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Free Quicken Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Do you want to learn about Quicken for Nonprofit Organizations? Are you wondering whether Quicken is good accounting software for Nonprofits? Perhaps you’re looking for how to do nonprofit accounting with quicken?If this sounds like you, let me tell you that I’ve been in your shoes before. So I’d like to save you a ton of time and frustration by telling you about the best quicken for nonprofits software, and how you can use it to improve your nonprofit financials!

  If you are a nonprofit organization then you should be using accounting software which is designed for non-profits aka quicken for nonprofits . Why? You ask. Your board members and commissioners will be asking this question at their next meeting. Simply put, nonprofit accounting software helps keep your finances under control and it’s especially crucial for small nonprofits to keep track of their spending.That way everyone knows where their money is going, and whether or not it’s being spent on the right things.

Although there is no QuickBooks product branded specifically for nonprofit organizations, QuickBooks Online is nevertheless one of the best accounting systems for nonprofits—especially for smaller companies looking for a cost-effective solution.

With QuickBooks Online, your nonprofit can choose from four different subscription plans, each of which will give you access to a cloud-based software known as one of the best accounting solutions on the market.

At the very minimum, with the QuickBooks Online Simple Start plan, you’ll be able to track revenue and expenditures, sync your nonprofit bank account, maximize tax deductions, invoice and accept payments or donations, create a list of members and donors, run basic reports, access your data using the QuickBooks mobile app, and more.

As the plan levels increase, you’ll have access to greater features such as multiple users, time tracking, bill pay, budget tracking by program or fund, and advanced custom reports. Regardless of the plan, however, you’ll also be able to integrate QuickBooks Online with nonprofit apps like NeonCRM, DonorPath, Kindful, etc.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to connect your QuickBooks Online nonprofit accounting software to other QuickBooks products (with associated costs) such as QuickBooks Payroll and TSheets, as well as the full variety of third-party platforms.

Pricing for QuickBooks for nonprofits starts with the Simple Start plan at $25 per month. The next plan level, Essentials, will cost $50 per month. The final two plans, Plus and Advanced, will cost $80 and $180 per month, respectively—and, for either of these plans, if you go through the TechSoup marketplace, you can get the software at a discounted, nonprofit rate.

Overall, although QuickBooks Online was not designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations, like Aplos, it’s a flexible, feature-rich, highly-functional accounting solution that can be customized for your nonprofit. Not only does QuickBooks Online offer four different plans, but also the ability to connect to nonprofit tools, and all at a generally more affordable cost than Aplos charges.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for functionality, cost-effectiveness, or an accounting-first approach, QuickBooks Online is going to be one of the best accounting software options for nonprofits.

Intuit’s popular QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online accounting software and services help nonprofits manage finances, file form 990, and file taxes Your nonprofit helps others.

QuickBooks helps you account for it all

Automate program and fund accounting

With QuickBooks, you can categorize revenue expenditures by fund or program and create custom reports based on the data that matters most to your nonprofit organization.

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Find a complete accounting solution

Fully customizable, QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced help you track budgets by programs or funds in real-time. You can also track donor management, grant management, financial reporting, bank reconciliations, and more.

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Expand capacity and increase protection

Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit to easily store and access thousands of donors, vendors, and items. You can also set individual user permissions for more than 115 different activities to further safeguard donor data.

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Plan for future growth

As your nonprofit grows, upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit is simple. Accounting features include donation management, church management, and financial statements for larger nonprofit management.

Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software

Aplos is a nonprofit accounting software that helps nonprofits save time and money by automating their accounting and reporting processes. With Aplos, nonprofits can manage their finances more easily, understand their spending patterns, and improve accountability.Aplos’ easy-to-use interface makes it a great choice for small nonprofits who don’t have the resources to hire an accountant or expert accountant. In addition to accounting, Aplos helps organizations track donations and fundraising activities.Aplos also offers features like invoicing and expense tracking that make it perfect for larger nonprofits with dozens or even hundreds of employees. With Aplos’ comprehensive reporting capabilities, you can quickly see how your organization is performing across all areas. If you’re looking for a cloud-based accounting software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, Aplos is going to be one of your top options. This nonprofit accounting software was created by Tim Goetz, an accountant who couldn’t find simple accounting software for nonprofit clients he worked with. One of the most popular and user-friendly accounting software programs for nonprofits is Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software. This software is designed to make bookkeeping and financial reporting easier for nonprofit organizations. It has a variety of features that make it ideal for managing finances, such as tracking donations and expenses, creating budgets, and forecasting future needs.Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software is available in a desktop or online version. The online version is free to use, while the desktop version costs $99 per year. The software can be used by individuals or groups of volunteers. It requires no special training or expertise to use and is easy to learn.Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as budgeting, fundraising, accounting, and HR management. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started using it. It also has built-in Reporting tools that make it easy to generate reports on fund allocation, spending data, donor information, employee payroll data etc.

Aplos is available in two different versions: Aplos Suite and Aplos Advanced Accounting Upgrades.

With the Aplos Suite, you receive the full range of accounting and non-profit specific features, including:

  • Funding accounting
  • Nonprofit financial statements
  • Budgeting reports
  • Donor management
  • Online donations and giving
  • Giving statements
  • People database
  • Groups and team portal
  • Fundraising tools
  • Marketing and communication tools
  • Events registration
  • Website builder
  • Reporting and analytics

The Aplos Suite starts at $59 per month—but you can sign up for a 15-day, no-obligation, free trial to test this nonprofit accounting software first.[1]

On the other hand, if you opt for the Aplos Advanced Accounting Upgrades, you’ll receive a customized solution, starting at $159 per month. This platform will include all the features of the Aplos Suite, as well as:

  • Budgeting by fund or tag
  • Project, campaign, or department reporting
  • Custom role permissions
  • Automatic recurring transactions
  • Fixed asset tracking
  • Income and expense allocations
  • Managing multiple entries

Moreover, Aplos also offers additional upgrade options for integrated payroll with Gusto, bookkeeping services, and implementation services. It’s also important to note that to use Aplos’ online payment features, associated processing fees will apply: 3% plus $0.30 per credit and debit card transaction for verified 501(c)(3) organizations and 1% higher for non-verified organizations.

Along these lines, ACH transfers will cost 2% plus $0.30 per transaction for verified organizations and 1% higher for non-verified organizations. Aplos also offers special discounts for organizations that were founded in the past six months, or who have annual revenue of under $50,000.

Ultimately, considering that Aplos is accounting software designed solely for nonprofit organizations, there’s no doubt it’s going to be one of the best solutions out there. Plus, not only does this nonprofit accounting software accommodate fund accounting and basic processes, but it also doubles as a nonprofit customer relationship management (CRM) platform—including tools to manage donors, members, donations, and more.

Zoho Books

The next nonprofit accounting software on our list? Zoho Books—a simple, affordable, and functional solution for nonprofit organizations and other small businesses alike. Although like QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books was not created specifically for nonprofits, the software has a number of accounting features to accommodate nonprofit organizations, plus an add-on tool within the Zoho Suite of products that can make this solution even more compelling.

First, in terms of accounting capabilities, Zoho Books allows you to get set up with their web-based accounting software quickly and easily, with four plans to choose from, as well as a mobile app that can be used regardless of plan level. With the Zoho Books nonprofit accounting software, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your funds and categorize your expenses
  • Create separate expense accounts and generate expense reports
  • Accept donations in multiple currencies
  • Send payment receipts to donors
  • Track projects, associate expenses with projects, and assign users to individual projects
  • Track donations and assess progress over time
  • Collaborate with employees and volunteers regardless of location by adding them as users

Zoho differentiates their plan levels based on the number of users, workflow rules, and additional features—with the higher-level plans offering the greatest amount of functionality. For the Standard plan, you’ll pay $20 per month, for the Professional Plan, you’ll pay $50 per month, and finally, for the Premium Plan, you’ll pay $70 per month. You also have the option to use the free plan.

This being said, however, Zoho Books also offers a 14-day free trial and 15% off their original pricing for registered charities, trusts, and societies.

Moreover, if you want to take your nonprofit accounting software to the next level with Zoho Books, you can look into Zoho Creator, a customizable database that includes prebuilt apps designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Within Zoho Creator, these nonprofit apps include a volunteer portal, a donor management platform, and an event management module. You can use each module separately or you can integrate the data between the different Zoho modules. Plus, Zoho Creator also gives you the ability to create your own business apps as well.

Pricing for Zoho Creator starts at $25 per user per month—however, if you contact Zoho directly, they’ll work with your nonprofit to give you a customized price quote.

All of this being said, with the Zoho Books accounting software and Creator integration option (as well as the option to integrate with a variety of Zoho products), Zoho Books is great accounting software for small nonprofits and larger organizations alike.

Sage Intacct

Gain real-time financial and operational visibility throughout your business. Leverage comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance. Streamline your business processes using extensive automation to reduces labor, and save costs. The Sage Intacct system includes accounting, cash management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, subscription billing, contract management, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting applications, all delivered through the cloud.

Sage Intacct will allow you to:

  • Control multiple entities, currencies, grants, donors, and locations across your organization
  • Generate statements of activities, statements of financial position, statements of cash flow, and IRS Form 990
  • Manage funds by grants, donors, programs, geographies, and other qualifications
  • Set budgets for each event, campaign, program, and funder
  • Utilize modules for nonprofit grant tracking and billing, nonprofit revenue recognition, and nonprofit financial board book

As is the case with QuickBooks Premier, there will be very little you can’t do with Sage Intacct in terms of both accounting and nonprofit-specific activities. This being said, however, Sage Intacct can definitely be considered an enterprise-level solution (and is used by organizations like Meals on Wheels and the Great Books Foundation), and therefore, is likely going to be the most expensive nonprofit accounting software on our list.

In fact, there is no standard pricing for Sage Intacct, instead, you have to contact the Sage sales team directly to receive a customized quote based on the needs of your nonprofit.

With this in mind though, there’s no doubt that Sage Intacct is going to be one of the most robust, customizable, and automated nonprofit accounting software solutions on the market—making it a worthwhile option for larger, well-established nonprofit organizations who need this level of functionality.


A non-profit organization, also recognized as a nonprofit organization (NPO), relies on donations and public support for funding. These donations and public support allow the non-profit to function. Non-profit organizations are operated by volunteers and are run by a board of directors. Non-profit organizations can receive tax exemptions from the US Internal Revenue Service if they abide by certain laws and guidelines.

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