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Personal finance is the most important part of business and Australia Personal Finance Software is mostly used to manage personal income and expenses. It also manages your expenditure and keeps a track of your earnings in order to earn more money.

When you reflect upon the most up-to-date information available on Australia Personal Finance Software, it can be a veritable minefield. That’s exactly what this article will prevent. I’m about to illustrate how an entire industry of reviewers and bloggers all essentially sum up the very best of Australia Personal Finance Software … A personal finance software is a program that tracks and organizes your spending. It allows you to monitor both your income and expense in detail. These programs can use barcode scanners as well as built-in cell phone cameras to obtain information about items such as price and quantity of purchase. They can be used in supermarkets, stores and even restaurants for fast scanning of goods for recording purposes. 

The Australian personal finance software market is growing. Market research predicts that the financial software market alone will be worth $1.6 billion by 2018 in Australia. While there were only three companies with a turnover of $10 million or more in 2001, there are now 45.

If you are looking to start or improve your personal finance, Australia Personal Finance Software is a good place to start. Featuring information on the best personal finance software Australia 2022, we hope to assist in helping you with your personal finance decisions as well as give you a resource for financial help online for free

Best Money Management Apps for Australians


MoneyBrilliant is a personal finance software for Windows. It is a budgeting and expense tracking software that has a user-friendly interface. It’s available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language.

The current version of MoneyBrilliant is 3.2.0 (build 34). The latest update took place on June 1st 2016 with no critical issues being reported at the time of writing this review.

MoneyBrilliant has many features such as:

  • Budget Planning – Track your expenses by category including daily/weekly/monthly recurring items like rent or phone bill etc.;
  • Expense Tracking – Record all your expenses for tax purposes; set budgets for each category (e.g., groceries) in order to avoid overspending; set categories manually or let MoneyBrilliant automatically categorize them according to how frequently they are used by you; keep track of bills such as utilities (electricity, gas), insurance premiums (life insurance etc.), mobile phone contracts etc.; create reminders so you don’t forget paying bills due soon; easily transfer money between accounts using drag & drop functionality


PocketSmith is an Australian personal finance software that helps you track your finances and stay on top of your budget. PocketSmith is a desktop app that you can download and install on your computer, so it’s not mobile-friendly like some other apps on this list. PocketSmith syncs with your bank accounts and credit cards to help you track your money, but it also gives advice about how to spend less than what’s in the bank when necessary. The software will send reminders if bills are due or if there’s an upcoming payment date for investments or insurance policies, making it easy to manage all aspects of personal finance from one place.

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If you’re looking for a budgeting app, YNAB is one of the best options available. Its name stands for “You Need A Budget”, and it’s been around since 2004. Today, over 3 million people use their service to track their spending and save more money each month.

YNAB has a free trial that allows users to try out all its features before committing to a subscription plan (which costs between $5-$10 per month depending on your plan). The app also comes with an automatic import feature so you can easily start using it right away—and if you ever need help getting started or need guidance along the way, they have 24/7 phone support available. If there are any financial questions that come up during your time using YNAB, there’s no shortage of resources out there either: from blog posts explaining common terms used within personal finance software like budgets and savings accounts; videos showing how someone might make one change in their spending habits that would allow them save more each month; even blog posts written by other members who share what they’ve learned along their journey towards financial freedom!

Banktivity 7

Banktivity 7 is a personal finance software that helps you manage your money, investments and credit cards. It’s a great way to organize all of your financial accounts, so that you can stay on top of what’s happening in each account.

Banktivity 7 is the best Mac-based personal finance software out there right now. If you’re looking for a powerful program that makes it easy to manage all aspects of your finances in one place and stay organized throughout the year, this app is a good choice.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a great tool to help you manage your money. It’s an online personal finance software that helps you get control of your cash flow, investments and retirement planning. Personal Capital also gives you access to financial advisors who can help you reach your financial goals. In addition, Personal Capital provides users with an easy way to track their spending and investments at no cost!

Personal Capital is one of the best tools available today for consumers looking for a comprehensive overview of where they stand financially in relation to their long-term goals

AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is a free personal finance software for Windows. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. AceMoney Lite features include:

  • A built-in currency converter
  • Budgeting capabilities
  • Password manager


Moneydance is one of the best personal finance software options out there. It’s completely free for personal use, supports multiple currencies and can sync with online banking accounts to automatically import transactions. It offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage multiple accounts from one place, including investments and loans. Moneydance also manages bill reminders, income tracking (income from side hustles or freelance work), expenses tracking (such as groceries) and goals management (like saving for a car).

In addition to these features—which are pretty standard among all money management apps—Moneydance stands out because it provides in-depth reporting capabilities for investors. You can track your portfolio performance over time and see how much money you’re making on each investment or loan account individually.

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Availability: iOS and Google Play.

MoneyBrilliant is a very similar app to Pocketbook – it connects to more than 200 financial institutions in Australia and syncs your spending to categories. What it also offers that Pocketbook doesn’t is that it syncs ALL your money, including superannuation and investment portfolios. MoneyBrilliant also has a tax deductions function, finding potentially tax-deductible expenses based on your occupation.

Unlike Pocketbook however, MoneyBrilliant is not free – it costs $9.90 per month after a 30-day trial period. But this hasn’t stopped it being downloaded more than 50,000 times from Google Play and earning a 4.5-star rating on the Apple App Store from more than 3,000 reviews.

Key features of MoneyBrilliant:

  • Sync to Australian bank accounts – including superannuation and investments
  • Automatic categorization for transactions
  • Automatically finding the cheapest gas and electricity deals based on your usage data
  • Set savings goals, budgets and track progress
  • Track tax-deductible expenses
  • Push notifications and personal insights
  • Bank-level security and encryption


Availability: iOS and Google Play.

Pocketbook syncs with your bank account (as long as you give it permission to do so), listing every spend you make and sorting it into categories. The sort function isn’t perfect and you might end up with a few ‘unclassified’ spends, but you can easily go into the app and allocate these purchases to categories yourself, and it will then allocate every similar transaction accordingly.

With your daily spending sorted into categories, you can easily see where most of your money goes, and what you might need to cut back on. With over 350,000 downloads and a 4.3 rating from the Apple App Store, this app has proven extremely popular with Aussie savers.

Key features of Pocketbook:

  • Sync to Australian bank accounts
  • Automatic categorisation for more than 80% of all transactions
  • An easy to use interface with weekly, monthly and six-monthly overviews
  • Views of your recent transactions, incomes and upcoming bills
  • The ability to set safety spend limits
  • Push notifications for when you spend too much or get too close to your limits
  • Bank-level security and encryption


Availability: iOS and Google Play.

Formerly known as ‘Acorns Australia’, Raiz is a micro-investing app that allows users to invest in a portfolio of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) through spare change ’roundups’, recurring investments, rewards and lump sum deposits. 

Although it’s primarily an investment app, it also has features that are helpful for saving. Not only can you utilize the micro-investing or recurring deposit features as a tool to save via investments, but it also has a free ‘My Finance’ feature within the app that provides personalized insights into your spending. This feature can categorize your spending into things like food or utilities and breaks it down on a month-to-month basis. 

The investment platform of Raiz might come with fees ($2.50/month for accounts under $10,000 and 0.275% per year for accounts $10,000 or more) but it costs nothing to simply use the savings feature. 

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Raiz’s My Finance feature. Photo source: Raiz

With more than a million downloads across all of Australia, Raiz is one of the more popular budgeting and savings apps out there. 

Key features of Raiz: 

  • Roundup technology, allowing you to either save or invest every time you spend through your linked transaction account/s. 
  • Lump-sum and recurring investment options, easily allowing you to invest more money at the touch of a button 
  • Your money can be invested in one of six diversified ETF (exchange-traded fund) portfolios. 
  • Cashback options are available after spending money with linked brands
  • Personalised insights into your spending, including categorisation
  • Savings tips sent via push notification, based on machine learning that can also predict your future spending
  • A chatbot is available for you to ask questions like “how much did I save last month?” 
  • Bank-level security to protect your information and money

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe17 best personal finance software for Australia in 2022

The best personal finance software for Australia in 2022

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that can help you manage your money, there are plenty of options available. Here’s our pick of the best apps currently available on the market.

Frollo: tracking spending

Frollo is a great tool to track your spending across multiple accounts, set financial goals and track your monthly budget. Plus, you can securely link your accounts without sharing your password using Open Banking.

Google Sheets: tracking your budget & net worth

I use Google Sheets for many things, but it’s a great tool to use when crunching numbers and tracking your net worth.

Sharesight: investment reporting

Sharesight is a saviour when it comes to tracking investments across multiple markets and portfolios, plus plenty of reports to help you out at tax time. You can track up to 10 holdings for free, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.

Up: superpowered banking

Up is banking reimagined, and nothing like those stuffy old savings accounts you’re used to. With all the tools and features you could want, you’ll be on track to hitting your savings goals in no time and enjoying the process. 

CommSec: ASX online broker

I’m still a little old school, but CommSec hits the spot when it comes to buying ASX shares for me. Plus, it’s a great tool to use to track companies on various watch lists, set up company alerts and access key data and announcements. 

There are several ways to manage your money online.

You can use personal finance software, online banking, or a financial planner. You can even use your credit card to help you manage your money.


The best personal finance software Australia 2022, is something that is important for everyone. The Australian government states that 80% of the population use personal finance management software to manage their financials. Australia Personal Finance Software – Personal finance software can help you manage all of your personal finances, so you will have more time in your life.

Australia Personal Finance Software is a useful, powerful and fast way to manage your money and your financial records. It is easy to use, yet has all of the features necessary for personal and small business accounting.

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