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Best Free Task Management App for Teams

Microsoft Teams applications are the secret sauce that Microsoft uses to enhance the user experience and bring all the different aspects of the Office 365 toolset. Apps make it easier to not have to leave Teams to get the work you need to get done, done. But which are the most essential Teams apps overall? In order to get your work done, you probably have to manage a lot of different tasks on a daily basis. Managing these tasks is where getting things done apps come into play. I’ve tested and tried out many apps for this purpose. Since my initial testing, some of the apps I listed below have changed their name and a few others have entered the arena as worthy contenders. But overall, I believe you can’t go wrong with any choice on this list no matter which best free task management app for teams you choose.

Microsoft Teams is a unique collaborative platform that allows you to share your knowledge, work on different projects, and collaborate effectively across the entire organization. What we especially love is the capability to integrate 3rd party apps that can streamline your work processes and improve your Teams experience. (By the way, SalesTim is one of them 😉 ) And today we will list the most popular Microsoft Teams apps for project management. There are many apps out there to help you manage your tasks. From individual task management apps for you single self, to full blown project management apps for managing large team projects, software developers have designed a myriad of options along with their different features and functionality. In the fall of 2016, a new popular free task management app has come up – Asana. Asana is used by millions of people in over 200 countries, and keeping this in mind, there’s no wonder it has been critically acclaimed by the critics and end users. But as good as Asana is, it would not be fair to state that they were the first free task management app that users had at their disposal. You see there are many other efficient tools available on the market right now which users value just as much as they do Asana.


Everyone has heard about Trello – an app to manage projects and perform daily tasks. With Trello, you’re able to build dashboards for each of your use cases – project management, sales collaboration, onboarding process, and so on. Customize your boards with lists and cards that have all the required content – checklists, notes, due dates, attachments, and comments. Moreover, with no-code automation, you will be able to reduce the number of tedious tasks by harnessing the power of automation across your entire team.

Trello app for Microsoft Teams

Trello app links your Trello teams to those in Microsoft Teams. You can add Trello as a new tab in a dedicated channel. This will allow you to see Trello’s boards, lists, and cards right in the Teams’ environment. In addition, you will be able to use Trello Connector to automatically get Teams’ notifications about any changes made in Trello.


Best project management apps for Microsoft Teams

When you or your team goes through a lot of meetings, you might fail to recall all the imperative things said in a meeting. Unote lets you do two things – one, you can create a note of agendas, and two, you can take notes from your meeting and save them somewhere you want to. Once Unote is added to a meeting, all the members can access it to find the meeting agendas. Download Unote from

SalesTim – Microsoft Teams App

Of course, we couldn’t help but mention SalesTim 😉 . SalesTim – is a collaborative processes management app for Microsoft Teams. With SalesTim you’re able to structure your Teams’ environment, automate team creations and build strong governance policies without additional charge on IT.  The goal of SalesTim is to help salespeople find and communicate with decision makers, influencers and even those who are looking to purchase new products. Each day SalesTim aggregates thousands of new networks, people and social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter Auth., Facebook & others in order to help you identify prospects that might be interested in your product or service.

With SalesTim Automation you can create your own Teams Templates Catalog. In this case, you can build Project Management Template with standard, private and shared channels, tabs with apps, uploaded files and folders, and more. In this way, you, as a project manager, can quickly create fully provisioned teams from Project Management Template with all the content included. 

Thus, you will be able to quickly create a fully-provisioned team from Project Management Template with:

  • Copied Standard, Private, and Shared Channels to collaborate on projects and share content
  • Cloned files and folders with key documents, such as guidelines, codes of practicies, reports templates, and so on
  • Pre-built Planner with boards, tasks, notes, and attachments
  • Tabs with other Apps, such as Yammer to communicate with projects experts or Sharepoint to have an access to your access library or your internal Hub Sites

Thus, you will be able to quickly create a fully-provisioned team from Project Management Template with:

  • Copied Standard, Private, and Shared Channels to collaborate on projects and share content
  • Cloned files and folders with key documents, such as guidelines, codes of practicies, reports templates, and so on
  • Pre-built Planner with boards, tasks, notes, and attachments
  • Tabs with other Apps, such as Yammer to communicate with projects experts or Sharepoint to have an access to your access library or your internal Hub Sites


With Wrike, you and your colleagues can collaborate on projects and improve your customer experience. Visualize plans with Gantt charts, enable Agile teams with Kanban boards and build your workflows to speed up projects such as event management, product delivery, or onboarding. Another feature is the ability to use custom request forms that gather details and to auto-create and assign tasks to the right teams. Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration software that emphasizes visual project management. Users are able to manage tasks, engage in discussions, share files, set up workflows and delegate roles; all in a single environment. Wrike also boasts advanced navigation tools, including dashboards and filters.

Wrike App with Microsoft Teams

After integrating Wrike into your Teams environment, you can add folders and projects as new tabs to a dedicated channel. Thus, you will be able to view all tasks, edit key task details, add comments, and mention your colleagues right in your Teams environment.  

In addition, any Microsoft Teams user can create a Wrike account and invite teammates to the account via Microsoft Teams.  


Beesapps is a small, friendly and hard-working team. We are a team of freelancers that offer other companies to help with their development needs. We love what we do and do everything to ensure that any project of ours is given all the attention it deserves. If you’d like more information about how we can help you, then please get in touch with us. Beesy – is an AI-powered collaborative solution to plan, organize, collaborate, and track your work. Let’s list some of its capabilities:  

  • Reduce the time spent on emails with email tracking and up-to-date mailbox
  • Run meetings with note taking and action plan follow-up
  • Manage your team members and drive action plan progress
  • Simplify tasks management with custom reporting, and much more

Beesapps with Microsoft Teams

Bessy combines all action plans, meeting notes, projects, and goals. Integration of Bessy and Teams will save you the time spent on managing your goals and collaborative work. Collect essential information from your team chat and meeting action items, turn important emails into tasks, and much more. Pin your custom dashboards and views as new tabs and collaborate on projects with your teammates. 


MeisterTask is an online task management tool for teams. With this app, you will be able to organize and manage tasks in a designed and customizable environment. You can create dashboards with tasks and build relationships between them. For example, you can mark tasks as related to, duplicated, or blocked by other tasks. Next, you’re able to load predefined checklists or custom fields to tasks. Additionally, you can build workflows to automate repetitive steps and increase your team’s efficiency.  MeisterTask is a completely free task-management tool that lets you focus on what’s important. Spent too much time wondering where to start, in which order to do things in, when it comes to certain tasks? MeisterTask helps you break the task down into pieces, and provides reminders for each step along the way. It keeps your tasks organized and easy to follow.

MeisterTask App with Microsoft Teams

Integrate MeisterTask with Microsoft Teams and perform effective task management for your project team. To do so, you can add the MeisterTask project dashboard as a new tab in a Teams channel. In this way, you can collaborate on your project tasks with the same interface without leaving Microsoft Teams. 


Klaxoon is a great collaborative tool for efficient teamwork. This app will improve your meeting experience by connecting people together in a single meeting room. Thus, each participant receives a meeting code via email or message and then, he can connect to the online or offline meeting through mobile and participate in brainstorming, sharing ideas, running projects, participating in quizzes and surveys, and much more. Klaxoon is an online platform for creating and running marketing campaigns and email newsletters. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use web-based platform, Klaxoon is a great option. The main feature of Klaxoon is its minimalistic interface. It makes it easy to launch your first campaign in just a couple of minutes. The best thing about Klaxoon is the wide variety of integrations available. For example, it’s possible to send to MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, ActiveCampaign and many others directly from the Klaxoon platform.

Moreover, you can use pre-built Klaxoon templates to organize meetings effectively. Weekly Template, OKR method, Risk Management, Project fast sheet, and much more.

Klaxoon with Microsoft Teams

Your team can you Klaxoon directly from Microsoft Teams to share ideas and collaborate effectively. Directly within Teams, you can share a Klaxoon Network in a needed Teams channel. Thus, your project tea has access to all the resources that are shared in Klaxoon’s private workplace. By integrating Klaxoon with Teams you enable each team member to go through the same experience, wherever they are

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a powerful and easy-to-use app that allows to run every project successfully. Here you can easily plan your projects with the power of dynamic scheduling based on effort needed, project duration, and allotted team members.  

When you create a new project, it basically starts in a grid view that is basically a list of tasks. Here you can assign tasks, set up the duration and progress, and add another customized column.  

With a Timeline view, you will see your project’s tasks in a traditional Gantt view where you can manage tasks mapped across the timeline. In addition, you can hover over the tasks and summaries to easily see what they are scheduled for.  Microsoft Project is an ultimate solution for managing your projects and task in a very professional manner. It is a powerful project management application as well as a tool for organizing large projects. This application can be used to define project tasks and resources, manage overall schedule , and to track related issues . It is used by many of the most respected corporations like Accenture, Boeing, Intel, etc.

What is great, is the ability to integrate Microsoft Project into Microsoft Teams. With this feature, you can add a link to your project from Project for the Web as a new tab in the Microsoft Teams environment. Share project files, start online meetings and conversations, and track the project’s progress in a single place.  


Best project management apps for Microsoft Teams

At times, you might want to check how much time someone spends on a particular project and TrackingTime helps you do that exact thing. It goes with several other apps and services such as Trello, Todoist, Asana, etc. You must have an account on the TrackingTime website to use it with Microsoft Teams. Once the app is installed, you can allocate tasks to someone via TrackingTime. Download it from


Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable work-from-home tool for many companies. If you want to spruce up the experience while managing numerous projects, you should try out these project management apps for Microsoft Teams. All these apps are free to available, and you can install them whenever possible. 

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