Tagembed Review: Unique Features, Pricing and FAQs

Are you having trouble with your brand’s online conversions? Do you not use client testimonials to increase reach and engagement for your marketing campaigns?

According to reports, including customer feedback on the website has outperformed many crucial marketing tactics by producing exceptional results in crucial campaigns.

Additionally, user-generated content or customer reviews have changed the game for firms struggling with low online conversion rates.

Sounds intriguing?

To further understand how embedding reviews on websites benefits businesses and how you can use this strategy in your own business, let’s learn about the top social media aggregator application Tagembed.

Increased engagement, traffic, social reach, and money can all be achieved with Tagembed.

To build social proof, boost engagement, social trust, and conversion, Tagembed aggregate, monitor, and integrate social media feeds on the website.


What is Tagembed?

There is a powerful social media aggregator tool known as Tagembed that provides you with a new and powerful way of distributing content that goes beyond social networking websites. It allows you to gather, curate, and moderate visually stunning and engaging social media widgets that can be used on your website for visual impact and engagement. Using Tagembed is a one-stop solution designed to increase social reach, traffic, engagement, and money all at the same time. A flexible social feed widget allows you to upscale your marketing efforts to the next level. In order to gain credibility and transparency on your website, you can include consumer testimonials on it. It is possible to increase engagement and conversions on your website by displaying social media stories that have been shared by your customers.

In order to give your website a more vivid appearance, it is possible to create visual galleries from your social network postings and easily put them on your website. Your website visitors will be able to access high-quality content from different social networking sites by embedding, discovering, curating, and collecting social media content from different social networking sites on your website. The visitor experience on your website can be improved, the audience can be more involved, and the time the visitor spends on your site can be lengthened. It is possible to monitor and manage the content that you want to share with the world using the comprehensive content filtering feature that is available here.


  • Online stores
  • Small businesses
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Marketing agencies
  • Developer and etc.

Why Using Tagembed is the Best Way to Embed Airbnb Reviews?

There is no doubt that Tagembed is an incredibly useful tool that assists users in collecting social media feeds from the social media platforms that they desire to use. As well as allowing users to curate and customize the collected feeds, this tool also facilitates the process of adding them to the website by assisting them in adding them. The short version of the story is that it makes the whole process of embedding easier. 

Nevertheless, there are many other benefits that can be derived from these tools. As a result of the tool, you are provided with a dedicated Airbnb review widget which works as a functional block on the website. This widget displays the reviews in a very easy way and does not affect the site’s performance in any way.

In addition, the tool also allows you to customise the widget according to your requirements. Among other things, you can change the font size, background color, widget font style, and a lot more. The content can also be moderated according to your needs and you will also have the option of modifying it as you see fit. This means that you can even hide the reviews on your website, thus misleading your customers and hurting your brand’s reputation.

Thus, it saves you time, gives you the ability to customize, it allows you to control the content, and so on. Besides, what else do you need to consider when it comes to using Tagembed for embedding Airbnb reviews on the website if that is the best option for you.

The tool also allows you to showcase these reviews in different styles, which makes it even more attractive for your website and allows you to boost the effectiveness of this strategy by making it more appealing.

Tagembed Features and Widgets

1. Create original content

Users may construct their amazing social networking widgets and visual galleries using the platform’s distinctive layouts, embed themes, color schemes, banners, and content styling.

2. Filtering of advanced content

By using Tagembed’s powerful content filtering options you will be able to sort and organize the content you wish to display by removing unnecessary and irrelevant content from it.

3. Content updates that are instantaneous

Using Tagembed’s auto-curation feature, you will be able to curate content automatically (to your feeds) and receive authentic, fresh content that can be shared on social media platforms immediately.

4. Analytics-based reports

It offers robust, detailed analytics that can be used to generate reports and track various aspects of social widget performance such as active users, views, engagement, content cloud, and so much more.

5. Mobile-friendly widgets

As a result of its quick and responsive design, you will be able to confirm the seamless performance of your website even after embedding visual galleries, hundreds of posts, and numerous social media feeds on it. 

6. Create Custom CSS

In addition, its custom CSS component gives you endless possibilities to customize your feeds with a wide variety of themes, ideas, and concepts that can make your feeds more dynamic, engaging, and creative for a better user experience, as well as more personalized.

 Social Media Widget


Using Tagembed, you will be able to upscale your marketing initiatives with a responsive social feed widget.

As a website owner, you can embed a social media widget that is creative, engaging, and responsive by collecting, curating, and adding social feeds from different social channels to your website.

You can seamlessly integrate social feeds into your website with social media widgets.

To better understand how Tagembed’s social widget solutions work, please take a look at the screen below:


Social Widgets on Websites: Why?

  • The purpose of this campaign is to drive traffic and engagement to the website
  • Achieving brand awareness and reaching a wider audience
  • Create social proof by building a following
  • Lead generation is the process of generating new business

Social Widget Benefits

1. Beautiful Visuals – Creative Customization

To make your social widget more appealing and exciting, you can choose from a wide variety of vibrant themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and templates and customize them to make them look just the way you want.

2. Advanced Moderation To Maintain Quality

By using Tagembed’s moderation feature, you will be able to filter out non-essential social content from your website in order to provide your visitors with high quality content.

3.Analytics that measure performance in a detailed manner

It is possible to track the social widget’s performance

Review Widget

tagembed review-review-widget

You can embed a review widget on your website to build your brand’s reputation as well as build faith in your company.

With the help of the Review Widget, you can easily highlight your customers’ testimonials on your website, creating a more transparent and genuine look and feel.

To understand how Tagembed’s review widgets work, take a look at the screen below:


How Tagembed help you accentuate confidence and dependability for your brand, refer to this image below-


Tagembed Review Widgets Benefits

  • Showing trust and advocating for the brand is essential
  • Ensure that reviews are monitored as per the requirements.
  • The ability to measure performance in detail using detailed analytics

Try for free if you want to boost conversions and sales


Story Widget


Using Tagembed’s social media story widget, you can display social media stories on your website in order to raise engagement, social reach, and conversions on your website.

Take a look at this screen below to get a better understanding of social stories solutions by Tagembed


What is Story Widget and why do we need it? 

For a better understanding, please refer to the image below:


Benefits of Tagembed Story Widget-

  • Increase the vibrancy of your website
  • Improve the performance of your website
  • Solution that is quick and responsive to your needs
  • Performance can be measured in detail by using detailed analytics

Album Widget


Through the Album widget, you can create stunning visual galleries with social media posts & easy embedding on your website for a vibrant look.

Check this screen below to understand photo album widget solutions by Tagembed-


Why Embed Album Widget?

Check this screen-



  • All content in one place
  • Highlight your special content
  • Detailed analytics to measure performance

Tagembed Pricing


The pricing and plans are ideal for website embedding, and they feature monthly and yearly suggestions. If you choose one of the plans, you save 20% off the regular price.

There are four plans available, and each of them comes with a free trial period, so check them out here.

1. Lite Plan– 

In this Free Plan, you will get access to one feed, 2000 views per month, 5 social platforms, 12 hours of update time, no custom CSS and no API access, with Tagembed branding, and this is good enough for you to get started and learn how it works.

2. Basic Plan-

This basic plan is ideal for startups since it costs only $9 per month. Two feeds are available, as well as more than 10000 views per month, 15+ social media platforms, a LinkedIn manual, 2 hours of update time, no custom CSS, no API access, and no ads are displayed on the site.

3. Pro Plan-

Small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of the Pro plan at $19/month, which offers four feeds, 100000 views per month, 15+ social platforms, a LinkedIn manual, 30-minute update time, custom CSS, no API access, and 100% ad-free content. 

It is also their best-selling plan up to this point.

4. Plus Plan-

As a result, the Plus plan at $ 39/month is one of the best options for large businesses and agencies. The program includes 16 feeds, unlimited views, 15+ social platforms, a LinkedIn auto update, 15 minutes of update time, custom CSS, API access, and is 100% ad-free, as well as 16 feeds, unlimited views, 15+ social platforms, and more.

To see the features shown under each plan for embedded pricing, please refer to the image below:


Also, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime. As you upgrade, it will also raise the number of collaborators.

Tagembed Alternatives


With Walls.io, users are able to aggregate, curate, and display content from multiple social media platforms in one easy to use application. Set up a new social wall is easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes, and it can be used in so many different ways.


In order to display social media feeds on websites and digital screens, brands can utilize Onstipe, a social media aggregator tool, to collect, curate & create a social wall that displays social media feeds from their social media accounts.


With Curator.io, you can aggregate social media posts in a simple, brandable way. I would highly recommend this product to small businesses, agencies, brands, online shops, event organizers, and website owners.


In Juicer, you can blend posts from your various social media accounts into a feed on your website that updates automatically with the latest posts from your different social media accounts. With an easy-to-use tool like this, you can maintain the content on your website as it does all the work of pulling in your social media posts and displaying them on your website…


In order to find and collect public social media within seconds of it being posted on networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media networks, Tagboard uses hashtags to search and collect. A number of robust tools are available that allow users to choose specific posts to be featured on the website, on broadcast TV, or on large displays.


What platforms does Tagembed support?

The social networks included in this package are Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Airbnb Reviews, Yelp Reviews, as well as 20+ other social networks.

Does Tagembed offer an API?

There is a complete set of documentation available on our website, and you can download it.

Who are the main user groups of Tagembed?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Web Designers
  • Ecommerce Experts
  • Education Institutes
  • Fashion Industry

Does Tagembed offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

tagembed offers a knowledge base which answers all of your questions, as well as an option for live chat support.

Does Tagembed offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes, tagembed has a collaborative feature that allows multiple users to work together.

What is Tagembed generally used for?

To Display User Generated Content on Website

What are some applications Tagembed is commonly used in tandem with?

Sim Resource, Amex Events, Salisbury University, Yamaha Indonesia and 10,000+ brands

Does Tagembed integrate with any other apps?

The Services can be integrated with Wordpress, Shopify, Weebly, Godaddy, Webflow, Pagecloud, Wix, and over 100 other website platforms.


As of today, Tagembed scores 88 out of 100 in the Social Media category. Based on user satisfaction (100/100), media buzz (44/100), and other relevant information gathered from around the web regarding Tagembed, this rating is based on user satisfaction (100/100). In the last month, there has been an improvement in the score for this software.

The five examples of reviews above should give you an idea of what you should be looking for when embedding Airbnb reviews on your website. As mentioned above, if you have your own Tagembed account, you will be able to explore many other themes that Tagembed has to offer. If you would like to discover more features of the tool, you can sign up for free and try it out.