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Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Uk

We have some of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Uk, so look no further!

This guide tests and compares hosting providers, especially for website owners in the United Kingdom, so that you can see how they actually perform.

The Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Uk reviewed below feature a detailed comparison covering many aspects, including hardware quality, bandwidth, connection speeds, server locations, uptime, and storage!

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Uk

How to Get Started with Uk Dedicated Server Hosting.

There are many Uk Dedicated Server Hosting providers out there. Some of the most popular providers include Bluehost, WP Engine, and CloudFlare. Once you’ve selected a provider, you need to set up your own server. This is done by choosing the appropriate operating system and hardware for your needs. You can also start trading data with other customers on this site. Finally, get started by trading your data today!

Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK

1. Webhosting UK: Fastest Dedicated Server UK Host

With more than 2000,000 websites hosted on their networks and a long list of happy customers, Webhosting UK holds the second spot on my list.

Currently, Webhosting UK offers a stellar lineup for their dedicated hosting plans which include Xeon processors, super-fast SSDs, 64GBs of DDR4 RAM, pre-configured optimized software, proactive monitoring service, and 24/7 customer support via live chat and phone.

Thanks to the latest hardware of the servers, Webhosting UK offers some of the fastest speeds I came across. On average, the speeds were hovering around the 380ms (which is insanely fast), and an average uptime of 99.99%.

As the name suggests, data servers of Webhosting UK are entirely UK-based with servers located in Nottingham, York, Reading, Wakefield, and Maidenhead.

When it comes to pricing, the basic package of a dedicated server costs £59.92 per month and includes a Xeon E3 system with 8GB of RAM, Two-240GBs disks, a free SSL certificate, free website migration, and a 1 GB connection!

So for what you pay and being a locally based UK company, it’s very well priced, not to mention the peace of mind factor knowing they are just a phone call away if any technical issues arise.

Overall, WebHosting Uk is a well-rounded dedicated web host providing that is ideal for UK businesses that are looking to scale.

2. SiteGround

As quick as you like — with an impressive uptime (£60.00/Month) 
Key Specifications
  • Bandwidth – 10TB
  • RAM – 16 – 64GB
  • Disk Space – 480 – 2×960 GB
  • Fantastic uptime testing 99.95%+
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Choose from a variety of storage configurations
  • Expensive
  • Low storage
  • Low bandwidth across the board

SiteGround Dedicated Server Review 

Alright, so now we are into the realms of traditional dedicated server hosting. As seen in our SiteGround review, it does a great job on most fronts.

They can, however, seem a bit pricey when compared to other providers. Let’s see if they make up for it.

Data Centre Choice 

It’s not quite the 20 centres that we could choose from with Kinsta, but still, three isn’t too bad. You have the choice of United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Stellar Support 

SiteGround has one of the best customer support around. In an industry that isn’t particularly revered for its customer service, they outshine the competition.

If you ever have an issue, which you probably won’t due to their fantastic uptime, the team will be right there to help you.

Impressive Uptime 

Uptime is how often your site is online and not subject to any issues that prevent visitors from accessing your site.

It’s pretty important, to say the least. SiteGround has some of the best around at 99%+. That’s code-word for having a reliable site.


  •  Jump Start – £60 / Month
  •  Business – £120 / Month
  •  Business Plus – £180 / Month
  •  Super Power –  £240 / Month

3. BlueHost

In a span of 17 years, BlueHost has earned a reputable name for itself in the web hosting industry and now manages a staggering 20 million websites (including this one), and is also the #1 recommendation from WordPress.

As for the core benefits of Bluehost’s dedicated server plans, they provide upgradeable storage, unmetered data transfer limit, complete root access, 1-click WordPress installation, and 24/7 phone and chat support

When it came to the site speed and uptime from Bluehost, I was quite surprised by the numbers. With an average load time of 405ms (tested from London) and uptime of 99.99%, BlueHost is arguably one of the most reliable and consistent providers in the market.

As BlueHost is a US-based company, unfortunately, all its servers are located in the United States. However, BlueHost has partnered up with CloudFare, which allows users to get blazing fast speeds, even for those in the UK.

As for the more nitty-gritty of Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans, they are currently offering three packages ranging from £59.66 to £89.49 per month.

The standard package starts at £59.66/mo and offers a 4 core CPU, 500GB mirrored storage, 4GB RAM, and 5TB bandwidth!

All dedicated server hosting packages also include one free domain for a year, free SSL certification, and 30 days money-back guarantee!

With unrivalled uptime results, fast speeds, secure servers, and impressive customer support, BlueHost is certainly one of the best dedicated server hosting companies for those in the UK!

4. Kinsta

Super fast, cheap and secure — running on Google Cloud (£28.50/Month)
Key Specifications:
  • Cloud base
  • Frequent backups
  • 20 data centre locations
  • Great security
  • Free SSL certificate and CDN
  • Cheap pricing
  • Good customer support
  • Can choose from a range of options based on how many monthly visitors you receive
  • Technically not a dedicated server
  • SSD storage not great
  • Only 1 WordPress install for the cheapest option

Kinsta Dedicated Server Review 

Right off the bat, Kinsta is a slightly different solution to the rest in this category as its entire infrastructure is built upon something called Google Cloud.

This is actually different to any quality VPS hosting, or even dedicated/standard options. So why did we include it as number 1? Because we can.. just kidding.

Every site that is run via Kinsta is 100% private as is not shared with other sites. Not even between your own websites I might add. That’s pretty cool.

Without going into too much detail, it provides the same end result as a dedicated server would and possibly even better.

Here’s an infographic from their own website if you’re like us and want some further tech details under the hood.

Anyway, enough with the science. What does it give me?

Choice of Data Centre 

They give you the option to choose from 20 different data centres. If you have more than one site with them, then you can pick multiple centres if you like, whatever floats your boat.

For all you Brits, you’ll be glad to learn that one of those data centers is in London. Absolutely stellar, chaps and chappettes.

100 % Private hosting provided by Google Cloud Platform 

This is somewhat unique in the space. You’ll see a marked improvement in site speed, and you don’t have to worry about every Tom, Dick and Harry clogging up your server space.

Top-Notch Security 

I think Kinsta may have some sort of trust issues because they are always checking up on their sites every two minutes. No, seriously, they actually do that.

They check for intruders, hacks, whether your site is up and running or not, and just general other safety things that make you feel nice and secure.

They are like that one overprotective friend that’s got your back 100%. A very…dedicated friend, one could say.

5. Inmotion

Since its founding in 2003, Inmotion has over 300,000 customers and is one of the oldest names in the industry and is considered one of the top hosting companies in the industry.

Dedicated servers of Inmotion are backed by industry-leading Xeon processors, blazing-fast SSDs, and DDR4 RAMs. There is also automatic regular backups provided to every customer which is an added bonus!

As for speed and uptime, I received an average uptime of 99.95% and a typical response time of 322ms when tested from a London based server.

When it comes to the server locations, InMotion has two main data centres, both located in the US: Los Angeles and Virginia Beach, which to be honest, is not the best for UK based websites.

The good news, however, is that Inmotion will help you in setting up a CDN account (Cloudflare, Incapsula, etc.) to enable your website to be cached in multiple UK cities for lightning-fast load times.

Currently, Inmotion offers a wide range of dedicated server plans starting from £108 per month which includes Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 processors, 16GB DDR3 RAM, and 1TB SS storage.

Included in the essential package is a free SSL (HTTPS) certificate, 30-days money-back guarantee, tools like WP-CLI and WHM, and more. Premium packages also include support up to 50TB of storage, an option of 16 CPUs, and a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Overall, Inmotion is a great contender that provides a while glove service for larger website owners!

6. A2 Hosting – Impressive Performance

Speedy Servers — with Reasonable Prices (£84.84/Month)
Key Specifications
  • Bandwidth – 10 – 20TB
  • RAM – 8 – 16GB
  • Disk Space – 2×500 – 2×1000 GB
  • Two dedicated IP Addresses
  • Cloudflare CDN free
  • Free SSL certificate
  • No UK servers
  • No free backups

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review 

When reviewing A2 Hosting, we found that it is a quality dedicated hosting provider that has both great uptimes and customer service, but with a slightly better price than SiteGround.

They’ve been around for almost 20 years. Often highly reviewed across all boards, they are a great all-around choice for anybody looking for a cheap dedicated server UK.

Customer Service 

If for some reason you run into issues, and your site is down, the service team are right on hand to solve your issues, pretty much right away.

99.1% Uptime

This is actually not as good as SiteGround, but still pretty good. However, if site uptime is really important to you, then that 0.4% over the course of a year can make a considerable difference.


  •  Unmanaged Dedicated Server – from £84.84 / Month
  •  Managed Dedicated Server- from £124.86 / Month

Dedicated Server Cost

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. How much a plan costs can vary greatly depending on both the provider and the specifications you require. In general, though, you can expect to pay $100 per month or more for a dedicated server.

Generally, the lower the prices, the fewer resources you will have at your disposal. As the cost of the plan goes up, so does available RAM and bandwidth.

The best dedicated server is one that starts with room for your current website and is able to grow with you. Look for a company that offers reasonable rates on a variety of plans.

SSD SAN Storage

  • 500 GB: $50.00 per month
  • 1 TB: $100.00 per month
  • 2 TB: $200.00 per month
  • 4 TB: $400.00 per month

Dedicated IP

  • Dedicated Hosting Additional Dedicated IP
    Renewal Price – $5.99 per month

Premium SSL Certificates

  • Single Domain SSL
    Renewal Price – $6.67 per month – Billed Annually ($80.04 per year)
  • Single + Subdomain SSL
    Renewal Price – $12.42 per month – Billed Annually ($149.04 per year)

Spam Experts Mail Filtering

  • Renewal Price – $2.99 a month per domain name

Office 365

  • Email Essentials
    Renewal Price – $4.99 per user per month or ($59.88 per user per year)
  • Business Plus
    Renewal Price – $9.99 per user per month or ($119.88 per user per year)
  • Business Pro
    Renewal Price – $14.99 per user per month or ($179.88 per user per year)

Domain Privacy

  • Renewal Price – $14.88 per domain per year


  • SiteLock Essential
    Renewal Price – $5.99 per domain per month – Billed Annually ($71.88 per domain per year)
  • SiteLock Prevent
    Renewal Price – $14.99 per domain per month – Billed Annually ($179.88 per domain per year)
  • SiteLock PreventPlus
    Renewal Price – $24.99 per user per month – Billed Annually ($299.88 per user per year)

SEO Tools

  • SEO Tools Start
    Renewal Price – $5.95 per domain per month or ($71.40 per domain per year)
  • SEO Tools Grow
    Renewal Price – $19.95 per domain per month or ($239.40 per domain per year)

Constant Contact

Constant Contact plans are billed by number of contacts:

  • 0-500
    Renewal Price – $3 per month
  • 501-2,500
    Renewal Price – $25 per month
  • 2,501-5,000
    Renewal Price – $45 per month
  • 5,001-10,000
    Renewal Price – $75 per month
  • 10,001-25,000
    Renewal Price – $185 per month


  • CodeGuard Basic
    Renewal Price – $2.99 per domain per month or ($32.95 per domain per year)
  • CodeGuard Professional
    Renewal Price – $5.99 per domain per month or ($59.95 per domain per year)
  • CodeGuard Premium
    Renewal Price – $9.99 per domain per month or ($99.95 per domain per year)
  • CodeGuard Enterprise
    Renewal Price – $23.95 per domain per month or ($239.95 per domain per year)

Tips for Successful Uk Dedicated Server Hosting.

Setting up and running your own Uk Dedicated Server Hosting is a great way to save money and keep control over your business. By doing this, you can stay up-to-date on financial news, build a successful business from the ground up, and make changes to your server without having to worry about any potential consequences.

To get started, check out our helpful article on setting up a Uk Dedicated Server Hosting system. In it, we cover everything from creating an empty server instance to choosing the right hosting plan for your business needs.

Get started trading your data

If you want to be successful in online marketing,data trading is one of the best ways to do it. By trading data with other businesses, you can build relationships that could lead to future deals or opportunities. If you’re new to this game, we suggest checking out TradingView or Marketshare for Beginners Guide – both of which offer beginner-friendly tutorials that will help get you started.

Stay up-to-date on financial news

Financial news is always a valuable resource for anyone looking to start their own business. By staying up-to-date on current events and investing in research tools like Bloomberg Terminal, you can stay ahead of the curve and advantage your competition while also saving money on costs!

Use Uk Dedicated Server Hosting to build a successful business

A successful Uk Dedicated Server Hosting system doesn’t rely solely on selling data or marketing your company through online means; instead, it relies upon providing high quality services at an affordable price point! By providing reliable and affordable services that meet the needs of your customers, you can grow your business rapidly and easily!


Uk Dedicated Server Hosting is a great way to get started in the domain of dedicated server hosting. There are many different types of Uk Dedicated Server Hosting options available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your business. Once you have chosen a Uk Dedded Server Hosting provider, you will need to set up and start trading your data. After that, it’s easy to succeed with Uk Dedded Server Hosting! Thanks for reading!

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