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Best Cloud Hosting for Developers

If you’re a developer looking to get the most out of your cloud hosting account, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different aspects of cloud hosting, from storage to performance. We’ll also give you some tips on how to find and use the best cloud hosts for your needs.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a technology that allows websites and applications to be hosted on a remote server. This can be done either through an ISP or through a third-party provider. The benefits of Cloud Hosting include the following:

1. It provides an easy way for businesses to move their website or application from one location to another.

2. It makes it possible for businesses to run their website or application in multiple languages without having to translate each page manually.

3. It makes it possible for businesses to access their website or application from any device, no matter where they are in the world.

4. It allows businesses to run their website or application without worrying about Bandwidth limitations or data caps.

Best Cloud Hosting for Developers

1. InterServer – Cloud VPS Technology at Shared Hosting Prices

I have nothing but praise for InterServer’s decision to move its VPS to the cloud. It now offers higher performance, more reliability, and increased resource flexibility for web development. If you’re looking for affordable high granular control, this is it.

You can start working on your virtual machine almost instantly with InterServer since it has an average provisioning time of 15 minutes from the moment your payment is approved.

You can start with InterServer’s cheapest VPS hosting plan featuring 1 Xeon Haswell CPU, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD configured as Raid 10, and a free premium Webuzo license that helps you 1-click install Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or any other CMS. With Webuzo, you can configure your VM to act like a Python, Java, LAMP, or LEMP server.

InterServer’s VPS plans come with managed support and the promise to fix any server-related issues, such as DNS, Mail, or SQL service bugs. The support team will also re-install operating systems and/or control panels when needed.

Shared plans come equipped with a LAMP stack, which is ideal if you’re experimenting. As a student, you are eligible for one full year of free standard shared hosting with unlimited websites, storage, and emails.


  • Reliable and customizable virtual machines running on cloud technology, Xeon Haswell cores, and nested Raid configuration with data redundancy
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. If network availability falls under the uptime guarantee, you can be eligible to receive up to 50% of your monthly fees in credit
  • Free Webuzo control panel for VPS plans and Breadbasket for Shared Plans
  • Managed support included in higher tier VPS plans

2. Liquid Web

FeaturesFully managed, free SSL, automated backups, GIT, and native control panel
Operating systemLinux and Windows
Supported languagesJavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl
Best forBigger sites looking for a more powerful hosting solution

Liquid Web is one of the best options when it comes to web hosting for developers. Interestingly enough, the service provider does not offer any shared hosting plans and is known for its Cloud and VPS hosting, which are very secure, reliable, and highly functional. So, if you’re looking for great performance and scalability options, Liquid Web might be exactly what you need.

Sounds like a really good option, right? Well, let’s explore what kind of tools does Liquid Web offer for developers:

  • To begin with, the provider allows you to choose a control panel that you’re most comfortable with. You can either go with InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Admin. However, keep in mind that InterWorx is a very functional one that’s already included in the plan.
  • To make your job just a little easier, the provider offers Git support with all its plans. Git is a widely used control system that helps you to track changes made to the site and allows you to restore any particular version of it if there’s ever a need to.
  • The provider also includes WP-CLI. It is a command-line interface form where you can manage a WordPress site. By using a set of commands, you’ll be able to update, backup, and simply administrate your site.
  • Liquid Web is very confident in its ability to keep your site alive and well all the time. It’s so confident that you get a 100% SLA guarantee in place. More so, if the site happens to be down at any time, you’ll be compensated 10 times the amount of downtime.
  • Lastly, if you’d like to sell hosting services to your clients, Liquid Web allows doing so even on its VPS plans.

In short, Liquid Web has many useful tools that can help you run and perfect your site easier.

Now looking at the options, Liquid Web offers 4 standard VPS plans priced from $25.00/month to $105.00/month. However, you can also get the “bundle” option of each plan by paying a little extra. This gets you additional features like a premium business email, a free 100GB backup quota, and web server protection.

Back to the standard plans. Regardless of which one you choose, all of them include 10TB of bandwidth, DDoS protection, a firewall, and monitoring. You also get to choose which control panel you’d like to use.

Now talking about the differences, each plan has a different amount of RAM, storage, and vCPU. As there is no one-size-fits-all, the decision on which plan brings the best value for money depends on you. However, the provider has great scalability options, so I’d suggest you start with the cheapest plan and work your way up.

3. Kamatera – Custom-Built Cloud VPS With Easy Scalability

Kamatera offers you a high level of customization that many other hosts simply can’t match. It allows you to build a cloud VPS from the ground up, setting the exact vCPU, RAM, and storage you need. As visitor traffic to your website(s) fluctuates, you can scale these resources any way you please.

This also allows you to adjust the overall pricing of your server at any time. Kamatera bills by the second, so any resizing of your server’s resources will be reflected immediately. It’s easy to scale temporarily to deal with a surge in traffic without having to pay a monthly premium.

What’s extra nice is that Kamatera’s entry-level servers start at budget prices. If you just have a small project or prototype you’d like to run, you can get away with just paying a few dollars per month. However, Kamatera is best for those looking for an unmanaged server – while it does offer managed service, you can get a better deal on managed VPS elsewhere.


  • Fast and dependable performance, backed up by powerful Intel Xeon processors and a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Server images for common configurations – one-click installation of Linux & Windows OSs, cPanel, WordPress, and development frameworks
  • 13 data centers across 4 major continents
  • 30-day free trial grants you access to a single cloud VPS with $100 credit. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager for the duration of the trial.

4. SiteGround

FeaturesFree SSL, daily backups, staging, collaborators, and native user management interface
Operating systemLinux
Supported languagesPHP, Python, JavaScript, Perl
Best forBusiness-oriented hosting for developers

SiteGround can be seen as a premium hosting provider when it comes to shared hosting but it is a great option for developers. You truly get your money’s worth as the host delivers impressive speed and extra tools like staging, collaborations, and the white-label control panel feature. All that comes down to how this provider made into the list of options on web hosting for developers.

While the price is slightly above the average for shared hosting, it’s understandable why. The provider is feature-rich, but what do you get for that premium price specifically?

  • SiteGround has a native user management interface that is very easy to use. While there is no cPanel option, I can promise that you won’t miss it. SiteGround’s Site Tools panel is just as functional and can even be customized a little to access the most frequently used tools quicker.
  • The provider also includes a staging environment in its two pricier plans. If you’re planning on experimenting with the site, you can do so in a safe environment without impacting the “live” version. This is available for WordPress websites.
  • If you’re planning on working with other people on the same project, SiteGround allows adding collaborators with its two pricier plans. This way, your peers get individual logins to your Site Tools, and you can track the changes made to the site. You can also restrict other people from accessing the billing section.
  • While this is included with only the priciest plan, it’s good to know that SiteGround allows you to register your clients as users in your account and get them a white-label panel. Additionally, it’s also the only plan that has a pre-installed GIT control system.

To sum it up, SiteGround has many business-oriented features like staging, collaborators, and clients that could improve your hosting experience as a developer.

If we look at shared hosting options, we’ll find 3 plans ranging from $2.99/month to $7.99/month.

While plans are noticeably different, you’ll still get free SSL, email accounts, caching, unmetered traffic, and daily backups with each plan.

Talking about differences, each plan differs in the number of websites hosted and the amount of storage. However, more importantly, extra features differ too.

StartUp plan has no additional tools, which means that the best value hides with GrowBig and GoGeek. Both have staging, Ultrafast PHP, and collaborators feature while GoGeek also allows you to function as a reseller and give white-label panels to clients.

5. Hostinger – Affordable VPS Plans for Developers

Save up to 75 % on your Hostinger plan!

Limited-time offer – Don’t miss it!

Hostinger provides the cheapest web hosting for developers. Like InterServer, it has moved its VPS technology entirely into the cloud. This move is a significant upgrade for you and your clients, who benefit from better uptime, faster page loading speeds, and full root control to boot.

If you want to run a medium-to-high traffic e-commerce website with as little cost and as much flexibility as possible, Hostinger’s VPS offers are perfect for you. Your server resources are guaranteed and, thanks to the VPS control panel, you can easily install scripts, applications, or manually back-up your files.

You benefit from both IPv4 & IPv6 protocols and a dedicated address. You’ll never have to deal with a null-routed IP, and your extensions will run at lightning speed. Several fail-safe mechanisms, Raid 10 configuration, and weekly/daily back-ups will protect your data.

All of Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans offer managed support. Whenever there is a roll-out of new versions for critical software, the tech crew will make sure to keep your system up-to-date and secure.  Each server is equipped with Bitninja or Imunify360, custom firewall rules, Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer, and more.


  • Reliable and affordable cloud VPS, Xeon technology CPUs, and nested Raid 10 raid configurations
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. If you experience more than 0.1% of downtime you are eligible for a 5% refund
  • LiteSpeed Cache included on all plans to keep your web applications running smoothly
  • Fully-managed support on cloud plans and back-end support on VPS

6. InMotion Hosting

FeaturesFree SSL, GIT, and cPanel
Operating systemLinux
Supported languagesPHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript
Best forAffordable reseller hosting option

InMotion Hosting is among the platforms that aim to provide quality service for anyone, web developers included. That motto resulted in a diverse and fully-featured hosting provider. The options are plenty, especially when it comes to web hosting for developers.

But what are those options that could help you build and run a professional-looking site?

  • InMotion uses the widely known and mass favorite cPanel. If you have experience in website hosting, you most likely will know your way around it, and if not, it won’t take long before you do. The panel is simple and easy to navigate.
  • If you’d like to work with a different coding language than PHP, InMotion has quite a few options. The provider allows you to deploy web applications in Ruby, Perl, and Python. Such versatility is quite rare with shared hosting plans.
  • If you’re thinking about working with a few people on your project, InMotion allows you to add additional users to the site. They will get a personal login to your panel. More so, you can slightly limit their actions on your account.
  • Just like most providers on this list, InMotion also has GIT integrated with all its plans. With the help of this tool, you get to track and manage your files, as well as restore any previous versions if worse comes to worst.
  • Lastly, the host is one of the best providers when it comes to reseller hosting. You can get a plan for as low as $15.39/mo. More so, it is completely white-label, so you get to use your logo if you wish.

In sum, InMotion is very generous when it comes to features. It is also the only one on this list to offer such a variety of coding languages with its shared hosting plans.

Jumping to plans and prices, we see 4 shared hosting options for as low as $2.29/month to as high as $12.99/month. Yet, if shared hosting is not exactly what you’re looking for, the provider also has VPS plans starting at $19.99/mo.

But if we’re talking about shared hosting, all plans include a free SSL, emails, SSH access, and unlimited bandwidth. All plans apart from the entry include a free domain too, however, automated backups come for an extra $24 per year.

Turning to differences, the most significant ones can be found in the number of websites that can be hosted on the plan and the storage size. As the options are quite broad, choosing the best plan is entirely up to you and your personal needs. If you need more power and storage, opt for pricier plans, while little projects can be easily handled by cheaper options.

Best Web Hosting For Web Designers

1. A2 Hosting – Best Reseller Host for Web Developers

A2 Hosting has been a popular solution for web developers for nearly 20 years. The performance-minded web host’s reseller plans come in two versions: Standard and Turbo.

The Standard servers run A2 Hosting’s cPanel stack for LAMP, while the Turbo servers are built on elite hardware with low-density domain name allocation. All reseller plans from A2 Hosting include free Softaculous and Cloudflare CDN.

Monthly Starting Price$24.99

  • Affordable reseller plans with luxury features
  • FREE Enom account to manage unlimited domains
  • Turbo Server configuration loads pages 20x faster
  • FREE SSDs, CDN, and choice of server location
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 monitoring
  • Get started on A2 Hosting now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
30 days60 GB SSD – 270 GB SSDNew or Transfer4 minutes
  • Storage: 60 – 100 GB SSD, or 100 GB NVMe
  • Bandwidth: 600 GB – 1 TB
  • cPanel accounts: 20 – 30
  • Billing software: Blesta or WHMCS
  • Domain reselling: Enom
  • Price: $24.99 – $32.99 per month

A2 Hosting gives resellers ample opportunities to enter the market with the prices and technologies that work best for each business plan.

The host keeps client cPanel accounts low to avoid overselling, but resellers can upgrade their WHMCS license and hosting plan to add hundreds more clients.

Upgrade the lower-tier plans to Turbo servers for 40% faster CPU performance, support for nine times more traffic, and triple the read/write speeds.

2. Hostinger

For some creatives, the amount of traffic going to their website can be very unpredictable. A freelance illustrator’s blog post, for instance, might go viral without any warning if it hits the zeitgeist square on the chin. Alternatively, a design agency’s work for a brand might get a sudden burst of attention if said company suddenly hits the headlines. 

If there’s a chance that might happen to your site, it’s worth considering cloud hosting. You pay for what you need, and that makes it easy to scale things up and down when you need to. Cloud hosting works by storing your website’s data across servers in multiple regions. This also provides layers of redundancy that minimises the risk of data loss, even if an outage or other disaster affects an entire country.

The best cloud hosting provider that we’ve reviewed is Hostinger. Its data centres are spread across the USA, UK, Singapore, Lithuania, the Netherlands and more, and it provides a good, simple way to get a website up and running, and ensure it stays that way. 

There are three cloud hosting plans: Single, Premium and Business. Each of these will give you good levels of speed and scalability, and you also get automated updates, daily backups, and free dedicated IP thrown in for good measure. If you can commit to signing up for a year, you will also get a Lifetime SSL certificate, daily backups, unlimited email accounts and a free domain. 

On the negative side, Hostinger doesn’t offer phone support, and the knowledge base on its website is a little limited to compared to others. However, it does offer the options of 24/7/365 live chat or ticket-based support. Hostinger isn’t the best web hosting service for advanced features or managed plans either. But as a no-frills option for cloud hosting, it’s our top choice. 

3. InMotion Hosting – Best Overall Reseller Hosting

Boasting high-performance hardware and business-friendly software, InMotion Hosting carries a complete reseller hosting package for those looking to grow a business..

Each plan comes with fully licensed versions of WHMCS, cPanel, and Enom, ensuring all aspects of running your reseller hosting business go smoothly. The white-label service allows for the use of 25 to 80 unique cPanel accounts on each plan.

Monthly Starting Price$15.99

  • SSD reseller hosting with FREE cPanel/WHM
  • Keep your reseller business organized with WHMCS
  • FREE dedicated IP and site backups
  • Tons of email features with IMAP and POP3 support
  • Manage your domains with a FREE Enom license
  • Get started on InMotion Hosting now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
90 days80 GB SSD – 260 GB SSDFREE (1 year)5 minutes
  • Storage: 80 – 250 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 800 GB – 6 TB
  • cPanel accounts: 25 – 80+
  • Billing software: WHMCS
  • Domain reselling: Enom
  • Price: $15.99 – $35.99 per month

Although the company does not offer a built-in storefront application with InMotion reseller accounts, web publishers will appreciate the ability to run websites on a managed hosting platform with performance optimization for LAMP scripts.

Those who want the extra help, however, can purchase the Reseller Advantage package. The one-time fee delivers a custom website ready to sell hosting services in just two days.

The InMotion Hosting team automates the selling process by installing and configuring all the tools needed to get your business off the ground.

Alternatively, customers who choose the two highest-tier reseller plans unlock the company’s premium Launch Assist feature, which provides two hours of time with a systems administrator to use as you see fit — migrations, billing setup, performance optimizations, and other tasks.

The high-availability service from InMotion Hosting also includes free backups for the database and files of your client websites when running in production. Plus, you’ll have an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee as cushion if you decide InMotion Hosting isn’t the perfect fit.

How to get started with Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a new way to store and serve your online content. It allows you to create an account with a cloud-based host, then access and serve your content from anywhere in the world.

To get started, select the right cloud hosting plan according to your needs. For example, if you need high performance and security but don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider a plans that offer both. You can also find free cloud hosting plans that are designed for beginner webmasters.

Install the cloud hosting software on your computer so you can start serving up your content immediately. This software includes everything needed to set up and manage your Cloud Hosting account: an account password, settings for server location (U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific), cache size (maximum 1GB), and more.

On top of all this, be sure to keep an eye on your website traffic and adjust settings as necessary to ensure that no data is lost or stolen while you’re on vacation!

Tips for successful Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a great way to manage your website and store files on the internet. By using the right cloud host, you can optimize your settings and save time and energy. Optimizing your settings can help you save money on electricity, storage, and other costs.

Optimize Your Cloud Hosting Settings

In order to use the cloud hosting software efficiently, be sure to set up specific configurations that are best for your website. By understanding the different aspects of your website’s performance, you can optimize them for the cloud platform. Additionally, make sure that all resources used by your website—from images to code—are optimized for web hosting using the cloud host’s resources management features.

Manage Your Cloud Hosting Account

Once you have optimized your settings and created a successful cloud environment, it’s important to manage them effectively so that you don’t lose data or suffer from outages. Use an account management system to keep track of site activity, configuration changes, and billing issues; this will help prevent unexpected downtime or financial loss in the event of an issue with a server or account.


Cloud Hosting is a great way to get started with web hosting. However, there are some important factors you should consider before choosing a plan. By choosing the right plan and setting up your account correctly, you can make sure that your cloud host is effective and efficient. Additionally, you can use common security measures like anti-virus software to protect your data and ensure an optimal experience. Overall, Cloud Hosting is an excellent option for anyone interested in starting a website or expanding their reach.

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