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Best Automation Testing Tools Without Coding

With the advancement and growth in technology and the arrival of DevOps and Agile, the software testing industry is witnessing numerous changes. Software Testing has traversed a long path from manual testing to record-and-playback sophisticated testing tools, then to test automation, and now to codeless automated testing.

Automation Testing Tools are used by testers to automate various functions of test cases. Automation Testing Tools are the type of tools that performs repetitive tasks for Testers to perform. Using automation testing tools, testers can easily and quickly create and execute test scripts and achieve better ROI.

Have you ever wondered about the automation testing tools that are available? I know that I have, and it can be very confusing. There are so many different tools that are available that it becomes hard to find the right one. That is why I have created this list of tests tools so you can better understand the types of tools out there.

What is Codeless Automated Testing?

Codeless automated testing means executing automation testing without using any script. Writing automated scripts could be challenging for QA engineers as the code required to be written in every suitable programming language is arduous and time-consuming.

With codeless automated testing, you can minimize the testing time over repetitive test cases without any coding efforts. There are many codeless testing tools available in the market, which encompass a set of built-in features without any complicated coding. Some of the significant features include:

  • Drag and Drop interface.
  • Record and Playback.
  • Integrations of ML or AI technologies.
  • Lower maintenance.

Why Should You Consider Codeless Automated Testing?

Performing codeless automated testing is not completely code-free; however, there are many reasons why you must consider implementing codeless test automation into the software testing process.

  • Codeless testing facilitates easy testing with the team spending little effort on automation.
  • Codeless automation test tools increase test coverage.
  • With codeless automation, even the complicated test scripts are simple to change and manage.
  • Codeless testing is a quick way to automate the test scenario.
  • Codeless testing has a user-friendly interface.
  • Codeless testing is cost-effective.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is ranked among the top codeless testing tools of 2020. It is a popular choice for its extensive range of test abilities across Desktop, Mobile, Web, APIs, and applications. Its unique features are simple-to-use and best for experienced and beginner QA engineers. The credits sum up why it is at the top of our list.

Katalon comes with an accessible interface for test experts and business users. The drag-and-drop commands, record, and playback traits make it a perfect codeless automated testing tool. QA engineers can easily import external test libraries and allow the tool to perform the implementation, avoiding building a framework from scratch.

Core Features:

  • Requires minimal programming skills.
  • Supports API, web, desktop, and mobile automation testing.
  • Comes with in-built test-case libraries, project templates, object repositories, and keywords.
  • Supports native plugins for the famous Continuous Integration tools.
  • Capable of locating modifications in the object and creating tests consequently.
  • Powerful record and playback feature.
  • Comprehensive and robust reporting capacities.
  • Supports in-built integrations like Issue Management, Notifications & Communication, and Test Management.

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DogQ is a user-friendly cloud-based web testing automation platform, which enables users to build automated test scenarios for UI, e2e, regression, functional, and other types of web testing. With this tool, web testing becomes quick and transparent, as it’s totally codeless and has a dashboard with key metrics, allowing users to track the project’s progress in real-time.

DogQ certainly deserves the attention of anyone who deals with UI development and testing.

Key features:

  • Users without any coding skills can visually create tests using the DogQ codeless’ interface.
  • It’s cloud-based and compatible with modern Front-end frameworks, so any browser will run it properly.
  • DogQ uses OCR technology which allows you to find text on the webpage and recognize it.
  • All reports are created automatically, with minimal human engagement, and do line up with reality.
  • For professionals and nonprofessionals in web testing.


TestProject is the world’s first free cloud-based, community-powered test automation platform that enables users to test Web, Android, and iOS applications on all operating systems, effortlessly. Easily collaborate with your team using Selenium and Appium to ensure quality with speed. Use advanced built-in recording capabilities, create and use addons (automation actions shared by the entire community), or develop coded tests using TestProject’s powerful SDK, all completely for FREE!


Built on top of Selenium, CloudQA is a powerful cloud-based, integrated codeless test automation platform. It is developed to build, maintain, and execute tests against many browsers in parallel. Not simply a Record and Playback tool, CloudQA provides its users with an integrated reporting tool for quickly creating and scheduling regression testing suits. 

CloudQA gives you the equivalent power of Selenium without the advanced programming skills required. Recorded tests are put into maintainable modules and visualized into easily comprehensible forms. Even similar tests can be reused for regression testing, load testing, and synthetic monitoring.

Highlight features:

  • High reusability for synthetic monitoring without modifying any codes
  • Monitor multiple data sets over diverse real-time browsers (e.g: Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • Smart Record and Playback testing with screenshots after every step
  • Smooth and huge capability to maintain 1000’s of tests 
  • Support for data-driven testing
  • Schedule and run tests unattended
  • Bugs can be handled via third-party integrations such as JIRA, GitHub, Asana, Slack, etc.


LEAPWORK is an advanced cloud-based, codeless selenium automation testing platform. It supports the testing of many forms of apps, including SAP, Windows, and Web. With LEAPWORK, you can enable your agile project team to speed up the development and implementation of the QA automated testing procedure.

Designed for both Desktop apps and Web apps, this tool is built with the entire software development team in mind. LEAPWORK comes with predefined building blocks and default libraries for automation, aiding QA teams to improve productivity and save time.

Core Features:

  • Capability to reuse automated flows across distinct test cases.
  • Visualize flow builder through drag & drop building blocks.
  • Codeless capacities to shorten the learning curve for QA teams.
  • Supports cross-browser tests and parallel runs.
  • Easy integration with the current DevOps toolset.
  • Smart recorder for capturing test steps & run them automatically.
  • Capable of managing huge volumes of data and supports various data sources.

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Virtuoso has quickly become the go-to platform for AI-driven test automation. You can author functional, cross-browser, tests using Natural Language. Meaning anyone can author tests on the most dynamic of applications and that they finally deliver on the promise of codeless test automation. They claim to be the industry’s most advanced test automation platform and it is easy to see why.

Key Features:

  • Write tests in plain English using Natural Language Programming (NLP)
  • Create tests from wireframes, PDFs, and requirements to shift testing left
  • Visual regression
  • Auto-scaling in the cloud
  • Self-maintaining test
  • An API-first platform for easy integration with any tech stack


Trusted by large teams, Perfecto is a cloud-based test automation solution for web-based and mobile applications. It offers comprehensive AI analytics with error classifications to optimize the CI/CD pipeline. Multiple supported devices, browsers, and OS combinations for mobile and web app testing are also provided. Within Perfecto, robust and AI-driven bindings account for 97.4% of app changes. The self-healing feature enables test scripts to continuously run without any disruptions or maintenance required. 

Perfecto cloud-based solutions are developed to ensure they will work smoothly no matter any market issues happen, for example, new iOS or Android version update, new browser, or smartphone release. Although providing a bunch of advanced features, the trial period of the tool is quite short which causes difficulty for the team to evaluate the tool.

Highlight features:

  • AI-driven test maintenance capabilities
  • Smart reports and analytics
  • Debugging capabilities and test management
  • Unlimited scalable execution on multiple Android devices and in parallel
  • Increase the test reusability
  • Accelerate testing process and fasten feedback between QA and Developers

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is an all-purpose and among the most popular codeless testing tools for both professionals and beginners. This is a perfect tool to automate mobile, web-based, and desktop apps without having the need for a scripting language to automate the app. Ranorex mainly uses standard programming languages like C# & VB.NET.

You can use the drag-&-drop User Interface objects, capture-&-replay tool, and code modules to automate regression testing using this tool. Ranorex also allows testers to generate modular automation scripts that are maintainable and effective, irrespective of programming expertise. The Ranorex core API is incorporated with Se (Selenium) WebDriver; hence one can easily deliver cross-browser testing on a Selenium Grid.

Core Features:

  • Cross-platform tests, counting mobile, web, and desktop environments.
  • Records & replays the user’s communication to generate reusable scripts that can be modified with its action editor.
  • Test scripts can be run between the commands of a specific test case.
  • RanoreXPath technology recognizes the UI components of the app.
  • The exclusive spy engine tracks descriptions of each User Interface component on the screen.
  • Compare and confirm images with an accepted image that can be straight uploaded in the software.
  • Integrations with Azure DevOps, JIRA, Bugzilla, TestRail, Git, Jenkins, and more, so one could easily build an entire automated tests toolchain.


We are living in the era of technological evolution where testers are more or less involved in so many systematic processes or organizations which are based on innovation. This is the reason why automation testing tools have become so much popular these days. The latest development in the software field is automation testing tools.

Automation testing is a labor-saving device that performs software testing without human participation. Whether you are an enterprise-level company or a freelancer, automation tools help you save time, money, and energy.

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