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Best Android IDE for Javascript Web Development

Android is a major platform for app development. The only reason why it has become the most popular operating system in the world of software development. In this article, we will help you to find out best android ide for javascript development. There are a ton of IDEs and text editors for Android development available in the Google Play Store. Some of them can be great, but in this article we’ll focus on best Android IDE for Javascript and other languages like CSS and XML. Thankfully, there are some really great Android IDEs for web development available today. Previously, I was using Android Studio and was pleased with its performance for Gecko-based apps (e.g. Firefox Quantum) but web development seemed to be a bit difficult at first. It wasn’t until I found the following Android IDEs that I managed to find a tool that helped me do web development on Android more efficiently. There are many IDEs out there that can be used for Android development. Some of these include: Eclipse, Android Studio, Netbeans and others. WebDevelopmentFundamentals covers developing applications for iOS and Android. While NetBeans is known for it’s IDE support for Java development, it has a plugin from Google which makes it a great choice for Android development. For web development the built in Javascript support and editor is fantastic. It may not be the fastest android IDE out there but the ease of use and powerful debugger

Javascript is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s no wonder that there are more Android developers interested in adding Javascript to their languages. Many are looking for tools to create apps. There are already a number of Android IDE for Java Programmers which you can check out if you haven’t already, but what about Javascript? Here are some of the best IDEs for Javascript development so you can choose.


QuickEdit is one of the fastest and most stable Javascript editors for Android devices. Quick edit is developed for both Android & Tablets. This app sounds quite good and fast when compared to other similar apps on google play.QuickEdit is a powerful, easy-to-use text editor for Windows. It’s designed to help you write and edit documents quickly and efficiently. It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to do a lot of writing, whether it’s business documents, school papers, personal letters, or anything in between.

You can use it as a text editor and a code editor as well. This app automatically detects the format of the file and then proceeds. You can access files saved on your device, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. QuickEdit can edit system files on rooted devices too. QuickEdit is a very easy-to-use and intuitive content creation tool. It’s designed to be used by anyone, even those who have never used a word processor before. QuickEdit allows you to create documents in Microsoft Word format, but without any of the complexity of a full-fledged word processor. The program is also very compact—it doesn’t require installation and can run directly from your hard drive.

Coding Languages Supported:

C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Smali, Swift

Visual Studio Code

Vs code (aka VS Code) is a product of Microsoft. It’s important to not mix this up with Visual Studio that is mainly aimed at .NET development.

Visual Studio Code is a text editor that can be downloaded and used for free. It is a code editor that includes several features that make it easier to write code, such as IntelliSense (a feature that provides contextual recommendations for variable names and other programming elements), auto-complete, and snippets.

Visual Studio Code also uses an extension system to add features such as support for different languages, Git integration, debugging tools, and more.

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight yet powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Visual Studio Code is a code editor with a built-in debugger, intellisense and on-the-fly error checking. It also has a very rich ecosystem of extensions which can be used to add or modify functionality of the editor.

This is one of the best IDEs for javascript development. It is very powerful and rich in features and most of all, it is free to use.


  • Support for multiple languages (JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.). Custom extensions can be installed on this to support ecosystems of C#, C++, Python, etc.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto-complete with IntelliSense
  • Capabilities to debug code by attaching running apps and including breakpoints
  • Shortcuts to make coding efficient
  • A marketplace with extensions to support many extra functionalities (E.g.- Docker extensions)
  • Integration capabilities with Visual Studio Code Online
  • Version controlling via extensions


  • Powerful multilanguage IDE
  • Nice built-in features like auto-highlighting repeating variables
  • It’s lightweight
  • Helpful for quick script modification
  • Better UI, easy plugins, and nice git integration


  • More advanced debugging features would be helpful
  • Including a built-in screen for package management
  • Its user interface is really intimidating to new and beginner users

We at Themeselection, Uses visual studio code to make our products. You can check the Free bootstrap admin template, UI kits, and HTML themes which are made using visual studio code.

You can check Vuexy Vuejs Admin Template for example. Vuexy Vuejs admin template is made using visual studio code. It is one of the most developer-friendly admin templates. It is multipurpose, highly customizable, and responsive.

Our Code Editor Free

Our Code Editor is a free code editor for many coding languages. It is a bundle for IDE, Text Editor, & Code Editor. It can also be considered a good productive app for professionals. It comes with lots of features including highlighting themes, autocomplete, etc. Our Code Editor Free is a great option for anyone who wants to write code but doesn’t have the money to spend on expensive software. It’s also a great choice for anyone who is just beginning to learn how to code. Our Code Editor Free has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through your code, and its lightweight design means you can use it on any device without having to worry about lag or crashes.

This app is ideal for your phone as well as tablet. You don’t need any Account or internet connection to use this application. You just need to download the app and start coding.

The files are saved locally on your device. Our code editor also supports cut, copy, and paste functionality, Search and replace with regular expressions.

Languages Supported:

C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Python, Ruby


Atom is an open-source IDE that gained a lot of traction before the introduction of Visual Studio Code. It is backed by GitHub which was another reason for it to become very popular. Atom is an Electron application.

Atom is a text editor that’s free and open source, which means it has no cost and is built by the community. It’s also cross-platform, so you can use it on Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows.

Atom is made for web developers—it has built-in support for things like Git and GitHub, so you can edit your code in the browser and easily share it with others. It also has an automatic code linter that will let you know whether or not your code is running correctly (and if it isn’t, Atom will tell you how to fix it).

Atom is similar to VS Code in many ways. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is free to use and is under the MIT license. It also has auto code completion, supports multiple projects and multiple section editing, etc.


  • It has an integrated package manager.
  • You can find, preview, and replace text typed in a file or across the entire project.
  • IDE supports the command palette to run available commands.
  • You can easily browse and open a file or project.
  • Quickly find and replace text as you type in the file.
  • This application can be used on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


  • Git Integration
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Multi cursor support


  • Sometimes unstable
  • Lack of Code Execution
  • Slower than other top editors

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Webmaster HTML Editor is a simple code editor for Android devices and does not have very extensive features. It performs its tasks very well. The main features include Syntax Highlighting, On-Screen coding buttons, Line numbering, and a Built-In file explorer.

The app is very lightweight as it does not have extensive features. This app has a free version that allows you to restrict lines of code and lack preview mode. You can buy the paid version for features that will cost you $4.


If you have been in the software industry for a while, there is no doubt you’ve heard of the IDE development company JetBrains. WebStorm is also a product of JetBrains which is focused on JavaScript development.

It supports many technologies and languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, TypeScript, Node.js, Meteor, ECMAScript, React, Vue.js, Cordova, etc. WebStorm is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • You can test your code with ease using tools like Mocha, Karma test runner, Jest, and more.
  • Trace (the process of verifying code manually) your JavaScript code with ease.
  • This IDE offers a wide range of plugins and templates.
  • It quickly rolls back to previous versions.
  • Coding style, fonts, themes, and shortcuts can be customized.
  • It offers a built-in terminal.
  • Integration with VCS (Veritas Cluster Server)
  • Parameter hints
  • Git integration
  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • Multi-line todos


  • It is like the product of the JetBean, the UI is very familiar as the famous IntelliJ
  • The JS static code scanning out of the box is very handy
  • The auto-fix is also a very productive feature to mention
  • It by default has well integration with Angular, TypeScript, Vue, React


AWD stands for Android Web Developer. It is an integrated development environment for web developers.  This app allows you to edit your Javascript codes and you can also collaborate on remote projects using FTP, SFTP, and WebDav.

The main features of this app include Code highlighting, Code completion, and Line numbering.

There is also a search and replace function, error checking, and automatic one-click code beautification. AWD also provides unlimited undo/redo actions and Git integration.

Languages Supported:

PHP, CSS, JS, HTML,Javascript and JSON languages

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is another IDE by JetBrains. This has two editions; Community and Ultimate. The Community edition is free to use whereas the Ultimate editions require purchasing a license.

With a primary focus on maximizing developer productivity, IntelliJ IDEA is one of the most beloved IDEs. In addition to providing support for a number of programming languages other than Java and JS, the ergonomic design supported by the IDE offers ease of use.

One of the most amazing features of IntelliJ IDEA is its ability to automatically add tools that are relevant to the context. The integrated development environment offers a number of smart code assistance features for JavaScript development.

IntelliJ IDEA is capable to automate repetitive programming tasks to cut development time. The IDE offers advanced code completion, a built-in static code analyzer, and integrated version control.


  • Advanced code completion
  • Built-in static code analyzers
  • Deployment and debugging tools for most application servers
  • Test runner UI
  • Code coverage
  • Git integration
  • Supports multiple build systems
  • Extensive database editor and UML designer
  • Supports Google App Engine, Grails, GWT
  • Intelligent text editors for HTML, CSS, and Java
  • Integrated version control
  • Automates repetitive programming tasks


  • Auto-completion
  • It has built-in support for version control, so whenever you feel like you need to backtrack to a previous state or version of a website you saved, you can easily do it
  • Plugin support is really great.


  • The console that comes with the IDE is somewhat laggy.
  • There are some minor bugs


Whether you’re a responsible developer, a backend programmer or a full stack coder, an Android IDE is a must-have. It’s the place where all your creativity comes to life, where your most exciting ideas are turned into working applications. In this roundup, we gathered the most popular Android IDEs and reviewed each of them thoroughly.

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