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Best Free Personal Budget App for Mac

A Personal budget app for mac needs a goal. That’s the key idea behind this software. The moment you try to create a budget without setting any personal goals in mind, it will become useless in no time. In fact, it might even cause some serious damage to your personal finances because it won’t really make you think twice before spending money on something that you want but don’t really need.

Best Free Personal Budget App for Mac 2022 – Personal finances are essential to have a sound financial foundation. Apps like Mint helps us track the money we spend and what we’re spending in different categories. Free personal finance software allows you to monitor your expenses, incomes, debts and investments. The best free personal budget app for mac makes it easy to keep track of your daily expenses and stay on budget with reminders, notifications, and other helpful tools. If you are looking for a personal budget app for mac, the search might be over. After trying multiple apps out there that were supposed to make managing my spending easier, I stumbled across one I liked. Mvelopes is an online-based software which makes it very accessible and convenient.

Are you looking for a personal finance software for your Mac? If you are, then I’m sure you’ve noticed how many options there are available, making it difficult to decide which to choose. Whether you prefer to use software that’s free or paid, or have a specific budgeting tool you want, I’ve tested numerous options in the past and would like to share my reviews of the best budgeting software for Mac. Some of us want to spend a few bucks, but we don’t know where to start. The financial apps on the market are quite expensive, so you set a goal to keep your head above water and then open your Mac App Store for a budget app. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed given the number of options available. It also takes time to download and try them out. However, if you’re looking for a free option that’s user-friendly, here is the best personal finance software for Mac you can find in 2022. If you are looking for a budgeting software for Mac, this article will definitely help you choosing the right one. With so many options out there, how can you find a suitable app? While there is no “perfect” budgeting app, I’m going to share my insights, as well as recommendations from some personal finance bloggers. If you are curious, keep on reading!

Whether you’re a Mac or Windows person, there are plenty of free budgeting and finance apps available to help save money, avoid debt, and stick to your financial goals. But it can be tough to find the right one for you. For example, maybe you want a personal budget app that’s designed specifically for Mac users. Maybe you’re on a tight budget or need an app that seamlessly integrates with other financial management software. Whatever the case may be, we’ve rounded up seven of the best free personal finance apps for Mac users so that you can take back control of your finances once and for all.

Personal Finance Software

Personal Finance Software will let you set the goals for the future and provide an in-depth picture of your position. It offers a facility to monitor the bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment balances in one platform.

If we compare the online vs desktop personal finance software then the online tools provide more security, there will not be any software installation, and you will get automatic software updates.


Buxfer is a free personal budget app for Mac, and it’s the best of the bunch. Like several other apps in this list, Buxfer has both a free version and a paid version. The paid version costs $4.99 per month for access to additional features that aren’t available to users of the free version (which does have some great ones).

The app has been around since 2008 and has been trusted by millions of people over its decade-long existence. We recommend giving it a try if you don’t mind paying for an upgrade later on—you can always cancel your subscription once you’re ready to go back down to one plan or another!


BankTree is a free personal budgeting app for Mac. The app makes it easy to keep track of your finances and plan for the future, all while giving you a clean interface and intuitive tools that make it easy to use.

BankTree is one of the best free personal budgeting apps we’ve found for the Mac, but whether or not it’s right for you depends on what kind of user experience you’re looking for in a budgeting software.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a free personal finance manager for Mac. Money Dashboard helps you track your income and expenses, set budgets, and track your progress.

Money Dashboard offers two views: a sidebar view that allows you to see all of your accounts in one place, or a full-screen mode that enables more detailed financial analysis. If you prefer the sidebar approach then Money Dashboard could be a good option for you; it has some features not found in other apps such as quick reporting on trends over time and unit comparisons between categories (e.g., “How many dollars did I spend on food last month?”).


MoneyDance is a free personal budget software that has been around since 2001 and is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also cross-platform, which means you can use it on any device that supports the OS of your choice (i.e., Android or iOS).

MoneyDance offers a free trial version as well as two paid versions: Pro ($19) and Business ($39). The former provides access to an all-inclusive set of features, including unlimited accounts and transactions; the latter grants users access to custom reports for professional users such as accountants or bookkeepers.

If you’re looking for a simple solution without much fuss involved—or if you just want something that works without having to pay anything at all—MoneyDance should fit the bill perfectly!

Jumsoft’s Money

Jumsoft’s Money is a free, open-source personal finance manager that supports multiple currencies. It’s simple-looking but powerful and gets the job done.

Its interface is intuitive and easy to understand, so you can start using it right away without any training. The program comes with several handy features: a built-in currency converter, budget planner and calculator.

You can easily save your transactions in multiple currencies (USD/EURO/GBP). If you’re not sure what this means, don’t worry—the app will convert it automatically when needed!

Jumsoft also offers an online version of Jumsoft Money on their website, which allows users to access their finances from any device with Internet connection


Best for categorization & organization of your expenses.


PocketGuard is the tool that will help you with categorizing and organizing expenses. It will categorize and organize your expenses into tabs and graphs. It will set aside the money for bills, goals & necessities and give you a clear view of spendable money. You can link all your bank, credit cards, and loans & investment in one platform.


  • PocketGuard has features to personalize the reports with custom categories and hashtags.
  • It provides the feature of AutoSave that will automatically grow your savings. You just have to enter your goal of saving and the tool will handle the rest.
  • It will track the bills and negotiate better deals for cell phone bills, cable bills, etc.

Verdict: PocketGuard will help you with optimizing your spending and thereby grow the savings. You can see all accounts in one place and will be able to keep track of your account balances, net worth, etc.

Price: PocketGuard offers a free plan and a Plus plan. You can get a quote for its pricing details. As per the reviews, it may cost you $3.99 per month or $34.99 per year.


Best as an envelope budgeting system.


Mvelopes offers an envelope budgeting system with three editions i.e. Basic, Premier, & Plus. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It will let you connect with an unlimited number of accounts.

With all three editions, you will get access to live chat & knowledge base, interactive reports, and auto transaction importing & account balance monitoring.


  • The basic edition will let you connect your bank accounts and create an online envelope budget.
  • With the Premier and Plus plan, you will get access to Mvelopes learning center, debt reduction center, and initial setup assistance.
  • For the Plus plan, Mvelopes offers the features like a dedicated personal coach, personalized financial plan, and high-level priority support.

Verdict: This envelope budgeting system will help you gain financial peace of mind. It is a simple and affordable budgeting program. With Mvelopes, you will be able to manage your finances from anywhere.

Price: Mvelopes offers a free trial for 30 days. Basic ($5.97/month or $69 per year), Premier ($9.97 per month or $99 per year), & Plus ($19.97 per month or $199 per year).


Best for couples to manage finances.


Honeydue is an application that helps couples to manage their finances together. It is a smart tool that provides instant notification and real-time balances & budgets for each partner. It is a collaborative tool. It is a secure platform and offers real-time card locks functionality. It offers 24*7 fraud protection.


  • Honeydue has the features to access cash from more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, Apple, and Google Pay.
  • With Honeydue joint bank account, the couples will be able to bank together.
  • Honeydue supports multiple languages.
  • It provides reminders for bills.

Verdict: Honeydue is a mobile application that will let couples collaborate on their terms. It offers the functionalities for tracking all the accounts, coordinating bills, and chatting. Honeydue is working on automatic bill payment features too.

Price: Honeydue is available for free.


The HomeBudget is a free budgeting software that you can install on your computer and use to manage all of your money. The application was designed to be cross-platform, so you can use it in a web browser or on a Mac.

In addition to being able to track income and expenses for each month, this app also has features that allow you to track investments, loans and bills as well.

The best free personal budget apps for Mac are Moneydance, Jumsoft’s Money and HomeBudget.

Buxfer is one of the best free personal budget apps for Mac. It’s a great option for people who want a simple budgeting tool, but don’t want to pay for it. Buxfer has earned praise from critics and users alike thanks to its intuitive interface, ease of use and helpful features like alerts that let you know when you’ve overspent.

We also love that you can connect your accounts with just a few clicks and see all the information in one place. Plus, it’s extremely easy to enter transactions manually or automatically import them from your bank account (or even multiple accounts). It’ll sync across devices so you can view all your data wherever you are without having to log in again or copy/paste anything into another application or spreadsheet.

General Features Of Personal Finance Software

While choosing the software, you can also look for the below-mentioned features.

  • Mobile App
  • Bank-level Security
  • Real-time updated information
  • Categorization of transactions
  • Financial accounts in one place.
  • Setting of goals
  • Tracking of goals and spending.
  • Reports on your performance.
  • Balance forecast
  • Tool’s personalization capabilities.


Personal finance is a stressful subject for everyone regardless of the skills they possess. It is easy to think that we need to hire a professional to assist us in this process but it doesn’t always have to be like that. There are many programs available on the market today that can help you manage your finances properly. One such program is a personal budget software for mac which will help you keep track of all your finances and make sure that you don’t spend any money on unnecessary items.

The best free personal budget app for Mac is an effective way to plan and manage your expense. It also allows you to get a clear view of your current financial status in the form of charts and graphs. Personal budget software for mac are designed as free applications, but many of them offer different paid plans for additional features.

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