Best Free Pdf Program for Windows 10

When it comes to reading and utilizing PDF documents, I find myself comparing four of the best free programs for most of the time. They are generally not as powerful as their paid versions, but they still come in handy when you need something beyond Microsoft Excel or Word.

There are many alternatives for pdf viewing apps for windows 10 which are not even considered. This is because of the huge competition in the industry. The market is flooded with numerous options and people don’t know which app to choose from. Given below are some of the free pdf program available, choose one according to your needs.

Best Free Pdf Program for windows 10 is the best application that has enabled users to read, annotate and fill PDF forms. The application also allows you to convert files in various formats, like Microsoft word documents word, rtf, html and many other formats before saving it as a pdf file on your computer.

You’re searching for best free pdf program for Windows 10 because you really like to read books and other sources in pdf format. You want to open, edit, and create pdf files. All the above mentioned tasks are possible with free pdf programs.

What to look for in the best free PDF readers

The best PDF reader depends primarily on the user’s needs. Some things you should consider include:

  • The size of the program
  • Available operating systems
  • Security functions
  • Editing functions
  • Sharing ability
  • Viewing options
  • Types of files it can open
  • File conversions available
  • Ability to take notes
  • Other advanced features needed

Javelin PDF Reader

The second-last entry on our top PDF readers list for 2022 is Javelin PDF Reader. It comes with all the basic PDF reading functionality that one needs to complete daily chores. The overall interface is super clean, and you can choose from most of the common reading modes like full screen, continuous, side by side, etc.

With just 2MB download size, Javelin is pretty lightweight when compared to the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Foxit Reader. This free PDF viewer for PC can open DRM-protected files with any issues and provides markup and annotation.

+ It’s a lightweight application
+ Convenient for users who only want to view PDFs
– Lacks editing features
– Unsuitable for advanced users

Supported Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, XP

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-Exchange Editor Best Windows 10 PDF Reader

PDF-XChange Editor is a free PDF reader for Windows 10/11 that has been completely revamped and simplified. It delivers quick loading times and provides a lightweight experience for reading, printing, annotating, saving images and text, etc. from a PDF file.

Prior to this, the software was called PDF-XChange Viewer, and it didn’t have the basic editing functions available for free. You also get features like OCR and digital signature as well. However, the UI might seem a little cluttered with too many options, maybe, a redesign would give some room to breathe.

As claimed by the developers, the free version of PDF-XChange Editor provides more than 60% of the features that ship with the paid version.

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+ Easy to use interface
+ Offers basic features
+ Can create PDF files from existing files
– Editing features require paid version
– More expensive than the competition

Supported Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, XP

Slim PDF


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Slim PDF is one of the smallest PDF readers in the world, taking up just 15 MB of space on your computer. Despite its tiny size, this free PDF reader comes with a lot of advanced features that complement core functionalities such as those allowing you to print, search, zoom and rotate PDF files.

If you are looking for a solution that strikes the perfect balance between being lightweight and powerful, Slim PDF is a great choice. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

 PDF Reader Premium

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With over 50 million downloads, PDF Reader Premium is one of the most popular PDF readers for Apple Devices. It has powerful functionality that lets you view your PDF in multiple tabs, annotate your document with images and sticky notes, organize your files with tags, sign signatures and fill out forms on your PDF, and store and transfer PDFs through a variety of cloud services. Anyone who frequently uses PDFs for work should consider downloading PDF Reader Premium.


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Even though Preview is the pre-installed PDF reader on every Mac, it’s more powerful than you think. On Preview, you can view and annotate your documents, combine documents, fill out and sign forms, edit images, share files, and even export a password protected PDF, if there’s sensitive information on your document. Preview is the best choice for someone who wants to use one PDF reader for personal and professional matters.

 Google Drive

Google Drive also offers a PDF viewer feature. It is free PDF software for anyone who has a Google account. It allows you to open, view, convert and share any of your PDF Files across the cloud on the platform. Moreover, you can convert your PDF files into an editable doc format with just a few clicks.

Google Drive


  • Easy to use and clean interface.
  • Offers secure access to all of your content.
  • Supports SSL encryption.
  • This free PDF software allows you to store PDFs, presentations, and photos.
  • It helps you to access your docs from anywhere.


  • You need to be connected to the Internet to use Google Drive.

Supported platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.

 PDF Element

PDF Element is a powerful PDF-viewer application for creating and managing PDF forms and documents. It allows you to extract data from forms and export them into spreadsheets.

PDF Element


  • You can manage all your digital workflows with tools to easily create and edit documents.
  • Allows you to convert, review, protect and sign documents all in one place.
  • This PDF viewer allows you to customize fonts, personalize text style, and add graphics.
  • PDF element helps you to track comments, monitor changes, and add highlights.
  • You can convert PDF files into MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and RTF documents.
  • Allows you to permanently black out sensitive information before sharing the documents.
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  • Watermark in the free version.
  • OCR feature is exclusive to the paid version.

Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android.

 Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a portable PDF reader software. You can use this application at your home and on the go. It is a fully functional online PDF reader that helps you create professional PDFs from various file formats.

Soda PDF is one of the best PDF readers for reading visual documents like digital catalogues, magazines, and comic books — you can even view files in 3D. The app also lets you create and edit PDFs from scratch. Soda PDF sells an online PDF platform too, so they drive demand for it by offering free PDF tools on their website like convert to PDF, convert from PDF, merge, split, & compress, sign & secure, and insert elements like watermarks and page numbering. You can use these online tools as a proxy for a downloadable PDF reader if you want to save space on your computer.

Soda PDF


  • You can efficiently make changes to your PDF documents.
  • It makes the document revision process easy.
  • You can send and track various contracts for e-sign.
  • Offers a cloud-based management suite.


  • It is a very expensive tool compared to its peers.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.


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Skim is PDF reader that was originally designed to help academics read and annotate scientific papers in PDF format, but they’ve now improved their functionality to let anyone view any type of PDF file on the reader. On Skim, you can highlight text, take notes, take snapshots, export notes as text, and integrate with third party apps like BibDesk, a bibliography manager.

 Haihaisoft Reader

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Haihaisoft Reader is a fast, low memory PDF reader. It’s only three MB, so it has basic functionality like rotate, full screen, presentation mode, search, and zoom. Even though it’s small, it still supports over 40 languages and has high security — it only connects to the internet with the user’s permission. Haihaisoft is best for casual PDF users.

Adobe Acrobat DC

The most popular PDF tool out thereTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Convert and edit PDF files+Neat file comparison tool+Works across PCs, tablets and smartphones


-There are more advanced products out there

Software giant Adobe not only pioneered the PDF, but it has also created a highly popular and comprehensive application that lets you manage such documents effectively. Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud provides you with the tools to download, convert and edit PDF files across computers, tablets and smartphones.

With the software, you can use your smartphone camera to capture and turn any document into a high-quality PDF. There’s also a new file comparison tool, which quickly and accurately analyzes two PDF files to find any differences. That could be handy if you’re looking to compare different drafts of the same piece of work.

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What’s more, when you create a PDF document using Acrobat, you’re sent a smart file that you can edit, sign, share and search. You can even use the built-in preview feature to see what the document will look like on different screen sizes and resolutions. And if you’re writing a letter or have been sent an important form, you can add your signature by using the Acrobat app on a touchscreen-enabled device.

If you’re interested in purchasing Acrobat, there are two offerings to pick from. Acrobat Standard DC which lets you create, edit and sign PDF documents. However, it only works on Windows devices. Meanwhile, Acrobat Pro DC gives you access to all the listed features – plus it’s also compatible with Mac devices.

Slim PDF Reader

When installed, Slim PDF Reader takes up about 15 MB worth of space on your computer. However, it still comes with great features like editing, sharing and searching PDF files. Also, Slim PDF Reader is available for every operating system, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

What to Consider When Buying PDF Editors for Windows 10

PDF editor software are robust solutions for creating, converting and editing PDF files. Online PDF tools also make file viewing easy and so is adding links and forms fields. Key factors that need to be considered for buying online PDF editor are:

  • Intuitive interface- PDF editor for Windows 10 & other versions have a familiar interface so that users of all levels can use them easily for PDF editing tasks.
  • Creating/editing PDFs– PDF editors make it easy to edit and create PDF files. The PDF software that you select should be able to adjust text justifications, change the size of the text, alter a text’s layout & more. PDF software for Windows 10 and other versions should also support adding watermark, stamp and header/footer.
  • OCR capabilities: OCR or optical character recognition capabilities help with converting images into text format. Just ensure that the online pdf editor that you select has inbuilt OCR capabilities.
  • Document collaboration- Document collaboration feature in PDF editor software is helpful in managing team workflows. Multiple users can collaborate, add comments and annotate files quickly. So, this feature is a must in the best free PDF editor for Windows 10/7/8 and paid versions.
  • Security features- PDF editor software offers password protection and user access management for protecting confidential company information.


Just because a PDF is commonly known as a printable file format, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about them. These days, PDF files aren’t just used to print textbooks at the library, but are often used as informational documents and presentations.

Whether you have a specific reason in mind or not, downloading a PDF is normally associated with documents such as contracts, presentations and other documents that need to be made public. But Pages can do much more than just create documentation because the application is available across various platforms such as the cloud, iOS devices and even for Windows 10, where it can prove to be helpful for all sorts of projects.

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