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Best Fundraising Software for Schools

Best Fundraising Software for Schools gives your organization the freedom to create their own fundraising website from the ground up. With it you can create a personal and professional platform that’s easy for donors.

The days of hastily checking off orders in the back of a restaurant are over. Our Fundraising Software for School and charity organizations is the most powerful and easy to use fundraising fundraising software available on the market today, allowing you to create custom fundraisers that fit your school or nonprofit

Qgiv | Best Fundraising Software for Education

Platform Overview

Qgiv is a comprehensive software solution that can manage all your fundraising needs in one platform. From hosting an annual holiday fundraiser or raising money for scholarships, Qgiv equips you and your team with the right tools. With Qgiv, you can:

  • Customize and set up online donation forms.
  • Register students and parents for events and field trips.
  • Create unique forms for different departments or clubs.
  • Have access to peer-to-peer fundraising tools.
  • Host and manage events for all to enjoy.
  • Restricted donations so donors can choose where their funds go.
  • Facilitate text-fundraising for an easily added revenue stream.

Equip your fundraising team with Qgiv’s tools! You’ll be streamlining processes and engaging your constituents in no time.

When to Consider Qgiv

Qgiv aims to serve all types of educational institutions and organizations. Whether you’re a part of the fundraising team for an elementary school, university, private school, or even an alumni group, you can take advantage of this fundraising platform.

With Qgiv, you can host all types of fundraising events to reach as many of your students and supporters as possible. Qgiv’s software is effective because the Qgiv team understands the needs of an education-based fundraiser. Let’s go through a couple of examples and how you might leverage Qgiv’s tools:

  • Fundraising for a club. Build unique forms for your specific club while still using your school’s branding, colors, and logo. You can also easily set up restricted gift options on an unlimited number of pages to better track progress for individual clubs and groups.
  • Giving Tuesday campaign. Elevate your Giving Tuesday campaign by using peer-to-peer tools to give students the power to raise money on your behalf. This way, they can fundraise to their own friends and families, reaching an exponentially wider audience than you could reach on your own.
  • Live fundraising event for parents and supporters. Depending on the type of school, your educational institution may host large fundraising events to raise money. Easily plan and manage your events using a variety of registration options. Qgiv has specific tools to help run auctions that include a mobile bidding tool. You can also use text fundraising at your event and watch your progress in real-time with a live screencast of incoming gifts.

No matter the type of campaign you want to host, Qgiv can empower better fundraising with the right tools.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Qgiv’s price depends on the type of plan you want. You can choose a specific functionality Qgiv offers or go for the most comprehensive platform in order to maximize your fundraising success. 

To learn which plan and package is best for your educational organization, check out their pricing page here.

Check out Qgiv as a top fundraising software for schools.

Bloomerang | Donor Management

Platform Overview

Bloomerang is a powerful donor management software that helps nonprofits fundraise while keeping its processes donor-centric. This is important if you’re trying to sustain or increase your donor retention rate. Having a loyal donor base is very attractive to nonprofits because it usually also means consistent support as well.

From an interactive dashboard, Bloomerang users are able to review their donor retention efforts and also view suggestions for improvement. In this same platform, you can track your various fundraising campaigns and get a better sense of incoming donations, reports, and your donors.

When to Consider Bloomerang

Bloomerang understands that private and other independent schools have unique challenges when it comes to fundraising. If your private school has trouble reaching out to those after they’ve graduated, Bloomerang can easily compile relevant donor data and outreach information for you.

Private schools often struggle with the best way to keep track of alumni and can easily turn to Bloomerang as their alumni database. Then, they can send potential donors relevant school news and updates, invite them to events, and track their donations all from one platform.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

Bloomerang’s pricing is simple and very straightforward. Depending on the size of your private school, the prices will range. Check out their pricing plans here.

Check out Bloomerang as a top fundraising software for schools.

DonorPerfect | Donor Management

Platform Overview

If your university often finds itself having trouble contacting and managing your alumni network, DonorPerfect might be able to help.

DonorPerfect specializes in donor management and is able to compile donor data and metrics to assist nonprofits in making smarter decisions regarding their engagement strategies. This way, you can better reach your donors with more personalized and targeted content.

When to Consider DonorPerfect

With its specific alumni management tools, DonorPerfect can help educational nonprofits manage and engage with the supporters who mean the most. You’ll be able to collect, organize, and track alumni information as well as individuals’ giving history. Using this data, you can better engage with your alumni and motivate them to give by reminding them of their connection with your organization.

Additionally, you’ll have the tools to contact alumni in the most common ways they prefer to communicate, like running class lists and hosting phone-a-thons. If your organization collects dues of some sort, you can also easily collect them online with DonorPerfect.

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

DonorPerfect has multiple fundraising solution packages that your organization can browse through. Consider which one would fit your needs best on their pricing page

Check out DonorPerfect as fundraising software for schools.


GiveCampus is a fundraising and volunteer management platform designed to help educational institutions to raise more money from more donors. This platform has facilitated over $1 billion in charitable giving to schools through innovative and effective fundraising avenues. GiveCampus specializes in giving forms, volunteer management, and educational peer-to-peer fundraising, an approach that can be 300x more effective than institutional asks.

GiveCampus provides both software solutions and educational resources to help schools reach their fundraising goals.

Through the GiveCampus platform, your school can also automate the matching gift process from start to finish through 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. This can help your school double or even triple match-eligible donations!

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

GiveCampus boasts impressive resources, such as:

  • Tailored and easy-to-use giving forms that reduce friction and increase donor conversion.
  • A wealth of best practice materials, such as this Giving Day Guide, to help your school maximize fundraising efforts.
  • An integration with 360MatchPro that allows donors to identify themselves as match-eligible during the donation process, then be automatically provided with their matching gift submission form and actionable next steps.

GiveCampus & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the only corporate matching gifts tool that is integrated into the GiveCampus platform. Using a simple activation process, your school can add the 360MatchPro search field directly to your GiveCampus donation pages. This search field allows donors to type in the name of their employer to check for match eligibility. This search tool is smart – it suggests company names, parent companies, and subsidiaries as the donor types. This solution then provides the donor with matching gift information after the contribution has been completed – leading to a frictionless donation process.

Here's an example of how the GiveCampus school fundraising platform can help match gifts.

After the donation has been completed, you can easily provide donors with the link to their matching gift submission form and program guidelines. You can also automate personalized matching gift emails that provide eligible donors with a direct link to their matching gift request form.

UC Innovation is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.

UC Innovation

UC Innovation is a powerful provider of innovative CRM solutions and consulting services with a focus on higher ed institutions. Of their many technology solutions, ascend is a favorite tool for university advancement, constituent engagement, and other critical fundraising needs.

UC Innovation’s ascend platform is built on Salesforce, allowing fundraisers to simplify operations, reduce costs, and raise more for their schools.

Plus, they offer unique and impactful tools to help universities juggle prospect management, gift processing, reporting and analytics, constituent relations, donor bio/demographics, and more. Not to mention, they work with industry-leading matching gift software provider, 360MatchPro, to assist educational institutions in maximizing their corporate revenue.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

ascend by UC Innovation is a popular fundraising solution with features such as:

  • Payment processing tools for major and annual pledges as well as outright, directed, and charitable gifts.
  • An established out-of-the-box fundraising solution that allows schools to get up and running with powerful donation tools in no time.
  • Predictive analytics reporting using Salesforce Einstein and other AI-based platforms to provide fundraisers with smarter insights.

UC Innovation & Matching Gifts

UC Innovation prioritizes matching gifts through a native integration between the ascend fundraising platform and Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro. Through this powerful partnership, ascend clients can automate the matching gift process for all sorts of gifts⁠—whether it is a standard contribution, a fulfilled pledge, or a recurring donation.

Here's an example of how UC Innovation's higher ed fundraising platform helps match gifts.

This way, you can easily track donors’ employers, identify match-eligible donations, and follow up to encourage match submissions without ever having to lift a finger. 360MatchPro also provides key data insights, allowing fundraisers to view current matching gifts as well as predict future revenue.

Blackbaud is one of our favorite higher ed fundraising platforms.


Blackbaud works with a variety of organizations to empower them to overcome their greatest challenges and achieve transformative outcomes. In the higher education space, Blackbaud offers innovative solutions designed to connect your entire campus while increasing revenue, driving efficiency, and deepening meaningful engagement.

Blackbaud specifically provides cloud software, online services, expertise, and data intelligence to help organizations of all sizes achieve transformative outcomes.

The 360MatchPro integration works alongside Blackbaud solutions to deliver impactful matching gift fundraising automation and resources. Through this technical integration, schools can earn more in matching gifts without any unnecessary lift.

Why We Love This School Fundraising Platform

Blackbaud works with educational institutions to:

  • Drive efficiency by connecting fundraising solutions, education management, award management and more through integrated cloud solutions.
  • Provide online resources that are specifically tailored to academic fundraising and constituent management.
  • Increase their matching gift revenue through Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro.

Blackbaud & Matching Gifts

360MatchPro integrates with a variety of Blackbaud solutions. These systems allow your institution to automate the matching gift process, making it simple to fuel your school’s fundraising through employer matching gifts.  The Blackbaud and 360MatchPro integration also tags and tracks match-eligible donors, allowing you to follow the entire matching gift process from start to finish – and then use these insights to craft efficient and effective matching gift campaigns.

Here's an example of how Blackbaud's school fundraising platform can helps with matching gifts.

360MatchPro automates donor outreach, providing your contributors with simple avenues to submit a matching gift request. These messages are completely customizable, so your organization can retain its own voice and branding through this communication stream. This integration seamlessly educates donors and drives matching gifts for your institution.

99 Pledges: The Best Choice for Engaging School Fundraisers

Platform Overview

99Pledges fundraising platform allows your school or classroom to easily set up a fundraiser, with each participant getting their own donation page. You can then easily share donation pages, collect donations online, and track your progress towards your goal.

99Pledges specializes in “a-thon” fundraisers like walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, read-a-thons, and more. These kinds of fundraisers are not only great for raising funds but also help get your students and parents involved as well.

The best part is that there is NO platform fee and NO startup fee – the only costs are the standard credit card fee of 2.9% and $0.30 cents per transaction

Try out 99Pledges today!

When to Consider 99 Pledges

Because 99Pledges is one of the most affordable options out there to fundraise for your school, it is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially if you’re looking to get your community involved.

Choose 99Pledges when you want to host a successful and affordable fundraiser that can get a wide variety of age groups involved. With 99Pledges, you’ll not only raise money without spending a ton of money, but you’ll also help your community come together.


Raise more money in your school fundraiser with our top-rated fundraising software. Increase support and awareness of your cause, enabling you to increase revenue by collaborating with schools, businesses, and organizations everywhere. Simple to set up and easy to use, we’ve helped thousands of schools raise millions of dollars!

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