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Best Document Generation Tools

These days, software handles a big chunk of our daily jobs, even though we are surrounded by it. Whether you love it or hate it, document generation is a necessary evil. There are a lot of document generation tools out there and they do succeed in making our life easier, however, they also court some controversy.

Document generation tools can be used to quickly create word-processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from simple templates that are stored in a repository or data source. The primary benefit of using document generation is that it can significantly lower the cost of creating such documents. A secondary benefit is the reduction in human error caused by repetitive document creation tasks, hence increasing the overall quality of document creation in your organization.

Generating documents is a common task for today’s web designers and developers. Whether creating PDFs for invoices, brochures or presentations, the tools you use to create documents can have an impact on deliverables. A document generation tool can be used to create dynamic documents rich in features.

If you have multiple documents to create, you might be familiar with the task of generating those documents one by one. For example, if you have 20 PDFs to create, or thousands of images to be edited. You might have been creating those documents manually. But there is a better way! You can use tools built for this very purpose. I will share a list of best document generation tools available in 2018 that you can use to save time and effort.

What is document generation software?

Document generation software allows businesses to generate, customize and edit data-driven documents automatically. It combines the intelligence of its software with the simple interface of your processor. The result? An easy-to-use, intuitive solution  that eliminates human error and saves your business time and money.

There are many different types of document generators, all of which provide a variety of features that can help optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business. Here is a list of our top 7 document generation software.

1. Sheetgo

The Sheetgo web app allows you to automatically create any personalized document through an automated workflow – all you need is a document template and a data source.

Sheetgo transfers the dynamic data from your spreadsheet source to the document template you create. For each row of data, a new document is generated, containing the custom data. What’s more, Sheetgo can also convert your newly generated documents into a PDF, and also send them to their corresponding recipients automatically!

In the Sheetgo workflow, everything is connected and automated, so you can generate, convert and send your documents in a matter of seconds! Learn more about the document generation feature.

document generation software 1 Sheetgo

Get the document generation software here: Sheetgo

2. Panda Doc

Panda Doc’s all-in-one documentation software provides a wide range of templates to customize your business documents.

Its document analytics provide real-time notifications of when your documents have been opened, signed or edited by its recipients. This makes it a really helpful tool to track and manage interactions.

Overall, Panda Doc offers a simple document experience with simple formatting templates, perfect for those who are looking for easy-to-use generation software.

best document generation software 1. Pandadoc

Get the document generation software here: Panda Doc

3. Nintex

The Nintex DocGen is a lesser-known product, but one that packs a punch. This no-code document generation software has intuitive templates that make the integration of data easier with simple and effective UI.

Nintex is compatible with almost every cloud-based storage solution. Furthermore, it also offers numerous integrations of other third-party applications, making it a great tool that can seamlessly become a part of your process.

best document generation software 3. Nintex

Get the document generation software here: Nintex DocGen

4. Docusign

If you’re looking for software that excels in the generation of electronic agreements, then Docusign is the solution for you.

Docusign streamlines the process of transaction through document sharing and electronic signatures. In addition, it can carry out automated data collection and entry from almost anywhere, at any time.

Its highly customizable templates and tracking updates make Docusign a great tool for those who don’t want to carry the stress of managing processes.

best document generation software 4. Docusign

Get the document generation software here: Docusign

5. Conga

Conga Composer is a great solution particularly for businesses that need software that effectively integrates with Salesforce. It allows you to pull data directly from Salesforce in order to create and customize your desired document.

Sales teams will have access to a range of templates of not only quotes and invoices, but also receipts and reports.

Conga also offers a range of add-ons such as e-sign, however, this comes at a more costly addition.

best document generation software 5. Conga

Get the document generation software here: Conga Composer

6. Coda

Coda is also a great option for companies looking to bring their team together through an all-in-one doc.

This template-based generation system brings all of your documents together in one place, so that you don’t have to ping-pong between apps.

Coda provides you with the building blocks to custom-create whatever you need for a highly personalized result. Although this option may take a bit longer to get used to (especially when it comes to their strong formulas), it’s a great one-source piece of software.

best document generation software 2. Coda

Get the document generation software here: Coda

7. Esker

Esker is a great document automation software for businesses who are looking to manage their account processes.

Esker offers the tools to handle the whole procure-to-pay process. This includes the documents for the accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales order processing, and purchasing processes.

All data is extracted automatically by Esker’s EDI services into documentation in your desired format. This is a great option for those looking to run a technology-driven operation.

best document generation software 6. Esker

Get the document generation software here: Esker

The benefits of document generation software

  • AVOID HUMAN ERRORS AND SAVE TIME:Document generation software helps to save time by automating various repetitive tasks such as inserting headers, page numbers, and tables and formatting such as font size and layout. This also helps to reduce the chances of human error when manually creating documents in large numbers.
  • CONSISTENT BRANDING ACROSS DOCUMENTS:Document generation software helps to create documents that are consistent with the branding of your company. Users can create and save template with standard text specifications (font, font size, color, and file name), company logo, and contact details. The software gives you complete control over branding when you’re sending company documents to clients.

The cost of document generation software

Most products in the market are priced on a per month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting prices.


  • $0 – $9
  • $9 – $27
  • $27+

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering that was found on vendor websites on July 12, 2019. These ranges correspond to 25th, 75th, and 100th percentile of the pricing information gathered from the vendor websites of sample products.

The above list summarizes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product, which is priced higher, may include some additional features such as digital signature, interaction tracking, and task management.

Typical features of document generation software

  • TEMPLATES:Create documents quickly through predefined templates that can be customized to your business needs.
  • PROCESS/WORKFLOW AUTOMATION:Create workflow paths for the documents once, and apply the same logic to enable automatic creation of future processes and workflows.
  • MULTIPLE OUTPUT FORMATS:Supports more than one file format for finished product output. 
  • COLLABORATION:Enables users to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time.
  • BATCH PROCESSING:Performs similar actions on multiple files simultaneously.
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE:Inserts e-signing capabilities to a document to verify the authenticity of a record.
  • INTERACTION TRACKING:Tracks the history of conversations on a document with contact information.

Considerations when purchasing document generation software

  • INTEGRATION WITH YOUR EXISTING SYSTEMS:Check whether your document generation software integrates with your existing systems, such as CRM or email software. An integration with a CRM system could help you automatically transfer customer details into your documents, which can speed up the process of creating contracts, proposals, etc. Likewise, integration with email software allows you to send documents from within the document generation tool to clients, vendors, and other stakeholders. 
  • SCALABLE CLOUD-BASED STORAGE CAPACITY:Due to an ever-increasing volume of documents created, it is necessary to have flexible storage space to store those documents digitally. Cloud-based solutions not only provide flexibility to businesses needing to extend their storage but also the ability to find documents from a text-based search engine.

Best Document Generation Software

Document generation software allows users to generate, customize, edit, and produce data driven documents. These platforms can function as PDF creators, and document generators that pull data from third-party sources into templates. Document generation applications can leverage data from a variety of source systems like CRM, ERP and storage. Document generation applications should easily maintain brand consistency and offer conditional formatting. Documents created through these products range in functionality and can include reports, forms, proposals, legal documentation, notes, and contracts, among others.

To qualify for inclusion in the Document Generation category, a product must: Enable the creation of text-based and graphically rich documents Allow documents to be saved and exported in multiple formats Have the ability to store and share documents Offer data merge/import capability from 3rd party systems such as ERP or CRM Support dynamic and/or customizable templates Support complex content types such as tables, images, charts, and custom

QuickTime Player: Mac Screen Recording Software

QuickTime Player is a free multi-use application that lets you record and play audio and video files. Plus, it comes pre-installed on all Mac operating systems.

Yes, that’s right—if you’re on a Mac, you’ve already got this puppy downloaded and ready to go.

QuickTime Player is incredibly easy to use. You can open the application and start recording in just 3 clicks (yes, we counted). The user interface isn’t the prettiest thing in town, but it doesn’t try to be.

QuickTime Player lets you quickly adjust your screen recording options. Choose from a dropdown menu if you want it to record audio and which microphone source you’d like to use.

Once you’re ready to start recording, QuickTime will prompt you to click once to record the entire screen or drag a box around the portion you’d like to capture.

Simple as that.

On the downside, QuickTime Player doesn’t offer much recording or editing functionality beyond that. You won’t get built-in export options to third-party platforms, nor can you record a single selected window.

OBS Studio: PC Screen Recording Software

OBS Studio is the go-to universal screen recording option. You can use it on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It can be a little overwhelming, especially with its extensive video editing and livestreaming capabilities—yet, you have to love its all-in-one functionality.

OBS Studio records in HD and livestreaming with no limitations on length or number of recordings. You can also use OBS to record applications in full-screen mode, a portion of your screen, or the entirety of your screen.

If you want a super simple screen recorder, OBS might seem overkill. It can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but we think it’s worth it for what the program has to offer.

Most of the time, you’re going to want to edit your screen recording before sharing or publishing. With OBS, you can start editing with all of the high-end tools you need immediately after recording.

We recommend OBS Studio for more lengthy, detailed screen recordings. If you’re just looking to make a quick screen recording for a colleague or friend, we recommend using a more simple PC-friendly tool like FlashBack Express.

AZ Screen Recorder: Android Screen Recording Software

Need to grab a quick screen recording from your mobile device? Count on AZ Screen Recorder to get the job done. This Android screen recording application lets you record HD videos in whatever format you need.

Set the video resolution, frame rate, orientation, and bit rate from your recording options. You can even pause your recording and resume when you’re ready without starting over or having to stitch together 2 separate recordings (which you can do in the software, too).

Record internal sound or external sound—whatever you need. AZ Screen Recorder even lets you livestream your screen to platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

AZ Screen Recorder comes with an optional pro version, but you won’t need it. It adds a nifty countdown timer and ad-removal, but you can get by without it.

Best of all—AZ Screen Recorder is easy to use. While the functionality might seem overwhelming at first, the software makes it easy for you to get up and running in no time. When it comes to screen recording on Android devices, there’s no better application.

What is document generation software?

Document generation software allows businesses to generate, customize and edit data-driven documents automatically. It combines the intelligence of its software with the simple interface of your processor. The result? An easy-to-use, intuitive solution  that eliminates human error and saves your business time and money.

There are many different types of document generators, all of which provide a variety of features that can help optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business. 


Documentation is the process that changes a design idea into a documented, operational and supportable standard. There are many ways to generate documentation, but actual implementation of them can be time-consuming and require too much investment.

In today’s digital age, the need for reliable document generation software has increased dramatically. As business processes become more automated and data leakages are of great concern to several businesses, there is a growing need for more transparency and procedural reliability. The desire in this context is to create documents that can be completely customized like a bespoke suit yet at the same speed. A document generation toolkit should enable businesses across different industries to design and create documents on their own that are personalized, secure and verifiable through their unique feature set.

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