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Best Document Management Software for Startups

You’re a startup looking for the best document management software – yay! Now that you have started, you’re dealing with more and more documents. You have to do it fast before your competition gets ahead of you. Don’t worry, I’ll guide your through this process.

In this blog post I will be listing the best document management software for small businesses, startups and even home users. These solutions support all kinds of documents including word files , excel files , pdf files and even audio/video files. They also come with a broad range of features that will help you manage your business better and improve productivity. Let us take a look at some of these software applications.

 Google Drive

Major pro: Inexpensive
Major con: Difficult to navigate without a good organizational system in place

If you’re a small startup with a handful of employees, there’s no need to spend a lot on a document management system. An inexpensive tool like Google Drive will do the trick. It’s free for the first 30 GB of storage, then $1.99 per month for 100 GB and $9.99 for 1 TB.

Google Drive allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more within the application. You can also upload copies from your hard drive.

The key is to have a strategy for organizing your documents, so they don’t all end up in a confusing soup of files that’s difficult to navigate. Create folders and subfolders to systematize your knowledge base and make document titles easily searchable.[addtoslackbanner app_icon=”8649″ app_directory_link=”” app_headline=”Install Google Drive on Slack” app_bullet_points=”Import an existing file from Google Drive into a channel or direct message | Search directly within Google Drive files shared within Slack | Get updates in Slack on changes in Drive, like comments, access requests, and new files shared with you” /]

2. Confluence

Major pro: Easy to navigate and customize
Major con: Expensive for midsize and large companies

If your business has expanded to the point where searching Google Drive feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, consider upgrading to Confluence by Atlassian.

The software is an open and shared workspace that enables you to create, manage, and collaborate on documents, projects, campaigns, and more. It can even serve as an internal wiki for the company, with an easy-to-navigate hierarchy.

The tool provides templates, page histories, and in-line and page comments, as well as real-time notifications when a page you own or are following is updated. It also integrates with multiple other tools, including Google Drive, TrelloJira, and more.

The primary drawback is that it can be expensive. Instead of charging you based on data storage, Confluence’s pricing model is based on how many users you have. For example, up to 10 people can use the software for $100 per year, but with one more user, the annual cost spikes to $750. The more employees you have using the tool, the more expensive it gets.[addtoslackbanner app_icon=”8662″ app_directory_link=”” app_headline=”Install Confluence Cloud on Slack” app_bullet_points=”See link previews of pages, blogs, and comments when you share them with your team in your channel | Customize and receive granular notifications to stay on top of changes across your spaces, pages, and blogs in Confluence | Take action on content such as replying to a comment or liking a page without ever leaving Slack ” /]

3. HelloSign

Major pro: Streamlines an important business process
Major con: It’s limited in its purpose

Whether it’s a business agreement or an offer letter, keeping track of a paper trail can be frustrating and inefficient.

HelloSign is a cloud-based solution for digital signatures that allows you to close deals, onboard new hires, and implement new agreements more quickly. You can keep track of who has and hasn’t signed a document and maintain a history of completed documents for your records.

What’s more, HelloSign integrates with several other document management tools, including Dropbox, Google, Oracle, and Evernote. Pricing ranges from free to $40 per month for most businesses when paid annually. For the enterprise platform, pricing ranges from $99 to $449 or more.

If needed, HelloSign also offers an API that allows users to sign directly on your website to speed up the process.[addtoslackbanner app_icon=”8666″ app_directory_link=”” app_headline=”Install HelloSign on Slack” app_bullet_points=”Get real-time updates in your designated Slack channel when your documents and contracts are signed | Be reminded which customers have outstanding requests so your team will know when to follow-up” /]


Major pro: Its mobile-first focus gives users more flexibility in how they interact
Major con: Doesn’t allow for task delegation or project workflows

Collaboration is key to a productive workplace, but multiple people working on the same document at the same time can get messy fast. Whether you’re creating a project plan, a product roadmap, or a budget, Quip provides living documents that allow for smooth collaboration without piling up emails in your inbox.

You can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and members of the team can chat and comment in real time. The software is mobile-friendly, making it easy to keep up the conversation even when you’re away from your computer.

Quip integrates with several other document management systems, including Jira, BoxDropbox, and more. Pricing starts at $30 per month for a team of five and $10 per month for each extra user if you pay annually.[addtoslackbanner app_icon=”8667″ app_directory_link=”” app_headline=”Install Quip on Slack” app_bullet_points=”Add collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and checklists to Slack | Securely preview links to Quip docs within Slack channels | Receive notifications in Slack channels when Quip docs change” /]

So which document management system is right for your company? Think about the pain points within your current system. Then choose a tool that addresses them effectively and fits your budget seamlessly. 


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NordLocker is an encryption tool that helps to store and share files and documents securely.



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All-In-One Gym Management Software For Martial Arts, Yoga, or Personal Training.

Crunchbase | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin is an AI-powered data extraction platform for all types of documents including imperfectly scanned structured (W2, 1099, IDs) or unstructured documents (invoices, contracts etc.). In addition to cognitive AI capabilities, provides workflow specific document type classification, data validation and full text search features.

With, our partners accelerate data entry data processes, auto-validate customer data, increase customer satisfaction and reduce risks.. .



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High-Volume, High-Accuracy Invoice Coding & Document Capture


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Kosmos offers documentation, microservice catalog, distributed infrastructure and compliance management services in one platform.



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File communication between subcontractors and general contractors is complex and fragmented, yet it’s mostly handled through email. Naturally, project file attachments get lost and mismanaged in personal inbox clutter.

As a result, everyone suffers the financial impacts of project delays, disputes and claims. TargetDocs bridges the gap between subcontractors and general contractors by connecting them through one catch-all inbox, so files never fall through the cracks and project teams are always on the same page.

Learn more at .



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Creating and managing contracts involves many steps. Moving between editors, emails, file-systems, and browsers reduces efficiency and precision.

Information clutter can be overwhelming, redlines lost in crossed interactions, and contract renewal dates overlooked. DocQ is simplifying the way people work with contracts.

It auto-populates contract templates from any source, such as customer databases, web-forms or cloud-based systems. It obtains secure digital signatures, mimics business processes, enables remote collaboration and reminds you when a contract expires.

DocQ can achieve up to 40% higher revenues via automated and efficient contract lifecycle management. It enables organizations to automate contract assembly by integrating data from CRM, ERPs and even web forms.

Managing the entire lifecycle of contracts, proposals and quotes; from ingestion, secure storage, to archival is a breeze. DocQ mimics business processes to enable structured collaboration and obtains secure digital signatures.

It even provides reminders before contracts might expire.. .

Safely Deposit

Safely Deposit

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Take control of your documents with Safely Deposit. Access digital storage in an online account.

Archive paper documents in a safe deposit box with our bank partners. Manage everything online, on-demand..


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DoxyChain is a platform for digital documents management. It allows to negotiate, sign, store and track your documents online.

Backed by DoxyChain blockchain, it brings enhanced security to the paperless space by creating the trusted ecosystem, consisting of DoxyChain users. Based in Warsaw, Poland, DoxyChain is a B2B SaaS which targets entities mainly from legal, financial, insurance, telecom, real estate and SME’s market..

Jade ALM

Jade ALM

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Jade ALM is documenting, planning, tracking, and visualizing the software development process from the first idea to production and beyond. The company bridges the gap between project requirements (What) and project execution and management (Who, When) by making project requirements the source of all truth for the complete project management process.

It also provides specialized tools for every role of a software development process – stakeholders, analysis, project management, development, quality assurance – that gives everyone a unique focus and oversight on their respective role in the process and keeps them completely aligned about all critical project information.. .



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AbstractOps provides the operator and the operating system to help manage all your corporate functions.

Sorted AI - Personal Assistant

Sorted AI – Personal Assistant

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An Assistant to make you more productive – Block Notifications, Setup Reminders, Search & Organize Documents, automatically.


Finding the best Docs Management Software for your business is no easy task. Since 2006 we’ve seen everything from startups use Google Docs to large enterprises move to enterprise level software like SharePoint and EMC Documentum. Its not uncommon for businesses of all sizes to be searching for the best document management system they can afford. There is a lot of factors that go into choosing which software and platform is right for them and…

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