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There are many different content writing tools on the web which will help you achieve your content writing goals. You can find online content writing tools to make your job as a content writer easier to manage and be more productive with. So for those who want to increase their productivity as a content writer, I have created this post based on my own experience to introduce the best free online content writing tools

H ow do you write quality content? What’s the best software for writing content online? Are there any good free content writing tools out there? Would you like to learn how to download free content writing tools? Well, then read on…


Best free writing software for creating content outlines


Well-structured writing starts with a well-structured outline. WorkFlowy makes outlining straightforward: the app lets you quickly create an organized summary of any writing project and all of its parts using bullet points and nested lists.

Start with the broad strokes—section names, big ideas, themes—and nest related details and research beneath those bullets. WorkFlowy also offers hashtag-based tagging and search features, so you don’t have to worry about creating too many lists or letting bullet points run wild.

You can zoom in on any list by clicking on the corresponding bullet point. Plus, if you hover over a bullet point, you’ll see options to complete, add a note to, share, export, duplicate, or delete that item. Use the Complete option to tick off sections of your outline as you finish writing them, or drag and drop bulleted lists to organize your outline into logical sections.

WorkFlowy Pricing: Free for up to 250 list items per month; from $4.99/month for the WorkFlowy Pro plan that includes unlimited lists and items and customization options.


Their PeopleCloud product suite combines identity, data science, and technology solutions that put customers in full control of their customer relationships. And they deliver these deeper, more accurate consumer profiles for all kinds of industries—from automotive and CPG to financial services, media and entertainment, retail, travel, restaurants, and healthcare.

In this kind of business, content marketing can’t just be a side project. It has to be a core discipline. And the key to that solidifying that discipline was creating a bedrock of content right from the start.


Best free writing software for expanding your ideas

MindMeister screenshot

Mind mapping is a great brainstorming exercise for all kinds of writing projects. Whether you’re capturing thoughts for a term paper or thesis, putting together an outline for a long blog post or ebook, or coming up with ideas for a new novel or book series, mind mapping can help you capture your ideas and brainstorm new ones by triggering associations.

And while you could create a mind map on paper or a whiteboard, MindMeister offers more flexibility. MindMeister is a tool designed specifically to make mind mapping easier, giving writers a simple way to capture their ideas, organize them, and share them with others.

It doesn’t matter how large your mind map gets, MindMeister expands to give you as much room as you need. Capture all of your ideas in a single file, rearrange and organize your ideas by dragging and dropping them, and connect ideas no matter how far apart they are on your mind map. With a premium plan, you can even attach related files and images to reference later.

MindMeister Pricing: Free for up to three mind maps; from $4.99/month for the Personal plan that includes unlimited mind maps and file attachments.


Dynalist’s unique feature is its focus on “nesting.”

creating an outline in dynalist

Each Dynalist bullet point can be collapsed, leaving you with the core outline of your project. When you want to work on a specific section, just click to expand (and you can expand infinitely.)

All formatting and controls are accessed through keyboard shortcuts. This can take a bit of getting used to, but it does encourage you to keep typing and avoid getting distracted.

Price: Free

Best for: Writers who want the option to outline in as much or as little detail as they like.

Crazy Egg:

It has been named one of the “12 Online Tools Marketers Should Check Out” by One of the “Top 10 Data Analytics Tools for SMBs” by MarTech Advisor. And one of the ”7 Content Marketing Tools You Need to be Successful” by Jeff Bullas.

Founded in 2006 by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel, Crazy Egg was one of the first testing platforms designed for the modern marketer. And at the time, it was one of the earliest entrants in the growing MarTech landscape.

Despite its powerful branding, Crazy Egg hasn’t grown complacent over the years. With over 6,000 companies competing for attention in the MarTech space, Crazy Egg has had to maintain its high level of marketing excellence.

From day one, content has played an important role in Crazy Egg’s success. And as Juliana Casale, Head of Marketing at Crazy Egg, and her team keep pace with marketing trends, it’s more important than ever to be able to scale content creation up and down as necessary.

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator:

Best free writing software for brainstorming ideas

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator screenshot

If you have a general idea of what you want to write about but need to expand your ideas, mind mapping helps. If you have lots of ideas but need to organize them, outlining helps. But what about when you need to write something but have no idea what to write about?

In that scenario, HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator helps. Enter up to five nouns into the generator, and it produces titles for five blog posts (or 250 if you’re willing to provide contact information). While the titles it suggests are somewhat formulaic, it does provide suggestions for unique angles you can take with your piece.

For example, say you know you want to write about conferences but aren’t sure what you want to say about them. Enter conferences into the Blog Ideas Generator, and you’ll get suggestions like “Conferences: Expectations vs. Reality,” “The Next Big Thing in Conferences,” and “This Week’s Top Stories About Conferences.”

You can take those suggestions and run with them, or read through them to try and trigger other ideas for topics and angles you’re interested in writing about.

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator Pricing: Free


Trello is a drag-and-drop style organization tool based on the Kanban system. Kanban involves writing tasks on cards and then moving them between lists according to how close they are to being complete.

Here’s what that looks like in Trello:

trello board for a writer

With a Trello board, you can add ideas, plot points, articles, and to-dos to cards to help you visualize your writing process, story outline, content workflow, and more.

Potential uses:

  • As a writing planning tool: move blog post ideas or author tasks across the board from to-do to done as you work on them
  • As an outlining tool: Create columns for your character, setting and research info, and movable cards to help you plot your novel

Price: Free

Best for: Planners who like a bird’s-eye view and want the freedom to move things around.


Working online is really something unusual. I am working full time online doing freelancing. And I get paid still for writing material for client’s websites, sites that are written in 12 different languages! Cool isn’t it? This is because of WordPress. What if I tell you that there are a lot of free content writing tools that will help in creating quality content easily which in turn will up your chances in becoming a high earning freelancer?

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