.

Refining all the customers is the most convenient way to optimize e-mail marketing. In addition, you can also offer your future customers a few free things in exchange for their business.

Online Courses

With, you can create and launch an online course quickly and also easily without having to search for more third-party systems in order to develop your online course. All your monitoring will be performed from one convenient control panel thanks to, which also has tools for marketing and marketing your online course.

Even managing affiliates for your courses is possible from the same platform, supercharging your marketing and sales results.

Ecommerce and Dropshipping

The second most important feature of is its ability to enable you to sell items directly to your target audience, which is yet another key attribute of it. The integrated eCommerce function of enables you to offer both digital items as well as physical products on your website.

The best thing about this solution is that you do not need to worry about integrating third-party software or a payment gateway. Every little thing can be controlled from the same place, and it can be activated in just a few clicks.

If you run a dropshipping business, has all the functionality you need to create high converting funnels to sell your physical products to the most number of customers.

Benefits of Using

Campaign promotion

There are several tools in Systeme IO that are grouped under a single category that help users and businesses to get their online services up and running as soon as possible. Using Systeme, you are able to easily create promotional campaigns on your website that will help you to increase traffic to your site as a result of your promotional campaign.

You will see an increase in ranking and reviews when more customers visit your page, which can help you earn revenue and build a better reputation, as the rankings and reviews increase with more customers visiting your page.

Furthermore, Systeme IO also allows you to create multi-commission based products, which makes it easier for you to eliminate the need to heavily rely on third-party software in the future. It is obvious from all of these factors that is an effective platform, and its impact has been shown in our review of it.

Enhances blogging

There are many people out there that think that blogging is no longer available out there and that it is not helpful to anyone, but that is not the case because through blogging, individuals and searchers are able to gain information about products and understand more about the business and company behind them.

Besides having tools for managing content, Systeme IO is also templated and designed specifically for you to help you get started in the blogging world. With the help of a search engine optimization strategy, specific keywords, and an eye-catching website, you can definitely increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Email marketing service

It is equally important to not only lay out the foundation for your business, but it is also important to have email marketing tactics in place so that your clients and users are able to interact safely with you.

The great thing about Systeme Io is that it allows you to send personalized emails, increase the number of people who have subscribed to your newsletter, and even give you the ability to automatically set up an autoresponder to follow up on past emails that have been sent.

As a matter of fact, you could even create multiple emails using Systeme IO if you were looking to broadcast a sale on a large scale with the help of Systeme IO.

Online courses

When you start a new online business for the first time, it can be a challenging process and may seem daunting at first, especially when there are so many official corporations and platforms that claim to have “got it all” in order to help you get going.

There is a possibility that you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for these different tools if you do not have the proper guidance. Io has created a feature that is able to be used to create an online course that you can use to avoid this system.

By doing so, you will be able to become a more independent person without having to seek the help of any third parties. In addition, you will also be able to use all the tools within one dashboard for a variety of purposes, such as creating, selling, marketing, and much more, without the need to switch between several programs. Pricing

Let’s do a deeper dive into the pricing in our review. has a very transparent pricing model we see in this review. It has paid plans that are as follows:

Free Account ($0/month)

Of course, in our Systeme io review, we’ll look at the Free plan, which includes marketing automation, 1,000 contacts, three sales funnels, and unlimited emails. However, it excludes evergreen or customized webinars.

Startup ($27/month)

This subscription includes tools like marketing automation, 5,000 contacts, ten sales funnels, unlimited emails, five membership sites, and more. It has one unique domain.

Webinars ($47/month)

With this subscription, you may design 50 sales funnels, send an unlimited number of emails, and have 10,000 contacts. Additionally, it has 50 coupon codes, ten custom domains, ten webinars, and 20 membership sites.

Enterprise ($97/month)

You get 15,000 contacts, limitless emails, funnels, and membership sites with this account. Additionally, you receive unlimited custom domains, members, custom domains, file storage space, and webinars all on one platform. Features

Sales funnels

The excellent funnel builder offered by borrows heavily from Clickfunnels, arguably the greatest funnel builder available today. I’ve tried a lot of funnel and page builders, and this one is the best by far because it’s simple to use, attractive, and—most importantly—not at all slow. The page builder at is lightning quick compared to Kartra, another all-in-one marketing tool, making it simple to construct anything. And you’ll value this functionality a lot if you create a lot of optin pages and A/B split test pages!

With a clear overview of the entire procedure, it is also quite simple to create full-on sales funnels with numerous pages and steps. Even if you’re a beginner, you may discover a pre-made design to utilize that suits your needs because there are so many available. There is no coding necessary when using the page builder; simply drag and drop, click, and see what happens.

Email Marketing

Without an email marketing capability, would not be complete, and they excel in this area as well. You can program automation and email sequences to last for days. The page builder and the integrated opt-in forms provide you everything you need to collect visitor email addresses. Only thing I would have preferred is a drag-and-drop email builder similar to Aweber.

Additionally, the email deliverability is excellent, so there won’t be any problems with emails ending up in spam folders. A complete contact management system is also available on, allowing you to monitor who opted in, what funnel they utilized, whether they made any purchases, etc.

Marketing Automation

It’s also a wonderful idea to automate your complete onboarding process. You may choose from a wide range of sophisticated rules and features, such as “if->when” and other options. You may create lists based on the actions that leads perform, add custom tags to them, and enroll them in a membership area.

Membership Sites

Would you like to integrate a complete membership portal as well? That’s also easy, because’s free plan gives you access to one membership site.
Systeme recently upgraded the membership portal’s design, and it looks great. Both written and video courses can be created, and the videos can either be uploaded to directly or, for ease of use, simply linked to private YouTube videos.

Affiliate Program

Would you like to manage your own affiliate network for your online courses and digital goods? You have had access to that capability in since the beginning. Within, you can set up your affiliate program structure, the percentage of commissions they receive for each sale, and affiliate link management.

Evergreen Webinars

If you frequently attend webinars, you’ll need to subscribe to the webinar plan, which costs $47 per month overall. It’s a fantastic function to have and integrates well with optins, email marketing, sales pages, and eventually the sales pages.


No trustworthy system. A proper io review would include a comparison of the alternatives. The following are some of the top alternatives if you’re still not convinced if is the correct choice for you:


The bigger sibling of in terms of pricing ($149/month), quality, features, and popularity. Since Kajabi has been operating for a while, its platform has been improved, and it even offers a mobile app for users who wish to take classes on the go.


Another all-encompassing marketing tool that costs $99 a month and falls between between and Kajabi. For the most sophisticated marketers, Kartra has ridiculous levels of automation and rules. The page builder’s incredibly slow speed is something I don’t enjoy.


Clickfunnels, a highly regarded sales funnel builder, is the buzzed-about marketing automation on everyone’s list. However, they are lacking other functions, such as email marketing, for which you must pay extra each month.


Although Builderall costs a little more than, the tools it contains are a mess. The idea of having one platform to streamline your workflow is defeated by the fact that each tool functions almost like a standalone program.


Since there are better options, I would advise against bothering with this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Systeme io? is an online business marketing platform that enables you to manage your affiliate network, send emails, manage customers, generate leads, and sell digital products all from the same place.

This significantly reduces the requirement for a variety of tools and the necessity of integrating them all, which frequently leads to unneeded technical issues and hassles. As it becomes significantly less expensive to pay for one service than, say, six distinct ones, you also save on monthly expenses.

Is Systeme io good? is excellent for newcomers, small business owners, and seasoned marketers alike who want to streamline their operations, cut costs, and generally make life easier.

How does Systeme io work? serves as a platform for lead generation and marketing that helps turn website visitors into customers. It’s accomplished by building a sales funnel with an optin form, using email marketing to send emails, leading people to a sales page, and closing the deal.

Is Systeme io free? is completely free, and the free plan includes pretty much everything you need to start your online business, including membership sites, sales pages, funnels, email marketing, and the ability to sell things. There are restrictions on how many features you can utilize simultaneously under the free plan, but upgrading is worthwhile given how inexpensive it is in comparison to other options.

Final Words

So far in this review, we have discussed the features and primary advantages. The pricing is, of course, the main advantage! Even if you choose the webinar plan, which will cost you $47 a month (it’s CHEAP), where you would receive evergreen webinars, it is significantly less expensive than other platforms of a similar nature.

In conclusion, I would say that is amazing overall, but it could use some minor adjustments. They are working on it, though!

It’s free to try out, therefore I’ll advise you to create an account and just use it to see what I mean for yourself.

And if you like it, you’ll just pay them because, well, they’re awesome.