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Best Free Facebook Analytics Tools

Facebook is the most popular social media or SNS in the world. Many people use it to interact with friends, to stay in touch with relatives and to do business. It offers you a way to entertain yourself and connect with people who share your interests. Doing Facebook marketing requires you to be able to track your audience’s activities and behaviors on your fan page. With Facebook analytics tool, you can know more about your fan pages’ current performance and be able to make better decisions for future improvements.

Facebook is certainly the most popular social communities in the world. Many companies use Facebook analytics tools to acquire new customers and keep existing ones, because if you know your customers, you can sell them more. But there are a lot of factors that affect a Facebook fan page post performance and its related business success, such as demographics, likes, lifetime customer value, share, click rate…

Facebook Marketing is an awesome place to explore a variety of free facebook analytics tools. However, it is worth noting that many of the free tools available may not satisfy your needs. This article will help you get started by presenting the best free facebook analytic tools available today along with how to use those.

App analytics tools allow you to access every interaction your users have with your app. A solid tool can give you feedback which can improve user experience and reduce issues, while also helping you make the most of the available marketing channels. Below are the best free facebook analytics tools that allow app developers to get a better understanding of their apps’ performance and how they act.

What is Facebook analytics?

You could post random stuff on your brand’s Facebook page. Eventually you’ll hit on something that’ll resonate with your target audience. Could take you some time, but hey, no worries. It’s just your business, your livelihood.

Alternatively, you could use Facebook analytics tools and learn about your followers. Measure your performance, track likes, page views, reach. If you’re going to do social media marketing, build brand awareness, increase your follower numbers, get those followers to perform an action – Facebook analytics will help you understand who’s following you and what works for them.

 Unbox Social

Unbox Social dashboard

Facebook analytics feature by Unbox Social is everything you need to evaluate your brand performance on Facebook. The feature tells you how the audience is interacting with your page content, what kind of audience your posts are attracting, and the trends in your niche. 

Additionally, Unbox Social also provides post-level insights that help you understand the reach of every post, the engagement level of each post, post views, and feedback for posts. 

A glimpse of the tool below shows the impressions and reach of a brand on Facebook.

unbox social facebook analytics tools

Apart from analysing your own page, Unbox Social allows you to compare and analyse your competitors too. Check what the audience is talking about in your niche, see what your competitors are publishing, look at the trends in the industry, and so on with the competition tracking feature. 

As a marketing professional, you surely want to know how did the audience reach your post. Well, Unbox Social’s analytics feature will also tell you where the views are coming from!

Relying on these statistics can help you frame effective content for your brand! Above all, the platform allows you to understand your audience demographics too. Once you know who your audience is, it becomes easier to curate content. The all in one platform lets you generate reports in several formats that can be used for your presentations effortlessly! 

The snapshot of the tool below shows the Facebook competitor analysis feature wherein the graphs tell you how the audience has interacted with each of the competing brands.

unbox social facebook competitor analytics tool


Buffer - Facebook Analytics Tool

Buffer is a simple to use social media scheduling tool. With so much going on in the social media space it is tough to get insights for each post. Planning, scheduling, collaborating, and posting can all be done in one place.

It is a great tool to improve your social media strategy. You can track and manage all your social accounts at your convenience.

 QuintlyQuintly - Facebook analytics tool

If competitive analysis is your need then Quintly is your go-to tool. With the help of this tool, you can measure the engagement of your post against your competitors. You can also scrutinize the increase and decrease in the number of fans.

This tool lets you customise your dashboard from over 250 metrics. Meanwhile, it also offers a unique customer care Benchmark report. This helps gauge an understanding of how often customers ask questions. 

BuzzSumo Facebook Page Analyzer

Explore neat breakdowns of audience engagement, and benchmark your Facebook page performance.

Whether you’re diving into the power of influencers, or comparing against your closest competitors, BuzzSumo’s Facebook Page Analyzer enables you to conduct a deep-dive Facebook page analysis of social media engagement.

  • Benchmark up to 10 competitors and take learnings from the most engaging pages
  • Explore trends in engagement (likes, shares and comments) over time
  • Inform your social scheduling strategy with date and time engagement data
  • Spot content gaps and opportunities with insights into post types
  • Report on the performance of owned or client campaigns
  • Forensically examine the performance of your own Facebook page

Want to identify the top pages in your niche? BuzzSumo also has a tool for that. Facebook Pages helps you discover thousands of pages at a time, based on a relevant keyword.

From there you can cherry-pick your top 10 pages to take over to the Facebook Page Analyzer for further investigation.

Cost: 30-day free trial, or access via Large ($299/month) and Enterprise ($499/month) plans slide 1 of 2


Gain insights about your audience, their demographics and activities. Tracks your reach, (paid and organic), engagement, (including types of behaviour) and content (different types of posts). Produces reports and gives you recommendations based on the data.

You can schedule and publish posts, and easily manage your workflow if working as part of a team.

You can receive alerts, helping you stay on top of any negative comments and avoid crises.

The tool allows you to track any brand, meaning you can use it for competitor analysis and industry benchmarking.

Cost: From $40/month, with a free 14-day trial.


Features a web-based dashboard that shows real-time insights and provides detailed statistics about your content and audience.

Includes sentiment analysis and influencer scores, and allows your team to work collaboratively on projects.

There are alerts to keep you up-to-date with any issues. This is another app that covers multiple social networks, including Facebook. Brand24 has a mobile app so you can keep up to date with your social media analytics on the go.

Cost: 14-day free trial, a personal/small business package is $49/month

Social Bakers

Tracks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, both for your pages and that of your competitors.

This means your reports can focus exclusively on your own page or compare your Facebook metrics to your competitors’. You can choose from their template or customer build your own, and download it as a PDF. Includes fan count and growth, and location.

Post engagement includes the usual breakdown of times and engagement types and response rates. There is a breakdown of your top five most engaging posts (over the timeframe of your choosing).

Cost: Prices start at $150/month for a single profile, with a 14-day free trial.

Native Facebook analytics tools

Facebook’s announcement about closing its analytics tool may have raised concerns and new challenges for a lot of marketers.

It’s no secret that social media managers need Facebook analytics data in order to understand how their content is performing, how the audiences respond to different messages, and if they need to improve something.

But for those of you who relied on the native Facebook analytics tool to do all the reporting, no worries, the platform will not let you high and dry.

Here are 2 alternatives from where you can get all your Facebook analytics data, available on the platform as well.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is an all in one space for all your Facebook marketing activities, where you can see a lot of insights, for both your organic and sponsored content.

From info about your Facebook posts and stories, to e-commerce insights, or your ads, you can have a solid overview of your brand’s performance by checking this analytics tool from Facebook.

Here is how a dashboard looks in Facebook Business Suite.

Creator Studio

What is great about Facebook Creator Studio is that it gives in-depth details about the content’s performance.

It measures some specific Facebook metrics that are not available in the Facebook Business Suite for example, but are very helpful to understand your audience’s attitude and sentiment towards your brand.  Some of them are loyalty and retention.

Isn’t it great to know this kind of info about your fans?

This is how the Facebook Creator Studio interface looks like.


Socialinsider’s Facebook analytics feature gives you a full overview of your page performance, what’s working and what’s not.

With Socialinsider, you can understand Facebook insights and track all the meaningful metrics, like engagement rate, reach, impressions, followers’ growth, posts evolution, demographics, and much more.

Moreover, you can improve your Facebook strategies by comparing and benchmarking against top competitors, influencers, and top players from your industry.

This is Socialinsider's Facebook dashboard.

Using Socialinsider, you can:

  • get all the Facebook metrics in one single dashboard.
  • perform straight to the posts analysis on Facebook.
  • understand your Facebook’s reach and engagement.
  • create Facebook benchmarks and compare with top competitors.
  • understand your videos’ performance.
  • download presentations – ready templates as Excel, CSV, Powerpoint or PDF.
  • import Facebook data to Google Data Studio.

And much more.

Socialinsider offers premium social media analytics for multiple platforms: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

Pricing options: $99 per month for social media managers, $169 per month for agencies, or custom packages to adjust your needs.

There’s also a 14-days free trial so you can test it out!

This social media analytics saves a lot of time. If you would have to go to each social profile and track the performance you’d looking for, it would take hours! Socialinsider is very user-friendly. Adding competitor profiles only involves entering a link to the page you’d like to track performance and there are so many options for reporting. – Helen, G2 Crowd.


Keyhole - Facebook Analytics Tools

Use Keyhole to get data and optimization strategies for any public Facebook page, whether it belongs to you or a competitor. Inputting the page’s name will reveal metrics surrounding fan growth, engagement by post type and best times to post based on engagement. A unique feature, the tool also calculates the ideal length of your updates by character count.

keyhole - optimal post time - audemars piguet
keyhole - optimal number of hashtags - audemars piguet

To better understand your own page or the competition’s strategies, you can export these data points — and more — in PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.

Give Facebook account tracking with Keyhole a shot here

Price: Starts at $49 USD per month



Sign up for Mention to access its library of historical data, which updates every minute.

In a variety of charts and graphs, it illustrates page analytics such as sentiment, engagement and demographic information – ranging from age to ethnicity. Like some other tools on this list, you can access data for any public page.

Price: $29 – $450+ USD per month

Why use Facebook analytics?

There are over 1.6 billion daily active users. 2.4 billion monthly active users. How do you think you’re going to be able to analyze that amount of data?

Understanding your Facebook data will furnish you with the information you need to realize what kind of content is going to work with your audience. You can’t simply cross your fingers and wish on a star.


Facebook business marketing has become increasingly important to business owners, as the rise of Social Media and e-commerce continue to increase in unison. Through organic reach, Facebook advertising, or an integration with a business CRM or ERP platform, it is possible to harness the power of Facebook Analytics tools nearly in realtime to understand how well your business is performing on Facebook.

If you manage a Facebook business or fan page, there is no better way to get an idea of how your content is performing than by looking at analytics data. Facebook’s native analytics tool, Insights, gives you detailed reports about the reach, engagement and traffic for all of your Facebook content.

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