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Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies

Canadians are flooding into the digital world, and one of the first places they go is to find a good web host. But finding the right one can be difficult. Canadian businesses don’t have as many specific demands for hosting as their American counterparts, so there are more choices available. That said, it’s important to compare the features and prices of different hosts before making a decision. Plus, it’s always a good idea to chat with other business owners in order to get their thoughts on what they like and don’t like about each host. So, whether you need help choosing your next web host or just want some tips on what to look for when choosing one, this guide is for you!

What is a Web Hosting Company?

A web hosting company is a company that provides a web environment and services to customers who want to host their own website. These companies offer different levels of service, from small businesses and hobbyists who need just the basics, to large enterprises and organizations who need complete control over their website. Canadian web hosting companies are generally among the best in the world, offering high-quality hostnames, amazing customer service, and low prices for enterprise users.

How Do Canadian Web Hosting Companies Perform

Canadian web hosting companies typically perform well in terms of performance when compared to other global web hosts. They typically have lower Latency rates than some of their competition, as well as lower costs for domain name registrations, bandwidth usage, and other features. However, they can occasionally be less reliable or efficient in terms of providing support or responding to customer complaints. Overall, though, Canadian web hosting companies are some of the most reliable in the world when it comes to online presence and business growth!

Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies


FeaturesFree SSL, domain, training session, cPanel
Best forLocal business websites

You can’t talk about web hosting in Canada and leave HostPapa out of the conversation. It’s our only 100% Canada-based option here. The provider is popular amongst businesses due to the many resources and loads of features that it offers with its plans.

  • To start the list of HostPapa perks, the many resources would be ideal. Even with the entry plan, the provider gives more than others – 100GB storage for 2 websites is often more than enough to last a lifetime. Not to mention a free domain for a year and SSL – there are no other expenses.
  • Ease of use is also on the list – HostPapa uses the standard cPanel, which is as straightforward and intuitive as they get.
  • And to finish off, there’s a free one-on-one training session that you can book. Whether it’s a WordPress installation or on-page optimizations, you can ask the agents to help you out during this personalized session.

Overall, being one of the first and best Canadian web hosting companies, HostPapa looks like an excellent option. Especially for small businesses that need everything in one place.

HostPapa pricing

HostPapa has 3 different shared hosting plans to choose from that start at CA$3.95/month and range up to CA$12.95/month.

All plans offer a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, a free domain, and even free one-on-one training, all included in the price.

  • The Starter plan at CA$3.95/month offers to host two websites, unlike a single website most other providers offer with their cheapest plans. It also gets you 100GB of SSD storage, which is more than enough for 2 websites.
  • The Business plan is also priced at CA$3.95/month and offers hosting for unlimited websites and unlimited storage. It also offers the Advanced Features package. It includes unlimited email accounts, unlimited MYSQL databases, and more server resources.
  • At CA$12.95/month, the Business Pro plan is a bit of a jump up in price, although it does offer plenty of extra features. It places you on faster servers with more resources for each user. Automated backups, a Premium Wildcard SSL, and domain privacy are added, too.

Keep in mind that even though the two cheapest plans are both priced the same now, their renewal prices are definitely going to be quite different.

 Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada is one of the oldest and most prominent hosting providers in Canada. This hosting site is an ideal choice for WordPress users, as Web Hosting Canada optimizes all its solutions for the smooth performance of the leading CMS. Moreover, WHC (Web hosting Canada) offers SEO and Email marketing plans that you can try out with free trials.

Here are some good hosting plans offered by them:

WebsiteSpacePerformancePrice in CA$


  • Free Site Transfer
  • Built-in security
  • World’s Best Control Panel
  • Dedicated CPanel
  • Canadian Geolocation
  • Offers an unlimited Disk Space

Refund Policy:

This Canadian web hosting has a full money-back guarantee if you cancel within the first 30 days.

Customer Support:

They do not have to define SLA for response times. However, they try to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds. They aim to resolve all your queries within the first 6 hours.

Downtime Alert:

They do send notifications to their clients in case of downtime.


They provide you 99% uptime guarantee.


Canadian web hosting has servers located in

  • Vancouver
  • Montreal

You can select the data center location while placing an order.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
Provide unlimited disk space.Not offers an SSL certificate on the Starter plan
Free Cloudflare
Cost-effective starting plans
Single Click WordPress Installation


FeaturesFree SSL, weekly backups, friendly support, fast LiteSpeed webserver
Best forBoth personal and business projects at affordable price

Hostinger is definitely the king of cheap hosting, although it has a lot more to offer than just that. A simple and clean control panel, a friendly customer support team, good performance, and a choice of servers from all around the globe. That’s just part of what you get from Hostinger.

  • The customer support team is what really stood out to me when using Hostinger’s services. The agents are very friendly and unique, each showing off their personality while helping you out. And they really are helpful. While that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoyed that. You can reach them 24/7 via chat or email.
  • Another thing is that Hostinger focuses on performance a lot. So you get a broad server location choice and modern server technology such as LiteSpeed web server with its own caching engine for better speeds.
  • The control panel is also straightforward. It’s custom-made by following the best cPanel practices. So you get a nice modern interface and all the essential and nice-to-have functionalities

As for everything else, there’s really nothing much negative anyone can say. The performance is good, the prices are as low as they get. What else can you need?

Hostinger pricing

Hostinger does not provide prices in CAD, which means I’ll have to work with USD for now. The providers hosting plans start at a mere US$2.59/month and go up to US$9.99/month for the most expensive cloud hosting plan.

All plans have a free domain, SSL certificates, weekly backups, email accounts, and LiteSpeed Web Server and caching. Security features are also well rounded, covering firewalls, monitoring, and DDoS protection,

  • The Premium Shared Hosting plan at US$2.59/month gets you a free domain, 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and 100GB of storage.
  • For US$4.99/month, you can get the Business Shared Hosting plan which includes all of the benefits from the Premium plan, as well as daily backups, 200GB of storage, and more processing power and memory.
  • The Cloud Startup plan at US$9.99/month offers 300 websites, 200GB SSD storage space, 2CPUs cores, 3GB RAM, cache manager, free daily backups, and CDN.

As far as prices and value for money are concerned, there are really not many better choices than Hostinger. Additionally, you can get your money back 30 days after the purchase.


Bluehost is an official hosting provider of WordPress hosting, which provides many different hosting plans for bloggers, professionals, small businesses, and larger organizations. They offer dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and VPS Hosting.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

WebsiteBandwidthGBSpam expertsPrice in CA$
1 siteUnmetered50GB1CA$3.58/month


  • Provides an SSL certificate for free
  • They offer free tech support
  • Bluehost provides an FTP account and File Manager facilities
  • PHP and MySQL databases support.

Refund policy:

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their web hosting plans.

Customer Support:

It is one of the best hosting providers that offer support over chat, phone, and email tickets.

Downtime alerts:

They offer downtime alerts to users.


They promise 99% uptime.

Data Center:

Their Data Center is located in the following locations:

  1. Utah, Orem -USA
  2. Mumbai- India
  3. London- UK
  4. Shanghai- China
  5. Hong Kong -Hong Kong

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to select a data center location.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
Doesn’t have any hidden charges.Not offer any premium tech support.
Easy to use control panel.It does not support Windows OS.
It provides WordPress-focused hosting service.
File Manager and
FTP account.
You get a free domain name for one year at the time of sign-up.


FeaturesFree domain, SSL, website builder, domain privacy, automatic backups
Best forBoth personal and business websites on WordPress

If WordPress hosting is what you’re looking for, DreamHost is one of the providers that can’t be left out of consideration. It offers reasonable performance numbers, very affordable pricing options, and a level of WordPress-focused tools that very few others can brag about.

  • DreamHost’s plans are also stacked with security features so you can feel safe every step of the way. Automatic backups, firewalls, SSL, and DDoS protection are all there.
  • It also has a WordPress website builder that is free with all of its plans. The key difference from other website builders here is the fact that it’s based on WordPress as a plugin. This means you get the ease of use of a visual editor and the power of WordPress.
  • The dashboard also adds to the ease of use. Every tool has a description, so you can easily set everything, from domains to emails, yourself.

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer 24/7 live chat support, which can be annoying for those of us that like to work on our websites in the middle of the night. Email support is 24/7, but it’s not as quick as dropping a line via live chat.

All things considered, DreamHost is one of the best options for web hosting in Canada for WordPress websites. Even though it does support other CMS’s, the level of WordPress optimization is such that you may as well drop any thoughts of using anything else.

DreamHost pricing

There are 2 shared hosting plans to choose from at DreamHost, Starter, and Unlimited, priced at US$2.59/month and US$3.95/month, respectively.

Both plans include unmetered bandwidth, an SSL certificate, a WordPress website builder, and a free domain. Such things as daily backups, domain privacy, and caching are also a part of both plans, which adds up to quite a lot of security features considering the price.

  • For US$2.59/month, the Starter plan gets you hosting for a single website with 50GB of SSD storage, which is more than enough for a single website. At the same time, email accounts are not included and cost $1.67 each.
  • The Unlimited plan at US$3.95/month does include emails along with hosting for unlimited websites and unlimited storage.

You also get DreamHost’s 97-day money-back guarantee, which is known to be one of the longest guarantees among hosting providers. So you get more than enough time to make sure you like what you’re getting.


WPX is one of the world’s fastest WordPress hosting services that offer free superfast Content Delivery Network (CDN). It also provides free site migrations to WPX within 24 hours. Founded by Terry Kyle in 2013, the company offers 30-second support response times.


  • 1-Click WordPress Installs
  • Superfast SSD Storage
  • Malware detection & removal
  • Offers Free site speed optimization
  • Advance DDOS Protection
  • Offers Multi-User Access
  • It enables IP-based access control to your WPX account.
  • Provides Unlimited Email boxes
  • Supports PHP 7.X & 8.0 versions

Here are some good hosting plans offered by them:

Plan typeWebsiteSSD storagePrice CA$
BusinessUp to 5 Websites10 GB Storage$6.25/month
ProfessionalUp to 15 Websites20 GB Storage$12.50/month
EliteUp to 35 Websites40 GB Storage$24.75/month

Refund Policy:

30-day refund policy for all of our hosting plans.

Customer Support:

Provides 24/7 support via live chat (within 30 seconds), email, and telephone.

Downtime alert:

They offer downtime alerts to users.


99.95% Uptime


Their Data Center is located in the following locations:

1. Chicago – USA
2. London- UK
3. Sydney- Australia

👍 Pros👎 Cons
All plans include unlimited free SSL certificates and email accountsDoes not offer a free domain with any of the plans.
30-second average support response time for live chat
Offers comprehensive security features.
Offers automatic backup with 28-days retention

What are the Benefits of using a Canadian Web Hosting Company

When you use a Canadian Web Hosting Company, you can see increased traffic and SEO because of the experienced and professional team behind the company. They will work with you to ensure that your website is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and that your website experiences fast, reliable delivery. Furthermore, they will provide all the support you need to keep your business running smoothly – from customer service to accounting.

Professional Services and Support

The team at a Canadian Web Hosting Company is passionate about their work and will go above and beyond to provide top-notch services and support. This includes taking care of everything from website design to online marketing. With a Canadian Web Hosting Company by your side, you can feel confident that your business will be run smoothly without any stress!

Reduced Costs and Faster Delivery

Since Canadian Web Hosting Companies are often more affordable than their American or European counterparts, this is an important factor in calculating whether or not a particular service is worth considering. Because of this, they offer faster delivery times as well as lower costs for every project you take on!

How to Choose the Best Canadian Web Hosting Company for Your Business.

There are a number of factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a Canadian Web Hosting Company. For example, which company offers the best customer service and support? How well does the company comply with laws and regulations? What kind of features do the Canadian Web Hosting Companies offer?

Research the Web Hosting Company before You Make Your Choice

It’s important to research web hosting companies thoroughly before making your decision. This will allow you to compare different services and find one that is best suited for your business. By doing so, you can save money while still enjoying great service from your Canadian WebHosting Company.

Select the Canadian Web Hosting Company that is best for your business

Once you’ve compared different companies and determined which one is best suited for your business, it’s time to choose a Canada-based WebHosting Company! Many people prefer to work with localhosters, as these companies tend to be more reliable and have lesser customer service issues than larger global hosts.


Choosing the best Canadian Web Hosting Company for your business can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, such as the company’s professional services and support, its competitive prices, and its fast delivery times. By doing your research before making a decision, you can make the right choice for your business.

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