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Best Free Personal Finance Software Mac – This is a review of the different free personal finance software out there. The program reviews take a look at the online, paid as well as open-source options on offer. Personal finance management software can help you to manage your budgets and financial priorities effectively, whether or not you are somebody who is trying to save money, or if you want to ensure that your money is growing. When it comes to financial management, your software should be as simple as possible. It should also be free of malware and help you maintain your balances. For that, you can’t beat a robust free personal finance software for Mac OS X that is built with usability in mind.

Most of us can’t save money without a little help. That’s why there are many personal finance software programs available to make managing your income a little easier. Personal finance software is also very useful in keeping track of your spending because it enables you to see how much you’re spending each month on groceries and entertainment. This can help you cut back when necessary.

My grandpa used to keep a ledger of all his income and expenses, always knowing how much he’d made and spent. He was old school and didn’t use software, but even today, using personal finance software can save you money. With the right personal finance software package, you can see where your money is going, where it’s coming from (and when), create budgets and savings plans that work for you, and set yourself up for financial success in the future—all with just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on the screen. There are dozens of packages out there for Macs that can do this for you (and some Windows ones as well), so take some time to find which one is best for your situation.

The best personal finance software for Mac lets you deal with your finances in an easy and convenient way. You can make budgets, track expenses, organize receipts and bills, and keep track of your net worth. Personal finance software for mac can help you organize your personal finances. Mac personal finance software can be used to track recurring expenses, see your current month-to-month budget and even give you the ability to create future projections for income, spending and savings. To learn about this software as well as the best free personal finance software for mac, check out this informative article!

Best Personal Finance Apps for Mac

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free personal finance software for Mac that can help you manage your money in an efficient manner. It has a sleek, streamlined interface and is easy to use. You can connect the app with your bank account, then track your spending and savings goals across all of your accounts. There’s also a mobile app available for iOS devices.

The website offers excellent support as well. Questions are answered quickly by in-house experts who have worked at major companies like Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. If you want professional advice, Personal Capital boasts one of the highest success rates among financial advisors when it comes to helping clients improve their finances over time: over 90%!

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Mint’s free personal finance software is a great option for those who are just starting out and want to learn more about their money. The interface is easy to use, and Mint allows users to track investments, loans, credit cards, bills and net worth. It also has features that allow you to see how much spending is going into different categories like food or entertainment.

Mint can be used on both Mac and Windows computers. This software works well for people who have a simple financial situation because it does not allow users to create complex budgets or set up multiple accounts in one place (although Mint does allow users to link different accounts together).

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

As a personal finance software for Mac, YNAB is designed to help you get out of debt, save money and budget.

YNAB is a great option for those who want to manage their finances on their Mac with an eye toward the future. The software lets users categorize their transactions so they can get a better idea of where their money goes each month. Once they’ve started using it regularly, they’ll be able to make informed decisions about how much money they should keep in checking versus savings accounts or what expenses are non-negotiable so that they can cut back on frivolous spending.


MoneyWiz is a personal finance software package for Mac. It’s a good alternative to Quicken and Microsoft Money, both of which no longer exist as standalone products for Mac users. MoneyWiz is also a great alternative to Moneydance, which has been around since 2001 but doesn’t offer the same level of support for multiple currencies or multiple accounts per currency that you’d get with some other options on this list (including MoneyWiz).

MoneyWell is another option worth considering; it’s made by the same company as YNAB (which we’ll discuss later). But if your goal is managing all your money and seeing how everything adds up in one place, MoneyWell isn’t what you’re looking for.


Fudget is a personal finance software for Mac. It has a free version and a paid version, but the free version is good enough to get started with.

Fudget has a user friendly interface, good rating, and good user experience. This makes it simple to use and easy to understand for anyone using Fudget for the first time.


Billy is a free personal finance software for Mac that lets you track your income, expenses and savings. It’s simple, powerful and easy-to-use personal finance software for Mac. Billy helps you to organize all of your bank accounts in one place so that you always know what’s going on with your money.

Billy shows all transactions from multiple accounts at once and automatically groups them into categories so that it’s easier for you to understand where your money goes.

It helps you control spending by showing historical trends in each category along with a visualized graph of upcoming bills or expenses based on the past months’ transactions.


Moneydance is the best free personal finance software for Mac. It’s a cross-platform, powerful, and free personal finance software that will help you take control of your money. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that can track all of your transactions in one place and give them meaning, Moneydance is a great choice.

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Moneydance also has some features that make it stand out from other options on this list:

  • Automatic categorization: Most personal finance tools only allow you to add transactions manually, but Moneydance automatically categorizes them based on where they were made or what category they fall into (such as “Groceries”). This makes it easy to keep track of exactly where every dollar goes without having to hunt down specific details or make extra entries manually; just let the program do its thing!

Banktivity 7

Banktivity 7 is a personal finance software that allows you to organize your accounts and transactions in one place. This app, which is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, makes it easy to keep track of your finances.

It’s a great tool for managing your finances, but some users report that it has some bugs that need to be fixed before they can use it effectively.

iBank 5


The latest version of iBank offers a full suite of financial management capabilities at an incredibly deep level. Direct Access and direct downloads allow you to connect directly to bank accounts, and you can quickly import from Quicken to update all your data. Budgeting, investment tracking, and advance notifications about bills are all included. You can also build you own financial charts and reports if you want to analyze a particular part of your finances. The downside to this universal collection of features is, unfortunately, the price. If you love to customize your iPhone, take a look at our review of these 15 eye enticing parallax wallpapers for the iPhone 5s.

You can download iBank 5 here for $59.99



If iBank sounds too comprehensive or expensive for your Mac financial software needs, take a look at iFinance, which focuses more on the basics of financial management. You can import multiple financial documents and create budgets that are as simple or complex as you want. iFinance sports the in-depth transaction management that small businesses and careful families alike can appreciate…as long as you can invest the time necessary to learn the sometimes unique accounting tools.
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You can download iFinance here for $29.99



If the interface on iBank doesn’t do much for you, take a look at MoneyWell financial software. MoneyWell offers many of the same features, from direct bank connections to budget control and transaction management, but with a very different set of graphics and tools that you may appreciate more. MoneyWell also has full support for iPad if you feel like taking your finances over to the sofa to work on. If you like envelope budgeting, you will also appreciate its “spending buckets” that help you limit spending in specific categories. The downside is once again the price, but it’s not quite as high as iBank if you want to save a few bucks. Check out Personal Capital as well, another easy to use software to help with personal money management and tracking your spending habits, which is a lifesaver if you have multiple credit cards. It’s labelled as a free version with free investment management tools and tax preparation and optimization, but a minimum balance is required alongside management fees.  And for security, you may also need one of the best password management tools for Mac to keep your financial data safe.

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You can download MoneyWell here for $49.99


HomeBank is a free personal finance software for Mac. It’s Open Source and it works with multiple currencies, can import from Quicken and MS Money and it supports over 30 different file formats. You can import CSV files as well as QIF files if you have an OFX or QFX file you want to work with.

There are many good personal finance software packages available for Mac in the year 2021.

There are many good personal finance software packages available for Mac. These programs can help you manage your money and keep track of bills, investments and expenses. They also offer tools that make it easier to create budgets and plan for the future. Here are some of the best personal finance software packages available for Mac in 2022:

  • [MoneyWiz]( has been around since 1999, making it one of the longest-running free financial management programs available on any platform (including Windows). This program lets you do more than just keep track of spending—it also helps you set up budgets, plan investments, automate savings goals and even get advice from an online financial advisor via chat or email if needed. The app allows users to import data from thousands of banks worldwide so there is no need for manual entry if you already use some other type of bank accounts management system like Mint or YNAB (see below). MoneyWiz uses iCloud syncing so changes made on one device will be automatically reflected across all devices using this service; however, this feature may not work with all international banking institutions since many countries have restrictions against sharing account information without permission from users first.”


To sum up, personal finance software is a great tool that can help you manage your financial affairs. These programs have a variety of features and benefits, including the ability to keep track of spending habits; setting goals; tracking income and expenses; checking balances on multiple accounts at once; receiving alerts when bills are due or when funds are low in certain accounts: managing investments; monitoring loans, mortgages, and other debts. They also make it easy to view charts, graphs, or tables showing exactly where the money goes every month so that you know what needs attention first!

Best personal finance software for mac will help you to manage your budget and money more efficiently. You would be able to keep track of your income and expenditure, investments, credit score and also get recommendations for the same.

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