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Each church and ministry is different and has its own bible software needs. Finding the right software can take time and effort, which we don’t always have a lot of. This bible presentation software review can help you sort through all the options and find the best software for your specific needs.

We do know that there are numerous church presentation software’s available in the market, each one claiming to be the best. Thus, comparing the features and functionalities of these software’s becomes an overwhelming task unless your school or college provides you with proper guidance.


Holyrics is a free Church presentation software developed with the objective of facilitating the presentation of lyrics and verses in worship and other events.

Managing worship songs

  • Save song lyrics and use custom themes to display.
  • Search and add a song quickly using the available search options.
  • Holyrics has an offline database with more than 15 thousand songs! 
  • We can separate the song lyrics of different groups or singers using groups
  • Allows to save the time and date of each song played

Managing Bible verses

  • Supports display of Bible verses and transmission to other devices
  • Facilitates access to any Bible verse with just 3 clicks
  • Can save lists of favorite verses to bring them up quickly
  • Visualize the Bible in different versions simultaneously
  • Change the version of the verse on the fly in real time


  • Has stage view support—we can use return monitors with unique settings. Slides can also be customized for the Holyrics app
  • Show messages and alerts only on return monitors
  • Colors, images or videos as background with opacity control
  • Can show alert messages at any time, even during a presentation

Slides and templates

  • Create various themes and use in any song lyrics and verse
  • Schedule the songs that will be played and the media that will be performed in each service

Extra cool features

  • Access program data and control presentations by mobile through the Holyrics mobile app
  • We can register our worship team members in the system and create schedules for the services
  • Play audio and video through the program without dragging windows (needs VLC media player to work)
  • Use videos to create Themes with animated background
  • Mobile app can be used to remote control presentations of songs and verses
  • Clock
  • Countdown


  • Windows, Mac and Linux machines
  • The mobile app is available for Android and iOS

Holyrics is a well-designed free church presentation software with excellent features and functionalities—highly recommend you to try it out!


Well maintained open source software application that focuses on management of lyrics, chords, lead sheets, bible verses and scriptures. Supports timed loops of slides with text and images. Allows you to keep track of a song’s title, author, copyright, ccli #, tempo, time signature, theme, focus, capo position, user defined fields, and more. Available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems and translated into several European languages. Has a dedicated companion desktop application for song importing from various formats.Price: Free and Open Source
Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Screenshot: application window
– API automation interface over HTTP and WebSocket
– Song, Bible & Pictures import
– Confidence Monitor
– Built in slide editor


Praisenter is a free church presentation software package producing high quality Bible verse, song, and custom slides with image, video, audio, translucency and transition support.

The Bible Made Easy

Easily jump to scriptures, save them for later presentation or present them right away. Following a speaker is effortless with the previous, current, and next scripture previews. Use the Bible search feature to find the scripture you are looking for and quickly present it. Import translations from The Unbound Bible and show two translations simultaneously.

Songs? No Problem.

Search, edit, create songs with the easy to use interface. Preview the entire song at once. Send song parts using the quick send buttons or function (F1-F12) hotkeys. Edit songs on the fly and preview them instantly. Queue up songs for later. Never forget to save a song by automatic change detection. No limits on the number of verses, chorus, or other song parts.


Did someone leave their lights on? Send notifications that overlay the currently presented content. These notifications are completely customizable in size, position, and styling. Configure a period of time the notification will be visible and use the same transitions offered for normally presented content.

Customize It

Upon opening, Praisenter is ready to go with default configuration and automatic screen detection. However, should you need to change anything, the Preferences are waiting on your command. Setup default transitions, the default Bible translation, error reporting settings, and more.


With built in error reporting its easy to send the necessary information to us to resolve any problem you may be experiencing. Sending non-personal information in this manner decreases the amount of time required to fix any potential problems. These errors can also be saved locally, rather than being sent, and exported to a simple text file.


Praisenter is absolutely free. No strings attached, no hidden gotcha, no registration, no spam email, just honest-to-goodness free. In fact, even the source code is offered for free. This allows you to contribute to make Praisenter even better.

Worship Extreme

One of the best Worship Extreme features is the built-in ability to sync all your data with the cloud. This means you will have access to all your song lyrics, videos, images and cue lists from any computer running Worship Extreme. Long gone are the days of needing to transfer media from computer to computer or staying late to work on presentations.


FreeWorship can be used to display worship songs, Bible passages, videos and more.

This church worship software supports themes, slide transitions, quick search, import of a variety of lyrics and Bibles etc.

FreeWorship is a solid free worship software that should cover most of your church presentation needs.

Managing worship songs

  • For quick setup, worship songs can be imported many, many sources!
  • FreeWorship accepts songs from CCLI SongSelect, Easy Worship (2009 & 6), DreamBeam, Mission Praise, OpenLP, OpenLyrics, OpenSong, SongPro, SongShow Plus and Words of Worship
  • So if you’re switching from some other software, FreeWorship makes it incredibly easy to migrate your existing song base in no time

Managing Bible verses

  • FreeWorship can import Zefania and OpenSong Bibles, which should take care of most of your scripture projection needs.


  • All popular image formats can be handled in FreeWorship
  • Like OpenLP, FreeWorship also integrates with VLC for video playback—so any file format supported by VLC can be run here!
  • This free presentation software also handles PowerPoint files (versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016)
  • The presentation slides can also be spanned across multiple projectors.

Slides and templates

  • Songs, bible passages, images, videos, PPTs, webcams, clocks and timers can all be setup to display on screen just a few minutes
  • There are flexible slide customization options too with the ability to tinker with the fonts, colors and backgrounds

Extra cool features

  • There’s a really cool auto verse feature, using which FreeWorship finds a related Bible verse when you search for a song!
  • Stage/foldback display to give your worship team and speakers on stage more information about the current slide and what is coming up next
  • You can use a file synching service like Dropbox to edit songs on one PC while presenting on another


  • FreeWorship is Windows only at the moment

FreeWorship is feature-rich, provides terrific import options and flexible enough to fulfill even demanding church presentation needs—this is a keeper!


As the name indicates, this is a Bible and scripture focused church presentation software. It describes itself as “a software solution for presenting Holy Scripture verses on any video display device connected to a personal computer running Microsoft Windows”. Comes with support for many bibles in many languages and allows for much customization of themes, backgrounds, fonts and more. Supports NDI (Network Device Interface) video monitors. Has a list of useful keyboard shortcuts and tries to set itself apart from others by offering to display any scripture using at most 3-4 mouse clicks. It also boasts being able to show 4 synchronized Bible verses on the same screen.Price: Free (accepts donations)
Supported OS: Windows
Screenshot: application window
– Song & Bible import
– Confidence Monitor


Speaking from the heart, face to face with a congregation is a presentation that impacts each one of them in different ways. In fact, the manner of personal interaction that takes place during a church presentation can deeply affect them … or completely miss their mark.

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