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Best Canadian Personal Finance Software

If you are looking for Canadian-made personal finance software, feel free to look at this review. The article tells you all you need to know about the top Canadian personal finance software and tells you what they are best at. If you want to manage your money better, you need the right software. I’ll show you the best Canadian personal finance software to help you keep track of your income and expenses as well as research investments and loans.

If you’re a Canadian looking to manage your money, there’s never been a better time to download personal finance software. This is practically the financial revolution against excessive bank fees. There is an alternative to these monthly charges, and it’s called personal finance software. Here are three of the best personal finance software programs for Canadians of all ages. There are a ton of personal finance software providers in Canada and you might be wondering which one is the best for you. I personally use multiple applications (you can see my top picks in the image above) and I’ve found that each user’s needs and preferences tend to differ from mine when it comes to personal finance software. I believe that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to personal finance tools so we have to figure out what works best for us.

We’ve just looked at the best personal finance software in Canada. I know that Mint is a popular option, but it doesn’t offer the in-depth features that you can find with Money Lover or You Need A Budget. So if you have non-Canadian bank accounts and want a budgeting tool that takes care of your everyday finances, You Need A Budget could be right for you.

A comprehensive list of the best personal finance software options that run on Mac computers and also have a Canadian focus. I will discuss a few of the best free personal finance software and applications, as well as provide links to other reputable money management tools online. Getting a handle on your personal finances is not always easy. Luckily, there are plenty of Canadian personal finance management software that can make the job much easier. Best of all, these programs are completely free to use.

This article explains the best personal finance software for Canadians since Quicken went out of business.

If you are Canadian and want to manage your finances online, you’ve likely been weighing your options. Quicken Canada is ending support for its software in 2020. For years it was the most popular personal finance software in Canada, but now there’s a new wave of apps that offer much more than Quicken ever could.

In this article I’ll talk about the best alternatives to Quicken Canada. While none of these options are as powerful as what was offered by Intuit (the company behind Quicken), they do have some features that may make them worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative to the popular accounting program.

Each alternative listed below has a free trial available so there’s no risk involved in trying them out before deciding which one suits your needs best!

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free financial management tool that offers you the ability to track your investments and spending from one place. Personal Capital also has a mobile app, so you can track your finances on the go.

Personal Capital gives investors the ability to see their entire investment portfolio in one place, including all of their accounts at any of the thousands of fund companies or brokerages they may be using (including Charles Schwab, Vanguard, Fidelity Investments and TD Ameritrade). You can set up automatic rebalancing for your portfolio here as well. If you’re not sure what “rebalancing” means or why it’s important for your investments, check out this article: Why do I need to rebalance my portfolio?

Personal Capital also offers budgeting tools so that you can plan ahead for future expenses like car payments or vacations while still seeing how much room there is left in your budget before going over budget on other areas like entertainment or eating out at restaurants (food!).


Pocketsmith is a Canadian-based personal finance software and budget planner. It helps you track your spending and manage your money, all from one app.

Pocketsmith is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It’s free to use but does have a premium version that costs $10 per month or $75 per year (paid annually).

The free version comes with some great features such as:

  • Budgets – set up budgets with multiple accounts so you can track how much money you’re spending in each area of your life
  • Tracking – keep tabs on every transaction by date, amount spent or category (like groceries)
  • Reports – see trends over time via rich reports including pie charts and bar graphs


Mint is the most well-known online personal finance software for Canadians. It’s free and has a mobile app, so you can track your spending on the go.

It automatically pulls in data from your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments to give you an overview of your financial health. You can categorize spending into different areas (such as groceries or entertainment) to see where there might be room for improvement in your budgeting—or just what it would take to get a new car!

Mint also works with many investment firms, so if you want some help investing or tracking how much interest you’re earning on specific investments like stocks and bonds, it’s an excellent tool for that too!


Moneyspire is a Canadian personal finance software that can help you track your expenses and set budgets, as well as handle investment tracking in a very simple way. You can also create charts to see how much money you’ve been spending over time.

Moneyspire is the ideal solution for those who want to track their investments, but don’t want to deal with complicated accounting software that only understands numbers in USD. This program supports currencies from around the world, so you’ll always be able to keep an eye on how much of your money is in Canadian dollars and how much is in another currency—even if it’s Bitcoin (which isn’t supported by many other programs).

The great thing about Moneyspire is that it’s free! The company behind this product has decided not to launch a paid version at this time because they believe everyone should have access to basic financial tools like budgeting features without having to pay anything at all. In addition, they offer paid add-ons like integration with credit cards or bank accounts if you need more advanced functionality than what’s offered within the default installation package.

If you’re looking for free personal finance software, is the way to go. The service offers an online dashboard that’s clean and simple to use, although its basic functions will be familiar to anyone who’s used or Personal Capital before. Still, it packs some noteworthy features:

  • A mobile app: There are no apps for iOS or Android yet (the company plans on releasing them in early 2020), but the website works just fine on mobile browsers. Plus, there’s an option to add your own bank accounts if they aren’t supported by ClearCheckbook yet—a feature that makes sense considering this is an independent product that isn’t backed by any large financial institution like Mint is.
  • Easy-to-use: One of the best things about ClearCheckbook is how easy it is to set up—you can import last month’s transactions within minutes of creating an account and then begin categorizing each transaction as a clear expense or income (and tagging them with keywords). From there, you can see where all your money has been going overtime under different categories like “Food & Dining” or “Home & Garden”—or view all expenses by category at once in order to get a more macro view at how much money goes towards each category every month over time (especially helpful if you want know how much more expensive rent was last year vs 2019!).

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget

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We chose You Need a Budget (YNAB) as the best overall option because it offers the best combination of flexibility and features, making it more than worth its monthly price. It guides you through making an intentional, forward-thinking plan for your spending. Plus, its goal tracking and reporting features help you monitor your progress. Pros

  • You can link your accounts or manually enter transactions
  • Real-time information is always available from any device
  • YNAB teaches you how to budget, rather than just automating the process


  • Subscription fees of about $15 monthly or $99 annually
  • Requires a larger time commitment to manage than other options
  • There’s a steeper learning curve than some other budgeting apps

YNAB is more expensive than its free counterparts and it takes more time to develop your budget. Despite these drawbacks, it’s the best budgeting software for taking control of your money because it gives you the necessary tools to create a value-driven spending plan. 

The app is built around its four rules, which include giving every dollar a job. The program will guide you through the process of allocating every dollar so you can spend it intentionally. Its customizable reporting and goal tracking features, which include attractive and informative charts and graphs, help you stick to your plan. YNAB also provides comprehensive education, including more than 100 free online workshops, and offers real-time updating so you’ll always know where your money is going and can make adjustments on the fly.

Best for Couples Honeydue


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We chose Honeydue as the best option for couples because it is specifically geared toward helping you manage your money with a partner. You can link accounts and customize what information you share with your partner while also communicating about money issues directly through the app. Notifications even alert you to upcoming bills or when you or your partner exceeds pre-set spending limits in your budget categories. Pros

  • No monthly fee
  • Choose how much account information to share with your partner
  • Transactions are automatically categorized
  • Customizable alerts for overspending or upcoming bills


  • Only available for iOS or Android (no desktop app)
  • Limited financial education
  • Few reporting features that allow you to look at the big picture

Honeydue is designed to help couples manage their finances together and its features are focused on joint communication. Honeydue makes sharing information about money simpler by allowing you to respond to your partner’s transactions with a note, a thumbs-up, or other emojis. You can also aggregate your linked account information to see all of your individual and joint transactions in one place. 

Honeydue makes tracking spending easy by automatically categorizing transactions as well as allowing you to add your own custom categories. And while there are fewer reporting options than with some other programs, customizable alerts help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Quicken Canada is ending support in 2020, so here’s a list of alternatives with some Canadian connections.

Mint is the biggest personal finance software in Canada, and it’s owned by Intuit, which is based in the US. As such, Mint may not be your first choice if you’re looking for something more specifically Canadian. However, it’s free to use and it still offers a lot of functionality when compared to Quicken Canada:

  • Mint has more than 3 million users worldwide
  • It offers budgeting tools like spending plans and savings goals
  • You can connect your credit cards, bank accounts, loans and retirement accounts


In this article, we’ll look at our top three picks for the best personal finance software in Canada, along with why we chose them. We’ve included an overview of each program’s features, strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one is right for you. The information provided here should give readers enough information to make a decision about which personal finance software they want to use.

Best Canadian Personal Finance Software is an online budgeting software that helps you manage your money effectively. The product is crafted to help you manage your personal finances, keeping track of all income and expenses in one account. It helps you make sure that you are saving for the future with its powerful features.

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