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Best Amazon Fba Tools

FBA research tools let any seller see inside the order completion cycle. You will be able to see what is going on with your Amazon product listing at any given time and the information that you get will allow you to fix your problems BEFORE they become a big problem. Let’s talk about the best amazon fba research tools today.

There are many tools available to help its users boost their sales and business. One of which is Amazon Fba Tools. This offers a variety of advantages that can be used to generate sales and track customer behavior. It can provide the insights on things like product search, keyword performance, trends analysis, sales comparison against the competition, price coordination, market analysis, profit maximization and others. With this tool you will definitely be able to get more out of your business.

Amazon FBA is a great way to make money online. But there are many tools that help you total automate the process. In this article, I am going to show you the best tools that will make FBA as simple as it can be.

The best Amazon FBA tools are designed to make researching and listing products easier, so you spend less time doing these tasks and more time actually selling on the Amazon platform. Each of these Amazon tools has been hand-picked and tried by a successful Amazon seller. The best selling rank tracker will help you locate and research products that have a higher chance of selling. These research tools will also allow you to dig deeper into the competition that is offering the same product. Automate your inventory management with an app or tool that integrates directly with Amazon.

What are Amazon Seller Tools?

Amazon Seller Tools are software tools that help Amazon sellers to succeed on Amazon. These tools can help Amazon sellers with various challenges like product research, keyword research, marketing, or inventory management. You don’t need an Amazon Seller Tool to sell on Amazon, but it is highly recommended.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Dashboard

Helium 10 is the best Amazon seller tool. Period.

When it comes to product research, keyword research, and listing optimization, there’s no chance to find a better tool than Helium 10.

Helium 10 provides 22 tools to build your Amazon business from scratch and grow it to a multi-million dollar business. It’s definitely the most comprehensive tool on this list.

Actually, I wanted to write more about Helium 10’s tools, but that would go beyond this post, so I highly recommend checking out all features here.

What’s also great is that they – unlike most other Amazon seller tools – offer a free plan. You can sign up here for free, or you can use this 50% discount code: Helium 10 – 50% CouponsGet a 50% discount on your first month at Helium 10! Just add our coupon SMARTMINDED50 to your order. ✂smartminded50
doesn’t expire

Also, check out this Helium 10 Reviewand the following videoto learn more about it:

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Screenshot

Jungle Scout started as a product research tool, but over time the company added new features. You can now do everything with it, from optimizing product listings to managing your amazon inventory.

There are two tools really worth mentioning:

Supplier Database and Promotions.

With the Supplier Database, you can easily find a suitable supplier for your product. You’ll get many valuable insights like information about a supplier’s customers or the overall supplier rating.

With Promotions, you can promote your Amazon products directly within Jungle Scout and jumpstart early sales with promotional campaigns.

What’s also great is that Jungle Scout provides useful metrics like Opportunity Score or Listing Quality Score.

Also, the Opportunity Finder is one of the best tools for product research. It works based on reverse keyword search.

You can learn more about Jungle Scout in this Jungle Scout Review.

Jungle Scout  30% CouponsTake advantage of our exclusive SMARTMINDED discount and get 30% off all Jungle Scout plans. 

They have super fair pricing and provide a 14-Day money-back guarantee. Definitely check out their pricing plans here.

3. AMZScout

AMZ SCOUT Homepage

With AMZScout, you can find profitable products, optimize your Amazon listing, calculate Amazon fees, and more.

What’s useful is that you can analyze sales data of a product by seasonal periods.

They have two different plans. You can choose between the PRO Extension and the Amazon Seller Bundle.

The Amazon Seller Bundle allows you to use the PRO Extension and the AMZScout Web App.

The PRO Extension is $16,49 per month (billed annually), and the Amazon Seller Bundle is $29 per month (billed annually). They also offer a lifetime plan for the PRO Extension for $499 and the Seller Bundle for $1,499.

So, if you’re a beginner and don’t have a high budget, AMZScout could be the right choice for you.

4. Teikametrics

Teikametrics Screenshot

Teikametrics specializes in helping sellers with Amazon and Walmart Advertising. It does a really great job automating most of the work you should be doing to get the best results, and very affordable now with its recent price decrease.

With new features coming in 2021, such as inventory connectivity with your advertising to further increase functionality, this is a red-hot product that is useful for any Amazon or Walmart seller.

5. Zonguru

Zonguru Screenshot

ZonGuru provides 15 features. You can do product research, track your amazon sales, research keywords, send follow-up emails, and more.

The keyword research tool is great. It provides valuable data like the revenue one single keyword generates, monthly search volume, or a metric for the competitiveness of a keyword.

And that was just scratching the surface of Zonguru’s toolset. You can check out all the features here.

It’s also great because it’s much cheaper than most Amazon seller tools. So, if you’re looking for an excellent price-performance ratio, definitely check out Zonguru.

6. eComEngine

eComEngine Desktop

eComEngine is an Amazon software with four main tools:

  • Feedback Five – Manage feedback
  • Market Scout – Get Amazon market insights
  • Restock Pro – Get restock suggestions
  • SmartPrice – Amazon Repricing Software

These four tools are all standalone, so you can use just one of them or all four.

7. SellerApp

SellerApp creative

SellerApp is an ecommerce analytics platform tailored for Amazon sellers, agencies, and brands to optimize their operations, sales, and marketing efforts.

From product sourcing to finding high-converting keywords for your listing, estimating profit margins, and automating your PPC campaigns, SellerApp got you covered!

SellerApp offers a 7-day trial. You can get 25% off on all plans using the coupon code “SMARTMINDED”. Plus, you will also enjoy a comprehensive onboarding process.

8. Feedback Whiz

Feedbackwhiz Desktop
SellerApp creative

SellerApp is an ecommerce analytics platform tailored for Amazon sellers, agencies, and brands to optimize their operations, sales, and marketing efforts.

From product sourcing to finding high-converting keywords for your listing, estimating profit margins, and automating your PPC campaigns, SellerApp got you covered!

SellerApp offers a 7-day trial. You can get 25% off on all plans using the coupon code “SMARTMINDED”. Plus, you will also enjoy a comprehensive onboarding process.

8. Feedback Whiz

Feedbackwhiz Desktop

FeedbackWhiz is one of the best tools to track product reviews and automate the process of getting reviews on Amazon.

For example, you can create an email automation that asks your customers to leave a review. This is super useful to get more product reviews fast.

FeedbackWhiz also offers tools to monitor your Amazon products. You can get notified when another seller tries to hijack your listing or when you win or lose the buy box.

FeedbackWhiz offers a free plan, and the most expensive paid plan costs $139,99 per month.

9. Viral Launch

Viral Launch Desktop

Viral Launch’s software tools provide a ton of useful data to help you with your Amazon business.

There’s one extremely useful tool called Market Intelligence which you should definitely check out here. Market Intelligence rates your product ideas and shows you whether selling a product is worth it or not – super helpful.

Also, Viral Launch offers a product launch service for several different Amazon marketplaces.

10. Sellics

Sellics cockpit new feature widgets in dashbaord

Sellics provides a great user interface and many features. Here are the main features:

Sellics transfers metrics and data into actionable recommendations to improve your business processes – that’s super useful.

There are three versions of Sellics – Seller Edition, Vendor Edition, and Agency Edition.

You should definitely check them out here.

A great aspect is that Sellics works with companies like Bosch, L’Oreal, WMF, and many more.

The 14 day trial without credit card is a great opportunity to try Sellics.

11. Pixelfy

Pixelfy is an URL shortener. It embeds a retargeting pixel into each link that you shorten. You can then retarget people who clicked on your link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There are several reasons why this can be beneficial, but the key reason is that you can retarget people, even though you are sharing external content.

Anyone who sends traffic, or shares links to potential customers, can easily implement into his/her marketing processes.

If you are an Amazon seller, social media agency, or influencer, is a powerful tool, allowing you to tag traffic with pixels, collect data and build audiences.

Amazon sellers have the added benefit of generating nearly 15+ different Super URLs, helping to improve keyword rankings.


Reprice is an Amazon repricer for sellers who want to win the Buy Box and stay ahead of their competition. You can optimize your prices on every Amazon marketplace and replicate your product pricing across eBay, Walmart, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

The moment one of your competitors discounts or runs out of stock, the software reacts immediately to help you win the Buy Box. You can also get insights into your top 10 Amazon Buy Box competitors and set rules to compete against other sellers. offers a 14-day free trial including all features, and you can set up your account in minutes.

13. IO Scout

IO Scout 1

IO Scout is a great and affordable Amazon seller tool for beginners. IO Scout provides more than 10 tools that can help you to increase your sales on Amazon. You can find high margin and low competitive products, analyze competition, keywords, market trends, and more.

IO Scout starts from $25 per month.

14. AMZFinder


AMZFinder is a review management tool for Amazon sellers.

You can automatically send review request emails and manage your reviews to proactively improve your store’s credibility and ratings on Amazon.

AMZScout offers two different types of plans:

  • Customer Email Plans
  • Review Management Plans

The Customer Email Plans start at $19 per month, and the Review Management Plans start at $29.99 per month.

15. Seller.Tools

SellerTools Desktop

Seller.Tools provides six features to run your Amazon business.

  • Product Manager – Manage keywords, create listings, and much more
  • Competiton Research – Run and Reverse ASIN search and find new keyword opportunities
  • Automation – Manage transactions and launch a product
  • Chrome Extension – Find where you’re losing money, one-click review requests, and exclusive metrics at a click away
  • Wallet – Review your balance and manage transactions
  • Alerts – Set alerts and see improved product state

Seller.Tools offers a free plan. The cheapest paid plan starts at $57 per month, and the most expensive plan is $197 per month.

16. Feedvisor


Feedvisor provides AI-based platforms for:

  • Price Optimization
  • Advertising Optimization
  • Brand Optimization

They also offer managed services for pricing, advertising, and brand optimization.

I recommend checking out their website here.

Feedvisor might not be the best solution for you if you’re just starting because it’s suited for large sellers and brands.

In this case, you should check out Helium 10 or Jungle Scout.

17. Hello Profit

HelloProfit Desktop

HelloProfit is mainly a tool to track your profits, and it provides some unique customization options like grouping different ASINs together.

Grouping different ASINs is very beneficial – you can compare different historical data by product group.

If you’re just starting out, this feature is not really important. But for Amazon FBA sellers who sell a lot of products, it’s essential.

HelloProfit also provides a tool to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns, a tool that sends you push notifications when your sales decline, and a tool to manage customer orders.

HelloProfit offers a 21-day free trial and then costs $97 per month.

18. Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro dashboard

Cash Cow Pro is a database monster, and if you want to get as much data as possible, this seller software could be the right option for you.

While Cash Cow Pro can’t compete with tools like Helium 10, it provides almost any metric like conversion rate, real-time sales, profits, promotions and refunds, keyword ranking, and more.

Plus, you can automatically email customers to get more positive reviews and monitor your sales and inventory.

The price of $47,97 per month (billed monthly) or $497 per year (billed annually) is also very reasonable.

What Is the Best Software for Amazon Sellers?

There are lots of useful software tools for Amazon sellers. However, the most comprehensive software for Amazon sellers is Helium 10. The software suite offers 30 tools to help Amazon sellers build and grow their business.


Best Amazon FBA Tools is a comprehensive bundle of software, tools and online membership. It gives you everything you need to start selling products on Amazon and dominate your competition. The software has all the tools you will ever need to launch and grow an Amazon business.

The AFBA toolkit is a collection of Amazon seller tools that will enable you to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. This includes how to selling products using the Amazon Seller Central, how to find profitable products, how to use the best amazon fba research tools

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