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Best Document Creation Software

If you just landed on starting a company or started a new one, you would of course want your brand to be up and running as soon as possible. There are lots of ways to do this but hiring freelancers might not be an option. That’s why we are here to make sure you have all the information on best document automation software that would help you in achieving your goal of getting something up and running as soon as possible.

There are many document generation software that are feature packed and versatile but, however, do not be deceived by all the good-looking things you can do with this software because these tools may be useless in the real world.

Ever since we became homo sapiens, man has used tools to help increase productivity. This is the same with document automation software. Using automation software saves you time and makes recurring tasks simple. Take a look at my guide on best-automated document creation software to start saving time!

If you’re looking for document creation software, we have compiled a list of the best software in the field. Document generation software is at the forefront of document preparation, and we recommend these solutions as they provide users with a range of features and benefits.

What is Document Creation Software?

Document creation software enables you to create, edit, customize, and share text-based files. These apps can function as document generators, word processors, and PDF creators and editors that import data from third-party sources into templates. With this solution, you can create a range of documents such as contracts, notes, legal documentation, proposals, forms, and reports, among others. Document creation software can also be used to store and share documents, either locally or on a common drive. These solutions are often part of a bigger suite of systems, or integrated with more robust business software. They can also be independent and focused applications. Start by checking our leader Qoppa PDF Studio, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Qoppa PDF Studio

Qoppa PDF Studio is a full-featured application designed to help users create, edit, and manage PDFs. The software offers hundreds of functions to manipulate and manage PDF documents.

One of the main features of Qoppa PDF Studio is that it lets users create and edit PDF documents. The software can be used to scan papers directly to PDF and convert Word documents, images, and other text files into PDF documents. Qoppa PDF Studio also makes it easy for users to review and annotate PDF documents. This means users can highlight text, add sticky notes, and even record audio into PDFs. The application also lets users easily fill out and save interactive PDF forms and use a typewriter tool for non-interactive forms.

However, Qoppa PDF Studio’s strength lies in the advanced features it offers. These features include redaction tools and a PDF optimizer, which allows users to reduce the size of PDF files. The application also includes a PDF Compare feature, through which users can do a side-by-side or overlay comparison of different PDF files.

In addition to these advanced features, Qoppa PDF Studio is fully equipped to provide preflight and compliance verification for PDF files. PDF/A, PDF/A-2b, and PDF/A-3b are just some of the archival compliance standards that the application can verify. Once verified, PDF documents can be converted into ISO PDF archival formats.

Another strength of Qoppa PDF Studio is that it’s designed to be cross-platform. This means the application works just as well on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

An important feature of Qoppa PDF Studio is that it comes with a variety of security features for PDF documents. Users can secure PDFs with passwords and set user permissions for these documents. Using the software, digital signatures can also be attached to PDFs.

Aside from these features, Qoppa PDF Studio also comes with an advanced, user-friendly interface. Through this interface, users get access to functionalities such as text search, grid views, and touch mode. The application also provides access to batch functions, letting users simultaneously work on multiple PDF documents.

Qoppa PDF Studio offers these features at a third of the price of other PDF software today.

Overview of Qoppa PDF Studio Benefits

Hassle-free PDF creation and assembly

With Qoppa PDF Studio, users can create PDF documents from papers, Word documents, images, and other text files. OCR capabilities also ensure that these PDFs are searchable. Users can also combine multiple files into a single PDF. All these features help users in efforts such as digitizing paper workflows and organizing document workflows.

Comprehensive PDF editing, review, and annotation

Qoppa PDF Studio makes it easy for users to edit and annotate PDFs. Users can add sticky notes, hyperlinks, and shapes to PDF documents as well as rubber stamps. Text and shapes can also be edited and redacted seamlessly, helping users save time and improve productivity. The application is also compatible with interactive PDF forms and provides support for JavaScript.

Robust PDF security features

Through Qoppa PDF Studio, users can easily secure their PDF documents through passwords and encryption. User permissions can also be set for PDFs to prevent unauthorized access. The application also lets users digitally sign PDF documents and manage digital IDs.

Batch functions for easier multitasking

Qoppa PDF Studio offers a wide variety of batch functions that let users work on multiple PDF documents at once. The software comes with batch functions for conversion, annotation, and document management. All these features can help users become more efficient in handling PDF documents.

Intuitive user interface

The application  comes with an advanced user interface with functionalities such as Text search, a Loupe tool for grid views and rulers, and touch mode for tablets. Users can also drag and drop pages as needed to move them from one document to another.

Overview of Qoppa PDF Studio Features

  • Scan-to-PDF
  • Convert Word and ima


Templafy offers a smart way to manage, dynamically update, and share business document templates, assets, and branded content throughout your organization. They also have an enterprise-scale email signature management solutions.

The platform is easy to set up and access. Modular pricing gives flexibility as it can be adapted to your organization’s specific needs and the system can grow with your company as you can scale it effortlessly.

Document templates and access to assets can be personalized for each individual user. The product is designed to streamline document creation workflows to improve productivity and it integrates seamlessly with popular business applications such as Google Docs, MS Office, and SharePoint.  You can check out why this app is rated highly by test driving its features on your own as the vendor offers a useful free demo.

Overview of Templafy Benefits

Templafy makes it simple for your content assets to comply with the company’s brand and legal guidelines. Using automation, templates, real-time updates and cloud technology, the software gives you plenty of reasons to use it.

Streamlined document creation for greater productivity. Everything you need to create an on-brand, best practice document is right there in the Templafy task pane, which you can use in your existing office applications. Templafy integrates with digital asset management software to bring all your approved digital assets into your office applications.

Increase productivity by setting automated workflows to create everyday documents such as quotes, contracts and memorandums.

Personalized for each individual user. Create documents with your most up-to-date professional and personal information already populated within the document. Users can have multiple personal profiles to accommodate working from different offices or creating documents for more senior staff.

Best practice documents. You’re always using the latest version best practice documents every time you open a document even from the desktop. The software lets you analyze popular templates and better understand what your employees need, further improving your document management strategies. The software also features to check that your brand guidelines are being followed and intuitive search functions that surface the right files for users.

Plays well with others. Whether professional or personalized, business documents can be created quickly without leaving the office suite you’re now using. Templafy integrates with MS Office, Google Docs, Sharepoint and other popular document apps.  You can also locally install add-ons in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to further speed up document creation.

Stay professional and on-brand. Employees have easy access to professional looking and approved template designs when creating their work so there’s no excuse for anyone to create off-brand DIY documents. The Templafy brand checker tool notifies employees if any document elements are off brand and offers suggestions to fix this. You’re assured that all client-facing documents and presentations adhere to your most current corporate look.

Enterprise-scale email solutions. Templafy offers the one true enterprise email signature solution and a very useful asset library of email templates all within Outlook. Users can have multiple email signature profiles so that they can easily switch between brands, locations and languages and always have an on-brand email signature with the correct contact information.

Access from anywhere. Like most cloud solutions, Templafy is accessible from multiple devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Remote compatibility and centralized location means all files are updated in real time.

Secure. Integrates with your preferred authentication service (e.g. AzureID, ADFS, OpenID Connect) and all access requires authorisation. Your proprietary content is saved in your own cloud or local storage and only your templates are saved in the Templafy system. You can also set permission levels to manage file access across your organization. Access can be defined by department, team, and individual.

Centralized document administration. All your brand assets are kept in one place ensuring employees are using the same and correct templates. Template updates are immediately adopted, too. You can send bulk email to all or select users to notify new or updated templates. Moreover, there’s no installation or offline synchronization required. Your files are stored in the cloud that are saved and updated in real time and accessed any time.

Easy setup, access. Once you’re ready with your templates you get up to speed with the app in four quick steps. From uploading templates and corporate data, you head straight to clicking language, logo, platform and profile settings and the files are live. Users choose a template and input the relevant data and the software applies the visual and legal standards that the administrators have set.

Grows and goes with you. Templafy is a great way to future-proof your document templates. Even if you decide to migrate to cloud platforms in the future, Templafy adapts to the new environment. It’s in tune with Office 365 and Google Drive updates to give you the latest version. It also works across all devices.

Gives you flexibility. Templafy can be tweaked to adapt to your design, language, location and legal needs. The UI can be dressed up with your corporate look. Likewise, the software integrates with your favorite business apps and platforms, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, One Drive and Google Drive.

Microsoft 365

The original and best office productivity suiteTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Market leader+Essential office tools+Cloud based

Microsoft Office is probably the platform most people think of first when it comes to office productivity suites, with the cloud-based Microsoft 365 (previously named Office 365) being the latest incarnation.

What ensured that Office became a market leader is the comprehensive way data can be covered by different applications and moved between them, making working more efficient and hassle-free. With WordExcelPowerPoint, and Outlook forming the core programs, these cover everything from documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails – in effect covering most essential office needs. In addition to that, OneDrive offers online saving and backups to keep your files safe.

While there are alternatives to Microsoft 365, most rivals attempt to play catch-up with Microsoft rather than provide innovative new features, and Microsoft 365 still remains the office suite with the most comprehensive range of features. And even if you do use one of these alternatives, the chances are you are going to be working with document formats created specifically for MS Office, and handle data from customers and suppliers who are using the MS Office platform.

While Microsoft 365 does have its critics, the bottom line is that nobody does office productivity better than Microsoft, and the core applications in Office have yet to be bettered.

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Acrobat Sign is an e-signature solution that combines simple and secure e-signatures with Adobe Acrobat. With Acrobat Sign, the user can create, sign, send for signature, manage, and track documents from one Adobe platform. The user can create signing experiences for customers and teams by enabling them to sign documents on any device or browser – anytime, anywhere. No additional software download or accounts are needed.

As Microsoft’s e-signature solution, Acrobat Sign integrates with any preferred Microsoft apps, so that users can save time by signing and requesting signatures from Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook. Plus, users can access integrations with Salesforce, Workday, and other apps they use every day.

Adobe Sign also helps to minimize legal and compliance risks, and it is designed to be globally compliant and legally-binding in nearly every country in the world.

The vendor’s value proposition for Acrobat Sign:

· Global Adobe brand, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and 300K+ customers around the world

· Preferred e-signature solution with Microsoft – with the most comprehensive integrations with Microsoft apps

· 80+ integrations with key business apps

· Full portfolio of digital solutions – Access to a wide range of solutions built to grow with the company’s needs, no matter the size of the business

· Transparent, all-inclusive pricing – no hidden fees or extra charges

How was this ranking made?

In order to develop this ranking of best Document Creation Software we have analyzed 149 different tools currently present on the market, analyzing their features, how easy are they are to learn, customer service, available integrations with other systems and mobile support with our patented SmartScoreTM rating system.


Document preparation software is used to create, edit, or format documents. Document generation software helps you to create meaningful and engaging documents that persuade your audience to take action.

Document creation free software is a document generation software use for inserting dummy textual content into an electronic form. It helps you to create Quickbooks invoice template, Excel spreadsheet format, business proposal template format and much more.

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