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Best and Cheapest Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features, making it perfect for any website. But what about backup and security? You don’t want to be caught without your site if something goes wrong. That’s where a good WordPress host comes in—they can provide all the security you need while keeping your site up and running. Plus, they can offer great customer support should something go wrong. Don’t forget about compatibility with other popular content management systems like Drupal or Joomla!

Best and Cheapest Hosting for WordPress

What is WordPress and Why Should You Use It?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create and manage websites. It’s popular for creating blogs, forums, and other online platforms. Hosting providers offer different types of WordPress hosting, which can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

What are the Different Services offered by WordPress Hosting Providers

Hosting providers offer a variety of services that include website development, security, email marketing, and more. Some hosts also provide add-ons such as Gravity Forms or paid features like eCommerce solutions or social media support.

What are the Different Types of WordPress Sites

There are many different types of WordPress sites possible, including personal sites, business sites, blog posts, and even E-commerce platforms. By choosing the right type of WordPress host for your needs, you can customize your site to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

What are the Different WordPress Plugins?

There are a variety of WordPress plugins for different purposes. Here, we’ll cover the most popular and important plugins for WordPress sites.

Some common WordPress plugin options include:




-Google Analytics


-WordPress SEO by Yoast

-W3 Total Cache

-W3 Total Cache for Jetpack

-WordPress Security by WPBakery Page

-WordPress Security by Yoast

-Google Analytics for WordPress

-WordPress SEO by Yoast

-W3 Total Cache for Jetpack for WordPress Sites

Plugin options can be overwhelming, so it’s important to read through each one carefully before making a decision. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at [PHP email address].

Best Cheap WordPress Hosts

1. Hostinger (

From $1.99 / month

Hostinger has been around for a while, and they’ve always been known for their affordable prices. However! What they’re doing with this offer is above affordable. Let me just say it…

Their cheapest web hosting plan is $1.99 / month!

Granted, this is only for the initial pay period and, after that, you’ll need to pay $7.99 / month, but it’s still a great way to get yourself a host that you can use on a simple website project.

On that cheapest setup, you’re allowed to host one website and you also get one email account to go alongside. There’s also 100GB of bandwidth, which should be enough.

On the down side, you don’t get a free SSL certificate, which is a bummer, and there are no daily backups.

Load times av. of last 30 days:

East Coast, USA: 0.96sWest Coast, USA: 1.35s
London: 0.42sParis: 0.53s
Mumbai, India: 1.17sSydney: 2.1s

Support options:


  • Single ($1.99 per month): Great if you’re launching your first site.
  • Premium ($2.59 per month): Great if you’re planning to launch a couple of sites, but you don’t expect either of them to get huge traffic. Also gives you a free domain name for the first year.
  • Business ($4.99 per month): Great for normal website projects. Gives you a free SSL and daily backups, and you also get a free domain for the first year.

When to consider using Hostinger

This one is simple, use Hostinger if you want to work with the cheapest web hosting platform available. The features offered for that price are not groundbreaking, but this host gets the job done!

2. DreamHost – entirely WordPress-focused hosting

FeaturesAutomatic WordPress install, free domain, free SSL, BlodGrid builder
Best forCheap WordPress hosting for small business websites

One of only 3 providers recommended by WordPress, DreamHost is actively contributing to the platform’s development and offers a service that’s focusing entirely on it. That comes in the form of security features, a control panel, and the ease of setting up a WordPress website. All this starting at $2.59/month.

So what tools does DreamHost have to offer when it comes to WordPress?

  • DreamHost offers a true 1-click WordPress installation. Not the fill-out-a-bunch-of-forms type of thing. No, just one click, and your WordPress site is ready.
  • If you have a site already hosted with another provider, you can take advantage of DreamHost automated migration plugin. No more than 30 minutes (depending on the size of your site), and it will be working on DreamHost’s platform.
  • When hosted on DreamHost, your WordPress sites come with BoldGrid website builder plugin. It’s a drag-and-drop editor with 200+ templates that are not otherwise available on WordPress. A useful tool, especially for beginners.

But most important of all, it’s among the cheapest WordPress hosting providers.

DreamHost has 2 plans: Shared Basic ($2.59/mo with 36 mo billing) and Shared Unlimited ($3.95/mo with 36 mo billing).

Both plans will give you a free domain and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, and domain privacy.

  • Basic comes with 1 website limit and 50GB storage – more than enough for a small-to-medium-sized website. At the same time, email is not included.
  • Unlimited offers unlimited websites and storage. Plus, it adds emails as well.

3. Bluehost (

From $2.75 / month

Bluehost is one of the few hosting companies officially recommended by This makes it one of the more convenient solutions in the market. Bluehost provides you with a nice custom panel to manage your hosting setup, plus all the features you might need to build and launch your WordPress site. Bluehost is also one of the most popular hosts out there – getting hundreds of votes in our hosting survey.

Despite the low price, you also get a free domain name with your plan and access to free site builders and 1-click WordPress installs.

Load times av. of last 30 days:

East Coast, USA: 1.32sWest Coast, USA: 0.69s
London: 1.01sParis: 0.38s
Mumbai, India: 1.88sSydney: 1.32s

Support options:


  • Basic ($2.75 per month): Supports one website, with 50GB of disk space and one free domain name. Which is not common among plans at this price point.
  • Plus ($5.45 per month): You can have unlimited websites, unmetered website space, unlimited email accounts and email storage.
  • Choice Plus ($5.45 per month): This plan includes everything you get in Plus, and also added domain privacy and auto site backups. Currently the same price as Choice, which makes this a better option.

When to consider using Bluehost

Bluehost is a good choice for users who prefer hosting solutions that are easy to get started with and have an overall good reputation in the market. Plus, the fact that you get a free domain name alongside a $2.75/month host is incredible.

4. HostPapa – budget WordPress hosting with generous resources

FeaturesFree training session, cPanel, free domain, SSL
Best forLow cost WordPress hosting for beginners

HostPapa features affordable shared and WordPress hosting plans – both options are entirely the same, hosted on the same server and offering the same server resources. The starting price is $3.16/mo.

HostPapa is one of the best options for new users:

  • It uses a standard cPanel control panel for website management. All the settings and tools are standard and intuitive. Plus, there’s an endless stream of tutorials that you can find online.
  • You can also book a free 30-minute training session with HostPapa. Choose whatever hosting-related topic you wish, and the support agent will guide you through it. It can be a basic WordPress installation or even an eCommerce setup on WordPress.

That’s an amazing combo of stuff that you get. By using HostPapa, you can learn some web development basics that will pay dividends later.

While it might look tempting to buy a “WordPress-labeled” plan, it’s best to stick with HostPapa’s basic shared options. While entirely the same, they feature better discounts.

HostPapa has 3 hosting plans: Starter ($3.16/month), Business ($3.16/month), and Business Pro ($10.36/month).

Pro immediately falls out of the cheap WordPress hosting category, so let’s see what’s the deal with Starter and Business.

Both plans will give you a domain name, SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Starter ($3.16/mo) comes with a 2 website limit and 100GB SSD storage – a very generous pack for an entry plan. It renews at a $9.99/mo rate.
  • Business ($3.16/mo) offers unlimited websites and storage. Plus, it’s hosted on a less crowded server for better performance. It renews at $14.99/mo.

So while you can initially get a more powerful plan for a very good price, renewals will make justice later.

5. Namecheap (

From $1.88 / month

While Namecheap no longer has sub-$1 monthly prices, they’re still an incredibly affordable host that offers cheap pay monthly WordPress hosting.

They allow you to choose a US- or UK-based data center. You get up to 20GB of SSD-accelerated disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and you can run up to three sites (all on the cheapest plan).

Load times av. of last 30 days:

East Coast, USA: 0.27sWest Coast, USA: 0.16s
London: 0.37sParis: 0.4s
Mumbai, India: 0.66sSydney: 0.63s

Support options:


  • Stellar ($1.88 per month): Gives you 20GB SSD-accelerated disk space + the possibility to run up to three websites.
  • Stellar Plus ($2.88 per month): Unmetered SSD-accelerated storage, bandwidth, and websites.
  • Stellar Business ($4.48 per month): 50 GB pure SSD disk space, along with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited websites.

What’s worth pointing out is that Namecheap’s prices above are for monthly payments, whereas many other cheap WordPress hosts will require you to pay for a year upfront to get prices that cheap.

When to consider using Namecheap

While Namecheap isn’t quite as cheap as it once was, it’s still incredibly affordable at just $1.88 per month with monthly payments, or $24.88 for a whole year. That being said, Namecheap lacks a tiny bit in the WordPress-specific features department.

6. HostGator – affordable WordPress hosting

FeaturesFree domain, SSL, cPanel
Best forNo-fuss beginner-friendly WordPress plans

HostGator reaches this list for both its affordable WordPress hosting prices and ease of use. Shared hosting plans start at $2.75/month for unlimited server resources. It’s also one of the few contenders using cPanel for hosting management, making it as straightforward to use as it gets.

Talking about WordPress-specific features, HostGator doesn’t really have anything to knock your socks off. Its main attraction comes from the ease of use:

  • The main user dashboard has the shortcuts to all essential website setups – you can install WordPress, set up email accounts, reach databases, and access file manager all in one place. For me, it took just a couple of minutes to have a website running.
  • cPanel is also there, so you get this standard and classic way to manage both basic and more advanced configurations.

This makes HostGator a no-fuss and low cost WordPress hosting option.

And cheap it is. HostGator’s 3 plans range from $2.75 to $5.25 a month. All of them come with unlimited storage and bandwidth. You’ll also get a free domain and SSL certificate.

Hatchling comes with 1 site limit. This is perfectly fine if 1 website is all you need. But Baby, for just $0.75 extra lifts that limit.

Meanwhile, Business adds a dedicated IP, PositiveSSL, and SEO tools – not essential, but there if you need them.

Cheapest Cloud Hosting For Wordpress

1. Amazon EC2 (

Amazon Web Services provides a variety of solutions for computing in the cloud. In fact, there’s so much stuff in Amazon’s portfolio that making a decision often causes a headache.

That being said, for the most part, their AWS EC2 Compute can be treated as their “hosting department.” And from that, their entry-level offering is the Micro instance, which is actually free for 12 months (then from $0.0104/h). It can sustain about 1000 users per minute (without any restrictions on the monthly visitors).

Though the free tier only gives you access to an instance with 1GB of RAM, you have the option to scale up to over 144GB of RAM and networking speeds of 25Gbps if required.

AWS provides you with a virtual server on the cloud with SSH access, thus enabling you to configure the server at your will. However, this requires considerable technical knowledge and may not be user friendly for someone looking to just host a simple website.

If you just want to host “a website” with AWS, Amazon has a handy guide on how to pick from their vast offering of different servers and cloud computing services. In some cases, you might find that using Amazon Lightsail is going to be more beneficial.

The biggest advantage of AWS is cost optimization through its dynamic pricing, which charges you in real-time for the load. With all the customization, you also get a dedicated IP address for your cloud – in case you are connecting your web application to an API or a web service. If you want to deploy a complex web application with a lot of dependencies, you should give AWS a try!

2. Kinsta               

Kinsta is yet another popular cloud-based host that delivers an amazing performance. With this hosting provider, you can expect pretty cool advantages in terms of speed, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. 

Built on Google’s Cloud platform and the fastest C2 virtual machines, Kinsta ensures to provide a smooth experience to your users. In addition to this, you can sleep easy as this hosting provider monitors and secures your site with automatic backups, DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) protection, Two-factor authentication, and much more. 

Major Highlights of Kinsta:

  • Free site migration
  • 99.9% uptime and hack-free guarantee
  • Easy management of the site with the MyKinsta dashboard
  • Free staging environment
  • Option to choose from 34 global server locations

Customer Service:

Kinsta is dedicated to providing the best-in-class support from a team of experts in five different languages. You can get help with live support, which is available 24/7/365. Apart from that, a knowledge base and help center are also available for valuable tips and guides. 

3. InMotion Hosting Cloud Business Solutions (

InMotion Hosting provides a wide range of hosting options – shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress and cloud hosting. InMotion’s cloud hosting starts at $17.99/month, with 4GB RAM, 75GB storage and 4TB bandwidth. And, you have the ability to upgrade to a much more powerful setup with 8GB RAM, 260GB storage and 8TB bandwidth.

Though there’s no free tier, InMotion’s 90-day money back guarantee should put you at ease of its services. If you are moving from a different hosting provider, there’s a free transfer service.

A few add-on features that you also get are free domain registration, free SSL, unlimited email accounts, 24/7 support, and 3 dedicated IP addresses. In conclusion, if you pick this host, additional costs associated with running a website are minimized.

4. Cloudways       

Another great cloud hosting provider on our list is Cloudways. With a choice to choose from five different cloud servers like Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, VULTR, and Linode, this is one of the best-managed WordPress cloud hosting services. Further, building and managing web apps is also efficient with Cloudways. 

Apart from this, you can set up your website and go live in minutes without complexities. It’s also WooCommerce-ready and optimized for speed. In a nutshell, Cloudways delivers fast performance, managed security, and scalability for your website. 

Major Highlights of Cloudways:

  • Options to choose infrastructures, apps, and servers
  • Supports the latest version of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Auto healing restarts to resolve most of the issues within the server
  • One-click free SSL installation
  • Dedicated staging environment for testing applications and changes

Customer Service:

Cloudways offers three different levels of support for its customers. Standard support is free and includes live chat access 24/7. Similarly, the Advanced support enables you to get expert answers and deeper troubleshooting with faster response times. And, if you run a critical business site where every second matters, you can also get Premium support. 

What are the Different WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites?

There are many different WordPress plugins for WordPress sites. To find the right plugin for your project, it’s important to know what types of websites it will be compatible with and how well the plugin will work with your existing website. Plugin compatibility can be determined by reviewing the plugin’s website or documentation to see if it meets any specific requirements. Additionally, some plugins are designed specifically for WordPress, while others may be compatible with other platforms like Drupal or Joomla!

Some popular WordPress plugins that might be useful for you include:

– Gravity Forms: This plugin has been used to create forms and surveys on a wide variety of websites, making it an essential tool for setting up online forms and surveys.

– Jetpack: This plugin provides a range of features for optimizing your website including caching, security, and performance.

– WPForms: These powerful form templates give you the ability to create complex forms quickly and easily.

– Yoast SEO: This plugin helps you optimize your site for search engines by providing tips on how to improve your visibility.


WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that lets you create a website from scratch, or join an existing website and improve it using WordPress. There are many different WordPress plugins available to add functionality to your site. Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are included in this guide, such as the Custom Fields Plugin, Taxonomies Plugin, and Advanced Custom Fields Plugin. By installing these plugin and using them on your sites, you can increase interactivity and accessibility for your customers, as well as grow your online presence.

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